Friday, 19 August 2011

State Controlled Media.

In this final episode of our exclusive and in-depth interview with Jersey's Former Deputy Chief Officer of the States of Jersey Police, and Senior Investigating Officer of Jersey's "Historic" Child Abuse Investigation (Operation Rectangle), Mr Lenny Harper discusses some more uncomfortable home truth's regarding Jersey's media, the "pressure" Scrutiny Panel's are under, leaks to the media and much more.

Regular readers/viewers will be aware of the ongoing Scrutiny Review concerning the BDO/Alto Report. Among many other things that have come to light is the fact that Mick Gradwell has been accused by a witness, under oath, of leaking a confidential (or parts of) Report to a "journalist" who repotedly has history of supporting convicted Child Abusers. This alleged leak would have happened while "Operation Rectangle" was still an on-going Child Abuse Investigation.

A former Assistant Health Minister has been accused, by more than one witness, of leaking a confidential police e-mail to the same "journalist" while the Investigation was still live, yet NONE of our island's media have reported this.

Senator Ian Le Marquand, Jersey's Home Affairs Minister, has told the States Assembly that after an internal police Investigation, into the leak of the confidential Report, all avenues pointed to Mick Gradwell, yet NONE of our island's media reported this.

We get three Jersey Politicians, Jimmy (potty mouth) Perchard, Ben Shenton and Sean Power, who think that Lenny Harper, or officers under his command, "might" have leaked stuff to the NOTW and the island's media are all over it, without a shred of evidence, unlike the mounting evidence against the Former Assistant Health Minister and Gradwell.

How can it possibly be that the Home Affairs Minister, during a States debate as good as, accuses Mick Gradwell of leaking confidential reports to a "journalist" which is aired live on BBC Radio Jersey, and BBC Jersey mention nothing about it, two CTV Reporters claim "they didn't hear it" and the JEP totally ignore it? It's just not conceivable.

Isn't it time we had a Parliamentary Select Committee (Scrutiny Panel), the same as the UK, that are able to scrutinise the local "accredited" media?

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  1. Quite astonishing the lack of media reporting on the 2 interviews by the Scrutiny panel this last week.

    Nothing was reported at all about Tuesday's interview with Mr Warcup. Some important information emerged, and having read his written submission today it would appear that Gradwell was well out of control 'doing his own thing' at random, most of it neither authorised or meeting the approval of Mr Warcup.

    Furthermore, not a mention of Mr Perchard's role in the leak(s). This media is an absolute disgrace.

    Do they not agree that they are complicit in the whole cover-up?

    Very telling that Mr Gradwell declines to give evidence as well.

  2. please post the links where we can see those written submissions ,fantastic job voiceforchildren ,the video work on this site and on are engaging and what we need x 100 !!

  3. It does not surprise me at all, our media is totally one sided in favour of the establishment cover up against those who have been abused and those who try to help them in any way.
    Send your reports & videos to Paxman, he could have a hay day exposing all this excrement.

    What it needs if for the worlds free media to descend on all the rats.

    We desperately need free press.

    It is overdue that all those living in the island had balanced and real reporters publishing the truth for all to see.

    The island is just plain sick,and to be honest too many people living here only care about themselves, greedy and money grabbing lot.

    Well I have no doubt that all the morons will as usual crawl out and vote for those they have been Brainwashed by the local media into believing are the only ones capable of looking after their interests.

    Of course anyone standing who is a decent human being that actually does care about others will be deliberately discredited in any way thinkable by our supposed accredited media outlets.

    UrrrH, just makes me want to throw up.

  4. The Jersey Abuse survivors should be taking a very close look at the actions of Mr Gradwell especially with the coming committee of enquiry.. He must defend his actions, he was the SIO, he leaked information, the media don't report it.. Jersey is in need of one huge cleansing

  5. All of the Jersey Media needs investigating. They surely must take some of the blame for the catastrophic happenings on our beautiful island. They also must be included in the Committee of Enquiry. Why didn't the media break any stories concerning our care homes and even when they were leaked information by whistleblowers.


    Please listen to audio. Silence from media.

  7. Jersey at it's most diabolical best.

    Call for investigation into police links with newspaper

    The former Sunday tablod News of the World
    THREE States Members have called for an official investigation into whether States police officers were paid by journalists for information during the Haut de la Garenne inquiry.

