Saturday, 17 January 2009

suspensions.............Guilt or Innocence?

Karen Huchet believes suspension is Not a neutral act and now Deputy Roy Le Herissier agrees.

Are standards on suspension different for a chief of police to a senior civil servant,or a bus driver? Can there be a common standard for everybody or are some people more equal than others?

I am totally confused! Did the States of Jersey suspend Chief Police Officer Graham Power because they believe he is guilty of something, or is it a neutral act? Can suspension ever be justified? What is the purpose of suspension? Why can't Graham Power or any of these people remain in post pending inquiries?


  1. just leaves me with the question of why are some suspended and some not?

  2. "just leaves me with the question of why are some suspended and some not"

    Answer's easy - some play the game and are one of the boys and some are not!

    Good posting by the way - keep up the pressure on the establishment media.

    Any chance of a daily bulletin sometime?

  3. Dear VFC

    As I am not prepared to engage with the vile rag I'll leave my comment about the conference held at the RADISSON hotel about the effects of deprivation on young people (drug abuse, alcohol abuse, violence, crime etc)

    Sorry but am I missing something here?

    The poor/low paid (ie the deprived) are now paying GST are being made unemployed (Woolworths - no support from SOJ) but the States Members and Senior Civil Servants can afford an expensive beano in the biggest probably most expensive carbuncle in Jersey on OUR money

    sheesh you couldn't make it up

    Please VFC question those who organised this about how much it cost you and me and all the others who pay taxes, GST and the rest!!

    They would have been better off giving the money to those in need rather than stuffing their faces and blah blah blah blah - imagine Jersey all over again

  4. As I have said before, how can you suspend the chief of police, but not the person that is in charge of child welfare.
    It goes against the gain.

  5. it appears that you will no be suspended if

    Your face fits
    you r one of the boys
    you have something on your bosses
    your bosses are like you

    And most of all. If you have really crossed a boundary implying the son are cr&p.

  6. Suspension should be a neutral act. Clearly any self respecting organisation needs a mechanism to isolate someone accused of a serious breach of protocol, pending investigation and resolution.

    In some cases the organisation will in fact have a legal duty to protect customers, employees or the general public so suspension is a mechanism to do this.

    However in some cirles, and I believe some professonal bodies, suspension is seen as a negative act, tantamount to being guilty of the accusation. It may prevent future promoition of job moves and can even lead to being removed from a professional register and hence debarred from practicing. Hence the threat of or act of suspension can be a malicious tool used, typically, against whistelblowers and 'awkward questionners'

  7. Hi VFC

    Well done your getting the hang of this and its great our politicians are willing to speak too you..

    Keep up the great work


  8. just leaves me with the question of why are some suspended and some not?

    Because some have the support of the perverts on the island so they don't get suspended and those who challenge the status quo do get suspended. It is that simple

  9. Voice for Children bringing the real news well done you every bit the reporter and certainly better than what we have already. Keep it up

  10. Great Job!

    I agree with what Mark Forskitt said :-)

    How about a weekly news release?

  11. Looking back at the police they have suspended scores of people over the years themselves. I guess when you are in public office it is the only way to deal with the situation.

  12. Hi VFC,

    I have been keeping an eye on your blog. You are coming on in leaps and bounds. You may have a new career in the making, if you want it. Keep going, your island needs you, don't let anyone put you off blogging. On line is the new information media, traditional methods will die a death, as they have outlived their usefullness.

    May you be here for as long as you are no needed.

    All the best to you and your family from Censored.

  13. good work with interviews, thanks.