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Jersey Continues to Fail Abuse (Rape) Victims?

Below is a (redacted) complaint against two Senior Officers of the States of Jersey Police over the way they appear to have handled a recent allegation of Rape/Sexual Assault and look to have treated the victim as the perpetrator and vice versa.

This is a harrowing story, which serves to demonstrate that nothing has changed in Jersey, regarding abuse complaints, despite assurances from the Establishment to the contrary. Victims look to be STILL persecuted, disbelieved, and threatened while the alleged perpetrators are protected by the system (and friends in high places).

The alleged victim of recent rape/sexual Assault has been threatened with arrest, been portrayed as the perpetrator, and ignored by authorities, to the point where she has attempted to take her own life.

Police have downgraded this attack as a “sexual assault” and are not treating it as rape. Again this looks to be contrary to their own PR spin (photo of police van above) “SEX WITHOUT CONSENT IS RAPE.”

Extracts from complaint against police.

We encourage victims to come forward, we will help you. ( we won't help you if I have a working relationship with your attacker, in fact, I will threaten to arrest you).”

“Treatment by the police further traumatised me to the point of suicide.”

“The treatment I received from the police, i.e. Having the tables turned so that the attacker was the victim and I was the criminal”

“It leaves Society with a Police force unfit for purpose.”

Redacted Complaint Against Police.

I was sexually assaulted on the night of the (redacted). I was in a state of shock, distress and torment both physically and emotionally for the months that followed thereafter when this heinous crime was committed against me. The emotional scarring and turbulence to my life had a devastating debilitating effect and most upsetting to me that of my family's life thereafter. I could no longer communicate on a healthy balanced level as the emotional damage took it's course over the subsequent months that followed. Naive as it was (in hindsight) and reasonable to assume my thinking process had also been severely curtailed my immediate reaction was to protect my family.  I felt at the time of this crime, if I did not tell those I loved what had happened to me, I was protecting them and had tried with great difficulty to continue my life.  In my mistaken and emotionally misguided thought process this approach was unhealthy with pernicious and serious consequences for the stability and well being of my husband, children and myself as I clearly was vulnerable and not in a position to 'departmentalise' this violation to myself. I eventually found the courage to open up to my husband as to what had occurred the night of (redacted).  It was, to say the very least a very upsetting and shocking disclosure to my husband however he was very supportive and understood my reasons for my misguided interpretation of trying to protect him and the children.  It helped him to understand and empathise with the previous months behaviour on my part as I was often found crying combined with no emotional engagement.  With his love and considerate understanding he gave me the courage to now approach the Jersey Police and report this heinous crime. From the reporting of this crime,  I have had the support and guidance on this matter from highly qualified bodies of authority; CPS, Rape Crisis England to name but two and a host of other leading authorities on this matter.

In a letter I received from the law office explaining to me why the case didn't go to court, it stated that 'the police investigating were 'unclear' as to why there was a delay'.  Importantly, if the police were 'unclear' about anything,

(1). I'd like to know why they didn't simply ask me to clarify? This raises alarm bells as to the thoroughness of this investigation.

In fact I only gave one statement to the 2 uniformed police officers on the night I reported. I was extremely distressed however, I was categorically  told that I would be able to go over it again at a later date with an experienced officer, which given my extreme distress and the circumstances, this information was reassuring.  It has to date never happened.  I was informed with some coolness that I could get in touch with Victim Support.

(2). I would like to know why I was only ever interviewed once especially given that the investigating officer/s was 'unclear' on any issue that I could have instantly clarified?

Finally 3 days later on the (redacted) I received a phone call from (officer No.1). It was an abrupt call whereby he asked if I had told my GP about this?.  I had not been out of the house since speaking to the Police on (redacted).  I replied no and he ended the call as abruptly as he had started. That was my first contact and introduction as a victim of a sexual crime to the investigating officer, (Officer No1). It was completely lacking in empathy or compassion for the position that I was in. I would also like the SOJP to be aware that at no time from the first point of contact to the last, did any officer ever enquire as to my well being.

(3). Is this the standard way in which the SOJP are trained to deal with victims of sexual crime?

Within this time period, I phoned Victim Support. They informed me that they did not receive a 'referral' for me and therefore could only 'deal' with me once the police referred me. I found this very demoralising on top of the ordeal that I was already experiencing. My husband and I went to the police station as I wanted to meet (Officer No.1) in person and ask him to please 'refer' me to Victim Support. He was unavailable so a different police officer assisted us. He informed us that the Victim Support referral should have been instant from the time of reporting, as it is and I quote 'at the push of a button'.  The Officer pushed the button that same day. Two weeks after reporting, I finally received a letter from Victim Support.

(4). I would like to know what the SOJPs procedure is for referring sexual crime victims to Victim Support and what went wrong with my referral?

Unfortunately, my attacker lived 2 doors away from me making us immediate neighbours. From the day I reported, I had to endure regular sniggering & goading from him, his partner and their visitors. Obviously I made great efforts to avoid his path since the night of the attack, however living in a very small community and him being two doors away from me was not always possible.  My 73 year old mother had to fly over from (redacted) and stay with me as I could no longer cope when my husband was at work as I felt isolated, alone, vulnerable and intimidated. My mother was a witness to many of these incidents. Some of which are documented by the Jersey Police. Consequently, my husband had to take time off work eventually, as I simply could not cope for obvious reasons.

On the (recacted), (Officer No.1) came to my home to tell me that there was 'insufficient evidence' to go to court. I was distraught, to put it mildly. I vocalised to (Officer No.1) that as the attacker is a (redacted) within social services (& to my knowledge working within an environment of vulnerable females), I would be reporting the matter to the Health Care Professional Council in London (HCPC).  This is the regulatory body which oversees registrants 'fitness to practice'. I was then very curtly told not to 'harass' the attacker by doing this.  It beggared belief. I would like to take the opportunity to point out that the HCPC exists for this reason. It is an authoritative body whereby members of the public can report registered individuals regardless of whether a case went to court or not. In other words, after being denied justice in the most demeaning, abrupt and humiliating manner,  I felt it my moral duty as well as being within my rights to contact the HCPC.  given the fact I was a victim of sexual assault by someone I knew and who had access to other vulnerable people within a woking environment in the States of Jersey. 

