Monday, 19 January 2015

Stuart Syvret on the #CSAInquiry.

Former Jersey Senator, Whistle blower and Health Minister, Stuart Syvret, as reported in The Jersey Evening Post, was recently invited to, attended, and addressed a meeting at the House of Commons organised by The WhiteFlowers Campaign.

We managed to catch up with him, on his return, and in an exclusive interview discuss the over-arching Child Sex Abuse Inquiry slowly being organised in the UK. How does it affect Jersey, can Jersey be a part of it? What does it hope to achieve that the Jersey Child Abuse Inquiry won't/can't?

Mr. Syvret argues that the local Child Abuse Inquiry in Jersey is structurally incapable of investigating the break-down in the rule of law in the island and the corruption of power which has facilitated and enabled decades of concealed child abuse here.
He says that not only has the Jersey authorities acted unlawfully by concealing Child Abuse, but that the authorities in London have colluded with, and protected, the Jersey establishment. For that reason, Mr Syvret says that only an inquiry which examines the conduct of Whitehall,  a Britain-wide inquiry, can ensure the protection of children in the ‘Crown Dependencies’ the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.
Mr. Syvret says there is no difference, in principle, to the UK authorities undertaking their investigation into Child Abuse in the British Overseas Territories, such as St. Helena and the alleged failure of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office to prevent it, and the need for the UK authorities to undertake a similar investigation in respect of the Crown Dependencies such as Jersey, and the alleged failure of the Secretary of State for Justice.


  1. Brilliant. A much needed interview with the essential message about why Jersey must be included in the overarching National #CSAinquiry. This interview deserves to reach a broad base of viewers within the UK. From years of bitter experience, Stuart has emerged with clear-eyed wisdom and an ability to inspire unity within a fractured UK campaign. His respected voice greatly benefits their wider effort, at least as much as the UK Inquiry's inclusion of Jersey should advance the island's struggle for justice.


  2. Good interview and it is positive news that the UK survivors are aware of the Jersey cover up and can look out for similar antics from the Home Secretary in the UK. I hope Jersey is included in the over arching inquiry and I also hope Stuart will give evidence to the Jersey inquiry AND the over arching inquiry if it does include Jersey.

  3. The Committee of Inquiry will continue regardless of Mr Syvret's thoughts and if people believe another Inquiry will be held at a later date then they are taking a massive gamble.

  4. Excluding the victims and survivors Stuart is arguably one of the most important witnesses there is for this inquiry due to the huge amount of evidence he has on the corruption which facilitated this pedophilia for so long in Jersey. I hope he will give his evidence if for no other reason than to help insure this can never happen again.

    1. Stuart Syvret must table this evidence sooner rather than later.
      You can see where his critics are coming from, so much talk and little action and words are simply not enough.

    2. Judging by what he said in the interview he believes the local enquiry to be il-equipped to deal the real problem which is Jersey's culture. The same culture endorsed and protected by Whitehall that only an over arching enquiry with robust Terms Of Reference can deal with. I hope Stuart will give his evidence to both enquiries.

  5. There is a problem and a solution.

    The problem is that the UK home secretary Theresa May, who indeed has taken notice of the UK survivors and critics in order to assemble a recognized, and respected inquiry panel with serious authority, and accepted the resignations of candidates deemed not suitable by UK stakeholders.

    The Jersey Government has just passed the buck and gone into hiding.

    Has the Jersey enquiry really got the weight and the respect of stake holders after retaining many lawyers employed to hold the hands of civil servant’s, and refusing to answer sensible questions from ex Deputy Wimberly, placed in the public domain ? They have also show bias by acting in a hostile manner against the local involved bloggers who have for years been instrumental in calling for the enquiry, and not supplied proper support for victims, while being happy to spend extensive funds on spin and media personal.

    The solution sadly, may be to leave the COI, high and dry using the nuclear option, with all witnesses withdrawing their statements, this would indeed be a brave move, but would it not be better than a half baked enquiry where the panel and Government can claim they did their best when in fact they were left sadly lacking on several fronts except paying handsomely three panel members, a pack of lawyers and spin doctors.

