Saturday, 24 September 2011

Scrutiny, "Lime Grove" and the media.

Senator Sarah Ferguson Has just published her Scrutiny Panel’s Report into the purchasing (or not as it turned out) of “Lime Grove.” Naturally the “accredited” media have wasted little time in telling the public as much as they (“accredited” media) think the public should know.

As is so often the case, in particular the Jersey Evening Post, have published an article on this Report/Review, which does not give their readers a true, or accurate, picture of just how complex, wide ranging and beyond the remit of Scrutiny that this subject had become.

The Senator explains to us how she believes the JEP "journalist" didn't even read the full Scrutiny Report and how their readers have formed an opinion based on the JEP's own opinion with little regard to the facts.

Although Senator Ferguson gave the "AWARD WINNING" Channel Television a 25 minute interview, they chose only to broadcast a 30 second soundbite and was not entirely representative of the interview given.

We (Team Voice) are pleased to bring our viewers an in-depth interview with Senator Ferguson, where she tells us much the same as she told the "accredited" media, which never got to see the light of day.

In this part one, of a two part interview, we discuss how the Scrutiny Review was much more than "buying a building." We talk of gagging orders, contracts, the way the States treat their employees, natural justice and much more.

In part two (coming soon) we discuss the "accredited" media and Bloggers.


  1. Now that is a Scoop..

  2. Well done!

    It is greatly to your credit that such important information is only made widely accessible through the informal unaccredited media.

    Senator Ferguson is poles apart from most of us bloggers politically, and it is much to your credit and credibility that you do not discriminate on the basis of who brings the message, but look only to the merits of the case presented.

  3. Voiceforchildren. You are head and shoulders above the local media.

    This can only be good for Jersey, giving public the opportunity to make there own mind up after listening to your guests. It would be a good idea to provide link to the Scrutiny statements along side this interview.

    Thanks to Sarah Ferguson for making time to do the interview.

  4. "It would be a good idea to provide link to the Scrutiny statements along side this interview."

    The transcripts etc can be read from HERE


    As you say it is a credit to Citizens Media that it is about the only place in Jersey where the "facts" come to light and a shame on the "accredited" media.

    Credit must also go to Senator Ferguson for "taking a chance." As you also said, our politics are poles apart and I'm sure she would have had doubts as to whether or not to give us an interview on that basis.

    There are many things that the Senator and I will never agree on, and who knows, one day we might get to discuss them on film. But for now this interview is a "win win" situation.

    The Senator gets to put on record what has been denied her by the "accredited" media, and the "unaccredited" media get seen as an alternative outlet by politicians no matter what their politics are.

    The "accredited" media will have to start upping their game, or they will become obsolete in no time.

  5. Its a joke that a reporter is not required by their bosses to read a report they are reporting on. Just the sort of shoddy journalism shown by the JEP and a big indication of the reporters bosses ethics of employment and the responsibility they give to their reporters.

    Like you VFC I dont agree with a lot of Sarah Fergusons political views, and most definately not her environment stance whereby she dismisses global warming issues. Also the Tow contractor issue was a big no no for me and she would not get my vote ever because of that alone.

    That said, I am slightly more sympathetic with her as a person now for having given you this interview but not with her as a politician. Maybe one day the tow cantractor thing will be fully investigated and she may come out whiter than white, if thats the case and she relents a little on her global warming denialism then perhaps I will regain some respect of her as a politician also.

    Sorry Sarah if you read this but those are my views based on one incident that you should have not gotten involved in, as well as Egre. I can forgive the global warming stuff I suppose as you obvioulsy read different scientific research than me.

  6. 'Big Trev' Pitman she ain't as a much watch, articulate video but getting Sarah Fergusson on to VFC really is a scoop.

    Credit to her too for coming on. She has hardly been the bloggers' greatest supporter. So maybe she is starting to see the light?

    Well done to you Team Voice for convincing her to move forward in this way.

  7. VFC,

    This is quite a coup having Sarah Ferguson on your blog. Historically she has been hostile. Perhaps that opinion will mellow. How the times change.

    Sarah has played this one with a straight bat, while quite clearly the Treasury Minister and his team have not. That they have the JEP to report will ensure there is damage limitation and the public remain uninformed. This is probably what has led Senator Ferguson to provide an interview. VFC is taking her panel’s report seriously.

    By referring matter further up is understandable if Scrutiny does not have the powers to go further. Surely there could have been a call for further information, especially where there are “gaps”.

    Unfortunately the delay will mean that the issue can be ducked politically by the Treasury Minister during this sensitive period of elections and the formation of a new government. He will not have to face a further report until long after he is either Chief Minister or back in his old job at Treasury with Bailhache as CM. Mr Teflon gets away again and there is no accountability.