Contrary to any police officers belief, my reporting of my experience to the HCPC is a deeply personal matter for me to decide and does NOT amount to 'harassment', as (Officer No1) insinuated and was clearly (to me) belittling my horrendous experience and quite deliberately wishing to undermine my confidence even further than it already was.  I found his comment, unhelpful, distasteful, disrespectful, aggressive, rather threatening and wholly inaccurate to say the least.  Once again, I felt completely unsupported and further violated by the States of Jersey police force and it was now being suggested in a very strong manner that I was 'harassing' my attacker.

To date, I am still in a state of anguish and am traumatised by this vile violating attack which took place.  I have been through the worst time in my life; which has had a clear and devastating effect on my husband and children, parents and siblings.  Without who's support I cannot begin to imagine what might have become of me. 

Being in a very vulnerable situation and with very little support from States of Jersey police and feeling depressed and very very let down by the attitude from the States of Jersey police, I sent the attackers partner a text message stating that although it did not go to court, he did this to me and I felt she needed to know that. Given the pressure of being neighbours whilst this investigation was going on, the goading, what my family and I were going through, I don't think any reasonably minded person would view this as a particularly heinous thing to do, certainly not by comparison. Having spoke with several Professionals such as my GP, counsellor, psychologists and even Senators have unanimously agreed that given the circumstances, this was not a big deal.  I was horrified when (Officer No.1) came to my home and read out a complaint from my attacker saying that he was being 'harassed', and now I had to sign an 'anti harassment order'. Not only am I not being properly protected by the States of Jersey police, I am now being bullied by my attacker with the States of Jersey Police force as back up and I find myself being unwittingly criminalised while my attacker is using the very system that ought to have been there from the onset to protect not only myself, but my family.

There is a particularly distressing part to this: (Officer No.1) informed me that the attacker complained that our (redacted) year old daughter was 'running around calling him a rapist'. Naturally, I broke down. Our (redacted) year old daughter attended (redacted) at the time due to having a (redacted) which meant that her (redacted). I can absolutely assure you that that word is not and never has been in her vocabulary. It would have been extremely inappropriate for her to be made aware of what had happened, hence why she never knew and still does not know what happened. She understands of course that something has made her mummy unhappy due to my depression however, our children are of the upmost importance to us and we have gone to great lengths to shield them from the horrors that actually took place, naturally, as any parent, I'd like to think would do. 

The actual assault and then the reporting of it culminated in the worst experience of my life and unfortunately I tried to take my own life. It became clear to me, my husband, my sister and my mother that at some point in my dealings with the States of Jersey Police force,  I was the 'perpetrator' and the attacker was the 'victim'. This was too devastating for me to take in. Having our (redacted) year old daughter dragged into this was horrendous. I have some very serious questions I would appreciate answers to:-

- Was it really necessary for the detective to tell me this? Was this a 'victim led investigation' or more to the point, who did the police view the victim as?

- Did the attacker also have to sign a 'anti harassment order' for the times that I felt threatened and intimidated by him and reported it? My children were also placed on a safeguarding order by the detective. (My son, because the attacker would stand outside with his arms folded staring at my son. His friends noticed this too).  Or, was that only reserved for me?

I sent an email to the health minister and a senator. This was because I was appealing to them to rehouse us. Unbeknown to me, the attacker had already been given his notice to leave. My husband and I were completely unaware of this but we did notice a police car parked outside our house when they were leaving. It may well have been a coincidence, but given my now status as a perpetrator:-

-  was this for his 'protection' against me? Once we realised that they left and this coincided with the police car stationed outside my house, it then became rather disturbing to think that could have been the case. Nevertheless, it was a huge relief that he had indeed left.

( Senior Officer No.2)

Through a medium of emails back and forth to Health Minister and the Senator, the Senator got in touch with me to arrange to meet the following week. We met and discussed the realities of how I reported a crime and then was portrayed as the perpetrator. The senator was supportive but then informed me that prior to our meeting, (s)he had spoken to (Senior Officer No.2) regarding the case. At first, (s)he told me that (Senior Officer No.2) sometimes worked alongside the attacker as he is involved with child protection, safeguarding etc., she told me that (Senior Officer No.2) 'liked' him and (s)he; the Senator, was told unequivocally by (Senior Officer No.2) that if I 'kept pushing it', (Senior Officer No.2) would have me arrested and charged with 'perverting the course of justice'. I was completely and utterly stunned by this relaying of a message from (Senior Officer No.2) to the Senator (as was the Senator) it also confirmed what I thought all along, that the investigation into my reported crime was inappropriately and unprofessionally conducted by all concerned by the States of Jersey police force and it was I, not my attacker who became a suspect being investigated for 'making a false allegation'.

There are many issues with (Senior Officer No.2) taking this stance.
(s)he works alongside my attacker. There is clearly a conflict of interest here. I also view this stance as an abuse of power. This was clearly a threat, not to mention intimidation. If I did not 'drop' the issue, (s)he would arrest me. This is an appalling abuse of authority.

 I notice that (Senior Officer No.2) speaks in favour of victims of abuse coming forward and gives the appearance of supporting this. (S)he may well do, but in my case, (s)he had a professional biased relationship with my attacker and 'liked' him, so threatened to silence a sexual crime victim with arrest. This is the wrong message to be sending out to members of the public and victims of crime. The message I take from (Senior Officer No.2)  is this:  We encourage victims to come forward, we will help you. ( we won't help you if I have a working relationship with your attacker, in fact, I will threaten to arrest you).

Is this a message that the States of Jersey Police Force are happy to put out there to other possible victims of crime?

I was also told that (Senior Officer No.2) said to the senator that I ‘had an unhappy marriage and was thus 'making it up'. I find (Senior Officer No.2)  comments absolutely disgusting, inaccurate, unprofessional, unhelpful, callous and based on thin air. I have never met (Senior Officer No.2) and would like to know how (s)he arrived at that conclusion. I am not going to justify my marriage to anyone but would like to point out to the SOJP that this is a very misinformed, dangerous myth regarding sexual offences. It is suggesting that say for example, a woman who is in an abusive marriage then goes on to be the victim of a sexual crime would immediately be treated as a liar because of her circumstances.  It suggests that women have ulterior motives for reporting sexual crimes. It suggests you are a liar until proven otherwise.  The damage that has been done to me because of this assumption will take a long time to heal, if ever.

