Thursday, 13 September 2012

Role Play.

After being black-listed for almost a year, the BBC finally allowed yours truly, on live radio this morning. Although not before I was interrogated by the show's producer, who also told me that Editor of BBC State Radio, Jon Gripton hasn't got a copy of the 62,000 word submission to the Wiltshire Constabulary written by the former Chief of Police Graham Power QPM. The very same document that was given to the editor by former Health Minister Stuart Syvret, apparently on the 22nd of September 2011.

So after my initial interrogation I was allowed on air where the mirror image of the Hillsborough disaster/cover-up, the Jersey Child Abuse atrocities/cover-up and the role played by the mainstream media in both cases was my chosen subject.

Who, or what arm of the "accredited" media, asked any questions of the party line during the Hillsborough tragedy? What part of the mainstream media championed the cause of the Hillsborough victims? Then ask the same questions of the mainstream media's role in the Jersey Child Abuse atrocity?

In 1989 there was not the Blogging fraternity that there is today and the public had to swallow what was fed to them by the mainstream media. Today things are different and documents are leaked to Bloggers (Jersey's only independent media) on a fairly regular basis, notably they are NOT leaked to the local State Media. This demonstrates a complete lack of trust when it comes to the State Media and a show of trust towards Bloggers.

We (Bloggers) have published these documents yet the silence of the mainstream media has been deafening who still just churn out the party line unquestioned no matter how absurd it is just like the Hillsborough propaganda.

The Lawrence family got to the truth and now the Hillsborough victims have got the truth. Those who have been complicit in the Jersey Child Abuse cover-up should be feeling very vulnerable right now because no matter how long it takes the TRUTH always comes out.

The eyes of the world are once more focussing on Jersey thanks to the courage of Deputy Trevor Pitman and U.S. Investigative Journalist Leah McGrath Goodman, please read/sign and share the petition HERE

In conclusion, although it might be another year before I am permitted back on BBC State radio I will leave you two questions when it comes to the Jersey Child Abuse cover-up.

What role have the media played?...................What role have YOU played?

VFC would like to credit, and thank, TJW for this recording.


  1. Neil you very well may have heard about teeth falling out on BBC radio Jersey but I would love to listen to who said it and in would context they provided a given guest to say it?

    Was the guest deriding the find mocking Mr Harper or actually debating that evidence? Big difference.

    So many questions remain unanswered which media have and do ignore. You being allowed on today as a guest would of only came about due to your persistant campaign in confronting and highlight the BBC and its behaviour via twitter and blogs. You had them backed into a corner.

  2. The guest was Ian Le Marquand the Home Affairs Minister. It was during the "Talk-back" show, he was deadly serious, and totally un-challenged.

    TJW has it recorded and it will no doubt be published in time.

    Senator Le Marquand is hell-bent that the children's teeth (some with root still attached) all fell out of children's mouths and all fell through the exact same gap in a floorboard at Haut de la Garenne as demonstrated HERE

  3. Did the States of Jersey ruled out the teeth as worthy of investigation or was it Mr. Warcup or Gradwell? Quite Frankly I dont feel the police had time to investigate the evidence and eliminate it, rule it out or whatever in the short time between taking over from Mr Harper and closing the case.

    I do remember one of the police who took over being on channel television handling broadcasting and dismissing evidence willy nilly during the investigation. (shocking to watch)

  4. The teeth, while the investigation was under the leadership of Lenny Harper, were of evidential value but as we all know, things changed under Warcup and Gradwell.

    The evidence shown on TV by Mick Gradwell, during the live Child Abuse investigation cost convictions of abusers.

  5. Unless the Chief Minister takes control and shows the Island, he is his own man and sadly I've seen no evidence of that to date, then I dont believe the Island will recover from this episode.

    Bloggers such as Rico, Stuart, Neil, some present and past states members as well as many on Island and off Island bloggers are growing daily. Some of these concentrate on child abuse others highlighting specific campaigns. The child abuse bloggers have shown drive for the truth, the public can feel, see and read evidence and believe it or not, Mr Gorst actually comprehend it.

    Anyone with a computer and internet can now read should they wish evidence provided on blogs, leaked or otherwise.

    The establishment and ''official'' Jersey credited media can turn their nose up and dismiss them as being non- acredited ''bloggers'' but those self same people can't argue that the evidence has not been produced. Yes, affidavits may have not been tested but if the establishment feel this offers them security and the moral high ground, they are wrong, it doesnt.

    Not wanting to speak for anyone else, but ashamedly once being a sheeple, blogs have been an awakening for me. I have now been able to read those affidavits that Mr Harper and Mr Power have allowed to be published on blogs, that in itself speaks loudly to me of the word of those two men as well as their principles. After reading them people will understand.

    There are numerous statements given by Jersey Care Leavers, some the state media refused to publish these are published on blogs. Recently I found on one website, the Sharp report, if I found it others will.

