Tuesday, 7 July 2009


Below is some edited interviews with Deputies Trevor Pitman, Montford Tadier and Shona Pitman. The only three elected “representatives” (besides Senator Syvret) to turn up and support, not only abuse victims, but all the people who have allegedly been wronged by our judicial system, law firms and Oligarchy.

I have to say I was not surprised to see all three of them there. There’s barely a Saturday I walk through town and don’t see Trevor and Shona Pitman collecting signatures on behalf of their constituents whether it be for the residents of Ann Court, the (ex) Woolworth’s workers, those against GST etc.

After the protest I went up to Mont Nicole school where my children were taking part in a Karate demonstration to help raise money for EFLO (Education Fund for Luweero Orphans) And who should I see there? But the three deputies, Pitman’s and Tadier . They too were raising money (all afternoon) for EFLO.

I suppose it’s all about “SUPPORT” not just saying “oh that’s a good cause” or “my SYMPATHY goes out to the victims of abuse” or asking the odd question in the States. It’s about getting off your arse and nailing your colours to the mast, standing alongside the very people you are elected to “represent”. So credit to Senator Syvret, Deputies Trevor and Shona Pitman and Deputy Tadier.


  1. Good on you all - this is what politics and politicians should be about - the people that put you there.

    You support us and we support you.

    Shame on the remainder that could not 'spare' an hour.

  2. I find it difficult to see how any decent human being could not support a protest for justice? What possible legitimate reason could you have for opposing justice?

  3. Proud Survivor7 July 2009 at 17:46

    It is good to see The Pitnans and Montfort Tadier not only willing to join the march but to express solidarity with the abuse victims and all those who are failed by the Jersey "justice system". The support is growing slowly but steadily at several levels.

    The Bailhaches and their cohorts should be very afraid.

  4. And now 11 more cases have been dropped. Your islands goverment is corrupt as they come

  5. Well done, nice job,this is what real reporting is all about!

    According to Sir Philip Bailhache in his interview on Channel TV tonight the child abuse that occurred at HDLG was a work of fiction dreamed up by the international media that was initially brought about by reports from Jersey’s Police Headquarters.

    Who the hell in their right minds is going to swallow this gumph? I think he has lost the plot, let’s see how the international media react to being called fiction writers? it is disgusting!

    Just to let you know, I have given a comment wrote from a comment you made on Stuarts blog in my latest article.

  6. Spot on about the Pitmans they work non stop for the people who elected them. No surprise to see them supporting charity either, Tadier likewise. Well done.

  7. Just updated my blog, added your support youtube interview to help spread the word.


    If you want to take a look, also added the link to the channel report on Stuart there as well.
    XXX Linda

  8. This is the same Philip Bailhache remember who publicly claimed that the real scandal was the damage to Jersey's good name (for Jersey read 'Bailhache') and not the abuse inflicted on the victims. Despite the evidence this fantasist insists on calling all of those telling their stories of what they endured at HDLG as liars. Lenny Harper