Would you also advocate that abused children from difficult backgrounds are lying because of their circumstances? Is it appropriate for (Senior Officer No.2) to take this stance given (Senior Officer No.2)  fondness for my attacker? Was my complaint ever treated with impartiality and fairness? Or was the investigation looking for every inconsistency without clarifying it with me, in order to tip it in favour of the attacker who has working ties with the SOJP? I feel given what I know now there is absolutely no doubt in my mind it was biased from the onset.

This is the worst thing that has ever happened to me and I am still trying to pick up the pieces. All of the above mentioned treatment by the police further traumatised me to the point of suicide. I am being treated for Post traumatic stress disorder and I can assure you that I did not end up with PTSD from having a fling, regretful sex, bad marriage or any other myth preventing justice being carried out. I ended up with long term PTSD as a direct result of what the attacker did to me, which amounts to nothing short of a sexual assault. The treatment I received from the police, i.e. Having the tables turned so that the attacker was the victim and I was the criminal, has severely dented my faith and confidence in the police, specifically the States of Jersey Police and society as a whole.. I don't want this happening to anyone else. No one but absolutely no one should have to go through this alone; the vulnerability of coping with heinous crime forced upon you, the deep violation is immeasurable and coupled with a biased, unprofessional, unco-operative, threatening Police force to debilitate the victim further into despair, severely adds to the trauma already inflicted.

To reiterate, I am making a formal complaint about the quality of service (lack of) that myself and my family received from the States of Jersey police from the date of reporting and beyond. I consistently felt uncomfortable (Officer No.1) scolding attitude towards me, his lack of concern for my well being and overall lack of compassion towards a sexual crime victim.

I am making a formal complaint against (Senior Officer No.2) for his/her biased, unprofessional, judgmental, conflicted and abusive stance towards myself, the victim of a sex crime.(END)

I’m sure readers will agree that this is a harrowing account of how alleged rape/abuse victims apparently continue to suffer the prejudices of a supposed bygone era in 21st Century Jersey Police Force?

It is worth mentioning that the victim has told us that the alleged perpetrator was apparently brought in for questioning by the police and adopted the “no comment” stance. If true, would this be the action of an innocent man?

After going through all the correct channels open to the alleged victim, and having apparently been disbelieved, and threatened with prosecution herself she contacted VFC and asked if there was anything we could do to help.

Team Voice met with Chief Minister Ian Gorst and Assistant Chief Minister Paul Routier at a public drop in session at St. Paul’s Centre where we raised our, and the victim’s concerns with them.

Although they tried to convince us they took the allegations seriously, and were both proud to tell us that Senator Routier was a member of the Adult and Children Policy Group (whatever that is) the complete opposite turned out to be the case.

After having our e-mails ignored and having to embarrass them on Twitter in order to get a response, Senator Paul Routier finally responded by e-mail advising the victim to take her complaints to the very people she was complaining about. He, and the Chief Minister had, and have, no interest, as public servants, to represent her.

Why should alleged victims in this day and age (post Savile, post Operation Rectangle, post Rotherham) still be treated so appallingly by the police and authorities?

Equally disturbing is, according to the alleged victim, her attacker is STILL working within an environment of vulnerable females”


  1. www.sericc.org.uk/campaigns/drinking-is-not-a-crime-rape-is

    First off, condolences and best wishes to the victim

    Shocking behaviour by elements of Jersey's politicised and nepotistic police, and apparent total failure by those at the helm to investigate or rectify the situation.

    Echos of the failure of the police to investigate or protect Rico Sorda's wife and unborn child from the Jersey death-threat troll.
    Also echos of the victimisation of the Jersey C of E abuse victim "HG" and her prosecution and constructive deportation by the establishment's police and courts.

    VFC, May I ask (of course bearing in mind that "drinking-is-not-a-crime-rape-is") If, and to what extent drink was a factor in this incident? Your article implies that drink was a factor.
    Drink should not in practise be an impediment to the successful investigation and prosecution of a case as long as the victim has a clear and credible memory of the incident.

    Whatever the alcohol/no alcohol situation, there is no excuse for the police's failure to investigate properly or to seek any necessary clarification from the victim, and continuing to prosecution if appropriate. The alleged perpetrator's position "within social services (& to my knowledge working within an environment of vulnerable females)" makes this doubly important.

    The initial denial of access to victim support looks like a deliberate act. That said, victim support might turn out to be just another arm of the the "Jersey octopus". The victim might receive more help from support groups like Jersey Action Against Rape


    It would be interesting to be advised of the quality of JAAR services and counselling.

    The real test of JAAR's steel and commitment would be whether they were prepared to challenge the apparent non-performance of Jersey's police in this case ..........if not they are a just another "fig leaf" organisation.

    It is standard practise for the establishment to take control and hold the reigns of important charities e.g. 'outsife the microcosm' the NSPPC and it's collaborations with Jimmy Savile and their opposition to mandatory reporting.

    The "Jersey octopus" builds on well established protocols to cover all the bases and hold all the cards.

    1. I would just like to thank this commenter, your observations are comforting and reassuring and accurate. Jersey Police's attitude belongs in the dark ages.

  2. You should put a link here to the police non action on the knocking down of Shona Pitman. Our police are politicised.

  3. Sadly, I have to confirm that the States of Jersey Police Force - under the leadership of Police Chief Mike Bowron - does shield well-connected rapists.

    I can also confirm that the SOJP pro-actively participates in conspiracies to pervert the course of justice so as to prevent rapists being brought to justice.

    I can also confirm that the SOJP pro-actively helps in the cover-ups - of those conspiracies - even when a majorly evidenced, detailed, written formal criminal complaint is made to them - made to them via Mike Bowron.

    When speaking at the recent meeting at the House of Commons with a fellow high-profile campaigner against child-abuse cover-ups, we were sharing experiences and the difficulties - and the risks - we face. It's always interesting to compare death-threats. He said, with a laugh, "you haven't gone to the Police yet then?" He remembered reading former Deputy Police Chief Lenny Harper's affidavit, published on my blog under the title "Jersey or Palermo", so there was no need to explain that if I get killed it could well be at the hands of elements in the Jersey Police Force - or their close associates.

    Since the Policing function in Jersey was hi-jacked in a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice via the illegal suspension of Police Chief Graham Power - it remains little more than the "enforcement wing" of the Jersey mafia.