    I have read a specific in-camera debate from a leaked transcript that can be cross referenced, and I discover Mr. Lewis the then, Home Affairs Minister states the opposite in camera to that of which Mr. Napier reports. Mr Napier had been commissioned by the States of Jersey to review the suspension process of the States against Mr. Power.I have read information on Operation Tuma, interim reports, transcripts of radio and tv interviews. Matt tapp report, evidence of behind closed door meetings, Non minutes of meetings and evidence given around that episode. Transcripts of members speaches from website, correspondence with Ministers, E-mails with replies and non replies, obviously you can not evidence a non reply, but Rico informs his readers in these cases.

    I have read transcripts of Stuarts court battles, seen how members vote on issues related to the child abuse case. All this information on the blogs. One can search Channel TV website or This is Jersey and there is no comparison on evidenced material.

    Another good resource is TheJerseyWay blog. That provides various audio evidence, Q & A States sittings as well as radio interviews all saved for posterity. One of the latest being a question asked in the states session on how Jurors are vetted, well worth listening to and cross checking with the sharp report.

  6. The interviewer thinks they only deal in facts they know to be true? They need to keep up with the blogs so they can access the recorded body of evidence.

  7. Mick Gradwell on Radio Five Breakfast with Nicky Campbell as I type. Talking about Hillsborough & police corruption as if butter wouldn't melt !!! Unbelieveable !!!

  8. Well done VFC, almost enough to make me consider starting to listen to them again. On the plus side, I haven't heard Blinkered Bridget for so long it's been a blessed relief :)

  9. They'll not let me on for another year now. I was probably let on so as I can't say I am banned. The BBC will have a lot to answer for one day.

  10. After learning that the discredited and disgraced Mick Gradwell was a guest on BBC Radio 5 live today I phoned up to try and get on air to ask him a question.

    Knowing I would not get on air I e-mailed in a question, which didn't get read out so here it is here.

    "Could you ask Mick Gradwell if he believes he will one day be prosecuted for his actions during the Jersey Child Abuse investigation?"

  11. Seriously? Gradwell was on today? I am shocked that he would place himself in public and on record in Jersey. Does anyone have a link or time and details so we can hear it?

    Gradwell must have some idea how heavily the factual evidence is stacked against him in the public domain, that any research on him turns up shameful dishonesty. All facts point to his total complicity in the corruption of the only real investigation into decades of state sponsored child abuse.

    Or perhaps he thinks Jersey is the only place left where this evidence against him is not known to everyone?

    BBC knows better, and they have only dug themselves in deeper to their eventual disgrace.

  12. Gradwell was on the Nicky Cambell Breakfast show BBC Radio 5 live this morning and no doubt will be on the iplayer.

    The subject was of Hillsborough, SY Police corruption and related events. I didn't hear much of it but what I did hear makes even more of a joke the outfit we have here in Jersey.

    The callers weren't scared to talk, weren't interrupted by the host and a robust debate was able to take place.

  13. Nicky Campbell 5Live Your call phone in - Go to

  14. Hi VFC.

    Only court the last half hour of the show & I think Mick Gradwell talked once, which I think I got. Will check out tomorrow morning & let you know.

  15. Thanks for the link. Not being from there, I was searching on the BBC Jersey site but have now listened to the Gradwell broadcast.

    Gradwell's presence and his statements are all kinds of ironic after knowing what he managed to do to the Jersey abuse survivors. Strange, strange man. can't he see that he will end up being seen the same way as those guilty of the cover up of the Hillsborough?

  16. Interestingly, a caller spoke about multiple other cases of police cover ups and also of the promotion of an complicit officer connected to Hillsborough. In response, Gradwell implies there is some kind of oversight? Phffftttt!

  17. That recording would make a nice compare and contrast example for BBC Jersey. I could not even detect the interviewer's bias.

  18. The petition has just breached its 1,000th signatories THANK YOU and please keep spreading the word #FreeJersey


  19. Thought you might like to see THIS again!


  21. The Youtube clip above is well worth a watch. People like Rupert Murdoch and now Kelvin Mackenzie, both very powerful media giants and newspaper editors now being doorstepped?

    Oh how the mighty fall and one wonders how many local editors are now thinking to themselves "Is it only a matter of time?"

    The untouchables are now starting to be touched. How ethical have the local editors been while they are/have been untouchable? Will the day come when they are getting doorstepped?

  22. I'm waiting for the day the international media returns to Jersey to doorstep a few state media hacks to ask them why they were complicit in covering up decades of child abuse and why they withheld important evidence sent to them and deliberately lied about Graham Power and Lenny Harper. That will be a major day to celebrate in the reversal of Jersey's feudalistic power structure.


    Any ideas why this story has not hit the national media. The BBC interviewed broadcast was a very good interview shame it is not available.

    I checked BBC Jersey online website and can find no link to the story yet it was broadcast locally on BBC and channel. Perhaps it should be tweeted to the national media.