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Is Home Affairs Minister, Senator Ian Le Marquand about to conduct a Kangaroo Court?

Can it be remotely plausible, or possible, that he is going to bring “cherry picked” parts of the Wiltshire investigation, which by all accounts looks like it was a complete shambles itself! Missing deadlines and published over a year late as well as going way over budget.

Where in any western “Democratic” government have you ever seen a (Kangaroo) court case where the only “evidence” divulged is that of the prosecution case? It looks like Senator (P9-26) Le Marquand is going to tell the whole world of the evidence against our most senior Police Officer, and offer him no right of reply! What kind of “justice” is that?

Below is an e-mail I sent to Senator Le Marquand before his disgraceful CTV appearance last night where Jess Dunsden was either very constrained by time or very ill researched. She allowed the Senator to rattle on about how Graham Power’s oversight of the HDLG investigation was poor and she didn’t mention ANYTHING about the ACPO Reports where it is clearly stated that GP should distance himself from it and concentrate on the political interference aspect, of which it appears there was plenty!

As you will see by the e-mail below, I have asked the Home Affairs Minister for an interview and I am “researched” and can give the interview adequate “air time”. I’ve still not had a reply from my last set of e-mails to the Senator and am not holding my breath for a reply to this one either.

From voiceforchildren
To Ian Le Marquand
Date Thu, Jul 8, 2010 at 5:23 PM
Subject Boing!

As I am "still" waiting anything that resembles an answer from you from my previous e-mails, I thought I would ask if you are available for an interview some time tomorrow. From what I can gather it appears that you will be going ahead with a Kangaroo Court. Unless I am very much mistaken you wish to share "parts" of the Wiltshire Reports with States Members and the public. The Wiltshire Reports could be described as "the prosecution case" so what are you offering as the case for the defence? Surely natural justice dictates that "the accused" has a right to defend themselves.............don't they?

I hope you feel confident enough to give me an interview, I also hope I have got this all wrong. Naturally the interview will contain some "real questions" as myself, and many, many others want "the truth"
Kind Regards.


  1. It seems incredible that ILM could even get away with this - selectively quoting from a report without releasing the whole thing.

    Before we can judge the accuracy and usefulness of any report we need to know the terms of reference and parameters used for creating the report, the methodology used to gather evidence, the fairness and objectiveness of the interview process, and then the approach to interpretation of the evidence.

    Without knowing this and seeing the whole report, it is not possible to say whether its conclusions are based on sound evidence and methodology.

    So to quote selectively from documents whose provenance and objectivity we cannot rely on simply undermines whatever is said about them.

    Nobody has addressed the fundamental contradiction: the ACPO reports that examined and guided the investigation as it happened, all supported Graham Power and his team.

  2. Hi VFC

    We are heading into the dark ages and being led there by a failing politician who is so far removed from what is right or wrong that he should resign now


  3. Rico.

    How can an ex-Magistrate have such little regard for "natural justice"? How can he find someone "guilty" on only one side of the evidence?

    I have maintained all along that if Graham Power is guilty of anything then he should be taken to task. But at least give him a fair trial!

    You are correct, Jersey is being taken into the dark ages. Perhaps ILM should throw GP into a pond, and if he survives, we can find him guilty of being a witch!!

    ILM is cementing his place in History. I wonder what he thinks historians will be writing about him in years to come?...........

  4. According to ILM it's a "ScANDAL"

    Looks more like a "FLIP FLOP" to me!

  5. Same people, same moaning.

    Looking back at the Kangaroo Courts held on Stuart Syvret's blog which all Four of you have a history of supporting don't be surprised if the Senator snubs your requests from now on because you really are now on your own.

  6. "you really are now on your own."

    If only you knew how wrong you are!

  7. Ian Le Marquand, interviewed by CTV last night:

    "The public really must know what happened in February when the island was frankly put through the mill by international publicity which blackened our name."

    Sound familiar to anyone?