    Stuart Syvret

  4. I truly understand the pain for the victim as I have also been fighting for justice myself as the same thing happened to me and the person is allowed to still work with vulnerable people this scares me so much as I know what the person is capable off !!

    1. Please contact VFC in confidence.

      Is there a chance you are talking about the same perpetrator?

    2. I was thinking the same but I think vfc know about this case

    3. I'm not sure I do know about the case but if the victim wishes to make contact please do.

    4. Thanks how does the victim make contact pls

    5. "NOT FOR PUBLICATION" comment with e-mail address or contact number.

    6. The problem if I comment with email address the name then the victim will he public.

    7. The comment will not be published so e-mail address will not be public.

  5. What's happening next?

  6. Key achievements of Mr. Bowron since his appointment in 2011

    The crime rate has fallen steadily and the level of trust and confidence in the States of Jersey Police held by the Public has grown.
    Modernisation of the States of Jersey Police and changed attitudes and behaviours across the entire Force.

    Restructure of all the ranks resulting in improved performance and a significant reduction in sickness absence. A restored sense of pride in the Force.

    Initiation of the new Police Headquarters Project.
    Introduction of the States of Jersey Police Force Law 2012.
    Establishment of the Jersey Police Authority.
    High Potential Development Success – Succession Plan.
    Leadership programme.

    Joined-up strategy and engagement with the Parishes and the Honorary Police.
    Community policing model including the incorporation of town policing and licensing.
    Fourth successive year of recorded low crime –
    • serious crime 34% reduction • street violence (night-time economy) 29% reduction • 93% of people feel safe in their neighbourhood • 81% of people think that the Police are doing a good job • Jersey has amongst the highest detection rates in England and Wales.
    Other achievements include –
    States of Jersey lead for corporate risk; States of Jersey lead for the implementation of FOI (delivered on time and within just over half of the budget).
    National achievements –
    Association of Chief Police Officers lead for business continuity; UK Government Adviser for Police resilience; Chairman of Financial Crime Information Network FIN-NET.

    1. Thank you commenter @10:11 PMSL.

      So everything in the garden is rosy? I do hope so because if not that is a skipload of PR horseshit to grow something good on !

      Now does Bow-Wow Bowron have something of a history of overseeing private/corporate policing in the City of London. That 'enforcemnet division' famously even using anti-terror legislation to harass and maliciously prosecute a plumber who complained of sexual misconduct of a major mover and shaker? Moron that later.

      Perhaps Jersey was his natural destination after his position in C of L became untenable?

      With that in mind it might be worth a re read of Ex minister Syvret's assessment of the "Jersey Police Authority" you mention.


      "We deliver a flexible and understanding client-based approach to providing policing, prosecution and judiciary services – for those occasions when mere traditional legal, trust-fund, corporate administration, litigation and private-client representation just isn’t enough!!!"

      As ever the devil is in the detail. Nearly every phrase in your comment opens a can of very wriggly worms.

      Well done!

    2. This complaint is real and factual, let's not mess about with the buzzwords of today let's call it as it is.
      The investigation was and is a farce from the beginning, it was never going to go anywhere, because it was hijacked by the hierarchy of the so-called Jersey Police Force why?
      Achievements noted to date by police authorities mean nothing if this gross misconduct goes without action.
      The Jersey Way is in with the foundation of this corrupt Island, will it change I hope so, the people must trust their police force not fear it, the police force is here to protect the innocent not protect the criminals.
      Looking at Rape Crises Organisations in the Uk , their stance on victim support really must be looked at by Jersey to move forward on their so called specialist victim support, the Jersey way stops any fair and empathetic investigation in it's tracks thus causing so much grief and sadness for the victim, this victim tried to take her own life last year, surely The investigative element, if there ever was should take this on board and scrutinise further the accused.
      This case needs to be looked at on a wider scale , other agencies should be involved to get appropriate answers be it Uk agencies, Human rights organisations and even Globel Rape a Crises Networks, I am sure that these organisations will be monitoring this case closely, very closely.
      Again todays big buzz words pertaining to this unbelievable crime mean nothing, this so called State a Employee has been accused with this crime by a vulnerable woman.
      He has been protected and continues to work with vulnerable people, if this person was a nurse for example he would be in front of the NMC accountability for his actions, the mere fact that he was accused he would be severely reprimanded, also it would be on his file, he would not continue to work in the area he works.
      Maybe he is a nice man or be it a family man, well Dr. Shipman was seemingly a nice man , but murdered over 200 people .......
      Why did officer 2 get involved with the case if it was not on his/her remit, again was it because he is a nice family man oh possibly sits on the same steering group for safeguarding ?
      This case is a sham, this poor woman, who also has a family has been bullied, she has been diagnosed with post traumatic stress because of this assault (rape)
      By a psychiatrist in conjunction with Community mental health team (nurses) councilers , General Practitioners , if this didn't happen well all of these people are wrong in their diagnosis and Jersey’s clinical support team are a sham.
      I really don't think so, I believe that Jersey has a very good professional support team in place for Post traumatic stress, and they were correct in their diagnosis.
      Again it proves that the Police never took into consideration this lady,s medical diagnosis.
      This person that done this must have lied from the beginning to get to this point, if he is a family man surely hid wife must question this case, and wonder what IF ...
      Jersey police should step up to the mark and accept this case has been a farce from the word go, they are so tied up with how great they feel they are that the worse case scenarios pertaining to victim blaming has happened here and a sexual deviant has slipped through their fingers , yep a 20th century police force working in a 21century time.

    3. Unfortunately unresolved abuse regularly precipitates chronic depression and suicide. This is true of children as well as adults. Apparently the high suicide rates amongst Jersey care leavers was one of the things which alerted the [good] police to the decades of abuse that had occurred.
      Leaving aside the collections of children's teeth (some with roots) and the cut and apparently cut and burned bone fragments (of uncertain date), HDLG and the failure of the Jersey care system HAS left a trail of bodies and wasted lives.

      Attempted suicide of a complainant should not be the thing which precipitates a proper investigation. A proper investigation is the right of any credible complainant if we have a functioning police force. Clearly we do not and it appears that the non-investigation was a factor in the attempted suicide.

      Jersey may be a safe place compared to many inner city areas but one wonders if they even log the crimes which they do not wish to investigate, the puppet "Police Authority" is hardly going to object.
      Only including the crimes which they wish to investigate of cooking the books for the PR merchants.

