Friday, 13 April 2012

Democracy Terrorists. Re-Post

After last night's successful meeting organised by SAM MAZEC and attended by a number of the island's youth with an interest in politics and what appeared to be a distrust of the local State Media we have been asked to re-post our in-depth interview with Former Deputy Daniel Wimberley, who also attended the meeting.

So Here it is.

Further to the Press Release and Open Letter issued by Former Deputy Daniel Wimberley and published by VFC HERE we bring our readers/viewers an in-depth interview with the man who, with his Proposition, P.15/2011 attempted to bring something that resembles Democracy to our Island.

As we have reported in our previous posting the proposition has been butchered beyond recognition and the Electoral Commission has been loaded with politicians who clearly have a vested interest in its outcome and in some cases publicly stated those interests (keeping the Constables to name but one).

In possibly the most in-depth and frank interview, the Former Deputy has ever given, he shares with us his frustration and anger at what has been allowed to transpire from his original proposition and once more urges those with integrity to steer well clear of this hijacked Electoral Commission.

This video interview should be watched by, or sent to, anybody with a true interest in Democracy and ask themselves "has the chance of Democracy been sabotaged in Jersey in favour of Feudalism?" Could this have been allowed to happen if we had an independent mainstream media who would challenge our government? Why didn't Senator Bailhache, who claims he wants to consult with the public, turn up to the two Parish Assemblies? Why did he not take up the offer to publicly debate the issues with Mr. Wimberley? Could anything like this happen in any other supposed western "Democracy?" Why don't the State Media ever address the perception of feudalism?

Mr. Wimberley calls, what has been allowed to happen to this Electoral Commission, "Democracy Terrorism." Watch the video and you will see how difficult it is to disagree with him............

Mentioned in the interview is the son of a constable when it is in fact the son of a "former" Constable.


  1. The problem with "everybody" avoiding involvement with the Electoral Commission it that such an act requires everybody to partake in the boycott for it to be effective.

    Anything less and you're playing directly into the hands of the Feudalists by handing the whole package over to them to do with as you chose.

    And whether or not "everybody" is involved will make no difference to the outcome being binding for all.

    It would be more effective for everybody who dislikes the turn of events forced by Ballache to publically protest what's happened.

  2. Watched the interview and everything is explained perfectly so all can understand what is going on. Everybody should watch this interview to get a grasp of how democracy is being stolen from us right under our noses.

  3. What other choices have the people of Jersey got left other than protesting? Our government are not representative of the people and are able to do what the heck they please which wouldn't have been possible with Wimberley's original proposition.

  4. Sir Philip topped the poll so if anyone has a mandate to chair the commission it's him.

  5. Sir Philip topped the poll so if anyone has a mandate to chair the commission it's him

    This posting and interview doesn't deserve such comments.

  6. I cannot help but thing of the words sour grapes. You know the progressives in the states (or whats left of them) really need to up their game if they have any chance off getting anything done in this term. Tuesday's fiascos played straight into the Establishment's hands and until some backbench deputies get a hold of themselves and more importantly, behave, the divide will get even bigger.

  7. Micky mouse could of topped the poll given the same support, endorsment spin and promotion as was given to Bailhache by Jersey state media

  8. Why steal something of no value?

    Democracy has not been stolen from us, we never had it nor ever will.

  9. Bailhache IS Mickey Mouse in terms of politics. ILM is Dopey.

  10. Thank you VFC for an excellent interview with Mr Wimberley. The quality of your comments on such an important posting is simply shocking. Perhaps Mr Wimberley is wasting his time on these issues.

    Does Jersey deserve democracy? Do the people of Jersey even care about true democracy? Do they even know what democracy is?

    Money is what rules in Jersey

  11. A brilliant interview, probably the best I have seen, certainly locally.

    1) I hope as many people as possible see this. This alone deserves to be a channel TV special. Please approach them and offer them this footage free of charge.

    2) Daniel is so lucid. He is a great loss to the States Assembly. He is so insightful and speaks truth. Moreover, he is fundamentally 'fair minded' - as demonstrated by correcting your comment on Constable Juliette Gallichan having never faced an election.

    3) The tragic thing is, if Daniel had still been in office and present for the latest debate, we are likely to have won it - his arguments are so compelling.

    The argument about Senator Bailhache voting on PPC when he was clearly conflicted, because he had already openly stated he wanted to chair the commission is common sense.

    Well done Daniel and Team Voice. This fight is not over. The public must now be engaged.

  12. "Anonymous said...

    Sir Philip topped the poll so if anyone has a mandate to chair the commission it's him."

    During the election period Bailhache didn't once speak of overturning the ALREADY AGREED fully independant make up of the Electoral Commission.

    Had he done so you would have a valid point.

    He did not, therefore you do not.

