Monday, 7 December 2009


Further to our last Blog, Team Voice are very sad to report, despite being in contact with a few of the listed politicians, and despite being assured they will reply to the questionnaire, not one of them have.

This is most unfortunate because there are a number of them who work tirelessly for their constituents and for the greater good of the island. The questionnaire would have offered them the opportunity, not only to prove they are worth their money and seat, but also given them the opportunity to engage with the ever growing online community of voters.

For the rest it would have exposed them as bi-weekly 43 grand button pushers and they never were going to answer any questions, you the reader, can decide who falls in which camp!

Another update we are sorry, but not surprised, to report - is that of Channel Television and their interview with Senator Syvret in London where he was subject to a (Jersey style) “grilling” from Jess Dunsdon.

Regular readers will be aware we (Team Voice) were “holding judgement” as to whether it was a fair, impartial and objective interview. We suggested if there was a counter-balance interview subjecting either Magistrate Bridget Shaw, Attorney General Tim Le Coq, Advocate Stephen Baker, either of the Bailhache brothers, to a “Jersey style grilling” then it would appear fair, impartial and objective.

Team Voice have e-mailed Channel Television on two occasions asking them if they had any intention on interviewing any of the above and we reproduce the e-mails here.

Dear news @ channeltv.

As you will be aware, we at Team Voice, published a Blog covering the interview between Jess Dunsdon and Senator Syvret
here We are looking to do a follow up of this Blog.

Before we do this could you please advise us if you have any intentions of interviewing Bridget Shaw, Stephen Baker, William or Phillip Bailhache Tim Le Coq or anybody similar in order to give some balance to the Syvret interview?

Kind Regards.

Team Voice


|voiceforchildren voiceforchildren to news
show details Nov 23

Dear News.

Below is the e-mail sent to you on November the 19th. Unfortunately we have still not recieved a reply. Could you please inform us as to whether you are going to interview any of the key players mentioned or not.

If you have no intentions of interviewing any of them, then could you please explain the reason(s) for this?

Team Voice.

Unfortunately Channel Television have not replied so we are left believing the “Syvret interview” was a propaganda exercise which served our ruling elite’s purpose of telling the public how Senator Syvret is a naughty boy.

Come on Channel Television you’re “accredited” media aren’t you? We’re only asking for both sides of the story, in a word “Balance”.


  1. Quite by coincidence I was just wondering whether you had received any responses yet - I guess I have my answer now.

    Disappointing, but probaby not surprising. I had 'ticked' five of these members as likely to reply, and as I have already voted for them, or thought perhaps they could warrant a vote in the future, as a member pof the electorate I feel very let down by these. The others I am afraid I expected nothing from (probably they have done nothing or have nothing to offer!).

    So, they are voted in by us, and then are not prepared to up date us with their performance so far - says it all really.

    Won't hold my breath on CTV either - balanced reporting - in Jersey?? As Father Christmas would say Ho!Ho!Ho!

  2. It seems young Jeremy's mother did not teach him to be true to his word then.

    You honoured your side of the bargain VFC - where are YOU Jeremy?

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  4. By any standards, To achieve 100%non-responses from our newly elected representatives is a truly remarkable achievement.

    Not even a single statement to explain why they were too busy or could not be bothered!

    Obviously we will know what to do when they start planning their next electoral campaigns and we shall easily find others to vote for. But is the contempt for the voters really so quickly learned and are they really so blatantly not interested in what the public think about them?

  5. From Deputy Maçon

    Dear all, I said that I would answer the questions when an accurate account of the economic affairs scrutiny panel was posted. Team voice has yet to correct what was posted on voice for protest.

    I have actually answered the questions (to the best of my ability) and am waiting to send them. But as I have previously stated I am not happy to pass on information to Media that are happy to post incorrect information.

    The following is the original message I sent to team voice and they still have not posted an accurate account. So it is incorrect to say that team voice has honoured its side.

    Ps. Wishing all a Happy Christmas

    Posted by Deputy Maçon:-

    Dear Team Voice,

    Thank you for your e-mail.

    I will be happy to answer your questions. However, only once you have posted an accurate account of what occured during the last economic affairs scrutiny meeting. I would not be happy to pass on information to be posted to a source that was happy to report inaccurate events. As your team is a pressure group with it's own bias.

    For example Deputy Labey as vice chair did agree to give an interview but did not want to be video recorded - of which Mr Dun became quite upset, began shouting and arguing with Deputy Pitman.

    I offered at the beginning of the session a tea/coffee to Mr Dun. Which he declined in not the most polite of ways might I add. He commented that he felt it was bribery. I thought it was good manners.

    Nor is there any mention of the incident when Mr. Dun burst into the room and shouted at the panel.