      Ex Health minister Syvret claims to have presented evidence on a number of very serious crimes, which Bowron and his police have refused to log, never mind actually investigate.

      Can't Bowron actually find anything better to do than chat in town as a glib PR exercise


      A trail of failure to 'protect and serve'

    4. I would like to add my disagreement to the commenter who thinks everything in the garden is rosy.
      As a survivor of abuse and the same terrible attitude of the police and having been unable to get adequate support, I agree that the police put up a great front and lots of swindled stats and propaganda that fools people like anon at 10.11, July 8th, but reality is very different, very horrible.

  7. ****@20:53 Please get in touch with VFC or one of the other trusted campaigners.

    Please excuse the below "tangle of tangents", it is to take or leave as the reader wishes:
    Rape is a difficult area. Biology, history and culture and the rights of the individual are all trying to negotiate that sexual 'filter in turn', and someone's usually in a big hurry.
    Sometimes it is a ballet .......sometimes it is a traffic accident .....& the occupant of the little vehicle invariably comes off worse
    .......and anything which might be a 'bike' historically becomes invisible to 2/3 of the population and 4/5 of the law.
    [sorry that's a pile up of allegories and metaphors which is not intended to trivialise the subject] The word 'bike' can be classed as a misogynistic microaggression.
    What is the logic of an intensely sexed society demeaning and devaluing females who are more 'genorous' with their physical affection and needs? #bonkers!
    Scratch the surface and attitudes are surprisingly old fashioned
    Equally bonkers is that in such an intensely sexed society the actual amount of sex we are having is reducing. Men who are not in a good marriage/relationship must be getting pretty frustrated. #bonkless LOL
    This trend is set to continue unless there is a 'new deal' and 'bikes' of all shapes and sizes are appreciated and valued for the lubrication of society?
    Sexual frustration in male brains may be one reason for the apparent resurgence of misogyny.
    Misogyny is IMO probably only a secondary motivation for rape, with sexual apatite probably usually being in the driving seat.
    It is said that masculinity is in crisis. But so is post-religious society in flux. So is femininity.
    And so particularly is 'feminism' in crisis. The generations who 'wanted it all', have instead ended up 'doing it all', often as single parents! A growing proportion of manhood has accidental or intentionally "gone it's own way" on a non reproductive path to loneliness and 'Darwin awards'.

    Working marriage is the traditional environment for bringing up children .........and it is probably the best and the safest for children -being raised by their own biological parents.
    As a liberal secularist I never expected to find myself campaigning so enthusiastically in favour of marriage!!! Reversing the decline of marriage is a tall order, but so is engineering a new deal -a new contract to replace it, especially one which puts the needs and safety of children first.
    This is a child protection blog, and while the devil is in the detail, it is also worth trying to get one's head round the big picture -the whole landscape -even the 'helpless future'.

    ****Anyways, back to the point.
    Contrary to popular belief, research suggests that fewer than 1% of rape allegations are false. This would put it at about 1/4 the fraud rate of other crime reporting.
    Cases can be clear cut but within the sexual dynamic 'prosicutable rape' inevitably has a boundary. Sexual enthusiasm (& misogyny) will always push this boundary, often to breaking point.

    Some men may only rape once, say through being in a particular (opportunistic?) situation or through making a 'mistake'.
    HOWEVER it is likely that most men who rape (and get away with it) do so many many times. You @20:53 are clearly mindful of that so please share your information with VFC. If it turns out that your perpetrator is the same attacker, or moves in the same circles, then the straws in the wind can quickly form a clear picture and a very bright light can be shone into any non-investigation.

    1. Thank you anon. It is unlikely to be the same man as I have met other survivors with similar stories.

    2. Thanks but you say unlikely but also could be likely !! Especially the fact he is still working with vulnerable females !

    3. You have a point. I must just add, they don't all get away, one survivor told me about her rapist, how he tried the veneer of respectability and used his (new) church status as 'proof' but I guess he didn't have the right connections, because he was convicted.
      And yes, that was in Jersey. It is a pity that while the police manage to just about handle the occasional case (2 out of 28?), they have seriously messed up a number of victims' lives.

  8. The "key achievement" of Mike Bowron since agreeing to take over the process of politicisation and unlawful hi-jacking of the Jersey policing function began by his predecessor - the evidenced criminal David Warcup - has been to ensure the States of Jersey Police continue to protect the powerful and well-connected from the consequences of their crimes.

    The Police Force Bowron leads has - repeatedly - refused to take criminal action in various examples of evidenced criminality, when the victims have been ordinary, powerless individuals - or representatives of ordinary powerless individuals.

    Mike Bowron has refused to even begin an investigation into the plainly grossly criminal conspiracy to pervert the course of justice that was engaged in against Police Chief Graham Power, a key objective of which was to shield an immensely powerful Jersey oligarchy rapist; a real foul, violent psychopath.

    Mike Bowron is content for the Jersey policing function to be the police-state, democracy-terrorising instrument of the Jersey oligarchy that it became under the gangster David Warcup.

    Mike Bowron is content that the Police Force under his leadership de facto manipulates, constrains and rigs election processes in Jersey through intimidation, threats, violence and acts of suppression and oppression.

    Mike Bowron and the police force under his leadership break the data protection law. Example: I am still waiting - several years now - for them to comply with my data subject access request. The reason they will not is, of course, that that data shows the Jersey Police Force and the Crown Officers to have acted criminally in many ways.

    No Police Chief worthy of the uniform would have acted as Mike Bowron does.

    Stuart Syvret

  9. 93% of people feel safe in their neighbourhood, and 81% of people think the police are doing a good job.

    Obviously these statistics are not from the island I live in, but have been copied and pasted from another area. Most people that I speak with ( ok agreed not substantiated ) think the police are overpaid, lazy and moral is low in the Jersey Force and by the way, they are doing a very average job.

  10. The States Assembly are due to re-appoint Mr Michael Bowron as the Chief Officer for a further 4 years on the 9th September, so if any of these failures are true I expect his re-appointment will be rejected without question.

    1. I should remind readers that an alleged victim of rape has been failed by those in Jersey who are supposed to be here to protect her? She has attempted suicide and been diagnosed with PTSD as a result of the alleged rape and her battle to obtain some kind of justice.

      Chief Officer Bowron (to the best of my knowledge) has had no involvement (yet) with this case. It might well be that he will get involved at a later stage or might have serious questions to answer regarding the treatment of this lady by his officers.

