Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Inside Out Jersey Child Abuse.

Former Deputy Chief Officer and Senior Investigating Officer of Jersey's Child Abuse Investigation, Lenny Harper, has kindly responded to our request and submitted a posting on his thoughts and opinions of last night's "Inside Out" programme featured on BBC TV.

We had also asked Home Affairs Minister, Senator Ian Le Marquand to do the same, in order that we could give our readers/viewers a balanced article. Unfortunately, and characteristically, the Minister ignored our e-mails and after watching his "performance" on the programme one can understand if he feels the need to lie low for a while after being made to look (in our opinion) a complete fool, and inadequate, by journalist Sam Smith.

Fortunately (for them) our politicians are not expected to give an answer to any questions they "might" be asked of them by the local State Media but just look at what happens when Senator Le Marquand IS asked a question and his apparent disregard for the Victims/Survivors of the decades long Child Abuse.

Mr. Harper in his characteristic, no nonsense, style keeps the record, and history books, accurate as he dispels some of the apparent myths peddled in the programme by the Attorney General's Office and others.

Former SIO Lenny Harper.

VFC had asked me to comment on what I saw on the “Inside Out” programme tonight, so I sat down to watch it not knowing what to expect. So many times in the past, the media had promised to tell the truth about what went on in Jersey, and so many times had let the victims, survivors, and all working on their behalf, down. This time I was pleasantly surprised. Within the time constraints of twenty minutes or so, the “Inside Out” team did a pretty good job. Mind you, they had some help in the shape of the hapless Ian Le Marquand.

The aspect of this programme that stood out for me was the testimony of the victims who appeared. Together with Carrie Modral, their courage, determination, and dignity shone through. Despite the trauma this will have re-awakened, and despite the life-long effects suffered, they condemned those who had allowed them to suffer in a manner no one could deny. Watching the programme one could not help but feel anger at those authorities in Jersey who had inflicted such suffering on their own people. Firstly in allowing paedophiles to have unfettered free will in homes that they were supposed to be administering, and then to engage in the crudest and cruellest of cover-ups, not once, but again and again. What brought the qualities of the victims/survivors into stark focus was the contrast with the bumbling, struggling, grasping for words and excuses, Ian Le Marquand. His interview with Sam Smith was a lesson on when people would be better hiding in a TOILET. I doubt if making him look like an out of touch liar will be considered by Sam Smith to be one of her finest journalistic achievements. It was too easy. First he accused her of underplaying the complexity of re-examining the cases where people were not charged, despite myself and others being convinced of the strength of the evidence. “This is more complicated than you are making it” he whined. She demanded to know why.

Stumbling over his words he managed to say, “I don’t think prosecutors will be able to re-visit cases already looked at.”

“Why not?”she said.

“Unless there is new evidence.” However by now he was looking extremely uncomfortable.

Again Smith asked, “Why not?” Then, all over the place and hesitating like a frightened rabbit caught in headlights, he muttered, “Why not? There may be cases where they could do.” And to contradict himself even further, he went on, “In some cases they have.”

As if this was not bad enough, when asked by Smith if these people had not suffered enough he came out with the disgraceful line, accompanied by a smug smile, that “The criminal justice process never moves very fast.”

It certainly doesn’t when people like Ian Le Marquand and others in the Jersey Establishment do everything in their power to stop it from moving at all.

There were other disturbing revelations in the programme also. I knew that I had never had a formal allegation against Jimmy Savile whilst I was in Jersey. Tonight we discovered that “John” had made a formal complaint in 2009 and that the police (presumably Mick Gradwell supervised by David Warcup) had submitted a file to the Attorney General’s office. The AG’s office had ruled there was no further action to be taken. All this without even speaking to Savile. If there was enough to submit a file then surely there was enough to interview the suspect under caution. How did the prosecutors rule no further action without even knowing what the suspect would say to the allegation? John was angry that Saville was not even spoken to. I can understand why.

