Thursday, 26 March 2009


Senator Stuart Syvret gives his reaction to Health Minister Jimmy Perchard's the States!

I have e-mailed Senator Perchard and got no reply. I have since phoned Senator Perchard and offered him an unedited interview in order to put across a fair and balanced report. Senator Perchard has explained to me that he deserves the right to privacy. He will not be doing an interview with the JEP, CTV, or BBC Jersey or me on this subject. He further believes, what he said to Senator Syvret in the States, was "a private conversation" and does not agree with me, that when he is in a States sitting he is there representing the public from the minute he walks in the door to the minute he walks out of it.

Senator Perchard maintains he has been "misquoted" When I asked him "what did you say to Senator Syvret"? he wouldn't tell me - quoting the "privacy" sketch.

He was also asked for a written statement (in the interest of fairness and balance) for this item but he refused this also. Below is the e-mail sent to Senator Perchard and below that is Senator Syvret's response to the apology............ all be it to the States.

For what it is worth Senator Perchard was very civil and courteous on the phone to me this morning and did appear remorseful of his comments (whatever they were.) On that note I got talking to a lady in the Royal Square, who's child committed suicide 5 years ago, she told me she had been "traumatised" by Senator Perchard's comments to Senator Syvret.

I would like to remind Senator Perchard he does have "an avenue of reddress" should he wish to leave a comment on here or any other Blog, including Senator Syvret's.

The e-mail to Senator Perchard.

Senator Perchard.

We are writing in order to give you the opportunity to respond to claims made , about you, by Senator Syvret. We have recorded an interview with Senator Syvret where he claims you encouraged him to "go top himself". He has also given us (on camera) his response to your apology yesterday in the States. I understand you believe you have no avenue of reddress to any of Senator Syvret's postings on his Blogsite. We would like to offer you that avenue should you wish to take it.

Also it is in the interest of fairness and balance that we should offer you the opportunity to give your side of events, not only for your benefit but for the benefit of our viewers. The Senator Syvret interview will be published tomorrow afternoon. Should you agree to an interview we would hope for it to be some time tomorrow.

Kind Regards.

Team Voice.
End e-mail.

I have had problems getting this video on here so have gone via youtube so the "aboves" and "belows" will now be a little a-se about face because I can't seem to get the text above the video without losing the video when I have gone through youtube.


  1. I still find it hard to belief that some people (however few) still side against Stuart at every opportunity. I'm glad I don't understand how their weird minds work!

  2. Anonymous said...
    "I still find it hard to belief that some people (however few) still side against Stuart at every opportunity. I'm glad I don't understand how their weird minds work!"

    Keep on reading. Even if you are not glad, you will learn and understand more, then. Be brave in the face of uncomfortable truths. It is called dedication to reality at all costs. Until you are willing to understand the larger story here, you simply despise the messenger and remain complicit in the abuse.

  3. Dear VFC

    You really are growing and growing in your professionalism, including your reporting of Senator Pilchard's (ok I'm not a fair and balanced journo!)demeanor on the phone to you and the balanced opportunity for him to give his opposing view.

    The JEP, (which I have to admit is improving slightly couldn't believe they allowed comments on the serial killing nurse story), is losing its ciruculation. Perhaps they should take a leaf out of your book.

    Team Voice is developing an identiy are a real alternative in Jersey. Keep up the good work.

    Do you link to any international news blogsite, I think others would be interested.

    I'd also just like to say how helpful I find your side bar with all the recently updated local blogs.

    Hell you'll end up getting an MBE at this rate for services to the island! Ha ha

  4. I don't think people are siding against Syvret but its news like this that some people really are going over-kill on. Why don't people admit that they just do not like Senator Perchard and will do whatever they can to belittle the guy and groan on about news like this? I am sick of Jersey politics and its the endless re-wind of items like this which is really starting to get on most peoples nerves.

    I am not surprised the voter turn out is so low because what you are reporting maybe be great for a hand full of your friends and readers, but to the majority of us its old news now and really is plain boring.

    Rather then personally attack people all the time, why don’t you work on something constructive for a change? Give us some ideas of how things can be changed? Stop the endless groaning, most of us are just not interested anymore.

  5. It is because what you call 'old news' (previous post)is news that has not reached any form of closure that it has to be brought into the public domain again and again until justice and fairness are seen to be done.
    There is too much of that big brush in the Island, and blogs such as this and Stuart Syvret's keep people alert and updated rather than let these matters be forgotten.
    I have not either liked or disliked Perchard until these latest episodes which have shown him in a light that should not be tolerated either as a Minister in the States or even a States Member. Believe you me I do not know him personally, but from what I can glean publically he is a most unpleasant man with no self control.
    If you are sick of Jersey politics, you are free not to read blogs such as these.

  6. It is a point though, why do some members of the public go on about trivial matters like this so much? The bloke has apologised, and I think he had been intimidated a lot before hand by Stuart's blog. 6 of this and half a dozen of the other.

  7. "why do some members of the public go on about trivial matters like this so much"

    Twice telling Stuart to go kill himself is trivial? Just goes to show that some people really don't expect much in the way of standards from those who hold public office.

    You are doing a great job VFC. Keep it up and take care.

  8. I don't think the majority of people out there AKA the voters could give a monkeys about any of this. You speak to anybody at work or in the street and they cannot understand why some people are still going on about it.

  9. Well stop going on about it then.

  10. Because the 'most people' you are talking about probably do not care a tinkers cuss about anyone else, and get on with their cosy little lives.
    'Some' people will NOT rest until this vile man is removed from post, and I am one of them, and have been affected by bereavment from suicide and the legacy it leaves.
    So hopefully 'most people' this will never happen to you, but let 'real people' care and have empathy with others and stop such an insensitive man in his tracks NOW!

  11. I have personally known several people that after being in the care of health and social services (I use the term care extremely loosly)as children, have gone on to commit suicide. How can we have a Health Minister in this role when so many vulnerable people are under their 'care'. Think of those that have psychological problems hearing the Minister direct another Minister to go and top himself, does it mean that he thinks that any one who offends him should do the same? If he had any honour or respect he would resign, in fact he would have already done so.

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