Saturday, 4 July 2009

The Protest.

Well the Protest, as planned, went ahead and was, in my opinion a huge success.
It was a success because more people were at this one than the last. Which could mean people are starting to get over the fear factor, which might mean the Solicitor General is frantically writing up gagging orders as I type……… a Tim?

It was also a success because the organisers are starting to get a little organised, putting together banners, placards, masks, in excess of 3000 leaflets, Press releases and many other things.

This will be sending a message out to our ruling elite, and our elected “representatives” that the peasants are starting to revolt. Most of the people I spoke to at the protest had, like myself, tried going through all the correct channels and only ever been shat on and felt they have been forced, by the "ruling elite" to take to the streets in protest.

Now the Solicitor General is going to have his work cut out slamming a gagging order on everybody at that Protest and indeed the protests yet to come, and believe me there are plenty more to come. So our ruling elite, however long it takes, are going to have to start paying attention to the electorate or they are going to have a protest on their hands every week!

I still maintain there should be no need for protests but this is where our Government has taken us. One thing that was evident today was the amount of children that were on the march. These are the people the next generation of Politicians will be facing, and they are growing up with little or no respect for (what I and a growing number of parents/people believe to be) a corrupt Government. Mind you Ian Le Marquand will probably have them locked up as soon as they are 14 years old!

I have video footage of the protest, which includes interviews with three Politicians who were not only at the Royal Square but walked alongside the protesters through town. I hope to have something edited in the next couple of days and will publish on here.

In the meantime my admiration and respect goes out to Carrie, Dannie, all abuse survivors and all those who gave up their time to make this protest the success that it was. I would also like to thank "Jersey Cam" who supplied the photo's in this Blog by uploading 36 of them HERE


  1. Power to the people - well done, things can only get better.

    They WILL start to take notice.

  2. From the photo's the protest looked very organised - the balloons, t-shirts, placards and camera's. I was moved by the effort of people involved and those who attended. Well done to everyone.

    Take care

  3. It seemed to be a great success and there was plenty of people as we walked through king st that new what it was all about. I met a guy who had come over from the U K just for the protest, can you believe it. Thank god the outside world is aware of the injustice that the average islander has to face.
    Well done the voice for your coverage.

  4. Well done everyone.
    Let's hope today marks the pivitol moment, a turning point with the result of reforming Jersey system/s (legal and others) into line with global 21st century thinking.

    Hello to justice and equal treatment.
    Goodbye to the jersey way.

  5. I met someone there today who told me their story, remarkably similar to what I have heard from someone else. She was looking to find certain information which I will now be able to pass on via the third person which will be able to help her - so something personal has been achieved today being there and hopefully being able to help someone as a consequence - one big chance to get together, chat, share stories and take action no matter how small.

  6. Good one, a step at a time will work in the end.

    Cheers everyone, well done!

    We are one step nearer to getting rid of the jersey way and replacing it with the real justice way.

    I got an article out there,
    every bit helps, the more publicity the better.

  7. It was an excellent show of people,and a good atmosphere where people were able to converse with strangers at the end in the Royal Square, but after the news tonight that the Historic Abuse Enquiry is to be dropped it will be necessary for more and more people to support these protests and any other meetings/gatherings or actions that may take place.

    I can only imagine there are a lot of very upset and angry people out there now. I am one, and I am not in the unfortunate position of being a survivor of abuse and can only imagine how appalled they are feeling.

  8. The protest was better organised, and attended than the White March ten weeks ago .There was an evident sense of purpose and solidarity . People are clearly gaining in confidence.

    The banners and posters attracted media interest as visual manifestations of purpose. In particular the hand held "Lollipop" placards bearing images of the Chief Minister and AG (illustrated above on the steps of the Royal Court) caused amusement. The Janus face rotated to reveal behind Terry Le Sueur the former Chief Minister Frank Walker, whilst behind the Monkey was the Bailiff. As the march proceeded through the streets of St Helier, many a small child recoiled in horror at the sight of these devil masks.

    It was heartening to hear Senator Syvret’s speech calling for a new sense of solidarity and cooperation amongst the protestors. We wait to see in what manner the Senator seeks to manifest the new spirit.

  9. Did anyone see that episode of Family Guy where they took the Mick out of the old stereotype by naming an Irish pub Wifey Mc Beaty's? :-)