The Attorney General was asked about the cases which were not proceeded with. He apparently told the BBC that the reasons were made public in 2008 and 2009 and that to the “best of his knowledge” no one had ever challenged the assertions. This is rubbish, and the Attorney General knew it. I had challenged these assertions publicly many times. Indeed, I did it so publicly in one press release and a follow up report that the Attorney General ordered Graham Power to tell me to submit my reasons for criticising his office.

Anyone watching the programme tonight who knew nothing about Jersey would look at the pain and suffering which has blighted the lives of the abuse victims/survivors, and compare their demeanour with that of the man who is supposed to be responsible for the system in place to protect them. They would look at what they were saying, and how they said it, and they would know who is telling the truth. It would be nice to believe that the Committee of Inquiry will be given the teeth and the freedom to get to the truth and bring justice to the people denied it for so long. There is a long way to go yet. The Terms of Reference have been butchered. Important aspects have been left out without an EXPLANATION. Who is to say that the bullies in some section of the government will not intimidate those voting in January to veto the COI altogether? (Although, when you witness the foot stamping in the States when decent members attempt to raise the issue of child abuse, you wonder if it will take much intimidation.) However, there can be no doubt now that the eyes of the outside world are on Jersey and Ian Le Marquand’s pathetic attempt to hide the uncomfortable truth tonight will only ensure this attention intensifies. The blogs of Voice for Children and Rico Sorda will continue to shine the spotlight on the sordid activities of those who have previously only had an acquiescing media to contend with. Now that the UK media has broken the ice, I am sure that others will follow. Let us hope that justice for those so vilely abused is not far away. Lenny Harper(END)

VFC credit the BBC for this recording, which in our opinion, was a "fair" piece considering the very limited time allocated (17 minutes) and could not be expected to do real justice to the full story of what has been described as "the worst cover up in History."

We would also like to echo the sentiments of Mr. Harper and humbly pay tribute to the courage, tenacity and dignity of Carrie Modral and all Abuse Survivors. We thank Former SIO Harper for not deserting the Victims and Survivors (a la Gradwell) of the Jersey Child Abuse atrocities and for making himself available to those of us who wish to report the "facts" involving the Child Abuse Investigation and related matters.


  1. Out of the suspects who were charged how many of them came from the 18 "priority" suspects?

  2. Bearing in mind Mr. Harper said that the priority suspects included former Police Officers and Civil Servants and no former cops or Civil Servants were charged it is difficult to see that ANY of the priority suspects were charged.

  3. Famous quote from Ian le Marquand:

    "The criminal justice system never moves very fast in relation to matters."

    It's interesting that with just a mildly probing interviewer, he had to shift his position twice from, closed cases will not be reopened, to they could be reopened, to some have been reopened.

    The Jersey authorities are so used to having a friendly media and not being asked difficult questions, they just crumble away when cross-examined and presented with the facts.

    Of course, they are demanding more evidence, which doesn't take into account the very high likelihood that the Attorney General and the Law Office made the wrong decision with the right evidence at the time.

    One could almost assume that as with the famous Bill Ogley public address, they were saying: 'To get to him, you will have to get past me first.'

    PS You can watch again on iPlayer for 7 days: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b01p980c/Inside_Out_South_West_10_12_2012/

  4. What a shame it was a regional programme, only seen in the Southwest.

  5. @Anonymous: "What a shame it was a regional programme, only seen in the Southwest."

    It's on iPlayer for 7 days - so you share it internationally :)

  6. To Anon at 12:01

    The report can be found here

    The Beano is not the Rag

  7. "One could almost assume that as with the famous Bill Ogley public address, they were saying: 'To get to him, you will have to get past me first.'

    The affidavit reads;

    The third example I have chosen relates to a Strategic Planning Workshop held at the St Pauls Centre on Friday 24th October 2008. The Workshop was attended by a number of senior public servants including myself and the Chief Executive. At the commencement of the workshop the Chief Executive asked for silence and said that he had an announcement to make. He named a senior civil servant who was present. The person named is a suspect in the abuse investigation but has not been suspended. The Chief Executive said that the suspect had his total support and that “if anyone wants to get…….(the suspect)…….they would have to get me first”. This announcement was applauded by some but not all of the persons present. I took it as a further indication of the “in crowd” closing ranks against the “threat” of the abuse enquiry. The Chief Executive later played a significant role in my suspension.

