Thursday, 10 September 2009

Turks and Caicos Here We Come?

In Jersey we have 53 elected "representatives" over 250 Jersey Lawyers (giving expensive legal advice world-wide), some of the highest paid Judges, Law officers, Police and Civil Servants in the world. Yet they have failed miserably to resolve the "Child Abuse" scandal centered around HDLG.

In this interview Deputy Roy Le Herissier, an experienced Politician and long term good guy, admits that there is a vacuum of leadership in Jersey and that Child Abuse is just one of a huge range of problems facing this island.

Whether we on "SS Jersey" have yet to hit the ice berg is not obvious but more and more people realise that the Commanding Officer - Chief Minister Terry Le Sueur - must be removed from the bridge now!!

So as far as the Child Abuse victims are concerned, Deputy Le Herissier assures us that there are States members who are committed to help resolve their long standing injustices.

If this means taking the matter outside of the island, as the Deputy says must happen, so be it but the victims cannot be expected to wait forever. Those committed elected "representatives" must come forward now and stop hiding behind the facade of "enquiries pending" or just sitting on the fence.

What has happened in the Turks and Caicos islands Can happen here and it just might very well happen here. If Jersey government refuses to aknowledge the plight of the Abuse Victims and the injustices suffered by them then outside intervention is inevitable and the precedent for outside interference on other issues, will be established.

This abuse scandal will not go away no matter how hard the "accredited" media and our government try!

Submitted by Team Voice.


  1. 'So as far as the Child Abuse victims are concerned, Deputy Le Herissier assures us that there are States members who are committed to help resolve their long standing injustices'.

    Time for them to now become public and stand up and be counted then. The injustices should NOT have been longstanding, so let us see which States members have the courage of their convictions.

  2. They are now coming out of the woodwork....

    And I always guest Roy would be one of the first.

  3. If Le Herrissier looks like he might be climbing off his fence let's hope others will follow. You are either a part of the problem or part of the solution so come on politicians where do you stand?

  4. Offering?

    You are doing a fantastic job sir and never let anyone tell you different.

    between you Stuart and lenny as well as some others this war is starting to go your way and slowly people are waking up.

    Well done your a champ m8!!!

  5. I would recommend people to read the scrutiny report on the co-ordination of services for vulnerable children,available on the scrutiny website.It is one of the best things to come out of the states for a long time.If it is agreed to, it will move things forward considerably.

  6. Ian Le Marquand said that there were no credible candidates for Chief Minister even before he was elected as Senator.

    Now that he has tasted political office - and obviously loves it - he should put his name forward to replace Le Sueur ASAP.

    Le Marquand does have a religious ethic - which won't suit everybody - but at least he has some standards to guide him. Also he is a lawyer of some experince and the ex senior Magistrate and he clearly relishes legal discussions.

    Somehow he should be given the chance to replace Le Sueur as soon as possible. If anybody knows of a more suitable person then by all means suggest him or her - but we cannot carry on like this!

  7. Le Marquand maybe when takes of the links on his site to the rag and others child abusing monsters

  8. Well done Deputy, at long last we hear some sense coming out of a politician's mouth.

    Too many are still in denial and believe they are capable of controlling the information that the public receives.

    WRONG - wake up gentlemen, it's 2009.
    And whilst you are all still celebrating the achievements of the Victorian era, we are living in the here and now.

    The Deputy is absolutely right -

  9. Yes well done to Deputy Le Herissier for speaking out at last, but am I the only person concerned that he considers the latest turn of events (Gradwell/Harper)to be an "apparent slagging match"? I don't believe I have seen any evidence of "slagging" from Mr Harper, indeed he has done nothing more than respond to the vicious attacks and lies he and victims of abuse have been subjected to from Gradwell, Warcup et al. Speaking out in defence of oneself and others is what's known as a "slagging match" now eh? Hmmmmmmmm.

  10. Debbie.

    You are absolutely correct. Lenny and his team were getting a massive slagging (in my opinion) which I believe was a srategy employed by the States communications unit and the oh so helpful local media.

    The question is "what did they expect Lenny to do about it"? Surely they didn't expect him to say "sorry I got it all wrong"

    Lenny and his team's reputation was on the line and he blasted Warcup right out of the water with documentation and EVIDENCE.

    This was not a slagging match, it was PUTTING THE RECORD STRAIGHT.

    Perhaps Deputy Le Herissier would like to leave a comment here explaining why he thinks it was a slagging match.

  11. This is brilliant VFC and thank you to Deputy Roy Le Herissier for speaking out. I only hope that other States members will now do the same as the silence throughout this whole investigation has been deafening!
    Thank you.

  12. The Commanding Officer wasn't even on the bridge today but was enjoying a jolly at the airport when the SS Jersey hit that suspended "MR D" ice-berg again.

    CM LE Sueur later apologised for his absence but if he isn't removed from command soon this will be the last voyage for all of us! Throw him overboard before its too late.

  13. Nikki Beach Resort in the Turks & Caicos Islands has closed down after just one year trading.
    It was an upmarket 5 star resort for VIPs and show-biz types and part of an exclusive chain.
    See Caribbean Net News for more info but just take note that the sunami will hit us eventually too.

  14. It will soon be 28th September.
    How many Jersey people know or care why this date is important?

    Shall it be remembered?

    Shall the Bailiff or Chief Minister or anybody make a speech?