Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Camera shy?

Here is my attempt in trying to engage with Senator Phillip (GST28) Ozouf. Again I know my technique is not that of any "proffessional Journalist" but quite honestly going by our local media I have no-one to learn from.

This latest bit of video is of myself trying to get one of our very "accessable" democratically elected "represenatives" to answer one pretty straight forward question. This particular clip was shot at the St Martin hustings where I believe the "establishment candidates" took a "severe beating".

Senator Phillip (GST28) who usually appears to be quite happy on camera for CTV and "local" BBC seems somewhat camera shy when it's anybody else behind the camera.

I can't prove we have a "partisan media" but it does add a little fuel to the fire when politicians, who are rarely off our telivision screens, refuse to answer a question from one of the people he is supposed to represent but appears quite happy to answer any questions from his, sorry our local media

Senator Phillip (GST28) Ozouf is telling, anybody that will listen, at the hustings that we need capable and experienced politicians to steer us through the tough economical times ahead. What he neglects to mention is Mike Higgins drafted legislation for bank depositers protection back in 2003. Our current crop of "capable and experienced" politicians have completeley ignored it for FIVE YEARS!!

I believe our current "ruling elite" are steering a ship fully loaded with greed, self preservation, taxes and policies to keep the rich rich and the poor poor and Senator Phillip (GST28) Ozouf is firmly at the helm and if he gets re-elected, when that ship hits the rocks, he and his fellow GST28 ship mates will all be in the liferafts, The rest of us? we'll all be floating around in the wreckage trying to salvage what pittens there might be left for us!

Anyhow enjoy the video and if anybody has a candidate they would like me to engage with on camera, let me know and I will see what I can do.


  1. I hope you've patented that cloak of invisibilty you're wearing - it works a treat!

  2. Well done to you. He hates it. Brilliant

  3. What did the gentleman in the red coat at the end ask Little Phil?


  5. Re; the question the gentleman in the red coat.

    He was asking Phillip (GST28) Ozouf if he thought touting for business in China whilst people in Tibet were getting slaughtered was a good move.

    I didn't get to hear the answer sorry.

  6. Why would Ozouf give a sh1t about Tibet.
    No money to be made there!!!!!!!


  8. I'm not sure what you are trying to achieve.

    You are not the only person who is unhappy with the current political situation within our island, and I understand that you must be frustrated, but have you ever stopped to think that if your approach was different, then perhaps you may be getting answers to your questions.

    There are many people who are able to access many of the islands politicians and recieve answers, sometimes not always the answers they want to hear, the difference is I think you are in danger of harassment and making your self look foolish.

    How can you possible expect anyone to take you seriously now when you are chasing them around wioth a video camera. if i was the guy in the red jacket at the end of your last clip, I would have been pretty cross at how you hijacked my opportunity to speak with one of the candidates.

    I fear your efforts are now in vain, and anyone with any credibility who could have supported you in your quest will now avoid you.

  9. Maybe you could film Nellie Macon vs Glen Rankine The Return and sell it to SKY

    he he he

  10. Your silly bloggers are pointless and you are talking like losers. Ozouf is the winner, he will WIN next Wednesday. All you are doing is making matters worse because he will then go for revenge and make you suffer.

  11. Re: Anonymous "i'm not sure what you are trying to achieve"

    Thank you for your advice and I have said all along I am not a proffessional journalist.

    I am simply a father of two children who has been absolutey horrified with what I have learnt of the education department and subsequently our entire goverment and media.

    I KNOW nobody in the goverment is going to take me OR my children seriously. I have exhausted absolutely every avenue available to me to expose the real goings on.

    I am merely a parent who is living in "real fear" for the safety of my children and for the reprisals I could recieve from our goverment just for trying to protect my children from them.

    The man in the red jacket asked me to switch off my camera so he could get his answer, so I did.

    You will see by another Anonymous commenter who appears to be a Phillip (GST28) Ozouf supporter that he is predicting repisals from him against any bloggers who dare speak out against him.

