Sunday, 4 April 2010

Scrutiny evidence or “scoop” for the JEP?

What are the motives, or agenda, of Home Affairs Minister Senator Ian (P9-26) Le Marquand? And how seriously does he take the Scrutiny process? Why would he rather give the Jersey Evening Post a “scoop” than give it, as evidence, to the Scrutiny Panel?

Why won’t the Home Affairs Minister take into consideration the FOUR ACPO Reports and the HMI Reports when determining the fate of our most senior Police Officer? How can he now honestly claim to be impartial?

Now here is something a little curious! It appears (and I stand to be corrected) that Senator Le Marquand might have divulged the Terms of Reference that the Wiltshire Constabulary are working by.

In the said “scoop” JEP article there is this.

“Operation Haven (by Wiltshire Constabulary)
1. Graham Power’s supervision of the Haut de la Garenne inquiry

2. Graham Power’s supervision of the financial management of the enquiry.

They read to me like “Terms of Reference” and one of the reasons I find this “curious” is because on the 19th of January 2010 Deputy Bob Hill submitted a number of written questions to the Home Affairs Minister. Among those questions was this.

With reference to the suspension of the Chief Officer of the States of Jersey Police will the Minister inform Members -

(b) the terms of reference for the investigation?

And this is the “answer” given by the Home Affairs Minister.

(b) It is not appropriate for me to answer this section of the question due to confidentiality issues.

So perhaps it might be a good idea if the Home Affairs Scrutiny Panel, or any States Member have got questions for the Home Affairs Minister they should ask Diane Simon!!

This mess is just beyond funny, it truly is tragic............


  1. VFC

    I have a 'SCOOP'

    ILM is this boy for real lol, i bet the establishment cant even work this cookie out.

    just keep him speaking it makes our work so much easier


  2. the only scooping le marquand should be doing is


    He is leaving a trail of poo and not just content with that he then goes and puts his foot in it.

    'cometh the hour cometh the clown'

    ILM is very nearly finished as a credible politician

  3. HI VFC

    Can the transcripts from the scrutiny meeting be made public?

    Was cristy tucker also in the meeting? and if so was she a bit put out that ILM chose diane'coco loco' simon over her?

    Where does this leave scrutiny?i guess, dead in the water. If he can say bugger you im giving the JEP a scoop and yet that totally conflicts his position and feel free to say it to a packed room thats a straight feck you.

    He also said on Talkback that he had shown roy le herrissier some information on wiltshire

    What is he doing? does he even know?


  4. Rico.

    I believe there will be transcripts from the Scrutiny Hearing. I will either publish them or a link to them when they are available.

    Christie Tucker was at the meeting, I'm not altogether sure if she was paying that much attention, as I would have thought, being a professional Journalist she would have reported the "scoop sketch" because I believe that was probably the most news worthy thing to come out of the entire meeting, but hey what do I know I'm "unaccredited"!

  5. Hi VFC

    If big trev is reading this perhaps he could come on here and tell us where the 'SCOOP' shambles leaves scrutiny


  6. Deputy Trevor Pitman4 April 2010 at 17:14


    As always I stand to be corrected, but from what I recall Roy told us all he saw was a document flashed under his nose - he certainly made it clear he had not 'seen' anything that he could refer to. But maybe VFC can give him a call as it is always best to hear things straight from the horse's mouth rather than second hand.

    Where does this leave Scrutiny, you ask. Well, probably in precisely the place that I, and a number of others, have feared it existed all along.

    A significant number of good, honest people working very hard at doing the best they(we) can, regardless of their different politics for a process that has no real political teeth.

    Worse, that appears to be treated with complete contempt by many within the Executive; and serves only to tie many of us up from the necessary checks and balances essential to all good democracies -i.e. effective opposition and the development and promotion of alternative policies to the COM.

    What actually angers me most about this incident - especially as I have had a lot of time for much of what the Minister has said in the past on other issues - is that this 'playing to the media' and what I can now only call a further example of 'opinion management' rather than getting all the facts out, is exactly what the susupended Police Chief and his former Deputy have been criticised for.

    Quite frankly, it stinks. The 20th April will now be interesting to say the least. We need to see whole documents, not bits and pieces or pages with great chunks of text blacked out. The Assembly should not be willing to vote on such important issues under anything but total openess.

  7. Good shout Trevor,

    enough is really enough!!!

  8. Hi Trev

    Thanks four your honest reply quite refreshing having a politician come on here and tell it how it is.

    I really don't know what if anything ILM can bring to the house on the 20th april.