    Senator Ben Shenton, Deputy Sean Power and Senator Jim Perchard have written a joint letter to the Attorney General and the police chief calling for action in the wake of revelations and allegations about the News of the World.

    It has been alleged that reporters from the Sunday tabloid not only routinely hacked the mobile answer phone messages of celebrities, politicians and the victims of crime and terrorism, but also paid corrupt police officers for information.

    The three Island politicians say that they have been concerned since 2008 about the way the investigation was handled and have raised the matter in the States on several occasions.

    Full story in today’s JEP

    Article posted on 26th July, 2011 - 2.57pm

    Read more:

  8. You lot are taking local reporting far too seriously. Why actually care whats in the local paper if you all claim not to buy it anyhow?

  9. "You lot are taking local reporting far too seriously. Why actually care whats in the local paper if you all claim not to buy it anyhow?"

    The person who posted the above comment is once again missing the point - perhaps deliberately. I understand that one or two bloggers say that they no longer read the JEP. Well, that's up to them. As an ordinary Jersey citizen who tries to find out what is really happening in this Island I try to read all available sources of information,including the JEP.

    That said, it is a matter of serious concern to me that the media - JEP and CTV in particular - seem to be deliberately misreporting some aspects of the current scrutiny evidence whilst totally avoiding/eliminating any reference to the really seriously worrying evidence that is coming out.

    The above situation cannot be allowed to continue.

    If anyone out there disagrees with my concerns outlined above, please post your comments and say why you disagree.


    I am patiently waiting for Shona Pitmans piece in the Jersey evening Post allowing her concerns to be aired. Surely this is a matter of urgency.

  11. You lot are taking local reporting far too seriously. Why actually care whats in the local paper if you all claim not to buy it anyhow?


  12. "That said, it is a matter of serious concern to me that the media - JEP and CTV in particular -seem to be deliberately misreporting some aspects of the current scrutiny evidence whilst totally avoiding/eliminating any reference to the really seriously worrying evidence that is coming out."

    Don't take this personally but become a journalist then!

    But come on, how the local media report things is up to them isn't it and you don't have to read their reporting, it's your choice, it's like a reader of the Sun or the Mirror, you choose, but generally the story is always the same.

    Do not think everybody who does read these reports is automatically brain washed anyhow!

    Most news is forgotton hours after it's read.

  13. "Anonymous said...

    You lot are taking local reporting far too seriously. Why actually care whats in the local paper if you all claim not to buy it anyhow?"

    That simple comment shows the outside world exactly why Jersey has been able to become so rotten to the core.

    What is says on a greater level is that if one doesn't see questionable activity it's fine for one to ignore it, even if one is fully aware it's happening.

    And the person who left that comment clearly considers such behaviour logical and normal enough to question others for having the integrity to shine light on the matter?

    This is the perfect example of that old Syvret saying, "Never underestimate the stupidity of the Oligrachy"....

  14. "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”


  15. Come on, it’s 'your version of the news' versus 'their version'. I would say by some of the stories attacking States policy over the past year like on Island poverty, that the idea the JEP is wholly controlled by this Government is an oxymoron. Just stop reading it then you cannot complain!

  16. "Don't take this personally but become a journalist then!"

    For what it's worth, I honestly believe that there are already a number of competent journalists in the Island who quite probably detest having to (mis)report certain matters in the way they do at the moment. Unless I am wrong about their competence, of course, in which case it would appear that they are unable to read and understand submissions; unable to understand clear oral evidence; and unable to read and understand the transcripts of evidence.

    No - I prefer to maintain my belief that they are competent. But that they are prevented from reporting accurately by their Editors. The question would then be - why?

    As always, I'm open to other explanations .........

  17. There is no choice whatsoever available, with The Jersey Media reporting/reporters.

    All we have to rely on/believe in is:
    Jersey BBC, radio, tv, and their on line.
    Jersey CTV, and their on line.
    Jersey 103 radio and their on line.
    And The Jersey Evening Post and their on line.

    And they all stick together with their very safe for now, reporting.

    Make no mistake trouble is brewing and its going to be tragic for all of our past and present Jersey Media Reporters.

  18. The JEP shows itself whereby the JEP allows comments on one article but not the other. There is no doubt the JEP is biased and the funiest thing is they have proven it themselves by deciding which stories the public are allowed to comment upon. It is so obvious it doesnt need a genius to figure it out.