  8. First time voter.

    Exactly what I though when I heard that comment. Reputation of Jersey seems to be top priority.

  9. It is indeed very important that the island learns the truth about what went on in February 2008 and in the months following. However, the truth will certainly not come from the rantings of ILM. His regard for truth and justice, or rather the lack of it, has been laid bare by his obnoxious and desperate statements about Graham Power in the last few days. I do not believe that the Wiltshire report is the 'prosecution case' in the Graham Power disciplinary farce. I believe that the report will contain more in support of the enquiry than the few inevitable things which any police investigation could have done better. Yes there will be those, but I believe that there will be more in the report saying we did okay. That is why ILM will only release selected excerpts. Otherwise he would have seized the opportunity and released it all. If it was as bad as he is trying to make us believe then he had ample time to institute a dozen discipline processes since receiving it. It is utter nonsense to state that he did not have the time. He had more than enough time since receiving that report but has left it for some reason. Why?He has held back because there was not enough evidence in it to justify the extreme action taken against Graham and all of them involved would have been left with the egg he talks about on their faces. Now he thinks that he can say what he likes when Graham retires. He may be in for a shock. Lenny Harper

  10. Same troll - same comments!!

    I have e-mailed ILeM now to express my concerns about this whole farcical affair, and if he chooses not to respond, his silence will speak volumes.

    Lenny, I can only say I hope he/they ARE in for a shock. I still think that they believe they are untouchable, others believe not.

    Maybe we should re-name ILeM Skippy. Skippy the BU(ll)SH(it) Kangaroo.

  11. Lenny.

    I believe ILM is in for one hell of a shock and I don't think he will be prepared for it. I agree that the Wiltshire Report should not be termed as "the prosecution case" but it's all Ian (P9-26) Le Marquand has got! and will be used as one.

    All those very positive HMIC Reports, along with the very positive 4 ACPO Reports won't get a look in! The sad thing is, that Ian Le Marquand believes he is getting away with this debacle.......wrong Ian, so very, very wrong.

  12. Re "Anonymous said... Same people, same moaning."

    But every Anonymous is obviously a different person.

    Let's imagine you got suspended from your job for three years. No disciplinary action was taken against you and you never were allowed to hear the charges against you nor defend yourself at the equivalent of an Industrial Tribunal.

    Then, to add insult to injury, your employer said publicly:

    "Although Anonymous was never proven to have done anything wrong, there is lots of evidence that they behaved abominably. We spent a million pounds on enquiries into Anonymous's behaviour and although this is public money we spent, you are not allowed to see those reports. Instead, I will quote selectively from them and you will just have to believe what I say."

    That is contrary to fairness and natural justice. Believe me, if I were Anonymous in that position, I would feel free to defend myself in any way and reveal what I knew about the behaviour of my employers.

    In any complex operation (not just a police inquiry of the size of Operation Rectangle) there are numerous ways to do things. Just look at the current happenings in Northumbria where the police are already being criticized over the hunt for Raoul Moat. Anybody can come along later and criticize or say that one course of action is better than another.

    It's a big jump from that to suspending someone for gross misconduct and destroying their public and professional reputation, without allowing them a public defence.

    I would like to see the same principle of justice applied to Jersey's obviously malfunctioning politicians and civil servants.

    "Use every man after his desert, and who shall 'scape whipping?" Hamlet

  13. Stay tuned for some stuff that you could not make up. That is the "accredited" media have a copy of the "cherry picked" Wiltshire Report(s) and get this! At least one States Member has been "REFUSED" a copy. The "accredited" media can see it but States Members can't!!! You really couldn't make this sh1t up.

    I will shortly be publishing an e-mail sent by Deputy Shona Pitman to all States Members and media, "unaccredited" included.

