Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Ian Le Marquand Played Off. (Keyboard Cat.)

Team Voice couldn’t resist “playing off” disgraced Home Affairs Minister Ian Le Marquand. This very short clip not only demonstrates the inadequacy of Senator Le Marquand, when it comes to dealing with a real journalist but also demonstrates the inadequacy of the island’s State Media when it comes to asking, or getting an answer, to questions. Thankfully Sam Smith expects an answer to a question but possibly didn’t expect the THREE contradictory one's she got.


Senator Le Marquand is not the only politician who has been “played off” for his bumbling “answers”. Regular readers/viewers will remember the then Education Minister, James Reed, telling us he could end up suspending ALL the staff (in Education) if he had to suspend Child Abuse suspects.

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This is the calibre of the people elected to make decisions on our behalf and represent Jersey, on the world stage, as a competent, forward thinking, OPEN, 21st century democracy that doesn’t protect Child Abusers.

Is there any wonder they cannot be taken seriously?


  1. VFC, if your readers & viewers were interested in an exclusive, let me know, & we could record an interview tomorrow.


    1. Stuart.

      I would be very interested in an exclusive and will contact you to arrange details.

  2. Is this post supposed to be funny?
    This new cyber insult is long over due.

  3. VFC,

    Some statements just cry out for levity. "Have to suspend all the staff!" A bit of unintentional humour, that.

    But, please don't distinguish paid journalists from unpaid, by calling them "real" journalists, particularly in Jersey where you are carrying the heavy weight of the fourth estate. You know the only reason you don't have your own video interviews with ILM is because he'd never sit for it. He is so confident the paid media is in establishment control he appears stunned by the reporter's normal journalistic probing.


  4. VFC

    In the first video while Le Marquand may be bumbling his words he is still right in what he is trying to say, closed cases cannot just be "looked into" new evidence is needed before the process can happen.

    In the second video can you not see the logic? Innocent until proven guilty - SUSPECTED of committing a crime means you are still innocent until proven otherwise, are you saying innocent people should be suspended? If a single person SUSPECTED you to have broken the law would you by your own views resign as a blogger until such a time as you are proven innocent?

    Further more your choice of words isn't very clear "may be suspected of" - has someone been suspected of something or not? If they may or may not be a suspect how can you make a decision? If you yourself may or may not be suspect which may or may not have actually committed a crime then should you not resign just in case?

    Please also don't use paid and unpaid to define journalists, a better choice would be TRAINED and UNTRAINED as unpaid journalists can still work for mainstream media, but they usually have some kind of media or journalism training.

    1. Oracle.

      "In the first video while Le Marquand may be bumbling his words he is still right in what he is trying to say, closed cases cannot just be "looked into" new evidence is needed before the process can happen."

      That was Senator Le Marquand's first answer, he went on to say they COULD be reopened and then went on to say "in some cases they have!" which is a complete contradiction to his original answer.

      The logic in the second video, are you suggesting that an Education Official can be under investigation by the police for alleged child abuse and shouldn't be (as a neutral act) suspended?

      Why is it then, that the Chief of Police, Graham Power QPM WAS suspended (supposedly as a neutral act) with almost total disregard to procedure? Are you saying that he shouldn't have been assumed innocent but the alleged child abuser should? Bearing in mind the Chief Police Officer's force were investigating the child abuse, and abusers, alleged or otherwise.

      How can there be one rule for one and one for another since we're talking about logic?

  5. VFC,

    The interviewer is also cutting in. In the cases they have been re-opened that would likely be because there has been new evidence. So what is your point exactly?

    No, as "under investigation by the police for alleged child abuse" is a different context to your original question of "IF one of your civil servants MIGHT BE a suspect..." the IF and MIGHT be that you ask implies they might and might not be underinvestigation, your second question implies they are under investigation.

    Personally it should depend on case by case, if by child abuse it is a historic allegation of which there is no new allegations or is something non-sexual but either verbally abusive or lightly physical then no as there is no danger to current children. If however the person in question allegedly sexually assaulted a child recently who is still a current student at that school etc then yes.

    The world isn't black and white as said before it would be a case by case process. As for Graham Power the evidence was already their in the public eye, Harper was grossly misleading press and Power did nothing to stop him. It is not so much an allegation or "suspected of" instance that needs further investigation the cold hard truth is the "evidence" was already out their in everything Harper was doing.

    Are you saying the world is black and white and someone should be suspended for ALL crimes they are suspects for or commit? Should a parking fine be reason enough for someone to be suspended?

    1. Oracle.

      I will respond, in detail, to your latest "logic" tomorrow. But something tells me I will be wasting my time.

    2. Oracle, or can I call you Steve? (Part 1)

      After reading your latest (not published) comment Elle was right, and so was I, in believing you are not interested in the facts, and for whatever reason you want to muddy the waters and discredit anybody who has exposed the Jersey child abuse cover up.

      That said you wrote;

      "As for Graham Power the evidence was already their in the public eye, Harper was grossly misleading press and Power did nothing to stop him. It is not so much an allegation or "suspected of" instance that needs further investigation the cold hard truth is the "evidence" was already out their in everything Harper was doing."

      That is not evidence and is your misinformed "opinion." Firstly Mr. Harper's media strategy was praised by ACPO (Association Of Chief Police Officers) who were mentoring the Child Abuse Inquiry.

      If you are interested in the "evidence" please read.



