Thursday, 14 May 2009

world exclusive

Today “The Voice” was able to track down Deputy Montfort Tadier at a secret hiding place where he had “taken cover” after learning we had extremely incriminating evidence on him and were going to publish it. We managed to convince him he would come out of it a little better if he was to agree to an interview, which he did.

Deputy Tadier was visibly shaking and nervous and managed to trip himself up in his first sentence, something “The Voice” was very quick to pick up on and “nail him”. After being subjected to some intense questioning his defensive barrier came crumbling down.

We can now reveal “exclusively” that Deputy Tadier had in fact consumed a cocktail of substances the night he entered the States building and due to the powerful and unforgiving questioning he was subjected to, he was left exposed and left with no other option than to resign.

There is talk of this video footage being nominated for a BAFTA in the investigative Journalism category at the next awards.

Team Voice are proud to be able to bring its viewers this world exclusive in “cutting edge” Investigative Journalism and be the first to uncover all the big “News” stories that matter on this island.

This is a parody of the embarrassing (for the interviewer) item that Channel Television tried to palm off as "NEWS"


  1. Classic, brilliant. I laughed and laughed so much after one glass of wine I had to use the toilet!!!!
    More of this PLEASE.

  2. Very good I laughed and my side are hurting.

    Some news is good news...

    Well done especially the real news at the end.

    Keep this up Sir you are a breath of fresh air coming out of a stinking place

  3. An Absolutely Brilliant "world Exclusive".
    You better watch out the CTV will be offering you a Golden Handcuff Deal, after you've out done them on this news worthy story.
    Which way are you going to go on this story. Are you going to see who else eats & drinks before they go & do States business.
    It could be quite reviling, I bet his not the only one that indulges in these activities, they all need to be exposed.
    Should we get the Telegrath on to it as well.
    Well Done the Voice this is what we did to no.

  4. Nice one Monty
    Don’t let the B…. Good gentlemen politicians grind you down

  5. excellent - perhaps you should post this on planet jersey so they can hold a further Kangaroo Court on the subject, is it legal for a Deputy to consume Cornflakes and a Bacon Butty? AND follow it with Tea. I have asked the JEP to hold the front page - What is MT having for lunch? Don;t tell me Kangaroo Stakes!!!!!

  6. Well done Montford and VCR.
    I've had a good laugh tonight.

    Quite a differnt response to how I felt after watching the CTV footage yesterday which was blatently biased journaism.

  7. You know the worrying thing? That interview was slightly more professional than the Channel Report fiasco!

  8. Monty - rather than have the effect Tel Boy would have hoped for, I should imagine your street cred has soared!

    VFC, job well done. You have excelled yourself.

  9. Cutting edge reporting,well done .
    could you please ask the Deputy next time you doorstep him,if he warms the pot first, and is he a milk first sort of man,full fat or best semi-skimmed.
    These are questions the electorate of Jersey really need to know.
    Keep up the good work .

  10. Could you please ask the Deputy why Jersey Royals do not taste the same as they did?
    Also if he has a reliable source,could he please give us the details as my family are looking for a good feed of spuds for the weekend

  11. Fantastic and brilliant reporting ! puts channel interview to shame !Well done montford.

  12. Thats great reporting. I'm going to double my tax payments. It's well worth it - Jersey Politics has become a farce. This stuff is sellable. I know a guy at Hatrick productions.
    Monty have you thought of doing a double act with Stuart Syvret - a la Laurel and Hardy - would be an all time classic.
    Perhaps you could do it at Christmas for charity!!

  13. Alright Mont. Was wondering if i could nip into the chamber for a look around. Was thinking i might be able to take a kip in the chamber, costs a fortune to get out to St Brelades these days. Bloody cabbies!!

  14. This is quite possibly the funniest Blog on the web.
    You're not really a politician are you? If so where the hell is Jersey, this is comical?
    Was ROFLOL!! Genius.
    James (Alaska)

  15. Excellent stuff. Do the deputy#s talents never end?

  16. Excellent stuff. He can play accordion, give eloqeunt speeches and is funny to boot. Do this man's talents never end?!