      This is about the trauma inflicted on an alleged rape victim, not only because of the alleged attack but the misery it brings, in attempting to get justice and protection.

      It’s about how nothing has changed in spite of Haute de la Garenne and the alleged perpetrators look to be the one’s who are still protected by those in authority.

      It’s about an alleged rape victim who is desperate for help and support. Not Mike Bowron. (yet)

    2. I would say the failures are very true !!!!

    3. So what is happening, have the police re-taken a statement, invited her down again, what's next?

    4. The complaint is still live. Naturally one will have to wait until it is completed before the next move can be discussed.

  11. It is also about a victim of a serious crime, being abused not once, but twice. Once by the perpetrator and again by the SoJP (especially Officer 2). This officer's reasoning being that the alleged abuser was a 'nice man'!!!!!

    This has a very familiar ring for two reasons - a) victims of child abuse in Jersey suffered many years of denial by the powers that be until two decent police officers took up the cudgels on their behalf. Hence an Inquiry taking place here and now which is very revealing and b) because who would have ever thought that Jimmy Savile, Rolf Harris, Stuart Hall and the endless list of UK abusers were not 'nice men' until their crimes were exposed.

    Time for Officer 2 to take a wake up call.

  12. I have found this post via a close friend, and must say that in reading ofthis harrowing experience I consider that the police are also guilty of abuse. The original crime was bad enough, but to then treat someone who is obviously traumatised in the manner she was is only compounding her suffering.

    If this is an indication of policing on the island, then perhaps crimes such as these should be properly investigated by authorities who are not local and have no ties to anyone with links to the perpetrators.
    I hope that the victim recovers and that justice is properly served.

  13. Off subject but


    “No one, no matter how apparently powerful, will be allowed to obstruct our inquiries.”

    Encouraging .........But what if they are powerful
    as opposed to
    'apparently' powerful

    Now IF she even delivers on that promise (by 2020), the above wording inadvertantly concedes that un-apparently powerful people WILL be allowed to obstruct thieir inquiries.

    This is not just semantics until policemen in possession of evidence on these matters and cover ups, are relieved from their obligations under HM's official secrets act.

    we KNOW that politicians, parties and the security services used child abuse to entrap or control the players. Thatcher (who's father was a documented abuser) was almost certainly a puppetmaster.

  14. In the news they are singing praise for Mike Bowron, why can't they get Power back?

  15. Maybe they are worried about the negative comments received in the new and latest police survey. Therefore best get the spin machine working to keep our chap gameshow Mike, (cannot be bothered with Lotus, Sorda or Pitman complaints) Bowron to get the man re-elected.

    No good having an out of control, decent police force investigating corruption of quango's, ministers and the public sector, " Eh my Love ".

  16. Bowron til 2021 at least by then might be able to out him

  17. Just how many instances like this does there need to be for this kind of behaviour to carry on without the Home Affairs Minister or Chief Minister batting an eye?
    The process of how this case was investigated, and how the alleged victim was treated, seemingly needs independently investigating in its own right as the SOJP Inspectors and officers are clearly conflicted by their own statements.
    I've learnt that in this particular case an existing Senator approached a SOJP Inspector and was told that by that Inspector that the person who is alleged to commit this rape was a good person and would never do such a thing and a good family man! Now, without knowing the process taken by the SOJP if they investigated it properly or not, it’s still wholly inappropriate for the Inspector to be saying such things and its clear evidence that the investigation could be argued to be an abuse of process. It’s so inappropriate and contemptuous to the alleged victim that it brings into question the independence of an investigation which the alleged victim would be completely justified in voicing.
    I mean just how many times does the Office of “Home Affairs Minister” need to see complaints and members of the public complaining about process and procedures in regards to the SOJP in how alleged crimes are investigated in the island or how they treat members of the public who are in great distress?
    It’s clear that acting Ministers don’t do anything and just do as their told as god forbid they don’t want another States employee bringing bad light on the States Of Jersey – why don’t you do something Kristina Moore?? Get an independent review from an outside police force into the timeline of events into this case and the actions of certain inspectors ….because if you don’t then we all know where you stand with regards to the public interest.

  18. I have started reading with interest the various comments on the blogs, and thus far disgusted by the response of the police and other services, I served as a police officer for 8 years, and dealt with every case with a professional attitude and manner.
    I will update and post more as I read more.

  19. I’ve just read this harrowing story and I CANNOT believe things like this are happening here in a democratic country. The rape ordeal itself is bad enough but to then have to go through all the shit afterwards, all because the policeman knew him, is a total and utter DISGRACE!! We women like to think we have it good here, compared to other countries, and are not supposed to be treated as second-class citizens!!! My heart goes out to this poor woman and I wish her all the best for the future. She is SO brave to tell her story. God bless you darlin.

  20. It is with deep sadness that I recently learnt that my Dear Friend had been brutally raped against her will.
    This horrific and despicable act was provoked by a neighbour who was known to my friend. This vile callous and uncouth so called "man", holds a senior position of authority within the community and is a husband and father with a family.
    I believe this individual should be publicly, named abs shamed to expose him for what he truly is "SCUM", any person who carries out a cowardly act on a defenceless human being, in this case a Beautiful woman, wife and mother, should not be allowed to live a normal life whilst the victim has to suffer and endure this hideous attack for the rest of her life.
    I believe that if the local Jersey police constabulary cannot assist in bringing this perpetrator to "Book" justice will not be done. Leaving my Friend and her Family to suffer without closure.
    If the likes of Ralph Harris and Bill Cosby can be bought to justice so can this dangerous "predator".

    1. It's so sad they protect these people the same thing has happened to me in the last 6 years he also is in senior position it's very scary they get away with it but hopefully one day justice will be done let's hope it's not too late and hope and pray he doesn't do it again but it's like his got a pass to do it as us victims still suffer as he carries on with his life it's shocking I feel for her as I understand the pain .

  21. Knowing the victim and her family personally it is heartbreaking to see the devestating effect that both the sexual attack and also the handling of the crime by the states of jersey police has had on herself and all of her family. They are unable to rebuild their lives after this terrible crime as the victim has been made to feel like the criminal! I really hope she gets the support and help that she needs to move forward despite the awful miscarriage of justice as the victim is an amazing wife,mum and friend and also an amazing fighter considering all that has happened, I know that when she is back on her feet she will go on to fight to make sure that this does not happen to any other women or vulnerable people in Jersey.