  19. Elsewhere, the accepted reason for having a more credible press is because it is essential to the healthy balance of powers. Jersey does not seem to embrace this concept of balance of powers being a key to accountability, and that is a problem which runs through every part of Jersey's government, civil service, health care, judiciary, police administration, and media.

    No, you really can't choose to make up your own "version of the news" if that version is deliberately expressed in direct opposition to facts in evidence. When you knowingly tell the opposite of the truth, it is always a lie, never just a "version of the news." Facts are facts, even when inconvenient, and even in Jersey.

    The island's media is disgraceful and too often deliberately deceitful. The evidence of that deceit is overwhelming to the outsider. Look at "Shackles Simon," for one example. Then take the infamous CTV example of award winning investigative journalism. It would be, in fact, laughably easy for anyone who Googles the evidence to tear apart either the relevant JEP articles or that CTV report on the (lack of) journalistic integrity.

    If you are going to question the value of fact-based reporting in the media, or if you accept deliberately misleading news as equally valid as news based on fact, you might as well question democracy and accountability in general, because they are interdependent.


  20. There is also the vital issue of having an informed electorate. Whether your electorate is deliberately or even mistakenly misinformed, or just merely very uninformed, the quality of the public sector will reflect that.

  21. Just posted a comment here as Linda747

    Note: The media are still not reporting properly on a certain car crash! Bet no prosecution or investigation by the Police will happen?

    Of course you can comment on my comment there if you want to?

  22. All any decent person can do is to highlight what is going on any way possible.

    Spreed the word and try to get the other side of the news in the island reported on properly.

    A good job it being done with this blog site, but we need to get the real facts into major newspapers etc in order for those brainwashed by the local media reporting to find out the truth.

    No-one really wants to wash our dirty linen in public, but what option is left when our media is so bias?

    I have just done a blog to try and help, if anyone takes any notice or not is a matter for debate as a lot of people in this island can be very callous and uncaring towards those who have been abuse.

    I find this attitude abhorrent personally, and it is this obvious nasty attitude that is giving the island a bad name in other places across the world, and they are too stupid to see it, plus of course they actually believe that at the end of the day they will be exposed for the creeps they really are!

    Here is the blog link I just did for you
    Hope it helps :-)

  23. Will the "Voice" be dumping Deputy Judy Martin?
    If ever there was a blatant example of a so called "progressive" being sucked into the establishment camp and failing to deliver - on child care of all things - she must be it!

    What is the point of campaigning for years and years to get such people elected if they fail so miserably to deliver in office.

    The need to get any so called "progressives" to agree on a common platform on a range of important issues needs no more explanation. Judy was a member of a so called political party and left that. She made promises to implement the child care programme and has failed to do so. How can such people be held to carry out their promises?
    A shared platform won't totally guarantee this but if they won't even agree to that we must expect to be let down if the electorate is dumb enough to elect them.

    Are you at team voice still relying on candidate A or B just because they seem ok?
    The voters have the justified expectation of commitment and there does not seem to me to be much of it about. I know that BoB Hill will do what he says if re-elected because his track record speaks for him. However, I wish he or somebody like him (unfortunately he is unique) would lead by example and endorse an agreed programme of important policies. I would be prepared to trust such a grouping and vote accordingly but the same old troupe of "inedependent judies" is only guaranteed to fail the voters, yet again.

  24. Tom Gruchy.

    Could you define "dumping? Where you wrote.

    "Will the "Voice" be dumping Deputy Judy Martin?"

  25. The silence of the "accredited" (discredited) meida is DEAFENING

  26. "Dumping" Judy Martin means not voting for her in October and urging that votes in her District should be given to others.
    I interviewed Judy for "the voice" in August 2009 (voiceforjersey)and this is posted on August 28 as "Children's Rights on a Shoestring - The Jersey Way." Assistant Minister
    Judy made lots of promises and gave all sorts of assurances but these have not been delivered as the recent independent children's report confirms.
    In my interview with Denise Carroll MBE (posted on Tom Gruchy) recently she confirms that there has been a lot of paper shuffling and ticking of boxes but very little meaningful action. Of course, the Convention on the Rights of the Child has still not been ratified for Jersey and people like Judy are simply counter-productive.

