Thursday, 5 February 2009

Hospital Consultant had serious concerns about integrity of Mr Pollard, CEO of Health

Recently retired Hospital Consultant, Dr Gil Blackwood, reveals he had raised serious concerns about the integrity of the Health service CEO, Mr Pollard, with the then Minister of Health, Senator Ben Shenton, and his Deputy, then Deputy Jimmy Perchard.

Dr Gil Blackwood had worked as a Consultant Psychiatrist since 2003 before his retirement in March 2008. In January 2008 he took his concerns to the recently appointed Minister of Health and his Deputy. Although his concerns covered a number of incidents, which Voice for Children may cover in depth at a later date, they focussed one specific serious allegation, which could be relatively easily checked.

This concerned the resignation of a deputy CEO of Health in December 2005. This resignation was announced in the JEP. Dr Blackwood is concerned that the Deputy CEO has told him that she had never resigned. According to the newspaper article their source was the then Minister of Health, Senator Stuart Syvret. According to Senator Syvret his source was Mr Pollard. Mr Pollard has been silent on his source.

Dr Blackwood left the meeting with the two Senators (Perchard and Shenton) expecting that they were going to check whether there was a letter of resignation, as both Senators had agreed that it was inconceivable that one had not existed. He still considers that the extensive doubts about this matter should be cleared up by locating that letter, if it exists..........or has it been shredded?


  1. well done gil. It needed to be said. Interesting that shenton nor perchard took up the gauntlet - they must hsve believed Pollard. Shenton now realises what a liar p is but perchard still believes. Silly man

  2. Shenton could have easily carried on being Health Minister, but he was wise enough to see what was happening, so kidded Jimmy that he was the better man for the job. Wise man, Ben wants to stay in politics.

  3. Im just thinking out loud, Pollard and Ogley are realisticaly in their prime, and both are flamboyant characters, but why did they come to Jersey, did they really think they were going to change things, I wonder what they had in mind, did they realise Walker their interviewer and mentor was going to disappear off the scene so quickly?!


  5. They came to Jersey to be big fishes in a small pond and cam with all the bad neo liberal habits Thatcher had

  6. Ogley and Pollard might be big fishes in a small pond, but you can drown in an inch of water!

  7. Is their any truth to the rumour that Dr Blackwood was the subject of a disciplinary procedure prior to his retirement from the health service in Jersey, which might lead to him feeling agrieved with encumbents who remain within the service ?

  8. Dr Blackwood describes the disciplinary process brought against him in Stuart Syvret's current blog comments. He doesn't seem to be trying to hide anything.

    In it he describes the manipulation of facts, reports and emails by the management to discredit him. Very similar to the same tactics that appear to have been used by H&SS management to conceal the real reasons for Elizabeth Rourke's death, i.e. creation of file notes, re writing timelines, dismissing 'innocuous incident reports' etc etc.

    John Day is being subject to the same manipulative processes.

    H&SS senior management are not interested in patient safety, addressing poor performance or frank incompetence. Only in protecting their mates and saving their ar*ses

    So is there any truth in the rumour that he was disciplined,by his own account yes he was, but the case against him was found to be unsubstantiated.

    Does he feel aggrieved, who knows, but he seems to feel the way John Day has been treated is grossly unfair, and perhaps his own experience lends a degree of empathy that is woefully lacking in the senior managers at Health.

  9. VFC,you have to interview Perchard!