  22. Jersey’s is Probably one of the most famous flags in the British Isles, I am sure the people of jersey are very proud of their flag and the jersey heritage.

    According to the past the people of jersey stood fast against an occupation of occupying Nazi Germans.

    The people of jersey thus are resilient, tough, and possibly families with oppression, after reading this story I question that.
    The way this so called investigation was carried out was despicable, it was judged on lies from a perpetrator, it was blocked from the beginning because a senior police officer liked the perpetrator and he was a family man ..... First of all this was very bad judgment on their part, it was a conflict of interest because officer No 2 knew the perpetrator, and threatened a vulnerable woman who had been through the mill goaded by her attacker and ridiculed by his friends and family.
    I believe this is only the tip of the iceberg with this so-called carer / worker, if he was uncooperative with the police on all the interviews it should have been flagged up, it wasn't, WHY?

    Under a criminal investigation the perpetrator should be asked the question was he there? Did he have sex with the woman? Was it consensual, and why did he lie to everyone about his whereabouts and the blatant blaming it on someone else?
    It appears this so-called care worker has lied from the beginning using the very system apparently to protect victims turning them on victims,

    This poor woman and her family are in bits, she attempted suicide that alone should be taken into consideration, for further investigation, I am sure the states of jersey police force wants this case to go away, it won't, this lady and her family need justice, police officer No 2 should be liable for gross misconduct due to the threats to the lady alone, officer No 2 has let his/ her guard down allowing this care worker to lie from the beginning and he/ she believed him, major mistake on their part.
    I believe this case is closely monitored by outside agencies, Excellent, they will see through all the lies and justice will be served correctly.

    If this perpetrator is denying all this why doesn't he put his side of the story up, I don't think that will happen, he has lied to his wife his family and his co workers, his friends and last but not least the police (his friends.)

    Liberation is a massive day here and so it should be, because honest hardworking people of Jersey stuck together for better and for worse to survive the occupation, why has this changed so dramatically now, why do good people accept crimes like this, why do they accept that there is no democracy in Jersey and why why why do they bury their heads in the sand and stand by and watch this system try to destroy a woman and her family? I really thought the people of jersey were proud, not now for allowing this.

    I have served my country and have the medals to prove it, medals mean nothing but integrity morals and honesty means the world, please step up to the Mark good people and do some real justice for this woman and her family, don't let this predator walk from this, the job he is in, he could be chapping at your door next, arrogance is a rapists strongest weapon break the circle so that he is dealt with.

    I would like to Finish with saying I first hope this woman and her family recover from this if justice is flawed and needs to admit to this gross negligence, the states of jersey are totally liable for this family's future, they will have to compensate in some way or form to rectify this outcome.

    Possibly a huge apology, I will continue to monitor this story and will be linking it to other parties that are willing to give this family support.

    Let's end “The Jersey Way” now.

  23. I am of the thought that jersey police are under the impression that this case will simply go away. It won't! It has never been investigated thoroughly and it has been tainted from the onset by bias, unprofessionalism and what appears to be tantamount to institutionalised corruption. Jersey has a history of widespread sex abuse, cover ups, protected perpetrators and this has had a corrosive impact on jersey and in its islanders trust in the police and it's legal and political systems.
    This victim and her family are pleading for some form of justice and seem to have been denied it at every turn.
    For a suspect in a case such as this to adopt a "no comment" approach, he is one of two things, lying or in denial. Any innocent man being suspected of such a heinous crime would say and do all within his capabilities to assist the investigation and to corroborate his innocence.
    The time has come to call for an independent enquiry and investigation into this case, to deny that simply serves to add credence to the suspicions of the jersey islanders and indeed to those who have an interest beyond its shores in cases such as this.
    Transparency, openness and accountability are not simply buzz words, they must be exercised and be seen to be.
    To that end, again! A need for an independent, non biased and professional enquiry/investigation is called for.

  24. It would seem that fluffy Bowron thought that now was the right time to further promote his fluffy image and further feather his bed until his retirement.
    Blinkered puppeteer Deputy Moore has no trouble in doing this favour for him.

  25. If founded, this is truly disturbing, those upholding the law find personal ties leave them unable to investigate and carry out their sworn duty.

    I feel deeply for those affected. Hoping for swift resolution to unanswered questions

  26. It BOTHERS me that a terrible ordeal and injustice is being forced upon a 'VICTIM' Persecuted Disbelieved Villified and Threatened whilst the Alleged Perpetrators of thee Heinous crimes walk free and carry on with life as normal . So much has this ordeal been the 'VICTIM' has attempted to take her own life how can a Police Force decide what the crime should be I always thought they gathered facts and presented the case to the DPP for them to decide is this case of Closing Ranks such as was before on this Island and it hung it's head in shame ....... How can such a blatant disregard for the truth be allowed to continue
    Why was the VICTIM interviewed only once ? Why was only one statement taken ? And why was there no followup interview to even just to clarify points considering the VICTIM was still in a state of anxiety and distress given that she had just relived the whole harrowing issue again as it was written down ? Why was there no immediate referral to Victim Support or at the very least an officer trained in handling Victims of this type . To be told in an off the cuff way that IF SHE wanted to SHE could contact Victim Support steps should have been taken immediately by the Police to do so ! Why was the VICTIM contacted 3 days later to ascertain if she had been to her GP why what was the purpose of that question .......... It is obligatory that Victim Support are contacted immediately and not after a visit by the Victim and her husband to the police office I find this incredulous and downright sheer unprofessional to the least Now having been told there was insufficient evidence to go court ( could the evidence been stronger with a second and maybe a third interview by properly trained Police hmmmm I wonder ) the Victim was Distraught and stated that she would be reporting the matter to HCPC in London and was rebuked by the visiting officer NOT TO HARASS the accused by doing such a thing ...... Just who did this officer think he was in demanding this ! It is everyone's right to inform the HCPC and even more hers as she still felt a VICTIM the crux is now that an anti harassment order has been served on her so now the Attacker is using the very same law that failed the VICTIM in the first instance . JERSEY YOU SHOULD HANG YOUR HEAD IN SHAME! !!!YET AGAIN HAVE YOU FAILED IN YOUR DUTY TO PROTECT AND SERVE . I WONDER WHOM DO YOU SERVE AND WHOM DO YOU PROTECT ?