    Re the Isle - the panel noted the option of the Isle for future use but make no decision about using it. Nor did we make a preference choice between your blog site or the Isle.

    I could go on but I’ll stop there. I believe that your team’s objective is better reporting. Not more bias reporting. I am sure that you will correct any omissions and inaccuracies.

    To use your earlier term “Thank you in advance for your co-operation”.

    Kind regards,

    Deputy Maçon

    Ps. Also if you could spell my name correctly when using it I would be most grateful.
    Pps. I will copy and post this onto your blog site and I am sure that as your team has trasparency at it's heart that it will be posted and unedited.

  6. Mr Macon - you appear a tad confused, or maybe we (supporters of a pressure group with its own bias!!) have.

    Are you saying that the copy of your e-mail of last month which was reproduced on 26th November on Voice for Protest, is NOT an accurate report of what happened, and if not, why have you yourself reproduced it again?

    You are behaving rather like a petulant schoolboy Mr Macon. The issue of what occurred at the Scrutiny meeting has no bearing on answering questions on your States performance thus far has it?

  7. Sorry - left misunderstood after have in first sentence (just so it makes sense!)

  8. Jill.

    I have been reluctant to respond to Deputy Macon's last comment because I was confused until you basically said what I was thinking.

    It looks to me that Deputy Macon wants us to put up his version of events and nothing else.

    As I was not at this particular meeting and was not the author of the VFP Blog on it I'm not going to comment on who's right or who's wrong.

    The way I see it is Deputy Macon disagrees with what was posted and we have published his disagreements so both sides of the story are there.

    You are, in my opinion, correct when you say "The issue of what occurred at the Scrutiny meeting has no bearing on answering questions on your States performance thus far has it"?

    We are in fact offering Deputy Macon and the other 19 elected representatives to blow their own trumpet and help make the ever growing online voters aware of their work.

    At the same time we intend on exposing the bi-weekly 43k button pushers.

    Deputy Macon, Team Voice have kept their side of the bargain by publishing your disagreements and e-mail TWICE on two different Blogsites what more do you want?

    Why not agree to disagree and move on with the more important issue of engaging with and informing your constituents, voters and potential voters, of your work as a states member?


  9. Whilst we have Mr Macon's attention (I'm not sure where the funny 'C' is on my computer), could he please explain his reasons for voting AGAINST an inquiry into the actions of H&SS?

    I also believe the full printing of Mr Macon's email unedited on your other blogsite, does in fact address the balance.

  10. I think what Jeremy asked you to do was publish an accurate account of what happened, not to simply print his E-Mail. Perhaps if you could simply confirm that his recollection of events and Mr Duns actions are correct, we could all benefit from his replies to your questions

  11. Bertie, you are missed informed.

    The vote for a "Committee of Inquiry into the management of the Health and Social Services Department" P145/2009. The whole record can been found here:-

    Deputy Maçon voted for it (pour).

    The vote was 20 for - 30 against.

  12. Thank you anon, for pointing out my mistake. My apologies Mr Macon.

    Now does the blog admin need to adjust my original post or does this post right the wrong??

  13. If you and your contributors treat the one politician who tries to engage you in this condescending and insulting manner

    'Young Jeremy's mother did not teach him to be true to his word'

    'You are behaving rather like a petulant schoolboy Mr Macon'

    And then attempting to misrepresent his voting record (Even if this was subsequently corrected)

    are you really surprised that no-one is interested in your invitation to participate ?

    You might actually get the engagement you want if you published, and even attempted to follow the advice of, some of the questioning comments your receive, rather than let Jill Gracia and her disaffected rent-a-mob jump in on every thread in an attempt to scare off any dissenting voices.

  14. For what it's worth. I believe Deputy Macon would come out of this looking ok. He sits on Scrutiny Panels, sub panels, submits questions, holds surgeries etc, he also votes, in my opinion, "the right way"

    I believe we have fulfilled our end of "the bargain" and published Deputy Macon's recollection of events on two different Blogsites.

    I'm sorry I don't know how to do the squiggely under the letter "C" but I have tried to find out. So if anybody would care to tell me how to do it then I will be sure to use it every time I print the Deputy's name.

    Other than that I'm at a loss to what else I can do. Baring in mind I'm actually offering the Deputy, and the 19 others, a chance to show off their wares, as it were.

  15. To insert the c with cedilla (ç), either hold down the alt key and type on the numeric keypad (not the top row of the keyboard) 0231 , or use the character map tool. This is usually found in accessories, system tools.

  16. St Ouennais.

    Thanks for that. I had already looked through the system tools and all that and couldn't see it anywhere. The 0231 works and I'm sure Deputy Maçon will be that little bit happier that his name is being spelt correctly.