Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Unhappy Anniversary 5

Today marks the 5th anniversary of the illegal suspension of former Chief Police Officer Graham Power QPM. Regular readers will be aware that the former Police Chief was suspended under very dubious circumstances while (because?) his force were investigating allegations of decades long child abuse in the Island of Jersey.

Mr. Power QPM was suspended on the strength of a letter written by, possibly the most conflicted person there was, David Warcup. Warcup, stood to gain financially and a fast tracked promotion with the early removal of Mr. Power. The "Warcup Letter" was leaked to Blogger (Jersey's only independent media) Rico Sorda where he, exclusively, published it HERE.

Bloggers (Jersey's only independent media) have (almost exclusively) published the facts surrounding the unprecedented illegal suspension, and related matters, in stark contrast to the party line, spin and propaganda, published/broadcast by the local State Media which has been little more than "Allegations Without Substance."

Although it must be said that there is as much NOT been published by the State Media as there has been propaganda and spin. Readers will be aware that the BBC were furnished with Mr. Power's 94 page, 62,000 word, interim defence case to the allegations put to him by the discredited, and disgraced Wiltshire Constabulary. The BBC, along with the rest of the island's State Media, reported extensively on the prosecution case against Mr. Power but when furnished with his interim defence case it was BURIED.

Team Voice has, and continues to, publish a reminder, every year, of possibly one of the biggest miscarriages of "justice" this island has ever seen, (although there is plenty of COMPETITION) in this illegal suspension, of a Chief Police Officer, decorated by the Queen, who's career which spanned 42 years came to an abrupt end when (because?) his force was investigating, not only decades of child abuse in State Run "Care" Institutions but some other "very uncomfortable" allegations concerning some very powerful people on the island.

This year is no different and we remind our readers that the Police Force under the leadership of Graham Power QPM, with Deputy Chief Officer, and Senior Investigating Officer Lenny Harper were investigating allegations that are almost incomprehensible. Allegations of children being brutalised, tortured, raped, abused and possibly even murdered. For a "Summary Report" on the excavation of children's home, Haute de la Garenne and a chilling inventory of the juvenile remains unearthed please read the "official Police Report" published exclusively by Bloggers (Jersey's only independent media) Here.

For those with a deep interest of the "facts" surrounding Mr. Power's suspension and how the official line concerning the child abuse cover up has been TORN APART please look at the previous years "Unhappy Anniversaries."

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  1. You keep on writing about this and telling us his suspension was illegal but we never actually hear it from the horse's mouth do we?

  2. #FreeSyvretNow on twitter12 November 2013 at 09:09

    I see the counter on Ex Health Minister Stuart Syvret's blog passed the MILLION VIEWERS milestone last night.

    Perhaps the Streisand Effect should be renamed the Emma Martins Effect.

    The continued abuse of the data protection law to silence journalism and public interest disclosure can only bring more shame upon our island.

    In George Orwell's words, “Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed; everything else is Public Relations”.

  3. #FreeSyvretNow on twitter12 November 2013 at 09:12

    The "Emma Martins Effect" can be witnessed at


  4. That's fabulous VFC !

    "Andrew Lewis or CPO Graham Power QPM?
    There is a saying that goes something like “it is better to keep your mouth shut and let people believe you are an idiot, than it is to open your mouth and confirm it”.
    Below is a statement written by former Home Affairs Minister Andrew Lewis in response to Chief Police Officer Graham Power’s sworn affidavit.

    But below that is Chief Police Officer Power’s response to the former Home Affairs Minister. I believe it is fairly safe to say that one of these two gentlemen look way out of their depth and are being somewhat more than economical with the truth.

    all from your link

  5. As admittedly an Anonymous responder on many related blogsites as I have a deep interest in the general subjects covered ,I have noticed the recent development of common theme.
    That theme is a rapid 'establishment line' Anonymous response Comment#1 is just one example here. This is quite different to the normal rabid responses that come from a known source, in that they are typed correctly and coherently but always criticise the stand by stating a reasonably credible standpoint that might sway the lightly informed 'grazer' audience.
    It would be interesting for VCF /Rico etc to compare IPs .
    An example is this;
    Anonymous said...
    It is factually inaccurate - he has not been sent to prison for the comments, he has been sent to prison for not complying with a court order to remove them, made after a full hearing. This is hardly remarkable or unfair.

    This was on the LiberalEngland Blog and appeared 40 minutes after the original posting.

    Methinks we have a FullFatTroll village with a periscope!

  6. Please don't be tempted to laugh at the predictability of the "FullFatTroll" mentioned by Anon @ 12:56

    Why not ?
    Because you are probably paying it or them !

    That is about as [un]funny as the "magnificent 4" being given £300,000+ of public funds to jail Syvret and show up our island as a place that is happy to hold political prisoners.

  7. '......but always criticise the stand by stating a reasonably credible standpoint that might sway the lightly informed 'grazer' audience.'

    Why do you want to stifle freedom of speech, given that these comments state a reasonably credible standpoint ?

    Surely better, of your argument is more persuasive, to publish the comment and counter it in a successful manner ?

