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Deputy Montfort Tadier Suspension.

Deputy Montfort Tadier

Deputy Montfort Tadier was suspended (Fri 29th March 2009) from his duty as Assistant Minister for culture. The decision to immediately suspend the Deputy was made by Chief Minister John Le Fondre following an email exchange between a few States Members (including the Chief Minister) where there was a discussion about the prescribing of medicinal cannabis (or not) for patients with chronic pain.

Deputy Tadier, it would appear, was calling for the dismissal of a pain consultant who, it seems, has refused to prescribe the pain reliving drug despite the the Island's parliament voting overwhelmingly to allow cannabis to be prescribed. The pain consultant was copied into the e-mail. The e-mail itself (from Deputy Tadier) was a reply to an ongoing thread and was not a stand-alone e-mail calling for the pain consultants dismissal. (As some media outlets would have you believe)

So firstly this is not some surreptitious Machiavellian conspiracy to get rid of a States employee on Deputy Tadier's behalf, it was an open, honest and transparent call for the employee to go. The employee could have responded to the e-mail fighting his corner. We've not seen evidence that this has happened. 

For those who keep an eye on Jersey politics; the calling of the pain consultants dismissal/removal is nothing new. Deputy Tadier has made his position clear in a number of States debates including HERE.

The old media (formerly known as "mainstream" media) has been doing what it always does and "reported" (or not) on this story but to the best of our knowledge "questioned" nothing. That's where the "New" Media (formerly known as "Social" Media) continues to carry the slack and actually question the government line rather than just report (repeat) it.

We ask: Has the Chief Minister overplayed the severity of the incident by suggesting there could be a claim for constructive dismissal?

As far as we understand it; JACS states that constructive dismissal occurs when an employee considers it necessary to leave their job against their will because of the employers conduct.

We ask: Surely Deputy Tadier isn't the employer? The employer is the States Employment Board? Could a case of constructive dismissal really have any merit?

Since the "offending e-mail" had nothing to do with the Ministry Deputy Tadier has responsibility for (culture), nor did it relate to a member of his department, then one must assume he was acting as an independent States Member.

We ask: Is the Chief Minister over-looking these facts in order to justify the severity of his (what looks to be) over the top, (and possibly wrong) sanction? How can an independent Member of the States be bound by the Ministerial Code of Conduct?

We hope to follow up on this developing story very soon and also hope to have as many answers as questions.


  1. As was explained by Dr Minihane and a UK specialist lawyer recently at the Scrutiny hearing on the "Damages Law" there are problems obtaining insurance for many medics. It is an international problem. So Doctors are inevitably cautious about prescribing treatments that do not have official approval (by NICE and suchlike). The huge compensation awards that are now possible - especially in the caring/medical world - when things go wrong cannot be ignored and of course Insurance companies are very powerful organisations who want to minimize their own financial and reputational risks.
    The multi £millions damages award that caused the Jersey AG to leap into court recently was evidently a very significant local case and I feel sure that there are implications that reach way beyond medical/care issues. In fact any activity these days can result in claims for substantial damages and I suspect that potential claims in the Finance Sector are the real bottom line here and the reason why that law was rushed through in such haste.
    From my own experience I know that one local pain specialist is personally opposed to the use of cannabis because members of his own family experienced problems so it is a hard decision for such a practitioner to prescribe its use by his patients. The moreso if its use has not been fully approved by the regulatory authorities.

    I suggest that we should all be mindful of the Grenfell tragedy. The cladding material used on this building was and is in wide use but it may or may not have been properly tested or even installed correctly. That fire killed 72 people and destroyed many more lives but there are hundreds of similar installations on buildings in the UK and elsewhere. One tall building in Jersey has already been taken out of use.
    I don't know where the testing of cannabis is in the "things to do list" so far as regulation is concerned but it is not something that will be done within this Island. On the other hand I suppose like tobacco and alcohol that the use of cannabis could simply be a licensed activity and the users allowed to decide for themselves whether they want to buy it or grow it. I have never heard of a shop or pub being sued for selling alcohol to a driver who subsequently crashes his car into a pedestrian so suppose that the same rules would apply to cannabis if freely available. Medics would therefore not be a part of the process for most users.

  2. It's clearly double standards going on here because if the email was sent by JLF's little puppy dog Buchannon a little quiet word in the *Jersey way* ear would have done the trick. It's no secret JLF was against the public child abuse inquiry and Monty was at the forefront of delivering the inquiry. Wrongly suspended Monty for being one of the good guys.

  3. From Channel 103's WEBSITE.

    "He (Deputy Tadier) has also agreed to refer himself to the Commissioner for Standards so that this matter can be independently looked at to establish whether any breach of the States Members code of conduct has occurred."

    So he's been punished (suspended) under the Ministerial Code of Conduct and now could face further punishment under ANOTHER (States Members) Code of Conduct!

    Surely this has to be unprecedented? When has a Minister/Assistant Minister ever been suspended under the Ministerial Code of Conduct and then further be investigated under the States Members Code of Conduct?


    1. And in the meantime children in jersey are STILL not safe.

      John Le Fondleboys priorities are made clear by his present actions
      ….and his voting record going back years.

    2. I'm not keen on the "Fondleboys" nick-name and want to make it clear that JLF does not fit that description. Please let's stay with the evidence/facts and principles and steer clear of personal attacks.

