Monday, 31 December 2012

VFC News Review 2012 Part 2

Part two of VFC News Review 2012 continues with a compilation of news/events published on Blogs (Jersey's only independent media) most of which will not be found on ANY of the island's State Media.

Happy New Year to all our readers/viewers and followers.

Section 1 Former Senator Stuart Syvret on THE BBC

Section 2 Deputy Montfort Tadier on PROPAGANDA

Section 3 Deputy Montfort Tadier on Jersey's SECRET CULTURE

Section 4 Senator Francis Le Gresley on COI into CHILD ABUSE

Section 5 Former SIO Lenny Harper on Jimmy Savile PART ONE

Section 6 Former SIO Lenny Harper on Jimmy Savile PAR TWO

Section 7 Media professional and BBC Editor doesn't know how to deal with a man holding A CAMERA

Section 8 Former Deputy Bob Hill on the MISSING Terms of Reference from CHILD ABUSE INQUIRY

Section 9 BBC Journalist, Sam Smith, produces a "fair" piece on Jersey Child Abuse and shows Home Affairs Minister, Senator Ian Le Marquand, to be way out of HIS DEPTH

Section 10 Leading Jersey Blogger Rico Sorda explains the Plemont vote perfectly as only HE CAN

Section 11 Leading Jersey Blogger Rico Sorda reflects on his year's BLOGGING.

Part one News Review 2012 can be viewed HERE.


  1. One of the biggest stories of the year that didn't make it into the 2012 review (due to technical difficulties) was that of Author and investigative journalist Leah McGrath Goodman who was banned from Jersey/Britain after it became apparent, to the authorities that she was investigating the Child Abuse, and possible murder, of children at Haut de la Garenne and related issues.

    The posting can be viewed HERE

    Regular readers will be aware of an e-petition set up by Deputy Trevor Pitman to have Miss Goodman's visa restored and we ask that you sign and share the petition? Which can be done from HERE

  2. Another of the year's biggest stories that never made the Review was "world exclusive" video footage of Cadaver dog "Eddie." He is trained to smell human death and when up at Haut de la Garenne alerted to a number of areas which produced spine chilling results as published HERE

  3. Awsummo vid VFC, I was howling laughing at the brazen corruption. And speaking of corruption....

    The latest failing of BOWRON & BIRT

  4. All the best for the New Year VFC.

    This is real news


  5. Hi VFC.

    Very good vid could of been 2 hours long I bet, there's so many Questions for 2013 it's going to be a good year I can feel it.

    So Happy New Year to all & good luck in every thing you do.


  6. The state media can't even nip at your heels. You have left them in the dust with your superior unpaid journalism.

    May you have a well deserved joyous and peaceful new year.


  7. Did Rico get an explanation from Mr Shipley and Mr Bright from the JEP why they chickened out of a PUT UP OR SHUT UP with him?

  8. Ian/Elle/Rico/TJW.

    Thanks for your best wishes and support which are returned.


    As far as I'm aware Rico never was given an explanation as to why Mr. Bright and Shipley "shut up" rather than "put up." It might be that they believed they would have been humiliated and unable to substantiate their "allegations without substance."

  9. Just watched the two part news review. Brilliant.

    You are positively wicked.

  10. Polo.

    Thanks for your positive feedback and continued support. Hope to keep you as well informed of what the "real" news is in 2013.