Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Investigative Journalism and Blogs.

In part two of this in-depth and exclusive interview, Senator Sarah Ferguson, with VFC, discusses the topics of mainstream media, Bloggers, Blogs, Investigative journalism (or lack of), Jersey's only "News"paper "The Jersey Evening Post", BBC (local and worldwide) and much more.

We discuss how modern day "journalism", for whatever reason, could be described as "cut and paste" journalism that is made up of Press Releases and soundbites and that the superior "investigative" journalism is coming from those of us Bloggers who stick to the "facts" and the "evidence."

Speaking of "soundbites" readers/viewers might take note that, (as in the vast majority of our interviews) the "interviewee", in this case Senator Ferguson, is "relaxed" she is not thinking, (like she might with the "accredited" media") "I'd better talk in soundbites, they might only use 30 seconds of the interview." This is a service that is offered by Bloggers, and not by the MSM, we are able to get the interviewee to talk "naturally" as they know we can offer (to an extent) unlimited "air-time." They (interviewees) have the opportunity to give a more in-depth and insightful answer to any questions in the knowledge it won't be edited into a 30 second soundbite.

Speaking of "facts" and "evidence" Team Voice, almost exclusively deal in nothing else.

The significance of this interview should not be underestimated. Jersey politicians are, in some cases reluctantly, coming to the realisation that there is an alternative to the monopolised local MSM and they are starting to engage with it.

Blogs and Bloggers are starting to gain credibility in Jersey and from possibly the most unlikely of sources, in this case, Senator Ferguson, and that can only be a good thing, not just for Bloggers but for members of the public who want an alternative ("fact based") to what they get from the MSM.

This two part interview has been published in its entirety with NOTHING edited out so can only be a true reflection of the Senator's words and she could not be misrepresented or misquoted.

Out of all the interviews we (Team Voice) have conducted, we've NEVER been accused by the interviewee of mis-representing them, editing anything out to suit our own agenda, and we do all that we can to put up all interviews in their entirety..........Can any of the same be said for the "accredited" media?

Blogging in Jersey is coming of age while the "accredited" media are dying of old age and complacency.

Part one of this interview can be viewed HERE


  1. Why worry about how rubbish the MSM is? We've got the internet now, for balance. Seems like a workable dual system to me, MSM for the lazy and happily brainwashed, Blogs/Twitter/Online for the real facts and truth for those who seek it.

    You're unlikely to change the MSM, so let's be grateful technology exists to counter their spin. The MSM is best ignored now, it's irrelevant.

  2. "mellowed" and "more mature" she says, shortly followed by the North Korea - Jersey thing...... LOL

  3. I believe the public on reading the blogs have every right to be angry with credited media and with themselves when that penny finally drops and the realisation we ourselves were the fools for buying it.

  4. The “Jersey-North Korea thing” is deadly serious. As the Senator, and a growing number of politicians have said, there is no investigative journalism in Jersey. There is only one “news”paper. None of the “accredited” media are fighting for an exclusive, they all just cut and paste what the States Communications Unit give them or cut and paste Press Releases. They churn out whatever they’re given and question nothing, even if it involves Tooth Fairies! We just get “the party line.”

    North Korea is an apt comparison to make with Jersey, when it comes to the “accredited” media.

    As for the “mellowing” the Senator is correct. Here is an example of the less mellow TIMES

  5. As an old hippy/lefty I do not agree with most of senator Fergusons views but, as with the global warming debate she is spot on here too.
    Blogs are becoming the go to resource for in depth analysis of all issues and news.

    Keep up the good work team voice!

  6. There is no longer any debate to be had on whether blogs are "legitimate" media, such as we might have seen a decade ago. The competitive positioning of internet sites as a primary source of news analysis for many people around the world, are already a foregone conclusion.

    As is true of more traditional media, blogger commentary and editorial opinion range from the ridiculously stupid to the best op/ed news analysis to be found anywhere. Indeed, the work of the world's top (print) newspaper writers is generally reposted or linked to from multiple blogs and other online sources, providing vastly greater readership exposure for the best MSM talent.

    What the Jersey MSM do so poorly and what you, in contrast, do so well, is to publish those vitally important but inconvenient facts in evidence - of the very kind usually ignored or spun in a misleading manner by that MSM.

    Your own editorial opinions are most often based on the evidence you publish, and that is what makes your positions particularly persuasive to unbiased readers. You established real credibility because of those facts, not because of the medium, and not because of the popularity of any political bias you may possess.

    Senator Ferguson must be more aware of the internet's influence than many of her peers in Jersey government, who might still be unaware of the eventual repercussions of Jersey's online dispersal of factual evidence. Perhaps she is unusually well informed, or has older children who have kept her abreast of the Jersey blogs. She may then be resigned to the fact that your influence on Jersey's political landscape can only grow.

    I suspect that even you Jersey bloggers do not know how much power can flow from your efforts. It seems you still question your own importance. Time will tell, but political influence is definitely moving in your direction since blogs are usually Jersey's only media form presenting the hard evidence of appalling systematic corruption.

