Friday, 28 December 2012

VFC News Review 2012 Part 1

Inspired by Channel Television and their "News" Review of 2012  we, at Team Voice, thought we would have a brief reflection over some of the subjects we have covered this past year and have put together (in the video below) a brief, fairly random, selection of the stuff we have on film. Below the video there are links to the Blog Postings featured in the video.

For those who have watched the Channel Television compilation (below) and its various subjects it will come as no surprise as to why the Blogs (Jersey's only independent media) are fast becoming the Fourth Estate on the island and are a crucial source for real "news."

We have reported on the subjects, and asked the questions, the State Media, and their masters, would rather were kept quiet. We have given our "interviewees" an opportunity to speak without fear of being edited to a 30 second soundbite, or fear of being misrepresented, as the State Media are often accused of.

We have covered  many different subjects over the course of the year and interviewed many people, and to the best of our knowledge, ALL interviewees are satisfied that NONE of the interviews have been edited to suit an agenda and ALL interviewees were fairly represented in the published interview.....Can the same be said for the accredited media?

The, fairly random, clips we have chosen for our compilation start from January this year (2012) and reach June. We will publish the rest of the year in part two of the compilation in the next couple of days.

Readers/viewers might like to compare and contrast both video's/compilations and ask which has the more "newsworthy" content for a year's "News" Review?

VFC thank and credit The Right Of Reply Blogsite for CTV's compilation.

CTV News Review 2012 part 1

VFC News Review 2012 Part 1

Section 1 Lenny Harper on STATE MEDIA

Section 2 Does Your Neighbour own a PETROL BOMB?

Section 3 Scrutiny Dictatorial PROTOCOL

Section 4 Daniel Wimberley DEMOCRACY TERRORISTS

Section 5 Ian Evans and JERSEY JUSTICE

Section 6 Jean Neil and The Jersey HOME FOR GIRLS

Sections 7/8 Senators Ferguson and Ozouf on LIME GROVE

Section 9 Deputy Roy Le Herissier on VOTE OF CENSURE/CONFIDENCE

Section 10 Deputy Mike Higgins on who's been TELLING LIES?


  1. Now that is what I call a news review, superb job VoiceForChildren.

  2. Most of this stuff isn't even news.

  3. Couldn’t agree more, which is why we have done our own News Review. Channel Television like people to think that a windy day on a ferry, a foggy day at the airport, a stolen fish and some building work on a church are big “news” stories.

    We Bloggers (Jersey’s only independent media) cover the real news which is why we are being regarded as the only trustworthy and credible news source on the island.

  4. Excellent posting VFC.

    Look forward to the second part. Any idea when you will be posting?


  5. Rico.

    Should have part two published tomorrow.

  6. May 2013 bring your excellent investigative news to new heights.

    Thank you VFC, for all you and Team Voice do. Our family is so gratful to have a truthful news service to rely on in Jersey.