    The next move would be to sign a letter to be posted to each and every member of the Westminster Parliament and UK press, stating the reasons for withdrawal from the Jersey enquiry and asking to be part of the UK investigation. The pending UK enquiry would then be invited to take ownership of existing ( withdrawn ) statements once underway.
    Chief Minister Gorst and his ministers would find it difficult to go against the wishes of the survivors and witnesses, because they would be at risk of making Jersey look as though it had indeed something to hide on an introvert backwater island.

    Times have changed after the wholesale historic abuse of children in religious and institutional care has become public knowledge, and society is far more aware and hostile over the issue.

    The UK Parliament would have to listen and act, therefore truly independent forces away from Jersey would be in the driving seat, and the truth stands a far better chance of seeing the light of day.

  6. I do sometimes wonder whether Stuart Syvret's world is with us sometimes.
    Get behind this COI and stop being so negative, the Inquiry is how you make it and to not partake would be a wasted opportunity.

    1. Stuart has every right not to trust the Jersey enquiry and every right to boycott it just like the majority of survivors have. He is campaigning for a UK led enquiry which will get to the heart of the Brittish - Jersey collusion in corruption and the concealment of pedophilia. Jersey's enquiry doesn't seem fit for purpose but only time will tell.

    2. What he wants and what the survivors want maybe 2 different things.
      I do not believe for one minute that many survivors want to wait for another 10 years.

  7. The only possible way that this COI can reach the right conclusions is if they are given all the evidence. The evidence is there. Give it to them and encourage every body to do the same. The sharpe report would not have been able to do what it did if people had withheld their evidence.
    This COI has not been captured in the way that is being suggested.

  8. Evidence about the HdlG cellars is coming out at the CSA inquiry. Who was it who denied they ever existed? Was it Gradwell? Can you provide a link?

    PROFESSOR CAMERON: Good morning, Mr D. Can I go back to --
    it has been very helpful for you to be able to show us
    on the plan where things were in Haut de la Garenne.
    First of all, just a little bit more about the cellar
    and the trap door. When you saw it open do you have
    a recollection of what kind of steps there were down
    into the cellar? Were they stone steps?

    A. Wood.

    PROFESSOR CAMERON: Wooden steps? Was it like a staircase
    or was it a ladder?

    A. No, I would say it was a staircase. It definitely
    wasn't a ladder.

    PROFESSOR CAMERON: So this trap door was set in the
    floor --

    A. Yes.

    PROFESSOR CAMERON: -- with presumably some kind of
    ring-pull on it?

    A. Yes.

    1. Rob.

      A number of witnesses, to the Inquiry have now described the "cellars" and it was indeed the disgraced Mick Gradwell who said;

      The Cellars.
      "These are floor voids. They are not cellars, and it is impossible for a grown person to stand up straight in the floor voids under Haut de la Garenne."

      Of course Bloggers (Jersey's only independent media) along with the then Deputy Bob Hill showed him to be "mistaken."


  9. Deputy Kevin Lewis (not to be confused with disgraced former Home Affairs Minister ANDREW LEWIS could have exposed Mick Gradwell for being economical with the truth concerning, not only the cellars, but the granite bath (that disappeared). But Deputy Kevin Lewis decided to keep his HEAD DOWN and say nothing.

  10. Bit like the prince "Randy Andy" story in nationals today accuser prepared to give evidence under oath, accused not prepared to, even trying to use diplomatic immunity to avoid doing so.
    Which one to believe in both cases!!

  11. The States of Jersey says it is not aware of any allegations facing current and former employees at Mont a l'Abbe school.
    Any comments Stuart or anybody?

    1. It was and is the States Of Jersey who have concealed the true extent of the abuse on Jersey for decades. Do you believe them?

  12. Can somebody explain to me who in the States is responsible for covering up child abuse.
    Are they current States Members or are they dead and gone States Members, who exactly because the States changes every 3 years and this goes back decades?

    1. There are a number of current States Members who can be accused of covering up Child Abuse either directly, or indirectly. As well as former, and dead ones.

  13. Just count up and put in a block, the States members of that time who voted against D Wimberley and F Le Gresely's propositions....
    That will give a clue to some of the cover up merchants!?