Friday, 13 March 2009

The Quest continues...........

Question asked by Deputy Montford Tadier to Deputy James Reed Minister for Education Sport and Culture.


Deputy M. Tadier of St Brelade will ask the following question of the Minister for Education, Sport and Culture-

“Can the Minister inform the Assembly whether any senior officers in the Education, Sport and Culture Department are subject to Police investigations pertaining to child abuse and, if so, whether such investigations have been terminated?”

The question never got asked in the States due to question time running over. However Deputy James Reed submitted a written "answer" and here it is!


At present I am unable to either confirm or deny whether I have received or am aware of any disclosures pertaining to any police investigations in relation to any employees at Education Sport and Culture.
Police investigations are confidential until such time as a decision is made whether or not to charge an individual. In certain circumstances the Police may decide it is appropriate to make a disclosure to an employer about an investigation however such a disclosure is classed as confidential and the employer would not be able to disclose this information to another party.

As a result of the above, I am unable to comment further on this matter.

My question is "how is a parent supposed to have trust and faith in our goverment with "answers" like that?

Deputy Tadier gives his response to the "answer" (in the video below) and it is worrying to say the least! The Deputy suspects there could be a senior officer in the Education Department that could be a suspect in the recent child abuse inquiry.

I share the Deputy's suspicion. Although I, and I believe the Deputy, have no proof that this is the case. It is extremely alarming that the Minister will do nothing to dispell these suspicions and doesn't appear too concerned about the message he could be sending out to parents of children in the Education System.

I am waiting for Deputy Reed to contact me with a time and date that he can meet with me. When (if) he contacts me I will ask him, in the interest of fairness and balance, to give me an interview with his response to Deputy Tadiers interview.

In the meantime my sleepless nights and quest continues.


  1. another excellent post well done

  2. I've selected a few snippets from the Guardian online I think might interest you.

    “Like Krichefski, Tilbrook was dead, as were others accused, including Jim Thomson, the superintendent of Haut de la Garenne in 1979, who was repeatedly accused of abuse. It was the living that presented Harper's team with the knottiest problems. The list of those who had worked at the homes included the serving education director, Tom McKeon, and his deputy, Mario Lundy. Both were interviewed by police earlier this year; both vigorously deny any wrongdoing”

    "The handling of the complaint was more consistent with protecting a member of staff and the college's reputation than safeguarding the best interests of pupils."

    “The guardians of the Jersey Way continue to thrive, such as the sprightly Iris Le Feuvre, elected to the States Assembly for almost 20 years, who as president of the education committee oversaw Haut de la Garenne, Les Chenes and Blanche Pierre during some of their most troubled times. Now retired, the 80-year-old, whose husband Eric was for years a hobby bobby, lives in St Lawrence parish. "Granny's coming," she shouts as an over-excitable Tibetan spaniel barks at the gate, and ushers us into her front room. Le Feuvre, who collected an MBE from Buckingham Palace in 2002, says of Haut de la Garenne: "It's been a terrible business. But mostly I feel for William and Sir Philip Bailhache. They've been through so much."
    But what of the victims? She smiles: "Oh, such a fuss has been made. My father always used a belt on me. It did me the world of good."

  3. Hi VFC.

    What is the point, you ask a serious question and get a totally useless answer.
    Deputy James reed should be representing the people of jersey first, its a simple question. I was going to say he was elected to represent us but then again thats not quite the case.. VFC keep pushing and the answers will come Deputy Tadier asked a very serious question & we will get the answer..


  4. So it looks like the Guardian news paper can tell me things that our education minister can't!!

    Only in Jersey........Only in Jersey!!

  5. Nice one Montford Tadier at least he is delivering on his election promises. Reed is another one way out of his depth and will be joining perchard at the job centre after the next elections

  6. Re; Montford Taddier delivering on his election promises.

    You are correct. I asked my Deputy Ann Dupre to submit the question. She refused by saying "I can't go against my Minister" (She's an assistant education Minitser) so if it is a toss up between represent her parishioner or ask an uncomfortable question of her Minister, the parishioner loses out. Somebody remind me who votes her into her job and who's concerns is she supposed to be taking to the States?

    Deputy Tadier asked the question because my "representitive" wouldn't. Deputy Ann Dupre has wasted no time in demonstrating where her loyalty's lie.

    Fortunately neither has Deputy Taddier. He has "represented" me and possibly every parent on this island with this question.

    Keep up the good work Deputy Taddier, the electorate needs you!

  7. The Guardian article quoted from earlier

  8. I would have thought that if there are any investigations that they would be in stealth? If he answered yes than that could be described as tipping off.

  9. Dear VFC

    Another excellent interview, why don't BBC Jersey and Channel TV ask these questions?

    Keep up the good work, citizen media is the future and you are ahead of the game!

  10. Try asking a different question such as "Do you have any concerns that any senior members of staff working day to day in your department could have a history of behaving in a manner towards children that could make then a risk to local school children?"

    This is a reassurance that every parent should be able to seek, and shouldn't allow the Minister to hide behind confidentiality.

  11. Heard you on talkback - what a waste of time that programme is!

    Good for you giving old Chris rayon (we girls know that this is well known cr*p material) a bit of a testing - and Perchard who was as predictably useless as ever - what a pillock!

    IMHO I think old Dudley should give you a job .... bet the number of listners would soar!

    Ha Ha if only I ruled the world (or even Jersey)

  12. Hey VFC the vile rag has published one of your comments about farmer Jim.

    Things really are looking up!

    Is the tide turning?

  13. The FILTHY RAG publishing one of my comments. Indeed are things starting to look up?

    I must say their latest piece about Jimmy Perchard's disgraceful behaviour does somewhat resemble real's hoping but I won't be holding my breath.

  14. Any closer to an answer to your quest?

  15. One Day.

    James Reed agreed to meet with me (2 weeks ago) he e-mailed me a week later to let me know he "hasn't forgotten about me" a week on i've heard nothing from him.

    Considering the nature of my concerns it is very alarming that he chooses to be so elusive.

    This is the reason I end up "sticking my camera in peoples faces". So you can expect to see him on this Blog very soon.

  16. Hi VFC,

    I look forward to it, perhaps he could be joined by the director of education who should know who would possibly be a danger to children. Although I think you have got as close as you could to interviewing him!

    Is there any reason why the public can't request a 'question time meeting' with the Minister's etc, they are there as a result of public votes? Also why can't the public dismiss a Minister when they are shown to be grossly incompetent, like the recent case of Perchard's abuse to Senator Syvret. Perchard should be gone, I would bet my bottom dollar, if it was the other way round Senator Syvret would be.

    My main problem is how do things get changed - I'm beginning to think protesting may be the only answer. With of course at the next elections only 6 non-establishment candidates please no more. If an equal number, you are either for or against, I'ld say more are against, so don't dilute, unite and ONLY 6 !!!!