    And just for the record, being a "poll-topper" in the States does not confer special status upon the holder of the title giving them superiority over any other elected member.

  13. Correct. Former Senator Stuart Syvret was a poll-topper and 'Father of the House' and look where it got him!

  14. Would Daniel still be prepared to have a public meeting with Bailhache to dicuss the electoral commission?

  15. Philip Bailhache has made it pretty clear that he doesn’t want to engage with the public as demonstrated in the interview where he declined the invitation by the Jersey Rights Association to publicly debate this with Daniel and by not turning up to the Parish Assemblies. Daniel one would believe is up for it.

  16. Approach Channel TV? There is no way they can afford to add to the credibility of VFC. That would undercut CTV's devotion to spin everything about feudalistic power grabs and propaganda into introducing something too close to the evidence against what they have already reported and won an award for.

  17. Off topic but don't forget BBC Radio Jersey who, according to Roger Bara,(20.2.12 @ 7.28a.m.) will be launching a new programme called 'The Truth of the Matter' quote "in a few minutes!"
    That was over a month ago and we're still waiting for the truth on when they are going to launch 'The Truth of the Matter.'

  18. The discredited and disgraced BBC State Radio have had every opportunity to get to "The Truth of The Matter." The fact that the said show still has not materialised is further evidence (as if any were needed) that they cannot be trusted at their word. They might get to the truth of the matter if the subject has anything to do with dog turds, Fort Regent or bus routes but when it comes to subjects like paedophilia, illegal suspensions of Police Chief's, feudalism and corruption at the highest level of our government, "The Truth of The Matter" is that it is left to Bloggers (Jersey's only independent media) to inform the public.

  19. They probably scrapped it after meeting and deciding the truth of any matter might be too controversial to handle.

  20. Hi VFC, sorry to be off topic

    It's over 2 weeks now and Ian cannot get any of his property back from the police, including his mobile phone with all his work numbers, just how long does it take to download the info on a mobile?

    I call this restriction of trade.

    DC Rachel McCormick refuses to say
    who made the initial complaint and informs Ian that the return of his property is a matter for the law officers.

    maybe dim tim and not so sharpe fancy dealing with a commercial lien.


  21. Cyril.

    It takes literally seconds to copy a sim card from a phone so for the cops to still have hold of Ian’s phone is “curious” surely they’re not keeping hold of it in order that he can’t get work in order to add further pressure or intimidation?

    There are those that believe Ian’s arrest, seizure of his computers, and phone, was politically motivated, a “fishing trip.” The recurring theme in all the ills of this island is that all avenues appear to lead to the Law Officers and the sooner people wake up to this the better.

  22. I hope you dont mind me posting here but this is a note to Darius Pierce.

    Could you please open your blog to allow anonymous or named comments. I have written to responses only to find out you need a google ID, Live Jounal, word press etc etc. Unless you dont want comments its no wonder there aren't many.

    Thanks VFC is you post this and sorry to use you to get the point across but for reasons above I cant on Darius' site!



    The Jersey Law Office - David Warcup and Le Marquand

    All thats missing is a Bigtop


  24. Hi VFC.

    Just put up the Audio from today's Press Conference.
    You & your reader's can Listen HERE


  25. Bob Hill has mentioned on his blog that he knows something firsthand about Operation Blast. That would be an interesting interview for you, if he is willing.

  26. What do you mean they had a distrust of the state media?

  27. The Commission is formed so just get over it !

    God this is getting more like Voice for Old Women the way you lot go on !

  28. VFC

    Love the spoof blog in your listings. Is there a secret message with the jim will fix it lol. Do you think it's proud jerseyman?

  29. I mentioned PB's hijacking of the electoral commission to work colleagues who voted for him. They were none the wiser before they voted or after and had no idea what it was.

    I almost mentioned his independent Jersey schpiel but the I realised it would go over their heads as they would not have even read the paper or understood what his aspirations are.

    Simply put, they just put an X next to his name and didnt have a clue. They didnt have a clue for sure becaue they no none of the above things I mention.

    It comes accross as a few people thinking they were doing the right thing by using their vote. Yet, I know and hopefully have explained it mattered nothing to them to actually understand who or what they were voting for.

    Most people say that voter apathy is down to people not voting at all but its also down to apathy at not even bothering to learn what who you are voting for stands for. I think that is worse whan not voting in the first place.

  30. Even more remarkable is the question - how did the Man from Mars manage to top the poll in District 1 St Helier? And how come he is sitting alongside Sen Bailhache on the Electoral Commission as the voice of the people?
    At least Bailhache has a record of service and spouting his policies but the Martian had never previously spoken in public about anything, hardly said anything during the election and has barely spoken in the States since!!!

    Surely methinks there is something curious here with this fast moving (even speeding) political prodigy.
    Does he employ his own personal cook to prepare his secret diet we wonder?
    Any suggestions welcome.....


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