Thursday, 9 July 2009

Saturday July the 4th 2009.

Below is some video of the protest on the above date and some extra text is with it on Youtube.

I have decided to add text to ALL the video’s I put on Youtube from now on. This is because I want the world to know that the “good” people of Jersey DO NOT want to be tarred with the same brush as our Government. I want the world to know there are a GROWING number of people who want no part of how our Government deal (or don’t) with child abuse.

More and more people, now that protests are becoming regular, are starting to show support for victims of child abuse and are willing to stand alongside the protesters. There are more protests in the planning, which will be getting more high profile as the protesters are starting to get organised.
It is such a shame people are being driven to protesting but the government only have themselves to blame.

Today History was made but I will edit a video and tell you more about that in a day or so.


  1. Onwards and upwards - the only way to go.

    This, and today's protest have proved that PEOPLE POWER is now the way forward.

  2. Well done, I have posted a copy with a link to your article on my blog entry.

    Hope it helps, Take Care, Linda

  3. Nice post VFC, keep up the good work, it seems you are the only media who is capturing the real news in this island at the moment Carrie

  4. excellent = thankyou for taking the time and the trouble to show the world about the injustice in Jersey.

  5. I do not want to sound defeatist but as someone who has been thru the system i can tell you protests mean nothing your voice is not heard and they honestly dnt care about what you have to say as long as they get the money. the time for talking has passed and what we really need is to make them fear the masses. they use fear of jail, poverty and makin our lives hard as a way to control and silence us. if you really wanna make a change we need non social compliance, we need people who arnt afraid to fight, we need a real leader, cause the more you talk the more we suffer