    On voiceforchildren (19 March 2010) we asked "Children's champion for Jersey - where are you?" The answer to that need is certainly not to be found in Judy Martin.
    I don't have a vote for Denise or Judy in the October elections but if I did it would go to Denise on the basis of her proven 11 years track record so far as children's care is concerned.

    Of course, these are not single issue elections and that is precisely why I want so called "progressive" candidates to share their thoughts and ambitions and present common, agreed agenda on key policies to the electorate.
    Ratification of The Convention on the Rights of the Child, along with a couple of other UN Treaties,is just such a key policy that ALL "progressives" should be prepared to promise to implement as a commitment.
    Judy has failed to deliver and should be replaced.

  27. Tom Gruchy.

    I would be more interested in encouraging people to vote (or not) for candidates in my own district. Like you said" these are not single issue elections."

    But in comparison just how has Ann Dupre, (who you and I can vote for), (or not) performed against Judy Martin who you and I can't vote for?

  28. Well now - that is a strange response! Reading your blogs over the past few years one would have gained the impression that almost anybody who supported childrens' rights in Jersey would get "the voice" endorsement. Your blog certainly supports several of those who are not on your own voting paper and condemns others who are not. I am not quite sure where the latest reluctance to commit one way or the other with Judy Martin comes from. She was given the oportunity to deliver on your single most important issue of childrens' welfare and has failed. Her dumping is surely not optional?
    So far as the political deadwood in St Clement is concerned I have no reasons to vote for Ann Dupre and I am not aware that she proposes to take up the specific childrens welfare issue. I hope that other candidates might yet emerge with more interesting agenda. I am not aware that the Constable is being opposed but I should welcome the opportunity of making a choice and I shall be choosing my future Senators with caution.
    However, I shall continue (for a while) to comment upon the conduct and policies of candidates in other parishes even though I cannot vote for or against them directly. I know only too well that my fellow residents of Jersey are capable of electing some very unsuitable people to govern over me and I am surely duty bound to oppose such foolishness?

  29. Tom Gruchy.

    We have a States Assembly of which a majority of, IMO, do their level best to cover up Child Abuse. Personally I don't see Judy Martin as one of them.

    Many of the progressives have many flaws but I don't see it as my place to attack them, I see it as the non progressives job, or "the establishment members" job.

    If you choose to single out Judy Martin for criticism on a single issue then that is your prerogative but there are "establishment members" who, in my opinion, have done far worse than Judy Martin.

    Judy Martin might be your "priority target" you'll have to forgive me if she's not mine.

  30. Isn't it funny how Tom Gruchy spends all of his time attacking progressives and never has anything to contribute toward getting rid of the real enemy - the Establishment?

    Judy Martin isn't perfect but then who is? Here in St. Helier No 1 my only 100% certain vote on merit would be for Trevor Pitman. But looking at the Establishment 'plants' of Mary O'Keefe-Hamburger and James 'A vote for Ozouf' Baker Judy Martin would be my only likely other.

    What also strikes me is how Tom Gruchy never has any criticism for one of the laziest people in politics Deputy Paul Le Claire? Here is a progressive who really did sell out a long time ago. Just consider Le Claire's vote that gave Housing to the useless Terry Le Main over Alan Breckon.

    I think Tom's problem is that regardless of how he tries to come on like a deep thinker he bases all of his views on personalities. Hence his attacks on people he has some kind of grudge against.

    We are seeing it here with Judy Martin, who I actually think really shouldn't have got drawn into the Le Sueur/Ozouf government.

    But what really worries me about Tom's integrity is that he even carries out ludicrous attacks on Trevor Pitman who has been the one real bright light of the newcomers from 2008 in trying to do what he said he would and standing up for what is right.

    Tom also attacks Syvret and then bootlicks him for no apparent new reason. Why? Is it just trouble making?

    The only person Tom never attacks but always praises is his mate 'Red' Nick Le Cornu. No particular problem with Nick from me but I have to say I honestly think he is not electable because of how he comes across to people.

    Let's focus on the real enemy.

  31. I have to agree with Tom on this one even though I think he is an aggressive. Judy Martin is not all that she seems. Are you aware that there is a second assistant minister for H&SS, have you noticed how very quiet she has gone lately and in particular since the Power leak?

