Saturday, 17 September 2011

What Have(n't) They Been Reporting?

In conjunction with Rico Sorda's latest posting on VFP we thought it might be helpful to publish just a few short video clips that will give our viewers, new and old, an idea as to what our local "accredited" media have, and haven't been reporting.

The local "accredited" media, as these short video's should demonstrate, are probably more in the business of "opinion management" than they are in the business of reporting "news" and keeping their public informed of the TRUE facts.





Former Chief Police Officer Graham Power QPM believes "Bloggers are about to come more influential"..........Is there any wonder after watching these videos?


  1. Thanks for the reminders VFC. It is good to go back on old posts to refresh our memories.

  2. Not sure “good” is the terminology I would use, perhaps “frightening” would be more apt?

    These set of short video clips hammers it home that we don’t have a free press over here and are they happy to cover up for our out of control government and Law Offices. We have nowhere to turn to and Jersey has become a very sick and dangerous place…….Truly frightening.

  3. You hit the nail on the head VFC this is frightening. The blogs are the only place where the truth can get out and not all of the truth. What else are the MSM covering up if they are capable of covering up what you've published?

  4. Thank you for sharing the videos with us Channel TV Should be ashamed of themselves and must think we're all idiots.

  5. You seem to take everythin Lenny Harper and Graham Power say as gospel but there are other versions to their story.

  6. My heart goes out to all the abuse victims and their families as well as mr harper mr power and their families. Our MSM are one big joke that isn't funny

  7. "but there are other versions to their story."

    Indeed there are but they involve tooth fairies magic floorboards, disappearing baths, disappearing collagen, and disappearing Terms of Reference. All peddled to us by the "accredited" media.

    They've published and broadcast "story" after "story" without trying to get both sides and come up with a complete fantasy.

    They've buried the truth, and no doubt covered it with lime!

  8. Big Trev like you and Rico has done a great job on all of this cover up stuff with his scrutiny panel. I live down here at Green Street and if you would let me through your blog I would like to say to anyone who reads this and lives in Number One should make sure they get out and vote for Trevor in October. Don't be complacent. If Missus O'Keeffe-Burgher or James Baker of the Ozouf party got in it would be a nightmare.Keep up the good work all.

  9. I concur. Deputy Big Trev Pitman has, and is doing, a fine job in trying to uncover the truth behind, what's been described as, the worst cover-up in history. He has consistently probed asking uncomfortable questions and chairing, or taking part in, Scrutiny Panels to find the truth.

    Inevitably he would have made some enemies for doing this, not least the "accredited" media who will be doing their paymasters bidding during this election, as they have with Stuart Syvret, and it won't be good press given, as demonstrated with the court costs sketch in Stuart's case.

    Get out and vote people, how bad do you want things to get?

  10. VFC.

    Who do you think Sylvia Lagadu meant when she said on the radio this morning that there is someone at present still a States member who has admitted criminality but has not yet been convicted or gone to court?

  11. I didn’t listen to it this morning so will try and listen back later today. As for whom I think it might be? Well I don’t want to go down the route of naming specific individuals but at a guess I would say whoever it is they will be a member of the “Establishment Party”.

    Let’s be frank about this, if it were an “Anti-Establishment” member they would have been dragged through the (politicized) courts, made Headline news in the “accredited” media and accused of kidnapping the tooth fairy.

    The law in Jersey only applies to those who are not in favour with the Establishment Party. If it was a Data Protection offence then for the Establishment Party Member it will probably be deemed as a “regulatory” rather than “criminal” offence and no more will be said.

    If it is an Anti Establishment Member then they would have had a riot squad around their house by now.

  12. Hello Voice. I want to say that agree with the poster from Green Street. Trevor Pitman must have our support the scumbags are out to get him and his wife Shona as this threat business shows.

    I would even say to voters don't just support Trevor and Shona but use one vote only for each of them in their districts unless there is another candidate you also really support strongly. We can't let the bullies win this time. Cheers.

  13. RE; "the scumbags are out to get him and his wife Shona as this threat business shows. "

    What Trevor and Shona Pitman have been subjected to, in the way of Bullying, intimidation and threats is an indication as to how sick and twisted the "Establishment Party" and their supporters have become.

    Nobody, but nobody, should have to endure this sort of behaviour in a supposed "civilised" modern 21st century jurisdiction.

    The Establishment Party must be so proud of their supporters............What a sick and twisted society Jersey has become.

  14. I whole heartedly agree VFC. Trevor and Shona Pitman are being subjected to some truly sickening attacks at the moment and I would personally like to apologise to them for the appalling way in which they are being treated by the Establishment supporters. My only advice to them is to stay strong and rise above these low lives. The history books are being written as we speak and for this particular period in Jersey’s life, it is not going to make for pleasant reading at all, in fact, it is going to be extremely damning.

  15. Another in agreement Carrie and VFC. It seems if you are honest and work hard on behalf of the ordinary man on the street, this is the reward you get for it.

    Truly diabolical, but I am sure that Trevor and Shona understand that this is the product of a rather sick mind(s), and should actually be proud because it proves they must be doing something right to be such a worry to these childish people who have no better way to spend their time.

  16. The cover up on institutional child abuse extends to the UK. The Grand Prix system was called Pindown here in the UK, and the same disgusting treatment that has been dished out to whistleblowers in Jersey has been given to whistleblowers in the UK. I know that abuse victims in the UK have been reabused and persecuted, even the lucky ones who have managed to actually get their cases into court and even win their case, against all the odds, have been targetted for even more sly persecution, in the form of gagging orders which threaten the survivors with jail and fines if they disclose details of their suffering. I hope and pray the HDLG victims have not been treated in the same way, but I am not very confident that they haven't been.

