Saturday, 7 November 2009

What is the elusive “Right Way”?

Senator Stuart Syvret, has for the last couple of years or so, been attempting to hold the executive to account involving the decades of failures of our Jersey child “care” system.
He has, in the opinion of Team Voice, worked harder and exposed more truth’s than any of his elected colleagues ever have or perhaps ever will in this area.

He has been thwarted at just about every step he has taken, whether it be the “right way” or the “wrong way”. Which has forced him not only to publish very serious allegations on his Blogsite (after offering evidence to the “accredited” media to no avail) but has now forced him to flee the island and seek protection from “The Jersey System”.

Many of the Senator’s detractors have argued “he’s gone about it all the wrong way”, “he’s held his own Kangaroo court on his Blog” “he’s accused people of crimes, on his Blog, and they have no right of reply” etc. etc.

There is possibly merit in some of these arguments, but what choice has he had and just what exactly is “the right way” in Jersey to bring child abusers to justice?

Senator Alan Breckon as Chairman of HSSH Scrutiny sub Panel has just brought a proposition P145/2009 to the States where the panel have asked for an independent inquiry into the management of Health and Social Services and their handling of, among other things, cases concerning vulnerable children.

It would appear the Scrutiny sub Panel had received some very disturbing evidence that might expose some massive failings in certain departments charged with the “care” of our children. It became apparent the sub panel neither had the time or resources to investigate these very alarming claims submitted by witnesses giving evidence.

Furthermore if this proposition was accepted by our States it would give all those accused by Senator Syvret and others of serious failings, Child Abuse, covering up for Child abuse, incompetence, Corporate Manslaughter , etc. a right to reply, a chance to clear their names and put the record straight. This proposition would have also showed the world that the government of Jersey is ready to face up to any failings in it’s “care” system. It would also put the words of ex Chief Minister Frank Walker into action when he said something along the lines of “no stone will be left un-turned” “ a full and independent root and branch inquiry will be held” Just as importantly this proposition might bring some families some justice and possibly a step nearer to some closure.

So if Senator Syvret has gone about things the “wrong way“, it must be argued that Senator Breckon and his panel have gone about things “the right way”?

Well as Senator Breckon, and his panel’s proposition, failed miserably to gain support of the house by 20 votes for, and thirty votes against, will people now be saying “well Breckon went about it all the wrong way”? If this is the case could somebody please tell us all, how do you go about investigating all the allegations made against departments and staff, MADE BY DEPARTMENTS AND STAFF? And how do you give those people accused of wrong doing an opportunity to clear their names? Will somebody please tell us what “The Right Way” is?

I think we all know what “The right Way” really is but it doesn’t apply to Jersey.

After the failing of this proposition to gain the support of the house many other questions arise. One being just what is the effectiveness of Scrutiny? Does it matter what they bring to the house because it’s only going to get defeated by the Constables, Ministers and Assistant Ministers? Another being, just what is the HSSH Scrutiny Panel going to do now? Are they going to say “well we gave it a shot” and forget about it? Is there any other States Member with the balls to put their neck on the line to bring some justice and closure to this whole sorry affair that is going to haunt Jersey and it’s people until Justice is at least seen to be done?

If there is, then make sure you do it “The Right Way” .


  1. Any person/s who accusations are made against on Stuarts blog DO have the 'right to reply' - theres a little thing called the 'comments facility' that Stuart updates and allows to be published on 5/6 or whatever times daily basis.

    If 'we' are talking about 'civil servants' allegedly not having the 'public right to reply' - because it is a term of their employment - then if this disadvantages them in any way couldn't they take this issue up with their employer?

  2. Hi VFC, spot on again, as ever.
    I have emailed Jackie Hilton and received a response in the last few days, the contents of which, are on the group wall. Please take a look, it is encouraging reading.

  3. So you are still seeking the messiah to lead you out of the mess. You seek the "right way" but you are in the "wrong system".
    Who receives a fair deal in this society and just what standards of fairness might we expect?

    The abuse of children is just one aspect of the problem and Senator Syvret is mostly identified with a relatively narrow range of concerns that are attracting a great deal of attention.

    Other campaigners would no doubt claim that child abuse is small beer when compared with climate change or the energy shortage or over population or cross-border migration or the afghan conflict or environmental damage or a collapsing world economic order etc etc

    So, even if all the Jersey based concerns that you identify are addressed and all the suspected abusers and murderers are locked up
    and dubious judges are exposed - so then what? Is that the end or the beginning of the mission?

