Monday, 18 June 2012

Publish The Defence Case.

In July 2010 Jersey's Home Affairs Minister, Senator Ian Le Marquand, released parts of a confidential Report authored by the then Chief Constable of the Wiltshire Constabulary Brian Moore.

The Report,which is possibly the most redacted Report in history, where it is believed that up to ninety per-cent of it was redacted, is, for all intents and purposes, the prosecution case against Jersey's Former Chief Police Officer (CPO) Graham Power QPM.

Regular readers/viewers will be aware that the Former CPO was suspended (possibly illegally) while (because?) his Police Force were investigating the biggest Institutional Child Abuse investigation in Jersey History.

The Wiltshire Constabulary were tasked (by Senator Le Marquand) with investigating Mr. Power and the handling of the child Abuse Investigation under his command. Wiltshire's "findings" were for the purpose of a disciplinary hearing against Mr. Power, a disciplinary hearing that never took place.

Senator Ian Le Marquand, after receipt of the Wiltshire Report, dropped the Disciplinary Case against Mr. Power and "cheated the Former Police Chief out of a fair hearing." Senator Le Marquand then used that Report (the prosecution case) to go on a State Media Campaign against the Former Police Chief Mr. Power who describes Senator Le Marquand's actions as "A State Sponsored, Taxpayer funded, Personal Vendetta" (which is extremely difficult to disagree with). Contrary to all known Natural Justice Senator Le Marquand, who is a former Magistrate, DID NOT release ANY of Mr. Power's defence case.

In March 2011 Senator Le Marquand released some more parts of the prosecution case against the Former Police Chief and still did not release any of the defence case claiming that Mr. Power had not asked him to! The Home Affairs Minister (Former Magistrate) appears to believe that it's fair to put into the public domain and expect people to judge, make up their minds, on just one side of a story.

Senator Le Marquand has clearly not forgotten his "legalese speak" though because in this recording (below) he tells us that he was not asked by Mr. Power to publish his defence case, but what he didn't mention was that the (then) Chief Minister Terry Le Sueur was.

In a letter from Mr. Power to Former Chief Minister Terry Le Sueur which is dated Saturday the 3rd of April 2010 Mr. Power writes;

"I regard the threat to publish the report at this or any other time as an expression of malicious intent, and should publication occur, all of my options are reserved.   However, without prejudice to any of the above, your intention is drawn to the existence of my own report on the management of the enquiry which is set out in the form of an extensive statement, a copy of which is in the Ministers possession.   Should the Minister decide, in spite of all of the above, to proceed with further publication of the Moore report, then it would appear to be entirely reasonable that my own report be published at the same time." (emphasis added) (We will publish the letter in its entirety in an up-coming Blog).

So back in April 2010 Mr. Power had stated that if the Moore Report (Wiltshire Prosecution case) was to be published then he wished for his defence case to be published alongside it..........It wasn't.

In March 2011 Ian Le Marquand published more of the Wiltshire Report and claimed he hadn't been asked to publish both sides of the story (although he didn't mention the Chief Minister had)..........So it wasn't.

Senator Le Marquand was asked, in March 2011, when he "reluctantly" appeared live on State Radio, to publish Mr. Power's defence case by Mr. Power himself and now in June 2012...........He still hasn't.

In the recording below Mr. Power tells us, among much more, that the Minister (Senator Ian Le Marquand) "did not have the courage, or the integrity to take this to a disciplinary hearing." He tells us that senator Le Marquand "ran away from a fair fight" and is "sneakily putting out this Report trying to damage my (Mr. Power's) reputation with allegations he knows he could never have proven in a Disciplinary Hearing." Senator Le Marquand, in the recording, tells us he is/was happy to publish Mr. Power's defence case........back in March 2011

Unfortunately Ministers, like the Home Affairs Minister, can say what they like on State Media comfortable in the knowledge the Reporter will be ill-researched and will not follow up on the assurances given by the Minister(s).

Thankfully Bloggers (Jersey's only independent media) do follow up and are now asking why Mr. Power's defence case STILL has not been published after the assurances given.

BBC Jersey Editor, Jon Gripton, was given Mr. Power's 62,000 word defence case in Sept/Oct last year (2011) and he, despite many requests, has not reported a single word of it after the BBC's extensive reporting on the prosecution case against Mr Power.

We are not asking for anything "radical" here we are merely asking for "Justice" to be done, at least to some degree, knowing the Former Police Chief was denied a fair and impartial Hearing. Has it now become too much to ask, in order to make an informed judgement, to have both sides of a story told in Jersey?

