Sunday, 1 April 2012

Blogging In Jersey Could Be Bad For Your Health.

Prolific local Blogger and campaigner for justice IAN EVANS, two days ago, at the age of 48 suffered a Heart Attack and will now be laying in a hospital in Oxford.

Ian has fought against, what a growing number of people believe to be, a corrupt and politicised Judicial System here in Jersey for some 17 years or so now. Last Friday 30th March 2011 he took a bad turn at work, got himself to the Hospital, where it turns out, he has suffered a Heart Attack.

We were able to get an interview with Ian today in the Jersey General Hospital before he was due to be flown out to Oxford an hour or so later. In the interview we discuss his recent arrest and its similarities to the arrest of Former Health Minister Stuart Syvret. We discuss the alleged doctoring of trial tapes, how a supposed flood allegedly destroyed evidence that might have proven Ian's case against the Jersey Regime.

It can't be said that all the claimed intimidation and oppression that Ian has said to have suffered at the hands of "The Jersey Way" is fully responsible for his Heart Attack but one would be foolish to believe it has not been a contributory factor. Why did the police arrest him weeks after the alleged offence of contempt of court instead of asking him to go down to the Police Station? Why after more than three weeks of his house being searched will the police not give him back his phone, or sim-card that he relies on for his livelihood? What does "not in the public interest" mean? Again we are left with more questions than answers. Have we got a politicised police force and Judicial System? Is our government going to wear down and crush those who question them? Should the UK intervene and restore good governance and the rule of law in Jersey?

Ian vows to fight on......Is this a wise decision or should all us Jersey Bloggers who want a fit for purpose government, media or a Judicial System that is their to protect us rather than oppress us give up now before we find ourselves laying in a Hospital bed, or even worse, a slab in the Morgue?


  1. my sincere best wishes is with you Ian and I hope you make a full and speedy recovery

    Kind Regards Vikki x


    This is Graham Powers 4,000 word response to ILM regarding Operation Blast in 2009

    I wish Big Ian well. This is very stressful work. I have my days when the stress gets a bit much.

    We can't stop


  3. Best Wishes to Ian and we hope he gets well very soon.
    Its been a long and tortuous road that all of you bloggers have set out on, I for one feel that you are gradually breaking down the head in the sand syndrome that seems so prevalent in Jersey.
    I hope for all your sakes that it will not take to long. I was hoping that the people from HDLG were going to get their day in an almost honest court in London and finally get their chance to speak out. What has changed that. I do feel the offer the states of Jersey are making is derisory for a wrecked confused life.
    Good Luck to you all.

  4. Keep strong Ian.Best wishes.
    Tee shirt man!

  5. Hi Ian,
    I am so sorry to hear about your heart attack, you have to take care of yourself and chill for a bit till all this is sorted out and your health is back on track again. I can wait till you're ready even though you've been missed online lately, and I have to keep popping onto your site to see if anything else has been added each day, I'll keep doing that and hope you pop up again rather than pop off! LOL
    Sincerely though, take care, wishing you all the best.


  6. Get well soon Ian

  7. Really sad news. All the best to Ian, hope he gets better soon!

    Really interesting interview though.

  8. my best wishes go to ian and i hope for a speedy recovery.take it easy big man. regards martin

  9. All the best to Ian, but I think a new regime which cuts out the booze and fags might help with his health going forward.

  10. Have a speedy recovery Ian and best wishes to you.

    Kind regards

  11. Thank you for letting us know VFC. This is truly shocking news.

    Wishing you a speedy recovery Big Man. Love and hugs Carrie ♥ x

  12. thinking of you and wishing you a speedy recovery. xoxo

  13. Hope you get better soon Ian and I wish you a speedy recovery.


  14. Best wishes Ian.

    Someone should go to police station and demand your phone back. A ridiculous way to silence you.

    You must of been under immense stress directly as a result of your inability to receive calls from contacts with pressure caused to your ability to earn an income for living expenses etc.

  15. Best wishes for a speedy and full recovery, Ian.

    What erie parallels there are between Ian's mistreatment and Stuart's. A fairly clear pattern has emerged and it does not seem compliant with the normal human rights standards Jersey would claim to follow.


  16. 'Claim' being the operative word Elle.

    Human rights do not exist on this God-forsaken rock at all.

    This is an appalling state of affairs all round.

  17. Jill, you are right, and voicing the only conclusion objective observers could draw based on the evidence now in the public domain.

    The effort Jersey puts forth to present itself as a squeaky clean corporate paradise, compliant with all modern democratic norms and policies, is absurd in the face of its actions against political dissidence.

    Jersey's larger scale human rights violations are so blatant, they can't really be defended by anyone who dares look closely, but there is also this astonishing pettiness of keeping someone's cell phone, or in the case of Stuart, erasing his phone numbers for MPs in the UK. These smaller examples reek of an institutional inability to grasp the meaning behind modern principles of justice.


  18. So can we take it then that the fairly new CHIEF of POLICE is as bent as his predocesor?

  19. from the corporation of the city of London Police..

    hand picked

  20. ...not to mention this! Just Google Bowron and the Carroll Foundation Trust and you should find some interesting reading.

    Jersey Police Chief Mike Bowron Shocking Links Biggest Bank Fraud Money Laundering Scandal UK Police Corruption
    The Carroll Foundation Trust one billion dollars organised crime tax fraud case took a further disturbing new twist with yet another UK Police Authority revealed in the explosiv... (More) The Carroll Foundation Trust one billion dollars organised crime tax fraud case took a further disturbing new twist with yet another UK Police Authority revealed in the explosive compelling dossiers. It has emerged that the former City of London Police Chief Constable Mike Bowron who began his new post as the Chief Constable of the Jersey Police Service concealed shocking offshore money laundering fraud files directly linked to the fraudulent incorporation of HSBC International accounts and forged and falsified Coutts Bank dummy banking arrangements.

    International News Networks:

  21. Devastated for Shona and Trevor Pitman and for the voiceless people of Jersey. Going against the state media in the state court was a brave move but proves what a Mickey Mouse corrupt regime the Jersey people are living under.

  22. Will see what propaganda the State Media Churn out on the case and then hope to get an interview with Trevor and/or Shona in order to give the facts.

  23. Update on Ian.

    He is back in Jersey (not in hospital) but the prognosis is not good. Ian will publish a Blog tomorrow explaining what is happening, including the further despicable treatment he is still receiving from the police and others.

    He wants to thank those who have left comments of support on here Facebook and Twitter. Until tomorrow....................

  24. The facts are simple VFC, they lost their case.

    The judge is a well established judge in libel cases and was flown in from the UK.

    So if there is any propaganda on its way it will be on here.

  25. That is devastating , Shona and Trevor must be devastated just to take a case to the Royal court has cost them dearly , you have to put up £25,000 to get a look in at that venue .
    Wil they get it back.

  26. One would imagine the financial implications will be huge a subject that will no doubt be addressed if we get an interview.

  27. Many thanks to everyone for their wellwishes and sincere comments regarding my wellbeing, you guys make me proud.

    I will have a new post up within the hour, it is going to make very interesting reading.

    See you all shortly :)