    Do you want a cunning plan to address all the problems or just to address the current, narrowly perceieved injustices?

    What is it that you seek - the "right way" but to where?

  4. Scrutiny is a toothless tiger. This is Jersey, it wouldn't exist in any other form.

  5. hi vfc...

    Keep on posting you are doing a great job.. What is the right way. All i know the states of jersey keep letting the public down..

    James reed in his speech said there was no point in looking back....

    Now that scared the sh8t out of me


  6. To the anonymous poster who questions what I seek.

    Climate change, cross border migration or even world peace for that matter all have their own campaigns and campaigners and I dare say their own Blogs.

    I am campaigning primarily for "real justice" I want those who have abused children to face a court of law for their ghastly crimes. I want victims of child abuse to gain something close to closure. I want our government to face up to the "mistakes" of their past.

    Just as importantly I want to know how to achieve this. Our longest serving politician, and Father of The House, has put his whole existence on the line to achieve this.

    Our Scrutiny system has been shown for what it is, and that is a total waste of time.

    So have you got a suggestion for "the right way"?

  7. Do people realise that if only six of those nine constables had gone with their concience it would have been 26 to 24 instead of 20 to 30?!!!

  8. What if it had been 25 to 25?

    Who would have had the vital casting vote?

  9. Sit back, relax and let "Catch a Fire" draw up your manifesto! Have a look at his latest blog about the recent formation of the Bermudiam Democratic Alliance. Once again, other people in similar small places are experiencing just the same problems of achieving reform and the "elusive right way".
    Why are we so reluctant to learn from them or to share our knowledge with others?

    His site "for workers power" can be linked off voiceforprotest.
    Give it a go.

  10. Unless Jersey develops a more just and transparent system, it will not ever become healthy enough to contribute solutions to the larger global problems.

  11. Yes, we can learn from Bermuda and we can also learn from Anguilla too.
    Link to Corruption-free Anguilla from this site (Nov 7th). Read how the old London based connections are viewed and how independence for the small British irritations around the world might actually come as a relief at Whitehall.

    Those in Jersey who want to break with the UK never had a better time.
    The issues are very wide but is anybody really grappling with them here?

  12. 'James Reed in his speech said there was no point in looking back....'

    Problem here is that whilst most people learn from past mistakes, and say that hindsight is a wonderful thing, those who voted 'contre' have obviously learnt NOTHING, and are not prepared to spend £300k on such an important issue, but bail out Heritage to the tune of £800k.

    Well at least we know where some member's priorities lie.

    Scrutiny is as effective as a chocolate teapot.


  13. Dear Anonymous,
    I understand your point about child abuse being small fry compared to the bigger global picture but I think you will find that most people tend to stand up for causes that affect them most directly, whereas those who 'believe' they are unaffected by any of these issues, actually close their eyes & turn in the opposite direction!
    Personally, I see the fight against child abuse as the beginning of the mission because it all overlaps & interlinks, all seeming to boil down to power and control, so once one thing is exposed, once people start opening their eyes & minds to what's really going on around us, it's inevitable that the other issues will follow, hopefully before it's too late!
    Regardless, we have to start with one thing at a time, whether it be child abuse, poverty, injustice etc etc. Surely it's too big for most people to comprehend in one swoop!
    Unless you'd like to disclose the cunning plan you speak of? :)

  14. There are numerous cunning plans currently on offer Elouise - it depends to some extent if you want a political or religious or other terms of reference. Personally I would go for a Human Rights agenda as defined by UN agencies.

    But, unfortunately, the stumbling block in Jersey is to bring together people who are fired up (or dragged down as the case may be) with some particular or specific grievance - so that they will work together with reform as a common cause.

    The UN agenda sets out to be universal and offers specific solutions to many many problems.

    Deputy Bob Hill is currently trying to form a Jersey Human Rights Group and I would certainly urge anybody prepared to pursue their various concerns under that banner to make contact.

    Experience has shown that political groups in Jersey have tended to be merely cheerleader groups to a prima donna and that despots are more likely to emerge than democrats.

    At least the UN agenda were devised by people within clearly defined aims and objectives (like the Universal Declaration on Human Rights) that are now very well etsblished after 50 years or more. So, if you want my suggestion, that is it.