Thursday, 2 July 2009

Who can turn a blind eye?

As most will be aware there is a march in support of child abuse victims and the lack of justice in Jersey. For those who are not aware, it will take place this Saturday the 4th of July 2009 at midday. Abuse survivors and supporters will walk from people’s park to the Royal Square.

Child abuse takes many forms it is not exclusive to sexual abuse. Children have been for years, and still are, being abused whether it be sexually, physically, or emotionally. Not only by their parents but by family members, people of authority and charged with their “care” and complete strangers.

I defy anybody with just a miniscule of conscience to watch this video and not feel compelled to support child abuse victims and spare them an hour of your time this Saturday.

Do you know, I can’t help feeling, after watching this video, reading the Lyrics, and listening to some of the abuse survivors that in some cases it’s the lucky one’s that die.


  1. VFC

    Good to see the publicity.

    But could I just point out that the issues behind this protest are far broader than only the child protection failures.

    As important as they are - what we really need to begin focusing on is the fundamental breakdown in the rule of law and good administration of justice in Jersey.

    Many, many people have been dealt a foul hand by Jersey's legal establishment - in many different ways - and for many different reasons.

    The time has come to unite.


  2. I've said it already on Stuart's blog, but this so moving and powerful, and shows why people MUST turn up on Saturday.

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    Close. So close.


  4. For Saturday

  5. Very, very moving VFC, thank you for sharing this with us. I have to say, I am fed up to the back teeth with people slating the forthcoming protest telling us to give it a rest, saying no one wants to know! For the abuse victims, in their eyes and thanks to the archaic judicial system in our island, this is all they have left and if it helps them to see that people do care then job done and to hell with the rest of you who persistently slag those who are trying to do some good in this Island.
    See you all on Saturday. Carrie

  6. Oh God that video is so Poignant that I shed a tear watching it.

    The only way to stop this type of thing and the abuse and injustices in this island in general is as Stuart keeps on saying, is to focusing on sorting out the fundamental breakdown in the rule of law and good administration of justice in Jersey, in all areas.

    Have you read this article of mine?

    If you have and you want to interview the young man in question using a voice over and hiding his face contact me, he is quite willing to do this. The only reason not to show his face and identify him properly is because it would identify his sister and she has been having under age sex with the full consent of his mother.
    Disgusting but true.

  7. I'm a middle aged man and I cried like a baby whilst watching and listening to that video. see you saturday

  8. Your readers may also wish to consider watching the BAFTA award winning Documentary "Chosen" which is available by following this link. A small donation is requested and would be appreciated but it is not mandatory. You need peace, quiet, and no interruption in order to take full advantage of the content. It pulls no punches.

    Have a good March on Saturday.

  9. How can anybody with a heart not be there? i will be

  10. Montfort Tadier3 July 2009 at 15:35

    Well done VFC and Care Leavers. Your courage is an inspiration to us all.

    See you tomorrow @ 12:00. Hopefully the media will not give out the wrong time or place this time

  11. Good luck with the protest tomorrow . I can't physically be there but will be there in spirit

    Take care and keep up the good work