  7. More Public money wasted, a pointless out of place granite wall! It just doesn't look right there, quite apart from the cost compared with the previous simple metal 'armco' barrier.

  8. Have now been told by two (local) "accredited Journalists" that they "admire" what we do on here and they wish they could investigate and report some of the more controversial and corrupt business that goes on and gets covered up over here.

    They're simply not allowed and keep their heads down in order to keep their job, "Journalism" Jersey style

  9. Fou Fou La Tanquereay avec le bibliotech28 September 2011 at 21:43

    I dont know about the validity of this interview. I mean fair play for getting her to speak openly but despite her willingness to acknowledge the influence good blogs can have she still seems stuck with the old school high handed schtick - the slightest elevation of your status in terms of maturuity was, to my mind, a bit condescending.

    And you VFC, know exeactly where her voting record sits in relation to this blogs big issue.

    So next time, if there is a next time, ask her about the voting record and ask her to explain her descinions - especially in light of the FACTS aleady in the public domain.

    Then we can judge how much the Senator has "softened".

    Oh and one on GST. And if time on why people doing community service should wear pink boiler suits. I mean that's got to come from the top right?

  10. As was said in PART ONE of this interview, the Senator and I, are poles apart politically. It was also said that one day we might get the opportunity to discuss our different views on camera.

    It is no secret that the Senator has been, in the past, "anti Blog". This interview demonstrates that "the lady is for turning". She told us in this part two of the interview that the Blog has "mellowed" and perhaps the same could be said for the Senator?

    From Small Acorns..................

  11. More sloppy journalism exposed?

    Fire fails to devastate headland

    CTV reported "Fire devastates headland", "a large fire", "an area said to be the same size as 14 football pitches" (size also reported by BBC, from quote from Fire Service).

    Compare what you'd expect to see from that, with the actual effects on the view (that we never saw on TV and bloggers have to report instead).

  12. In the video Sarah Furguson said BBC Jersey are better than National BBC when it comes to investigative journalism I'd like to ask her one question. Sarah can you give us one example of a good piece of investigative journalism the BBC Jersey have ever reported?

  13. I agree with the person asking for an example of good investigative journalism from BBC jersey

  14. Does she still support corrupt cops?

  15. With hindsight that is a question that should have been asked in the interview. BBC Jersey is right alongside the JEP and CTV when it comes to reporting (or not) what they are told (in my opinion).

    As for "investigative" and as for "journalism" well if there's one thing that the Child Abuse atrocities/investigation has exposed then it's the entire local "accredited" media.

  16. VFC,

    Does Ian JEP, know that comments to his site are being stopped/deleted?

  17. Just left a comment there and all seemed fine.

  18. Interesting point though, just had a mate do a reinstall last week then a few days ago had problems and no comments since, they will stoop to any depths to stop the truth getting out!

  19. In the video Sarah Furguson said BBC Jersey are better than National BBC when it comes to investigative journalism I'd like to ask her one question. Sarah can you give us one example of a good piece of investigative journalism the BBC Jersey have ever reported?

    29 September 2011 19:32

    Oh yes they have!

    The BBC reported after a very in-depth investigation ,
    the scrumping of apples from the reverend Hills

  20. Re; "The BBC reported after a very in-depth investigation"

    Do you mean by "a very in-depth investigation" that the BBC had to phone the States Communications Unit for the Press Release as it wasn't sent to them?

  21. VFC, could I ask your commenter above how he/she knows that posts to my blog are being blocked?

  22. Tried 3 times to get a comment on Ians site tonight.

    Blocked, therefore gave up.

  23. Thank you anon, I can assure you it is not my doing and will get on to Blogger immediately.

    I suspected something was amiss, Cheers :)

  24. State Controlled BBC wouldn't read it out so will have to publish it here.

    "Could you ask Steve Pallett if he were to be successful in getting elected if he would, like Constable Jackson, and the vast majority of Constables, become a "nodding dog" for the establishment, or will he be his own man and vote independently?"

  25. Went to the "Speakers Corner" today where the speakers included candidates in the Deputy elections among others.

    Among the subjects that were addressed were Child Abuse, mainstream media propaganda, Philip Bailhache, Whilst Attorney General, allowing a convicted paedophile to remain a Constable's Officer, where he went on to Abuse again. GST, the Ozouf Party and much, much more.

    The Speakers corner is on every Saturday between 11am - 1pm, at the side of BHS. if you've got something to say, get yourself down there.

  26. The good old Mail "news"paper. You remember the one? Yeah, sure you do, the one that published an article by David Rose rubbishing the Child Abuse Enquiry under the leadership of Lenny Harper?

    Here's what they wrote about the Amanda Knox appeal You could MAKE IT UP

  27. Oh Glenn you silly silly voice

  28. Several blogs are resisting comments at the moment so this is by way of an experiment.
    It is appears there is no problem. If it does not - well Major Tom...

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