  14. -----Original Message-----
    From: Shona Pitman
    Sent: 09 July 2010 17:11
    To: Terry Le Sueur; Ian Le Marquand; Alan Breckon; Alan J. Maclean; Angela Jeune; Anne Dupre; Anne Pryke; Ben Fox; Ben Shenton; Bob Hill; Carolyn Labey; Collin H. Egre; Daniel Murphy; Daniel Wimberley; Debbie De Sousa; Deidre Mezbourian; Edward Noel; Francis Le Gresley; Freddie Cohen; Geoffrey Southern; Graeme Butcher; Ian Gorst; Jacqueline Hilton; James Reed; Jeremy Macon; Jim Perchard; John Le Fondre; John Le Sueur Gallichan; John Refault; Judith Martin; Juliette G. Gallichan; Ken Vibert; Kevin Lewis; Len Norman; Michael Jackson; Mike R. Higgins; Montfort Tadier; Paul Le Claire; Paul Routier; Peter Hanning; Philip Ozouf; Philip Rondel; Robert Duhamel; Roy Le Herissier; Sarah Ferguson; Sean Power; Shona Pitman; Silva A. Yates; Simon Crowcroft; Terry Le Main; Tracey Vallois; Trevor Pitman

    Subject: Wiltshire Report

    Dear Terry/Ian

    Please could you tell us all, why the Wiltshire Report has been sent to the media (embargoed) before Members of Government. Please tell us why this happens so often - the COM are always telling us that 'it won't happen again', but it always does. It shows nothing but disrespect and contempt for your colleagues. Also, could you tell us if this is the full report.

    Once again, a hugely important piece of information and States Members (or non-exec Members) are left out. Can we have some answers.


  15. Dark Ages indeed Rico, you can see why ILM wants to bring in no fault terminations into contracts with no right of appeal, it would have suited him perfectly in this case.

  16. -----Original Message-----
    From: Trevor Pitman
    Sent: 09 July 2010 19:14
    To: Shona Pitman; Terry Le Sueur; Ian Le Marquand; Alan Breckon; Alan J. Maclean; Angela Jeune; Anne Dupre; Anne Pryke; Ben Fox; Ben Shenton; Bob Hill; Carolyn Labey; Collin H. Egre; Daniel Murphy; Daniel Wimberley; Debbie De Sousa; Deidre Mezbourian; Edward Noel; Francis Le Gresley; Freddie Cohen; Geoffrey Southern; Graeme Butcher; Ian Gorst; Jacqueline Hilton; James Reed; Jeremy Macon; Jim Perchard; John Le Fondre; John Le Sueur Gallichan; John Refault; Judith Martin; Juliette G. Gallichan; Ken Vibert; Kevin Lewis; Len Norman; Michael Jackson; Mike R. Higgins; Montfort Tadier; Paul Le Claire; Paul Routier; Peter Hanning; Philip Ozouf; Philip Rondel; Robert Duhamel; Roy Le Herissier; Sarah Ferguson; Sean Power; Silva A. Yates; Simon Crowcroft; Terry Le Main; Tracey Vallois

    Subject: RE: Wiltshire Report

    Ian & Terry

    Just to follow this up from Deputy Shona Pitman. Please could you tell us why you feel it acceptable or necessary that the Media should be given this document (much redacted of course) to go over for three days longer than States Members? That it is embargoed for reporting is irrelevant.

    With several hundred pages wouldn't it be far better for all involved if the rest of us States Members were given time to digest this and come up with appropriately informed, searching questions for the presentation? Perhaps not, eh...

    Could you also tell us all why I only found out about this issuing of the document through a media contact?

    Could you also tell us why, even as a States Member, upon inquiry I was initially fobbed off that nobody knew if the media were getting copies - when it was quite clear from my earlier inquiries that ten lovely shiny new copies hot off the press had winged their way to the Chief Ministers Department this Friday afternoon?

    Why I was eventually told by the Deputy CEO that it was simply all down to a problem with the printing, and you were hoping to send everything out but couldn't because of the rush with the Business Plan.