    1. @08:37 If the complainant is sure of the facts and sure that the rape was a deliberate act without overriding mitigating detail or circumstances then it is perhaps her duty to report the perpetrator to the HCPC so that his professional body is made aware of the potential risk to vulnerable females.

      Reporting her experiences and these concerns should not be a breech of this bizarre anti harassment order.
      If it is, then perhaps someone else familiar with the case should lodge the complaint.

      Any member of the public can raise their concerns:


      I presume that the victim could remain anonymous or confidential, particularly if the concern was raised by a third party.

    2. When contacting the hcpc you can not remain anonymous but the worrying thing is isn't it the jersey hospital job to contact and act according to protect the vulnerable females out in the system. I for one know there is someone out there still working who is a threat and the hospital know too but they turn a blind eye it's shocking .

    3. @01:10
      RE "When contacting the hcpc you can not remain anonymous"
      From my brief read you could remain anonymous in abnormal circumstances. A rape situation would likely be the type of exceptional circumstances they would consider, or more likely they would check the victim's identity but ensure that it was kept confidential.
      Also I suggested that the concern was raised by a third party (under their own name), i.e. a friend who the victim can make familiar with the case or act as a 'go between'. The Jersey authorities obviously already know the identity of the victim so "total anonymity" is irrelevant; it is just a case of her name being kept out of the public domain and seeking some form of justice and closure if this is what she wishes.

      RE someone out there still working who is a threat at the hospital. Hopefully not as much of a threat as this gentleman

      Rape is a crime that all too many women are familiar with, but there are far worse crimes.....


      The police report makes disturbing reading and it seems highly likely Nurse M was involved in a number of killings. The Jersey establishment went to great lengths to shut down the investigation and also to ensure that their man was able to continue working in nursing homes and hospitals. Even IF he is innocent of killings at the hospital this ex-military nurse certainly seems totally unsuitable to work in nursing or with vulnerable people.

    4. From the leaked police report:

      "Mr. NURSE M was arrested on returning to the Island on the 17th April, 1999, and, armed with a Warrant, his home address was searched. During the search, the following property was recovered.

      1. One lump of brown cannabis resin, tablets and scales.
      2. Knuckle-duster.
      3. A Police Philips radio (in working order).
      4. Bag containing various medications.
      5. Eleven syringes with a clear liquid within, and other medication, including
      two bottles of potassium chloride.
      6. Six firearms, with large quantity of ammunition.
      7. One expired Firearms Certificate.

      NURSE M was interviewed concerning the medication found, and at first suggested that the insulin in the eleven syringes was intended as an aid to body-building. He later changed this story, in that he intended to kill himself with the medication, by marching down to the Cenotaph in military dress, where he would inject himself with a lethal dose of insulin and potassium chloride." [medications he had stolen from Corbiere Ward in quantities large enough to kill DOZENS of people, virtually undetectably]

      A pathological liar and not a well bunny?

      So apart from the rash of statistically significant deaths during his shifts, including people expected to make a full recovery, apart from the sexual violence and inappropriate relationships there were also incidents like:

      "Incident 4 – A young girl was admitted to Corbiere Ward, following an overdose. NURSE M found her attempting to hang herself in the toilet on the ward. The patient was transferred to the APU, where it is alleged that the young girl disclosed to a member of staff that NURSE M had offered to show her how to commit suicide correctly." [i.e. successfully]

      A lot of taxpayers money was spent on suppressing this story and imprisoning the whistleblower. "Move along now. Nothing to see here, all is well in toytown"

  27. I am really sorry to hear about this. This happened to me a few years ago (not in Jersey). I was found guilty of harassment even though in court I was described as a credible witness and my evidence (of being raped a number of times by same person) was believed. I was told that informing his employers(he too worked with vulnerable women) I had a restraining order out against him was 'disproportionate' to what he did. As far as I know, he too still works with vulnerable women. Evidence was also planted in my case. I knew these sort of things happened, but when it actually happens to you only then do you really know the devastation it brings. I hope you get some justice - good luck.

  28. I am really sorry to hear about this. This happened to me a few years ago (not in Jersey). I was found guilty of harassment even though in court I was described as a credible witness and my evidence (of being raped a number of times by same person) was believed. I was told that informing his employers(he too worked with vulnerable women) I had a restraining order out against him was 'disproportionate' to what he did. As far as I know, he too still works with vulnerable women. Evidence was also planted in my case. I knew these sort of things happened, but when it actually happens to you only then do you really know the devastation it brings. I hope you get some justice - good luck.

  29. Listening to local radio today and it was mentioned that JAAR Jersey Action Against Rape are trying to recruit more counsellers for Rape counselling , the lady said that the influx of clients with specialised needs has escalated, this doesn't surprise me due to the fact that Rape crimes in a Jersey have always been hidden from public view.
    The lady was asking for specialised counsellers that get it, this means not the so called academics with the worthless piece of paper entitling them to council Rape victims because the so called governing body said they can, I mean the institute such as Jersey Talking Therapies who in my opinion are so far off reality that they have to rewind there Freued mentality.
    This island really has to step up to the mark and accept that this heinous crime be eradicated as much as possible, known perpetrators are still employed in specific jobs dealing with vulnerable people, they remain employed by the state why ?
    JAAR need people not infected by the "Jersey away" system, I really hope she gets the specialised people that are required, past victims have so much empathy and understanding of the facts, stigma, emotional and physical problems and off course the victim being goaded by society and States operatives as the perpetrator, as is done just now and will continue to be until certain departments are drained of the "old brigade " and finally see sense.
    Going back to the blog story, I hope this lady is keeping well and as a man I am truly sorry this has happened to her, she is one brave lady and knowing that JAAR has helped her and continue to provide this exemplary support to her And her family also to see also that WAR Woman Against Rape in London are promoting this blog detailing this horrendous story throughout the World tells me that "the Jersey Way" may be on it's way out, with a little help outside the controlled sphere.

    A real family man.

  30. The recent investigation report confirms my past and present thoughts about the dishonest states system of investigation.
    the Jersey Way continues to this day, this tragic case was never given the chance from the beginning. Its been four years now and the preditor has now been promoted to senior management. The family are still trying to move on from this and will continue to voice there concerns about this preditor and his so called job title, safeguarding is needed here for the children and vulnerable people on this island. Please supprt this ongoing case.