    Found HERE

  8. Thank you Lenny and VFC for the feedback on last evening's programme.

    It is truly reassuring to continue to have Lenny's input into this affair, and Grahams also. It would have been quite easy for both to have forgotten this sad and sorry saga and sailed off into the sunset to enjoy their retirements after the treatment meted out by the SoJ.

    However, as decent and honest men (and there is NO doubting that) they continue to contribute to the debates and blogs, and long may this continue until justice is properly served for all who have been wronged by the Child Abuse scandal.

    Let this be a real wake up call to our Government to ensure that any amendments which are proposed by stakeholders and others must be approved. It is not only Jersey's eyes that are on them now, but a far wider audience, and Le Marquands 'performance' last evening did not portray the Government in a good light at all.

  9. Our Government is fighting tooth and nail to keep Graham Power out of any future Terms of Reference.

    They managed to keep him out of the ToR for the Napier Report through decept.

    But that won't happen this time....

    Because this time there are many, many more people watching!?

  10. Famous quote from Ian le Marquand:

    "The criminal justice system never moves very fast in relation to matters."
    Is it still conceivable that this man, honestly believes he can procrastinate his way out of the truth?

  11. A small point that always moves me is that whenever Mr. Harper is asked to comment, it is always abundantly clear that his concerns are with the victims. Top bloke. Many thanks to him and yourselves for your work.

    Take care.

  12. Thank you VFC for putting up the full programme. I am outside the UK and cannot get it on iPlayer or otherwise. I think it is only the radio programmes that can be got outside the UK.

    A very interesting programme. It has shown up both BBC Jersey and the local oligarchy fronted in this case by Ian Le Marquand. The sheer affrontery of the man attempting to forestall any review of past cases was mindblowing. The lying statement put out by the Prosecutor's office is more of the sasme. Just as well we had Lenny Harper, on this blog, give lie to that one.

    As Carrie pointed out, the stakes are now very high. If they get away with wriggling out of this one the game is lost forever.

    It is interesting that the régime has come forward with some financial "compensation" when the principal thing the survivors want is acceptance of their story and such perpetrators as are still around up before the courts.

    That isn't even revenge. It is simply justice and a validation of the survivors which just might let them retrieve some of the rest of their lives.

    I could feel for that poor damaged woman and her son. Remarks were made recently on the mainland, in relation to the North Wales cases, that you couldn't trust the complainants as they were unbalanced or unreliable. Surely that is the point. I am aware myself of abuse cases in my own city where survivors have virtually imploded, and this can come suddenly and in later life.

    The least the survivors can expect is that they are acknowledged and their abusers held to account.

    Were it me, I don't think I would be as restrained.

    Again, thanks for your blog. I read it, comments and all, as well as those of Stuart and Rico. As a result, I consider I am well informed on what is going on in Jersey, and that can be difficult, as I have great affection for the place from having worked and holidayed there some fifty years ago.

    Rath ar an obair - keep up the good work.

  13. A little something that blows Jersey Corruption wide open again!

  14. Hi VFC.

    Just put up the Audio from today's Questions without Answers If you & your readers can be Bovered they are HERE


  15. Le Marquand has done this before. For example statement

  16. Hi TJW, dont be so disheartened. Your posts are gold mines.
    They're heavy clouds alright! Widening the TORS and awareness of missing evidence / statements must be got out there. The Higgins/AG Q/A very revealing.

  17. The people are starting to PULL BACK The curtain!

  18. is this recording safe and permanent or will it disappear once the 7 days are up on Iplayer?

  19. Hi VFC.

    Put up some Audio of Senator Bailhache attacking who ever doesn't agree with himself, the Jersey People need to wake up & see this man for what he is. A Bully & a Spoiled One at that.

    You & your readers can Listen HERE


  20. Voice:-

    Please look at:


    If it can be done there then with time and persistence it can be done anywhere. Uplifting thought.

    Best wishes,

    Carol x

  21. Hope to publish a Blog, in the next couple of days, on the subject of the "Pollard Report" concerning the discredited and disgraced BBC.