  17. You have to wonder how thick some of these Establishment Party worms are? Though I don't agree with the way Stuart did some things all these attacks on Shona and Trevor Pitman do is show that some of the treatment of Stuart really was disgusting and premeditated. People are waking up though. I have spoken to more than a dozen over the weekend who are absolutely sickened to see a politician, and a young woman at that, being threatened for basically not going along with the old boy's network. Jersey is a sick place but the truth will out like Rico says. Stay strong Shona and Trevor. People, don't vote for the lazy, snoring idiot Le Main whatever you do!

  18. Ben Quérée
    Moving on to pastures new
    September 13, 2011

    "And what they throw up is so off-the-point as to be borderline satire, like the obsession over the suspension of former police chief Graham Power, as if it’s going to yield some kind of ‘establishment smoking gun’ that will bring Cyril Le Marquand House crashing down, or the endless review of Income Support that achieves not a fraction, not a shade, not a whiff of anything much at all."

  19. The Twitter hash tags for the Senatorial hustings are #jerseyelections and #jsyhust

  20. Not surprisingly a growing number of people are very angry at the latest instance of what I might call 'working class' politicians being threatened and the authorities being not a bit interested.

    Word is that the finger is being pointed at the thugish supporter(s) of a couple of desperate men in St. Helier Number Two. Losing votes by the score - excellent. Two men who can offer little other than spread lies about people thay are not fit to lick the boots of in terms of working hard for us plebs.

  21. Ben Queree is such an oligarchy lackey.

    But his propaganda shows just how easy it is for these people - and how hard fighting for the truth is, for the rest of us.

    The "smoking guns" in respect of the illegal suspension of Graham Power are already found.

    The facts are already out there.

    The treatment of Graham Power, by the Jersey establishment - was criminal. Literally.

    The problem civil society in Jersey has - is that none of the other mainstream media will report upon, and contradict, the leading lies and omissions of the JEP.

    Not even the BBC.


  22. Stuart.

    Speaking of Graham Power. Last night at the hustings you said the document in your hand was the submission from Mr. Power to the Wiltshire Police.

    I take it you mean the 62,000 word defence to his case that Ian Le Marquand has not published a single word of? If this is the case then it MUST be put into the public domain. Will you be publishing it on your Blog "UN-REDACTED" and will you be quoting from it at the hustings?

    It is pretty clear that ILM is in no hurry for people to see it. Are you able to give us any clues as to why this could be?

  23. Hi VFC.

    Just put up a recording of this morning's interview with Senator Le Gresley & Former Senator Syvret.

    With Senator Le Gresley being very forrite.

    You & your Readers can Listen HERE

  24. When Lord Philip criticises the current States Assembly, we have to read between the lines. He is not criticising the fact that they are a majority of out of touch, wealthy businessmen and landowners - this has always been the case. He is decrying the fact that the great unwashed like 'Tadier, Pitman, Le Gresley and Wimberley' have been allowed membership to what is one of Jersey's finest and oldest Men's clubs in the island.' These have not been to Eton, or even Victoria College or De La Salle - they are filthy Hautlians. The Club does allow, on occasion, the latter (we see it as a concession to the 'less fortunate'), however, there is a presumption that these inferior beings will know their place. The issue is not that democracy is not working in Jersey, but that it is working better than ever. That is because for the first time in decades, we have a sizable and articulate opposition, who are not willing to sit back and watch whilst the neo-liberal policies of the ruling elite threaten to ruin this beautiful island and the hard working people who live here.

  25. Montfort.

    You have Nailed it.

    What's really going on is "Democracy" is slowly taking over from "Feudalism."

    The powers that be and their media are starting to panic........And so they should!

  26. Not only have Tadier Pitman and others been given membership but with that membership they have a duty to act for the public of which they have been doing and doing well.

    If the treatment of Mr. Power is anything to go by I dread to imagine other similar sagas hidden in boxes oveer the years, maybe not even hidden just taken at establishment value. Done, dusted, spun with lines in the sand.

    Thankfully those days are coming to an end.

  27. May I use your blog to advise all residents of St. Helier Two reading this to make sure they give not a single vote to this revolting little man Rod Bryans.

    His manifestoe which is nothing more than a bitter cover up attempt for his personal shortcomings in being rejected three years ago is a new low ebb for democracy in Jersey.

    No wonder this man hangs around with Le Main and idolises Senator Ozouf. Integrity Mr Bryans? Reading this hateful bile you wouldn't know it if it bit you on the behind.

    As for your endorsements from two of the worst candidates I have had knock on my door in years, Adrian Walsh and the Stoker woman.

    The fact that you are happy to peddle the lie that a politican who has rented an office in the heart of her district for six years (I have been to vist the Deputy there myself) to try and mislead people really says it all.

    But I cannot recall that I have seen you Mr Bryans since the last election! I wonder why? Avoid these Ozouf supporters like the plague or before we know it our taxes will have gone up yet again.

    Shona Pitman, if you are reading this you will have my vote again. Just don't let these little bullies get to you or get you down.They are not worth it.

    Thank you.

  28. I am very sorry but in thanking you for allowing me to voice my anger I did not notice I had missed a line of typing. I meant to point out that Bryans was attempting to mislead people.

    The Stoker woman lying that Deputy Shona Pitman was never seen in her district when she has clearly rented an office there throughout her time in office.

    Not to mention living in the same house for many years with her family. Her father is a lovely man and must be so upset by this cowardly behaviour from failed election candidates.

    Some people Mr Bryans will obviously say anything in the hope of conning people to vote for them.

  29. Hi VFC.

    Put up last night Ozouf asking for the vote for Chief Minister to be Transparent. "Only Joking"

    You can Lisen HERE