    If ACPO3 is of any help to you email stuart i think he has it or BBC jersey

    Thanks trev


  9. ILeM is realy showing his naiveaty if he believes that the best place to get a scoop taken seriously is to give it exclusively to the rag for its blinkered, and harmless readers....

    It might have happened time past, but certainly not now with citizen media becoming/become a driving force for our present and our future?!

  10. Trevor.

    I have a very good idea of how many hours you, and certain others, put into your Scrutiny work and for the Home Affairs Minister to tell your panel he's not going to submit evidence to you because he's promised the JEP a scoop just about sums up how much respect the Minister has for Scrutiny.........zilch!

    You suggest that I call Roy and ask him what he was shown by ILM regarding the Wiltshire report. I thought about it and then thought why doesn't he come on here and tell us all? That's exactly what you have done and respect to you for it. All of our "representatives" should be taking a leaf out of your book and start engaging with the online community.

    Thanks for your oppennes and honesty, and I couldn't agree more, the entire Wiltshire Report along with the ACPO Reports should be made available to all States Members and indeed the very illusive "interim" MET Report.

    The ENTIRE Wiltshire Report or none of it, I'm sure he wouldn't want to be accused of "cherry picking"!!

  11. I have sent the following e-mail to Deputy Roy Le Herissier and copied in Deputy Monfort Tadier. Look forward to debating this in the public, you know, something that resembles Democracy?


    As you will see here questions are being asked about your knowledge of the Wiltshire Report and indeed the Scrutiny process.

    I, and I am sure, members of the public would appreciate your input especially with you being the Chairman of the Scrutiny Panel being discussed, perhaps leaving it all for Trevor to do is a little unfair.

    Monty you are copied into this e-mail as being a member of the Scrutiny Panel so as you can join the debate on the Blog and perhaps give some support to Trevor, even disagree with him but at least you and Roy will be engaging with the public that we so often here you all talking about?


  12. I can't begin to guess what Ian Le Marquand thought he was playing at with this "scoop" business, but I believe it'd be in the best interests of island politics if the next scoop he gave the press was news of his resignation.

  13. ADJ.

    I am sorry this Blog is not to your taste. And I agree with you, don't bother reading it anymore.


  14. First of all, let me congratulate Team Voice for covering this story and, more generally, for its tireless work in holding politicians (myself included) to account.

    It has been interesting to watch your progress from humble beginnings to a place where you are now able to 'break' stories of your own. In one sense it is sad that 'ordinary' members of the public have had to step up to the plate to fill what some see as the void in thorough, hard hitting journalism that the so-called accredited local media has been unable to fill. The positive is that even they are upping their game now.

    I have little to add to Trevor's comments other than that I agree that reliable and complete information is the key if we are ever to get to the truth.

    Call me naive, but I believe that the ACPO reports (and any other relevant documentation) should be made available to ALL States Members, and unless there is a very good reason not to, to the public. Confidentiality is, of course necessary in many circumstances, but it is being used far too frequently to hamper the work of Scrutiny and backbenchers to find answers to apparent irregularities. As my colleague said, if there is no conspiracy they are doing a good job making things look suspicious.

  15. Montfort.

    Firstly thank you for your vote of confidence in Team Voice. And thanks for engaging with the public by commenting on the Blog, let's hope your Chairman follows yours and Trevor's lead and starts to engage with the online community.

    I am pleased to see that you have a Blog under construction and I shall be watching it with great interest.

  16. VFC,
    To clarify, Senator Le M carried a copy of the wiltshire report into the Talkback studio and showed me the physical copy.
    I was not shown the content .
    Roy Le H

  17. VFC, Rico we will keep chipping and chipping and whether it be sooner or later the walls WILL come tumbling down.

    Trevor and Monty, two politicians I have always thought well of, and you are proving that my faith in you was correct. You take things on board and do not engage in 'toy throwing' unlike ILeM whose performances of late make me very uneasy, as I suspect it has a large number of others.

    Roy, thank you for the clarification of what 'seeing the Wiltshire Report' really means. Of course there are those who would have imagined that given what was said on Talkback you had actually been party to reading it word for word!! Now we know that paper was waved at you, hence you 'saw' it.

    What a nonsense this all is.

    Incidentally Rico, it was Dolores Cowburn at the Scrutiny meeting representing the JEP, and of course Cristy from BBC, so again how Diane Simon became involved is beyond me.

  18. Perhaps Dolores Cowburn and Diane Simon have to take turns attaching their reputations to the propaganda and disinformation campaign just so neither one will be the only hack with a ruined reputation when the history is written.


  19. I believe Diane Simon, under the direction of Chris Bright, is to Child Abuse what David Irving is to the Holocaust - a rabid denier.