      ACPO 3/4

      Regarding this;

      "As for Graham Power the evidence was already their in the public eye"

      The "evidence" in the Report of Brian Napier QC demonstrates there was NOT enough "evidence" to suspend the Chief of Police where he wrote;

      "I have identified several failings of a procedural nature in the handling of the suspension of Mr Power, and I will not repeat here the details of matters set out in the above paragraphs. Whatever view may now be taken of the substantive criticisms that have been made of Mr Power’s conduct of the historic abuse inquiry, the basis on which he was suspended on 12 November 2008 was in my view inadequate. There was at the time a lack of hard evidence against him showing lack of competence in relation to the running of the historic abuse enquiry. Too much reliance was placed on information coming from one source, Mr David Warcup."

    3. Oracle/Steve. (Part 2)

      Then we have, the State Media suppressed 62,000 word interim defence case of Mr. Power QPM where he says this;

      "The Wilts summary of the evidence criticises media lines taken by Lenny. But when I search through the piles of paperwork I discover that a PC (name redacted) was tasked with researching Lenny’s broadcasts and producing a summary. In that exercise he failed to find any record of claims of buried bodies and the like. On the contrary he extracts quotes such as "there is no evidence that anyone was murdered or died at HDLG in these rooms but there is evidence of abuse there." (covered in my statement para 302).consequence?? This evidence is completely ignored by Wilts in their "report" because it does not fit their agenda. Again they selectively include negative evidence offered by a media consultant named (name redacted)..............but when I dig out his report from the files I find that he also quotes Lenny as saying "We have no allegations that anyone died or was murdered there."..................(my stat para 301.) Result??...............again.....totally ignored in the Wilts report...............which is selective and biased enough before being further redacted by the Minister to make it look even worse. Only the more general availability of my statement can redress this balance."

      There was also a very informative article written in the Sunday Times (you'll have to Google it) where journalist David James Smith outlined the "evidence" behind some of the myths spread by Jersey's State Media. It was a fairly long article but probably the most telling paragraph was this;

      "Perhaps, you will wonder, as I have, why they are spending so much time picking over Lenny Harper’s work and reputation when men who helped turn children into murderers and suicides, and a man who made a small boy’s head bob up and down in the water, have not been called to account."

      So Oracle/Steve you have enough reading to be getting on with and hope you find it enlightening/informative.

  6. Oracle is apparently unaware of the factual evidence and background concerning the suspension of former Police Chief Graham Power and so he or she is missing the profound hypocrisy underlying Mr Reed's answer. Those who haven't bothered to read the numerous documents involved, and especially those who rely only on the paid local media for facts - trusting only that paid media have been "trained" to behave a certain way - simply can't comprehend it, oracle or no.

    The "training" involved for those who remain in "paid journalism" jobs in Jersey, is the kind of training which shames the accepted principles and disgraces the profession of journalism. It is training in the avoidance of holding Jersey power to account in any meaningful way. That is why several outside journalists of much higher professional principles and standing cite the work of VFC and Rico Sorda so positively, in contrast with the notoriously failed Jersey State Media style of paid journalism. It is also why some principled journalists have fled Jersey and reported later on the insurmountable challenges faced when attempting "real journalism" in Jersey.


  7. VFC, I hope you will not get bogged down explaining the already published, evidenced facts to someone who is entirely resistant to accepting reality. Oracle is not looking for any facts at all from you. His detailed criticisms show he is well versed in the illogical - and now thoroughly discredited - propaganda statements from the JEP and has no interest in the topic beyond entertaining himself with arguments which depend on avoiding evidence and logic.


    1. Elle.

      I will respond to Oracle with documented evidence, but I do fear he/she gets their "evidence" from the island's State Media and it will be falling on deaf ears. Nonetheless the record should be kept straight.

      Could I ask Oracle, (before I embark on publishing my evidence) where you got your evidence from when you wrote this;

      "As for Graham Power the evidence was already their in the public eye, Harper was grossly misleading press and Power did nothing to stop him. It is not so much an allegation or "suspected of" instance that needs further investigation the cold hard truth is the "evidence" was already out their in everything Harper was doing.?"

  8. Was the civil servant under discussion ever spoken to by the police?

  9. If a law officer decided the case was not worth prosecuting as insufficient evidence how about if a different prosecutor took a different view to that given at the time.

    Or do the Law officers speak as a department?

    Surely the evidence of the alleged perp needs to be heard to see whether it adds up or ties in with that claimed by victims.

  10. I agree with Elle.

    Maybe Oracle can tell us all about Graham Power's contract, giving him full legal support, the only signed copy that he held being stored in his office safe, in the police station. The same contract that mysteriously disappeared when the safe was forcibly opened without Mr Power or his legal representative or any independent third party being present.

    Go on Oracle. I dare you.

  11. The problem with Syvret is he speaks from the heart and cares not who he offends, however displays a visionary forward radar that has proven him right, far more than he his wrong.

    His intelligence and honesty ( although not right all the time ) makes todays leading politicians who prefer not to answer searching questions clearly conflicted and disciples of a self interest culture.

    If only he had learned to lead the politicians and play them at their own game rather than be ambushed by the corrupt leaders. That takes a lot of patience and few men of integrity could honestly play charades within a den of crooks.

  12. Perhaps 'Oracle' (what a wonderful irony!) could furnish us with some examples of when I or my team misled the media? I can give dozens of examples of when the JEP misled everyone, such as the occasion when a certain female reporter accused me of whipping up a media frenzy about shackles when only a short time before, the same reporter had run an article in which she proudly claimed to have "unearthed" the scoop that shackles had been found although to her disappointment "Lenny Harper has refused to confirm the find." My apologies for the awful 'unearthed' pun! I know it's nowhere near as funny as the rubbish that Oracle has entered. I too fear you are wasting your time VFC.

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