Monday, 6 April 2009

What a mess

Enough said really.


  1. gone native allready?

  2. No not enough said! The people of the Turks and Caicos Islands wrote in large numbers to the London government asking for "relief from being defrauded, intimidated and victimised" by their elected island officials that were "strangling their democratic process."

    We can learn from them if we are really concerned about this catalogue of failure. Westminster has removed their government until the mess can be sorted out. London does have the power so to do. It's not enough just to plead for help from Jack Straw though and it's no good hoping that Saint Syvret will save us all single handed.
    If you are concerned - well don't just sit there - do something about it - PROTEST!

  3. I agree with the protest call, unless powerful and vociferous pressure is brought to bear we will be no further forward this time next year.

  4. Re; "protest"

    Unfortunatley the vast majority of people I have spoken with are too fearfull to protest. The citizens of Jersey live in real fear hence most people posting on Blogs anonymously they fear the reprecussions to them and their family should our "ruling elite" discover their identity.

    I believe those with no faith in our goverment should all take to the streets in peaceful protest to show the world the dicontent there is.

    I am doing as much as I can in the way of protest by attempting to hold our elected "representatives" to account by Blogging and videoing them.

    I would take to the streets tomorrow as fear is a neccessary evil of living over here and I live with it on a daily basis!

  5. Knowledge is the greatest conqueror of fear and if we all stand together, the minority will fall :-)

  6. Come on Monty, get off the fence and state what you really think about what they have done to Stuart Syvret.

    A lot of people were relying on you to carry the voice of protest against the establishment into the States. Please do not let us down!

    Just voting in States debates is not enough, you need to be going pubic on breaches of civil liberties and overbearing policing.

  7. Keep up the good work. Do you know I would love to wake up one morning and feel free, living in a fair and just society, but no when i wake up it is still Jersey.

  8. Re anonymous' "gone native already"

    Did you not listen to what Monty said? Clearly he is still on the right side of the moral fence. I think sometimes people forget that the hopefully over-riding principle of British law that one is innocent until proven guilty means that until any guilt is proven or otherwise that confidentiality and secrecy have to be in place. As mud sticks, if someone was investigated for something they were entirely innocent of, even if they were completely cleared, some people would maintain doubts about them.

    This is the reason for all the "non-confirmation" of ongoing investigations that happens.

    Of course if you wish to speculate on corruption in the application of the law then the reality is it probably comes down to if the decisions as to whether or not to prosecute are done entirely on whether there is enough evidence to secure a conviction and not by being contaminated by "establishment" worries that prosecution of establishment figures may harm public perception of that establishment.

  9. Come on One Day! Jersey is not as bad as other countries in Europe. Compare to european countries Jersey government is not in "a mess".This is a standard political life as normal as in other countries. All european countries have ongoing issues in their governments.I can not see a reason for "protest". Will the "protest" do any good to Jersey government?