Saturday, 27 August 2011

Going but won't be forgotten.

Senator Jimmy Perchard has declared that he won't be seeking re-election, which came as no surprise to a lot of people.

While perusing some of our older postings, we came across THIS ONE which coupled with the video below possibly goes some way to show how his position has been untenable for quite some time.

Interestingly the suicide rates have continued to rise, it doesn't seem that Jimmy spent the day, or got filmed spending a day, at the Samaritans nor has he, to the best of our knowledge, personally apologised to former Senator Stuart Syvret so were these just empty promises?

Jess Dunsdon should also be credited for the interview it was probably one of her finest moments before she got brought "under control."

The video below comes courtesy of COVER UP JERSEY who managed to upload it onto Youtube and we thank/credit him for it.

Farewell Senator Perchard.......You'll not be forgotten.............................................Potty mouth!


  1. What a clown

    Did he visit the Samaritans?
    Did he apologise to Stuart Syvret?

    I'd bet he didn't!


  2. By the 26th of March 2009, Senator Perchard hadn't apologised to former Senator STUART SYVRET

    It might be that he has apologised since that we are not aware of.

  3. given the elections are coming can we get the ex bayleaf liberation speach online.

    you know the one the says the damage to jerseys reputation is worse that child abuse.

  4. What a disgusting little man....

  5. For me this was a defining moment in my involvement in reading blogs and taking a deeper interest in just who/what made Jersey politics 'tick'.

    I really thought that after losing his seat as Health Minister, Mr Perchard would have reined himself in a wee bit, but sadly no. I clearly remember, and was disgusted by, the remarks he made about you VFC on the radio, and in the past months we have a wonderful example of double standards where he (and others)have asked for an enquiry into media leaks, when he has himself been named for doing just this himself!!

    It is said we learn from our mistakes, but clearly some take longer than others, and it seems they are usually politicians!

  6. Jimmy Perchard, in 2008, told Roger Bara that Jersey would be signed up to the United Nations Convention for the Rights of a Child. It was a matter of urgency and would be signed by 2009.

    It's now 2011, and we're still not signed up. Not another EMPTY PROMISE?

  7. Syvret and the often overlooked Deputy Matthews who campaigned for social justice and to fight corruption. Political DNA. What does it mean?

  8. Every so called "progressive" candidate must have the signing up for the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child as a firm commitment to the Jersey voters.
    At the previous Senatorial elections the candidadtes were queuing up to say that they supported this - but they simply did not mean it. It has not happened.

    This should be item NUMBER ONE on every progressive manifesto for this election - no commitment and you must stand in the political isolation corner and receive NO votes.

    The VOTERS have power for just one single day - 19 October - this year and can demand such commitment from candidates. It's not a joke.
    This should be just one of a shortlist of similar basic policy promises that ALL so called progressives should sign up for.

  9. When is your next post VFC and what is the sunject? Everything seems quiet over the holiday weekend. Got anything to liven it up for us politco watchers?

  10. I did an interview with the Chairman of the Scrutiny Sub Panel, looking into the BDO/Alto Report, Deputy Trevor Pitman. I hope to have it posted tomorrow.

  11. Part two of my video blog is now out: Former Deputy Gary Matthews calls for Jersey's working class and 'ordinary people' to mobilise and vote for those who represent their own interest.

  12. Sorry Tom, number one for me is appointing a Minister for children. Signing up to a convention won't do anything unless someone has clear responsibility for implementing it.

  13. Why haven't you got Stuart's new posting logged on your side bar? People really should read it - scary stuff

  14. Well St Ouennais you can't have another Minister in the States under the currrent law - that is why Williamson rejected the idea. In any case without the UN Convention in place he or she would spend many hours doing nothing because without the Convention ratified too there would be no powers or requirements to do anything useful. So its Convention first and Minister second - or both together along with all the necessary supportive law changes and whilst you are re drafting your own manifesto add the ratification of the Conventions on the elimination of Discrimination against Women and that for the Protection of the Rights of Disabled People because they are all part of a cohesive RIGHTS package.

    If you have not looked at GARY MATTHEWS speaking on Monty Tadier's or Tom Gruchy's blogs then I suggest you and others do because Jersey has a huge amount of catching-up to do basic human rights and no PROGRESSIVES worth the name can bury their heads on this.
    Have you joined the Jersey Human Rights Group yet St Ouennais?