Thursday, 18 September 2008

A quick up date.

First of all I would like to thank everybody for the support they have shown my son and myself.

My son has now decided he wants to blog his story. I would like to make it perfectly clear (for reasons I am unable to go in to) that I will, in no way, be assisting him with the telling of his story.

As he has only just turned 15 and is not really up to speed with blogging my wife will be assisting him in every way she can.

As for the latest atrocity, MARIO LUNDY and Senator Mike (GST28) Vibert will not give me any answers to to my questions and the headmaster is now trying to tell me the "policy" that states I do not have the right to know the identity of my sons attackers, is actually a "data protection" law. More of that story when I have time to collate all the e-mail correspondance and put them together to be able to tell the story simply.

As my regular reader(s) will be aware I am embarking on a "news Blog". I have, not only the camera, the microphone, a cameraman, an assortment of consultants come researches, but the assurance from certain politicians they will give me an interview!!

Unfortunately Senator Mike (GST28) Vibert is not one of those politicians. I tried extremely hard to get an interview from him at the Senatorial nomination meeting the other night, but as you will see (soon I hope) he was very reluctant to agree to an interview. Indeed I believe he has inherited a bit of a tagline as "a safe pair of hands" although I believe "a quick pair of feet" would be more apt.

I have been playing around with some of the footage I shot the other night. I have a very short peice to offer on here as a bit of a trial run. As my cameraman/editor is somewhat busy at the moment I have edited and shot this myself and simply can't wait to publish it.

Indeed I never realised I had such a "pricless" shot until I looked at the footage today.

Do you think he was pleased to see me? (17 seconds in)


  1. Lucky looks can't kill. Boy, was he happy ROFL

  2. Priceless...
    Would not like to bump into him on a dark night.
    "Safe pair of hands" lol

  3. I see in the background you got Adrian Walsh palling it up with Ozouf. Interesting.

  4. Thanks to anonymous for the legal info and links. I have been able to read some of it and found it VERY INTERESTING. Unfortunately we are not dealing with American or English court systems, the "Jersey way" is what rules over here and believe me, I have seen it in action!! All the same thanks for the links and I shall be reading more.

    Re. PMT

    I'm really sorry mate I haven't published your post. All be it you have a point and I don't neccessarily disagree with you.

    My problem is if I were to publish it, it might drag me into the argument, this is something I strongly wish to avoid.

    My sole purpose for being on the net is to expose certain states members, certain civil servants and certain local "Journalists" for what they have done to myself and my family.

    Maybe when my sons blog is up and running I can leave all that to him but for now any arguments with any sites will only serve to deflect from my message.

    I too have some pretty strong views on certain characters, possible aliases, and dubious postings, but airing them, for now is not that important to me.....or my son.