  32. The other Assistant Health Minister is Eddie Noel isn’t it?

    “have you noticed how very quiet she has gone lately and in particular since the Power leak?”

    What “Power Leak” and who’s gone quiet? We know Ian Le Marquand has gone extremely quiet since Lenny Harper told him to "put up or shut up." Evidently he has chosen the latter.

  33. VFC, Perhaps I should have worded my comment better but that being said, you should not attack people for putting forward their views, each to their own and all that!! I was not aware that Eddie Noel’s had been appointed as a second Assistant Health Minister and am curious to know when this appointment came about, that’s all! The leak referred to is the one made by Sean Power when he happened upon that private e-mail between two politicians which ended up on the farce blog. Judy Martin was heavily involved in that episode and it is no secret that she was hauled over the coals by her superiors which almost cost her, her position as assistance Minister. Now, I am not saying that she is not a good politician, I do not live in her district but, I have had some dealings with her and let’s say that I have been less than satisfied with her performance. She is the Assistant Health Minister with responsibility for children and from where I am sitting, so far she has failed miserably in this role and in particular, children in care today would appear to be no more protected than they were years ago.

  34. Did anyone else hear Tim Pryor mention the HDLG find of 'a piece of coconut'? It was on Radio Jersey during the Sunday paper review. A tourism person and the marilyn monroe collector were the guests.

  35. Off topic, but right on the general subject of Voice for Children
    letter to the Education Minister

  36. VFC

    Tom Gruchy says:

    ""Will the "Voice" be dumping Deputy Judy Martin?
    If ever there was a blatant example of a so called "progressive" being sucked into the establishment camp and failing to deliver - on child care of all things - she must be it!

    What is the point of campaigning for years and years to get such people elected if they fail so miserably to deliver in office."

    Tom Gruchy is absolutely correct.

    Judy Martin has been a disastrous failure in respect of child welfare politics.

    Worse, actually.

    She has consistently supported and protected a failed system.

    Indeed - she is very friendly with certain former and current senior civil servants who should be in jail.

    She was the H & SS Assistant Minister - who was instrumental, along with certain senior civil servants, in supporting the improper hi-jacking of the JCLA that good, decent members of the JCLA had to fight against so strongly.

    And if you believe that she just - "accidently" - mislaid the e-mails in question - then you will believe I'm going to vote for Phil Bailhache.

    Sorry - but Tom Gruchy is absolutely right on the money in this case.

    Fake plastic progressives are worse - really, worse - than useless. I can guarantee you - the Jersey oligarchy will be praying for victory for Judy martin - and one or two others like her - because they fulfil the useful function of making the States look like it has a little diversity.

    People like Judy Martin fit the bill perfectly: working class - but totally unthreatening and "safe" - and pliable.

    If VFC does not pro-actively campaign against Judy Martin - of all people - then you are betraying all you have campaigned for.


  37. The revelations that came out into today's Scrutiny Sub Panel Hearing concerning the BDO/Alto Report were, how shall we say "interesting?"

    Hoping to publish an "exclusive" interview with the Panel's Chairman, Deputy Trevor Pitman soon. I say "exclusive" because NONE of the "discredited" media were there and the interview should/could explain why none of the media were there.

    Giving evidence were Home Affairs Minister, Senator Ian Le Marquand, and HA Chief Officer Steven Austin Vautier. I can't think of a time where I have been in complete agreement with these two but today has changed that...................Watch this space.

  38. Surely it was the MSM's duty to their readers and viewers to have been there.

    How are they going to coverup/spin this?

  39. All should become apparent as to why the MSM weren’t there, and in particular, as to why (the possibly conflicted) “Award Winning” CTV weren’t there.

  40. Is it really correct that at the hearing today, under pressure from Dep Pitman about setting the record straight and having a duty of care to do so due to the out of control reporting, ILM had the cheek to ask that he and the panel do a joint press release to kiss it all better? This sounds too bizarre to be true.

  41. Have you seen this job!

    Working for Jersey
    Recruitment Information
    POST: Deputy Director International Affairs
    DIVISION: International Affairs
    DEPARTMENT: Chief Minister’s Department
    HOURS OF WORK: Full Time – 37 hours per week
    SALARY: £75,155 - £83,018 per annum
    CLOSING DATE: 26 August 2011 at 5pm

    1 4 r chaps.