Saturday, 22 August 2009


For my national and international readers the “FILTHY RAG” is a term used for our only “news” paper in Jersey.
I know my Blog(s) are read by Journalists both National and international as I have given a few of you an interview after you have contacted me through my Blog.
Without buying a copy I would urge all my readers/viewers to read yesterdays and today’s copy of the said FILTHY RAG and I would especially ask any Journalists to give me their take on the “stories” they have published about Lenny Harper. I will explain where I am a little confused.
Three people have successfully been convicted of child abuse. To the best of my knowledge these three people, and the case against them, were put in front of a court as a result of Lenny Harper and his teams investigation. Although I believe the three people have been offered as sacrificial lambs to the public by our Attorney General, and people who hold much higher positions of power over here should be put before the courts but that’s for another Blog.
So three court cases and three guilty verdicts that’s a 100% success rate for Lenny Harper and his team, which by anybody’s standards is pretty damn good.
Now the defence Lawyers have made all kinds of accusations and statements against Lenny Harper, which I suppose is their job, indeed I think the Crown Advocate has made equally damming statements against Lenny Harper (work that one out!)
But the defence Advocates LOST ALL THREE CASES so I suppose it would be safe to say the Jury didn’t believe them. Why then would a “news”paper, or in this case a FILTHY RAG, start printing the defence stories as though they had won the bloody case and go on to discredit the lead investigator who made these convictions possible????
This must be unprecedented in the world of “Journalism” shouldn’t it? When the lead investigator gets a 100% record in securing convictions in historic abuse cases, something we are told is notoriously difficult to do, and HE IS PORTRAYED AS THE BAD GUY!! by our only “news”paper. Surely he should be hailed as a bloody hero?
How on earth can Jack Straw turn his back on all this?
Lenny Harper is being condemned , in certain circles, for allegedly agreeing a book deal. I believe not only should he consider it, he should be forced to write a book. The truth about our local media and their relationship with our ruling elite needs to be exposed, among many, many atrocities I and many others believe have taken place regarding the cover up of child abuse and abusers on this island.
It is my opinion Lenny Harper courted the world’s media, not only to encourage victims to come forward (which proved to be very successful) but because he knew what he would be up against with our local media.
So the question I want answered is “where else in a western “democratic” world would the press slate the lead investigator who has a 100% record in securing convictions against child abusers”?
Only in Jersey I fear……….only in Jersey.


  1. Lenny Harper is a hero

  2. VFC, you said, "Surely he should be hailed as a bloody hero?"

    When I first read that line I thought it said, "Surely he would be jailed as a bloody hero?"

    I had to laugh because as a foreigner who follows this story, it did seem perfectly plausible that a true hero WOULD run a bigger risk of jail in Jersey than a pervert. Thank God and the jury there was an exception. The JEP needs to get over it before they are the laughing stock of the journalistic world.

  3. Ah, Diane! She provides the best classroom example of journalistic ethics in reverse. Who else could be depended upon for clearer documented evidence of why media matters in a democracy? She beats FOX News any day, because she isn't even aware of her own absurdity. At least FOX knowingly and intentionally milks bias for all it is worth in a ratings war!

  4. My e mail i have sent to Diane Simon
    Sorry i have posted anonymously for obvious reasons.

    Absolute disgrace ,you cannot call yourself a professional journalist

    A puppet on a string dancing to your masters tune is how I would describe your articles that have vilified Lenny Harper.

    You should be ashamed of yourself, I don’t know how you sleep at night.

    I will be cancelling my delivery of the J E P ,and as a small business that would frequently use your paper for advertising, I will no longer give you any more of my business

  5. I agree 100% that Lenny Harper courted the media in the full knowledge that he had to get the story out in the open before the ESTABLISHMENT closed ranks on him and hounded him out of the police force. Simon Bellwood the so called whistle blower was silenced eventually although he won his case of unfair dismissal and no stone is being left unturned to silence the poll topping Stuart Syvret...........Wendy Kinnard ....hmm well what was her role in all of this, she went rather too meekly for my liking!

  6. Lenny Harper and everyone who stands up to these thugs are hero's!

    It ain't easy and it does come with a degree of danger to ones health and safety. So well done everybody you do yourself proud.

  7. A comment has been left naming a possible abuse victim.

    I'm sorry I can't let it through. If what you say is true and the said person is a victim then they have the right to anonymity. It's just a bit close to the mark.

  8. voiceforchildren said...
    A comment has been left naming a possible abuse victim.

    I understand voiceforchildren, that’s why I like your blog site. You are passionate and run your blog with complete integrity.

  9. Unfortunately VFC (Vile F***ing C**t as you're known over here) you haven't a bloody clue. I am not a lawyer, journalist or police officer but am privy to very sensitive information in my line of work.
    The work of the 'Vile Rag', to which you refer, did not come as part of the defence of the three people (yes, that's right, just three people from the 100s Lenny promised us) during their defence.
    Those comments came from a two-week long court case, which was held behind closed doors and which the media were banned from broadcasting and publishing, all about how Lenny's cock-up and exagerations meant the three couldn't get a fair trial.
    What are you saying? That all of that information should have been covered up and never reported.
    Good try and keep up the entertaining work!

  10. There's always one......

  11. Don't believe a word from the man who claimed to be privy to sensitive information in his line of work. He is just bored and restless because he is no longer gainfully employed.

  12. Jill, my dear friend, in your absence please do allow me……………Oh dear, oh dear, have you nowhere else to post your foul and disgusting diatribe, have you been cast out like a leper, or perhaps your ass has finally turned on you and it is you that is now being stung? How very, very sad, I pity you, you must lead a very lonely life! You sir (and I use that word very loosely) are your own worst enemy and I strongly suspect that the only privy that you are private too is your own sh*t house. God forbid if you were a lawyer, journalist or police officer, many of these are corrupt enough without the contemptible likes of you adding to that corruption, but then again, you would not last long for no matter how often you change your pseudonym, you have a uniqueness all of your own, your style of writing is so bitter, you really must stop taking those awful pills!!

    Lenny Harper was acting on information received, you have absolutely no idea of the truth so how dare you accuse him of things you know nothing about and you have missed the point completely, it was Lenny Harper and his team that brought these three to justice not the key stone cops that we have at the moment and you cannot blame him for the lack of cases going through the Courts you can blame………….. Oh to hell with it, why am I bothering with my time on a poor deluded moron like you, I have better and more important things to do with my time like continuing the fight for justice oh, and before you try it, I am just not interested!!!

  13. Oh dear, oh dear Anonymous - what a sad little 'stinger' you are. Your writing style and bitterness shine through, so why are you posting anonymously?

    I have just returned to Jersey after 9 days away and thought I would buy yesterdays VILE, VILE RAG to catch up on news a bit. I was again disgusted to see Mick Gradwell's comments regarding Lenny Harper, and woe betide a double page spread in the middle as well. How much were you paid to come here to discredit Lenny Harper Mr Gradwell??

    So Mr 'YOU OVER THERE' wherever that is, talk to some of the victims whose cases have not come to court because of very weak reasons, take those blinkers off, and if as you claim you are privy to sensitive information, do something useful with it, because as sure as hell our local excuse for a newspaper will not bother.

    If you can only perceive VFC's good work as entertaining and not enlightening, why do you waste your time reading it?