  17. This video has done the good deputy's street cred the world of good as if it needed it. CTV never had any cred but there interview with the deputy only reminded us why they've got no cred.

  18. James (Alaska)- If you really want to know where Jersey is and the background to this story, leave another comment and I'll point you in the right direction!

  19. The States is full of Tosser, la, la, la,, la, la, la.....the States is full of Tossers dee dee dee dee dee

  20. Hey Monty. This is almost as hilarious as seeing you in a pair of trunks at the Swimarathon!!!!!

  21. Very funny! Keep up the good work.

    Take care

  22. Monty, you're a sound lad. Why do you ally yourself with that walking lunatic Syvret and the collective bunch of no hopers the JDA?????
    Carry on like this and you'll probably be announcing a civil ceremony with Jeremy Macon!!!!!
    Fnarrrrr Fnarrrrr

  23. Tom and Jerry - Monty and Terry.

    Monty was the Top Cat!

  24. Peopele!!! why you doing this to Mr Tadier??? He went out had a drink and spent a night at States Chamber,is it a crime??? Has he done anything wrong to anybody??? I can not see any harm in that.

    We all eat, drink and use the toilet. Whats so funny about that??? I can not see anything to laugh about. Being a politician is still being human being as well.


    vcf should not guestion him what has he had for breakfast. Mr Tadier can have for breakfast anything he likes like anybody else!!!

    Mr Tadier, we do not want you to resign.This is not a matter for resigning. We are with you.

  25. Mixing your food and drink is a resignation offence if you are not part of the Oligarchy. If you are a part of the Oligarchy child abuse and cover up is not a resignation offence in fact it is compulsory

  26. Well done VFC & Monty bloody classic.

    CTV should hang there heads in shame now was it tea & wine or was it a wee or a poo


  27. ROFL

    More interesting than the junk they keep putting out by our local media as news,:-)

    Thank you and Monty for the laugh!

  28. It was good to see Monty up bright and early supporting the Mencap walkers.
    well done

  29. Brilliant footage, what a laugh well done VFC and Montfort. This puts CTV interview to shame, they are an utter disgrace!!
    More like this please... Carrie :)

  30. RE "Mixing food before work, is this acceptable behaviour for a politician?"

    Having food there is nothing to do with being politician.We all human beings and what you eat its own business not vfc. I need to say that the vfc being chicky by saying this "mixing food before work". This is none of your business what people (incl politicians) have for breakfast.

    Of course if loggic thinking does not apply then you laugh about it.

    I agree that THIS IS NOT A CRIME MONTY HAS NOT DONE ANYTHING WRONG why you people bullying him now???

  31. Excellent, loved it - you have both put CTV to shame! She must be feeling a little embarrassed at her appauling interview.

    You'll have to do a sequel now as we need to know the drink to have with lunch!

  32. Dr Strangelove18 May 2009 at 08:26

    Monty - mixing certain foods is extremely dangerous. If you had a wheat allergy, you could end up with a nasty rash on your privates. Not something that the you tubers would want to see!!

  33. Can we not forget this silly subject now? Surely there are more important issues to talk about :-/

  34. Ah come on. Get a grip. Monty is the best thing to happen to Jersey Politics in 20 years.
    Monty reminds me of Leslie Nielsen in "The Naked Gun."

  35. Monty - Have you thought of a career in comedy? You've definitely got that magic. I have no doubt if the Aprrentice were run in Jersey - You would make a perfect PantsMan !!!!!!!!!

  36. Hey hey Monty. Waye aye up the tooooooon!!!
    All you need is a plaster to hold your Specs together at the nose. Would complete the look, perfect.

  37. That sketch should be submitted to John Cleese.
    Motny, rumour has it that you were the rear end of the pantomime horse that disrupted the Siam Cup??

  38. People, all your sarcastic comments are showing your childish behaviour !!!

    It`s time you put your silly comments behind you and get on with your own life People.

    Mr Tadier, dont resign!!!

  39. Here, here don't resign. You will never pick up half that salary working for Spar in the Private Sector.