    This appears to be "the Jersey way" and accepted by most. Well not me, I owe it to, not only my kids, but all children and parents on this island to speak out.

  12. "Your silly bloggers are pointless and you are talking like losers. Ozouf is the winner, he will WIN next Wednesday. All you are doing is making matters worse because he will then go for revenge and make you suffer."

    This approach is exactly what we have all known about the establishment for years. Little boy bullying tactics. And now it's there in black and white for all to see. Written proof. Evidence. Keep it up.

  13. Do you think Ozouf might get his speech writer to start bullying all the bloggers next?

    I don't know if Nellie Macon reads this blog but if you do Nellie support for you and Jeremy is growing thanks to Glen Rankine

  14. La Roque Lobster.

    Thanks for your comment but unfortunately I am unable to let it through. It is only because of the link you put on being of a very adult nature.

    If you want to re submit the comment without the link I'll publish it.

  15. La Rocque Lobster10 October 2008 at 11:19

    What?!! Censorship?! How very dare you...... LOL

    Would it be ok without the link? Are people unable to look up Dutch Lobster in urbandictionary themselves?


  16. La Roque Lobster.

    Without the link it is fine.

  17. La Rocque Lobster10 October 2008 at 12:05

    I can't remember what I said, now!

    I commended you on the video and said it's a shock to our complacent politicians to get a taste of media tactics that they'd get in the grown up world outside of their cosy little island (tax) haven. Being questioned by someone with a camera is hardly unheard of in more mature political environments, but it's obviously a shock to the local ollies.

    Then I said I found this on another blog : "I was reading in the JEP last night - Philip Ozouf's favourite meal included Lobster Claws!"

    Far be it for me to suggest anyone compares that with a humourous term I heard recently : "Dutch Lobster"

  18. that is the funniest video i have seen for ages

    put it on youtube

  19. Shame we did nto get to hear his response to the question about doing business with China,and Tibet .
    No wonder he wanted that one question to be heard off camera .
    Keep up the good word,citizen media is what this Island is crying out for /

  20. How about interviewing Nellie Macon?

  21. "How about interviewing Nellie Macon"?

    Sounds like a pretty good idea. I shall contact her over the weekend and ask her for an interview.

    I shall also suggest she stands for Deputy, she is a woman with balls and not easily intimidated, just what our island needs!!

  22. If you get to close, you might see whether his hair is genuine Jersey - maybe that's why he doesn't want to earWIG with you!

  23. Ever see that picture in the
    rag where Nellie was giving Walker what for.
    She is a gem!

  24. Brilliant video laughed out loud when I saw it - I agree with previous comment you must put it on youtube.

    Ever thought about becoming an interviewer - echo's of newsnights Paxmans and Michael Howard, and Walker experience.

  25. Stick your camera up your ass you loser!
    How dare you mock Philip Ozouf.

  26. Who has shut down the MOVING FINGER BLOG????

  27. I don't know what has happened to TMF'S Blog.

    I have e-mailed him and hope to get a reply. As soon as I do I'll let you know on here.

  28. It has been alleged on SSS blog that JTM is behind it. Sounds feasible

  29. Have corresponded with TMF. He has also left a comment on Stuart's Blog.

    I think I can safely say we have not heard the last of TMF, although his Blog might not be making another appearance.

    I believe he is a vital contributor to the citizens media and will still be making his voice heard on the jersey forum among other places and hopefully on here.

  30. Moving Finger,your country needs you
    Jersey expects every man/woman to do his duty.
    Recharge and do not let the bullies and cowards get to you

  31. Thks and continue your fight ; pirates have to fall !!
    from France

  32. A great videoclip, Mr MacMurray! You truly illustrate to what effect 'tactical media' can be put to use. Keep on the good fight!

    Cheers from patrice
    (got the link thru Le Monde Diplomatique, december 2008)