    1. Point taken , but as the converse comments on MSM are frequently disallowed then my point as Sonar pointed out above. is the evidenced suspicion that some of these comments are tax payer supported and less obviously so than the (select a short name, any name ) Jerseyinsight and Channelonline respondents.This does not create the 'level playing field' one would hope to see in a normal functional society.

  8. Where is Graham Power now is he still in Jersey is he working in any other form of law enforcement?

    1. Graham Power has told us that he is now fully retired and living in North Yorkshire. Spends much of his time walking and fishing locally and at family events. For longer breaks he has some favourite places in the Scottish Highlands and other remote parts of the UK. He is a regular reader of “The Voice" and has a number of friends in Jersey with whom he keeps in touch.

    2. “Is he (Graham Power) working in an other form of Law Enforcement?”

      According to my reading of previous postings, not least possibly the most IN-DEPTH INTERVIEW MR. POWER HAS EVER GIVEN he will now be 66, which is an unlikely age for such employment. At the time of his suspension he would have been 61. A friend in the public sector has confirmed that the normal retirement age for the Chief of Police was 60 and that he was working past his retirement age to handover to new management. I am also told that the public sector rules are that anyone working past their retirement age can be told to retire at any time. Which raises the question of why the suspension, which lasted, nearly two years without any disciplinary charge being brought when they could just have asked him to retire? Could it be that they were wanting to send out a message about what happens to people who challenge the establishment?

    3. If they'd asked him to retire, and he had agreed to do so, they would not have been able to hire a locksmith to break open his office safe and obtain the evidence held therein, would they? He had to be suspended, didn't he?

      I'm glad Mr Power still reads the Voice. An honest man, sorely missed, who stood up to his oppressors, in some style. I wish him a long and happy retirement.

      Do you know if Mr Power plans to give evidence to the Committee of Inquiry, perhaps by video link?

    4. I'm sure Mr. Power is considering his options and no doubt keeping an eye on the COI. There is no doubt that he, and former SIO Lenny Harper, could make a very valuable contribution to it. The question is will Mick Gradwell be giving evidence................If he hasn't been collared by Operation Elveden?

  9. Since the BBC won't publish Mr Power's interim defence case will he be submitting it to the Committee Of Enquiry when it is set up? Will he and Lenny Haper be giving evidence because their testimony will be pivotal and should show what a pedophile protecting bunch they are who run Jersey?

  10. I can't believe it has been 5 long years. 12th November 2008 has become a date that I don't think I will ever forget. Researching and taking apart Graham Powers illegal suspension - make no mistake it was illegal - has been one of my proudest pieces of work. I published some real core documents in a timeline that went from the Warcup Letter - The Metropolitan Interim Report - Operation Blast - The Blowing of the Safe and the removal of documents.

    No stopping


    1. Can you give us the links to your timeline please Rico?

  11. http://ricosorda.blogspot.com/2011/12/matt-tapp-report-1.html

    Start on the above link and keep reading every post from then on. You will then see one of the great child abuse cover-ups a[[ear before your eyes.


  12. tom_watson ‏@tom_watson 5m
    Looking at the Stuart Syvret case. http://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2013/nov/04/jersey-stuart-syvret-jailed-blog-allegations … More info has dropped into my lap.

    Hi Voiceforchildren have you contacted Tom Watson?

    1. Have tweeted at him a couple of times and following him on Twitter.

  13. George Galloway ‏@georgegalloway 2h
    @czarkaztik @StuartSyvret no, tell me...

  14. From former Jersey politician Bob Hill B.E.M.

    “Ah, yes, I remember it well..” Right from the outset, the suspension just did not stack up. It was a rushed bungled affair where Mr Power was suspended on the strength of an unauthorised interim report which was received after the suspension. Hundreds of thousand of pounds was paid to the Wiltshire Police to search for evidence to justify the suspension. Wiltshire’s Report was a waste of time and money which produced spurious allegations that were withdrawn because those advising the Ministers knew they would end up with egg on their face if tested at a Discipline Board.

    There is ample evidence to show that there was political interference in every legal attempt to expose the truth, and was Bill Ogley’s golden handshake more to do with the price paid for his silence than his alleged disagreements with Senator Ozouf.

    When I spoke during the “In Camera” debate in January 2009 I said there was a nasty smell about the whole affair, five years on the matter still stinks.

    1. Nice comment by Bob. He tells it the way it is.

  15. [2012]JRC138B
    Before :

    Sir Charles Gray, Commissioner., sitting alone.

    Stuart Syvret


    Her Majesty’s Attorney General

    H. Sharp, Esq., Solicitor General on behalf of the Attorney General.

    Mr Stuart Syvret did not appear.


    3. The true position is this: that, to the best of my knowledge, I have neither met nor communicated on any occasion with Mr Bailhache. As regards the Bailiff, I have spoken briefly to him when I first sat as a Commissioner and on a handful of occasions since. We have not otherwise had any social or other dealings with one another. Finally, as regards Michael Beloff, he is an old friend of mine. It may well be that he was contacted about my appointment as a Commissioner in his capacity as the senior Judge of the Court of Appeal. However, I have not discussed my appointment as Commissioner with him nor have I spoken to him about Mr Syvret or his case at any time.