Monday, 25 June 2012

Deputy Mike Higgins P.48/2012

On the eve before Deputy Mike Higgins' proposition P48/2012 is due to be debated in the island's Parliament we have an exclusive interview with him (Below).

Most will know by now that Jersey's Former Chief Police Officer, Graham Power QPM, was suspended from duty on November 12th 2008 (with almost TOTAL disregard to due process) during the biggest Child Abuse Inquiry the island has ever seen. There are a growing number of people who believe that it was "because" his force were investigating the institutional Child Abuse that he got suspended.

Bloggers (Jersey's only independent media) have reported extensively on this very dubious suspension where the "official line" has not stood up to the slightest scrutiny. The latest turn of events is that, after reviewing the Hansard of the States Sitting where the (then) Home Affairs Minister Andrew Lewis informed the parliament that he had suspended the Chief Police Officer back in 2008, Deputy Mike Higgins claims that Andrew Lewis misled the parliament.

P48/2012 is asking that the Hansard of that debate is now made public. Deputy Higgins is adamant that the former Home Affairs Minister misled the parliament and the Hansard will show this. Deputy Higgins is asking for the "facts" and the "evidence" to be put into the public domain so we (the public) can know what went on in this secret sitting where our most Senior Police Officer was (illegally?) suspended.

The suspension conducted by Andrew Lewis has been criticised by the Royal Court, Brian Napier QC, even the discredited and disgraced current Home Affairs Minister has criticised it. We (Bloggers) have exposed what a web of lies and deceit this whole ghastly charade has been and now it's time for the government to "put up or shut up." Publish the Hansard and prove no lies were told during that debate or carry on the secrecy while the eyes of the world are on the island and live up to its reputation of "island of secrets."

So far Jersey's government and State Media have only given us the "prosecution case" against the former Police Chief and he has been subject to a "Trial By Media" on that one side. The current Home Affairs Minister, nor Jon Gripton, (Editor BBC State Radio) have published the 62,000 word "defence case" of Mr. Power. Deputy Higgins believes that this could be because there is a whole new can of worms contained in it. Still that is no excuse for the BBC to sit on it, or the Home Affairs Minister, as they have both reported the prosecution case and are both in possession of the defence case and have been for quite some time.


  1. Excellent interview. Clearly at least one States Member has a brain and, furthermore, that brain is connected to his mouth!
    Well done Mike Higgins!!

  2. Very good interview with Deputy Higgins. It is now over to the states members. I will be looking closely at who votes against this. It is time for "Jurassic Jersey" to move away from its climate of secrecy.

    We have fully exposed the shambolic suspension of Graham Power on our blogs.

    This has happened because some jersey citizens decided to step up and do something. Nothing can be achieved unless you work together and at all times keep the moral high ground. Always let the evidence do the talking. Team Voice have never given up and gone away and nor will we. We have always said that if you find the truth behind the horrendous 3 suspensions of graham power you will start to find the truth behind the Jersey Child Abuse Cover-Up. Slowly but surely we have unravelled it. This has been achieved with the help of some very decent politicians who have lodged questions and propositions.

    Behind all of this is the decades long abuse of the innocent children in the care of the States of Jersey. Everything that has happened since is from the failure of the States of jersey to protect its children.

    The old guard thought that the old rules still apply. They acted in the same manner- denigrate the lead investigator - suspend the chief of police- use the JEP to spread the lie backed up with the other local media outlets. This was meant to end in 2008 - that was the plan - the plan failed.

    It only takes a couple of people to show no fear and start investigating and asking questions. We have the internet top spread the word.

    We need you to help spread it even further


  3. Good, clear interview. Nice to hear an extended, meaningful interview, rather than heavily edited, dumbed down sound bytes from the consumer media.

  4. This is a great proposition and interview. Well done Mike and Voice. It will be fun to watch the oligarchy worm out of this one.

    Rico's message is totally correct too and mirrors the Dalai Lama's message (Andrew Marr Show- iplayer)
    - There is too much greed.
    - Specuatlion creates false hope.
    - Economists make temporary profit, rather than long term benefits for everyone.
    -We have abity to work through the problems.
    - We must not give up hope.
    - we must keep our determination and self confidence.
    - We must not become demoralised or we will fail.
    - We must keep optimistic.
    - Sooner or later, we will wake up.

  5. Excellent interview VFC and Mike Higgins.

    I will not need to be convinced by reading the Hansard 'in camera' report. As with Mr Power, it is a fool who would not see that like him Mike Higgins is a straightforward, honest man with morals.

    That is good enough for me.

  6. Oh what a tangled web we weave,
    When first we practise to deceive!
    Sir Walter Scott,

  7. "And if, reader, you consider this all very amusing and distant from your own concerns, then remember what has been said by many from the very beginning of this saga. If they can do this to a Chief Police Officer and get away with it...............think what they could do to you. Then it might not be so funny."

    Graham Power QPM.

  8. Good God, is that a third honourable person that we have in the states?

  9. "First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win." Mahatma Gandhi.

  10. Deputy Higgins' proposition was "predictably" lost and secrecy remains the order of the day in the Jersey Government.

    Rico will have a Blog posting up later tonight on the subject.

  11. The following advert was placed in the JEP yesterday:

    States of Jersey

    Committee of Inquiry
    Andrew Williamson Review

    The Chief Minister has commissioned child protection expert Andrew Williamson to review the draft Terms of Reference for the Committee of Inquiry into historical child abuse.
    As part of the review, Mr Williamson will be conducting interviews to ensure he fully understands all perspectives on this issue.
    If you have not already discussed these issues with Mr Williamson and would like to put forward your experiences, please contact Vanessa Page on 440546 by 6 July to arrange to speak to him.

  12. Surely not more missing evidence! For such a small island, Jersey must have mountains of shredded paper.

    The Denver Gals

  13. Why is it that whenever somebody wants to argue against the "facts" we publish they ignore the "facts" and don't even watch the video recording(s)?

    For the factually incorrect comment, that won't be getting published, regarding "The Law" look at THIS


    Another kick in the teeth for truth, honesty and integrity.

    These people have no shame


  15. Hi VFC.

    Just put up the Audio of the Debates that didn't happen today. You & your reader's can listen HERE


  16. Hi VFC.

    Just put up the Audio of Questions without Answers from Tuesday 26/06/12. You & your readers can listen HERE

    Thanks TJW.

  17. VFC, a spot on interview. Well done. I missed hearing the North Korea introduction.

    der , der, der, der, d.d.d. ..Da-da da-da da da.

    Hope you're smiling today. Keep up the great work.

  18. I am disappointed with the Guardian by the way it finishes. Did they interview all of you?

  19. The Guardian interviewed many people and are in possession of much more information than they have published………So far.

    It is a "balanced" piece, something which is alien to our State Media.

    We have put up a new Blog since this one, that didn't update on people's Blog-List, and can be viewed HERE