    Had he been up for election, as everyone should if “General Election” is to have any meaning, he would have had a tough time. The present crooked constitutional system was designed in 1948 precisely to avoid that electoral moment when democracy has some meaning and the people can cast governments into the pit of perdition.

    Well done generally. Let’s hope more politicians will take the bloggers seriously in the future. Some may see the necessity to start their own blogs to tell the truth as they see it and undermine the monopoly over opinion formation held by the MSM. Too many politicians live in fear of the media.


  8. "Well done to you Team Voice for convincing her to move forward in this way."

    In fairness I'm not sure I could ever convince Sarah Ferguson to do anything. She reads a lot of Blogs, not just local but worldwide. In part two of this interview it will become a little clearer as to how she came to the decision to agree to an interview.

    We must also remember she did vote in favour of "Team Voice" filming the out-going LT. Governor in the States, which is more than we could say for PHILIP OZOUF

  9. I think the delay is a bad tactic, as there may be those who decide they do not wish to vote for someone to be CM if there is a risk he will be damaged!!

  10. If the same reporter had bothered to do some basic research on the Graham Power saga then he might have gained some much needed respect. I must commend Senator Ferguson and her scrutiny sub-panel's work on what can only be described as the Lime Grove fiasco. It is certain that our Treasury Minister has been found wanting... again... in what can only be added to a long list of diabolical decisions going right through planning, economic development and now treasury. Not even the appearance of Jodie Marsh in cut down denim shorts and cowboy boots can save this baby blue.

    I too would like to thank Senator Ferguson for taking the time to give this interview to VFC. This is what it should be about. A little bit of openness can go a long way. Jersey must move away from its old feudal ties if it has any chance of surviving in the modern world. Everybody from your average joe to your high-flying banker can see this. It is no secret.

  11. Hi VFC

    Excellent interview.

    Fair play to Senator Ferguson expressing her views.

    Does the good Senator have full faith that the CAG will get to the bottom of the Lime Grove mess.


  12. Rico.

    From what I have heard, the CAG is a man of the highest integrity and professionalism. Will he get to the bottom of this fiasco? Very debatable and might come to the conclusion that a full Committee of Enquiry is needed.

    Since it involves Philip Ozouf and Jon Richardson, any Terms of Reference that contain a part (d) had better be kept an eye on!

  13. the reporter will not have written his article anyhow it will have been "edited" from above,whether they read it or not does not come into play I would imagine.

  14. Congrats on getting the lady in front of the camcorder.
    Let's hope that she has now torn up her absurd protocols on refusing to allow any recording by the public or non-accredited media at scrutiny proceedings.
    Her anger must be fully wound up by Ozouf's behaviour. Having sat through virtually all the scrutiny hearings I have no doubt whatsover that this is the end of the political line (certainly at ministerial level) for him.
    That he has now apparently banned me from commenting on his blog, facebook and other sites comes as no surprise. It seems that anybody not using their own names rather than a nom de plume is also verboten.
    It will all make the CM election much simpler to determine.

  15. Tom Gruchy.

    I have read some of your comments left on Philip Ozouf's Blog. The one's I have read are, informative, researched, reasoned but more importantly they blow his spin right out the water, so there's no surprise he doesn't want you commenting.

    Philip is rapidly becoming a lone voice in the wilderness and, IMO, is a "spent force". He's served his purpose to the Establishment but even they are reading the public's anger and resentment over the constant spin and bull---t.

    The problem (for Philip) is that he knows no other way and has become so predictable and therefore a liability to the establishment.

    So the fact he has stopped people commenting unless its under the own names comes as no surprise, on the contrary It's predictable!

  16. The link to BigTrev's latest Blog Posting doesn't work. This should WORK

  17. Link posted on my facebook wall:

    'Senator Sarah Ferguson criticises the Jersey Evening Post for their 'poor reporting'. Bad (or brazenly biased) journalism from the JEP is nothing unusual, but Senator Ferguson's outspoken criticism is.'

    Well done Team Voice. Thank God for the blogs is all I can say (although I would not be free to say that in the States!)

  18. Good work but try to talk less when interviewing - I got a bit bored of watching SF listening patiently to your 30 second questions which in themselves contain a certain amount of subjective bias. You need to be sharper, quicker and more objective.

    Keep it up though, I admire you.

  19. Listened again to the interview after the last comment posted.

    Based on this title of the original posting Scrutiny Lime Grove and the media I think your questions were spot on

    Q) Was it a fair description published last night (JEP) of scrutiny review at Lime Grove?

    You were not focusing on rights and wrongs of Scrutiny you were specific in your question in asking did the media JEP present a fair description.

    Q. Do you think people have got the right opinion of what your scrutiny panel review after reading the JEP.

    Q Were you passing the buck fobbing off, as this is an opinion the questioner got after reading the JEP

    The answers given by Sarah Ferguson should provide enough information for the JEP to produce a report more honest than that published and warrants such.