Friday, 1 June 2012

Vote of Censure.

Treasury Minister Senator Philip Ozouf is to face a "vote of censure."

The Press Release (below) has been issued by Senator Sarah Ferguson and Deputy Roy Le Herissier. 


"Because of considerable concerns amongst both the public and members as to the sequel to the CAG's Reports on "Golden Handshakes" and Limegrove, a group of members intend to call for a Vote of Censure against the Treasury Minister.

Of particular concern is that Reports from an Independent Officer of the States have been very selectively interpreted, summarily dismissed in certain quarters and the conclusion hurriedly reached that the Minister should not be held to account because he had been operating under stress and was not properly trained.To say the least, these are questionable interpretations of the actions of the Minister.

Unfortunately, the States has a justifiable reputation for not holding people to account and the position of the Council of Ministers will simply reinforce that view.
There are sufficient signatures to proceed with a Proposition, hopefully followed by a debate on June 26th." (END)

In-depth interviews with Senator Ferguson and Treasury Minister Philip Ozouf can be viewed HERE


  1. what has happened to trevor's blog?

  2. I'm afraid I don't go along with this censure. Even if passed the outcome is nothing material changes.

    The question States members have to ask is how bad does it have to be before a proper sanction is applied ie no confidence proposition is brought about?

    The precedent was set when former Health Minister was removed for not stating he had full confidence in staff. Any evidence that bullying or anything approaching it by a minister implies that minster does not have confidence in the staff and therefore ought to go. In the case of the Treasury Minsiter we have the issues in the C&AG report to add as evidence.

    It is not about personality, it is about consitency

  3. More wasted States time to be had then.

  4. "the conclusion hurriedly reached that the Minister should not be held to account because he had been operating under stress and was not properly trained."

    How many years has Ozouf been Treasury Minister?!

    If the quoted comment is an accurate appraisal then Ozouf is clearly unfit to hold a Ministerial position, and for his sake as much as that of islanders should be removed immediately.

  5. I agree with you 100% Mark. It should have been all or nothing because slapped 'wristies' is not a real or appropriate punishment.

    For one misdemenour maybe, but two (and the rest),no. You are so right about consistency as well. What was considered good for Stuart Syvret should be equally applicable to Mr Ozouf.

    A bit of schadenfraede for Deputy Le Fondre methinks!

  6. From 2005 -2008 Senator Ozouf was the Minister of Economic Development

    From 2008 to the present day Senator Ozouf has been Treasury Minister

    From Tuesday of this week the Chief Minister lost his balls and sold the island down the river with complete nonsense.

    I love Jersey

    not a film crew in sight

  7. Anon. Trevor's blog is still going with it's usual attacks on the JEP.

  8. Madame Fifi has peered through the clouds within her crystal ball and has seen that there is much feather ruffling over the split between the forces of Oz and those of the man who would be king.

  9. Are we witnessing a Bailhache led coup d'etat against chief minster Gorst?