Mr. Power claims, given the opportunity of a fair and impartial Discipline Hearing he, and his team, would have "torn apart" the case against him. They would have "ripped to shreds the trumped up allegations against him." How will we ever know if Ian Le Marquand, or Jon Gripton, won't publish Mr. Powers defence case? We have been expected, by the State Media and Ian Le Marquand, to judge a man purely on the prosecution case against him!

We must remind readers that if a Chief Of Police can be subject to this kind of treatment by Jersey's Administration and its media then there is little hope for us mere mortals. It was Mr. Power who wrote;

"And if, reader, you consider this all very amusing and distant from your own concerns, then remember what has been said by many from the very beginning of this saga. If they can do this to a Chief Police Officer and get away with it...............think what they could do to you. Then it might not be so funny."

Publish The Defence Case.

Team voice would like to credit, and thank TJW for this recording which was first broadcast 10th March 2011.


  1. Graham Powers 62,000 word statement is only a small part of his defence case that he was working on with the very impressive Constable Brain.

    You really can't explain this stuff.

    VFC, let me tell you a little story. During the past month I have been corresponding with Journalists from outside of Jersey who have taken a very keen interest in the goings on in Jersey. I remember telling one very well respected journalist that Graham Power had in fact been suspended 3 times.

    They simply refused to believe me. I spent time explaining it and they still refused to believe me. We then started laughing, with me saying, I know it sounds crazy and unbelievable, but these clowns did actually suspended a Chief of Police 3 times and no one apart from a couple of politicians questioned it.

    They then told me that they couldn't print that because no one in their right mind would believe it, it was so ludicrous.

    This is the honest truth - straight up honest truth

    Even though its evidenced fact.

    And yet the Minister just sits there carrying on as if nothing happened.

    Jersey - utterly bonkers - utterly lawless.


  2. And I should add that no one was calling for Le Marquands head and especially the Jersey Evening Post.


  3. Is Rico saying a journalist daren't publish the truth about Jersey because it is too unbelievable? Does this also mean there is an outside journalist taking an interest in this story?

  4. Incredible when a real journalist cannot not print evidenced documentation for fear of not being believed especially when you consider that our State Media churn out stories about Tooth Fairies and Coconut containing collagen (only found in mammals) and that junk is readily swallowed and the State Media don't even think twice about churning it out.

    It was the Former Senior Investigating Officer Lenny Harper who said the Jersey saga wouldn't make for a credible fictitious story, and once more, he has been proved right. Try telling anybody outside Jersey what has been going on and they just cannot believe it.......#hotfuzz

  5. "Is Rico saying a journalist daren't publish the truth about Jersey because it is too unbelievable? Does this also mean there is an outside journalist taking an interest in this story?"

    All I can say is that I have been contacted by a number of Journalists from outside of Jersey. The last month has been hectic. I still think that some people believe that in this modern era of the internet that the truth remains buried.

    Jersey - utterly bonkers - utterly lawless

    Broadband is worldwide. Incredible really.

    We bloggers have not given up.


  6. 'We bloggers have not given up'.

    Nor should you VFC and Rico not forgetting others who are in disbelief over this whole saga.

    Indeed I believe that this whole sorry corrupt state of affairs could have so easily have been avoided had there not been such a determination to cover it all up.

    I also believe that hell will freeze over before some of us throw in the towel over all this.

    Fortunately there are some journalists not based in Jersey who DO believe in what has happened - watch this space!

  7. Jill, I think ALL journalists outside Jersey who look at the documents in evidence will believe what you and the Jersey bloggers are saying. ALL who take time to look will see that the evidence speaks for itself.

    The State Media spin and official statements are not even linked to evidence. They can only echo the misrepresentations of the trolls, at this point. There are not two sides to the evidence. On one side are just conclusions which are based on evidenced fact, and the other side has no factual basis for its conclusions.

  8. What would any reasonable and unbiased person conclude from the evidence? That is the only question which matters.

    Graham Power wants more, not less, truth exposed. He does not wish to censor anything. He wanted a real hearing for evidence. Contrast that to the Jersey way.

  9. Audio Book "the Law" by Frederic Bastiat, Chapter 1 starts at 1:31
    we have fallen far short


  10. "I also believe that hell will freeze over before some of us throw in the towel over all this."

    I aim to tell at least one person every day of the disgusting fiasco that is the States of Jersey's so called justice system. I can't do anything to stop these bad people getting away with this stuff any more than I could have helped myself as a child whilst in the "care" of paedopimps, none of us can, but one thing everyone can do is to make sure these corrupt swine don't get to do this stuff without an audience, this is the last generation that these scumbags are going to wreck the lives of