    But then told I still couldn't - as a States Member - have one even if I drove down that minute and saved the taxpayer the postage? Where was the inconvenience - I could have picked mine up along with Channel, BBC, 103 and the JEP!

    Finally, as per Shona's e-mail, please tell all of us, right, left, centre and greens amongst us - what kind of 'government' deems it correct or conducive to the development of 'inclusive' government to send out such a hugely important document to journalists before other elected members of that government?

    Actually, don't bother answering the last one - I will do that for you. It is the kind of government that time and time again treats non-executive members with utter contempt; a COM so arrogant and bloated with self importance that it just doesn't care about acting in this fashion; it is the sort of COM for which the first priority is always to spin the angle they want the public to buy.

    Out of interest will States Members also be issued with the full details of the complaint the IPCC instructed the MET to investigate reference alleged evidence and witnesses that the authors of the report would not incorporate? Having no axe to grind for anyone but purely being interested in fairness and transparency as I am I am certain you will make sure that this is done...

    Just for the record, Ian made mention of people eating 'humble pie' in the States this week. Though I wasn't referred to as one of them, fact is that as I have focussed all my questions on the truly appalling handling of this incredibly flawed suspension process from start to finish - I have already been proven right a 100 times over. This latest shambles really puts the icing on the cake.

    I now just can't wait to hear first-hand about the senior civil servant who wasn't involved in any way in receiving illegal police reports on the backgrounds of States Members...

  17. The two e-mails sent by Deputies Pitman really do deserve a Blog of their own. However there is much more to come, and there will be an updated Blog tomorrow.

  18. Excellent e-mails Trevor and Shona. I sincerely hope (and will be surprised if it doesn't happen) that other members will express their concerns as forcefully.

    What a diabolical shambles.

  19. Come on VFC, you know the script.

    It's just one tirade of lies after another with our ruling elite, and as you have witnessed, they even lie to their own democratically elected members.


    It must be high time now for the honourable members of this laughing stock we call Government, to band together and write to Her Majesty, the Prime Minister and the Justice Department....


  20. The Genie's out of the bottle. Desperate people do desperate things.

  21. I'm no fan of the JDA, but this is bigger than party political bickering, so excellent work Trevor and Shona.

    Time for the other elected members to raise the same concerns....or not. The public are watching which you choose, and some of us will remember come the election.

  22. Deputy Trevor Pitman9 July 2010 at 22:24

    Hello Team Voice

    Just a quick post to say that firing off my e-mail highlighting the latest deliberate contempt for their colleagues from Terry, Ian and Co I probably left out the quote of the year...

    In fending off my questions as to how this situation could possibly be justified the Deputy CEO actually reminded me that after all, this document was... never meant to be used in a disciplinary process!!!

    I'm not one for using the words of others, but no - you really couldn't make it up!

  23. And....

    If no one in our Government has the courage to do the letter writing....

    I WILL, yup me, just a humble piece of crap carpet fitter, but at least I am not a coward and not afraid to do the dirty work.


  24. You may remember that some of us who are recent graduates researched the Jersey scandal for our coursework last year.

    Now, a few of us found this recent news to be a new low point for the suspended police chief so we wrote a letter about it to an American magazine, Vanity Fair. We hope they will want to look in to this story further.

    It is just ridiculous that outside journalists have not aggressively followed up the explosive 2008 abuse scandal since the official cover-up is plainly obvious to any reasonable observer. We always wondered how this corruption story could be ignored by the outside media, and we are still shaking our heads!


  25. Snowsurfer,you just have to look at the Holly Greig abuse scandal to realize that there are very dark forces at work.
    The British media and international news outlets have ALL ignored this most horrific case of a down syndrome girl in Aberdeen
    The only newspaper to cover the case is the Palestine Telegreph

  26. Good posts. I could be a fan of the JDA still - but only so long as Trevor and Shona Pitman are involved. Geoff Southern is too wrapped up in himself. Take a backseat Geoff and things can still turn out the way we all want them.