    3. I am not keen on him either but this is your blog with your rules
      -and pretty damn fair they are too.
      (& thank you for publishing on this occasion)

      I'm sure he appreciated your assertion but I don't think we can be 100% certain in this world - some people don't just swing in the one direction.

      It is always worth contemplating and keeping an open mind on the motivations for people to be such keen proponents of the cover up of child abuse. These are many and varied. Like the Shentons, Vic College boy JLF-Junior is the current representative of a long established political families and is the offspring of the now deceased JLF-Senior. This multiplies the possible motivations.

      To be clear, I have never had so much as a hint that JLF-Junior's appetites are anything other than mainstream.

      I confess that I have difficulty respecting people who have contributed to cover up and have missed so many opportunities for improving real protection of children and the nickname is a reflection of this and the perverted activities to which he has effectively and willingly lent support.
      In this respect the nickname is not undeserved. I can tone it down to "John Le Fondle" or just to JLF if you have a strong preference.

    4. I totally agree with vfc’s comment regarding the totally inappropriate and offensive nickname given to John Le Fondré. It seriously lowers the standard of debate and does nothing to enhance the good reputation of this site. I would strongly urge the contributor to refrain from these types of personalised, derogatory comments.

    5. "John Le Fondleboys"?


      There are real paedophiles out there to mock. We need not baselessly and pointlessly offend the Chief Minister, after all.

    6. And which "real paedophiles" have you mocked @19:21 ?
      And do you think that "mocking" is the appropriate sanction and treatment for paedophiles?

      Our now Chief Sinister was acting in this way long before he was mocked and this should offend all decent human beings.

      Mocking JLF in this way is neither baseless nor pointless and serves to link him with what he enables and protects through his enthusiasm for the cover up and non investigation of this corruption.

  4. VFC - please be aware that ever since Monty strongly criticised the Bailhache brothers during his speech to curb the Bailiff's powers the Jersey Establishment have been out to 'get' him. Interestingly JLF was assisted in his dismissal by Farnham who if I call tried to defend the Bailhache brothers half way through Monty's speak. Farnham also is looking to introduce an amendment to ensure there is a 2/3rd majority for any changes to the Bailiff's powers.

    The inference is clear - mess with the Establishment and we will get you, sooner or later.

    1. Anon 17:27 just hit the nail on the head.
      Monty has always been a critic of the Bailhache Brothers and the role of the Bailiff, so the Jersey Mafia must be out to get him.
      Also noticed that Terry Le Main & John Deadwood were celebrating Monty's suspension so what does that tell you?

  5. Shades of the Stuart Syvret treatment methinks. I often thought that Stuart spoke his mind and maybe a bit to vocally because it was born of frustration. Monty is a good man, approachable, passionate in what he believes and he has fought this cause long and hard for people who would benefit from this pain relief. Maybe it was a 'faux pas', maybe not, but whatever the intention Monty can still hold his head up suspended or not, and let us hope that common sense prevails.

  6. Just a few weeks ago the Jersey government was on the verge of collapse following the "Election Expenses" fiasco. Because the AG decided that it was not appropriate to have half of the government being required to resign and prosecuted - thus gaining criminal records - they were let off the hook.
    Of course the deliberate action to cover up the scandal and save the faces of the politicians and the Judicial Greffier was dismissed in the public mind by the "media" as a "storm in a teacup." But it was no such thing and our elected politicians have kept remarkably silent on the matter too because so many were culpable. That those now due to investigate Deputy Tadier's behaviour were so quick to legislate to plaster over the real democratic scandal and not to have any meaningful investigation is an amazing contrast.
    If ever there was a "storm in a teacup" Deputy Tadier's transgression must be it but it is sad that his party has not been more vociferous in calling for a proper investigation of the "expenses" fiasco and all that it entails.
    The failures in the 2018 election were all the more extraordinary because they were nothing new and had happened in previous elections and many of those in the States had actually proposed and voted on the very same legislation that was supposed to stop it happening again. The punishments provided under that legislation were not optional. Resignation was obligatory and prosecution with the expectation of a fine and a criminal conviction were essential parts of the intended consequences of transgression.

    Ironically the whistle was blown on this scandal by Nick Le Cornu with my assistance. That he had been prosecuted and threatened with likely ruination by the same Crown Officers office that waived aside prosecution of a large part of the Jersey government needs to be particularly noted - especially because the prosecution against him (and his wife) was dropped because there was no case to answer.

    Yet the urge to punish Nick, even as an innocent man, was so strong with the Crown Officers that they asked the Magistrate not to grant his considerable costs. Even the Magistrate was visibly shocked at this vindictive attempt and was suitably critical when he granted full costs to Nick.
    On that occasion Deputy Tadier was present for the hearing and I interviewed him outside the court and he was appropriately critical of the proceedings.
    However, there has been no political call to investigate the role of the Crown Officers in Nick's case or the Election expenses scandal and once again the question needs to be raised about the "persecution" of political activists in Jersey. It cannot be coincidental that political radicals such as Nick receive such a hostile reception whilst the "establishment" figures can break the law on a grand scale and be excused.

    That Deputy Tadier has been caught up now in the same perverse system of double standards and covert retribution is something he can deal with as necessary. He will not lack public support if he needs it.

    However, the fact remains that Jersey democratic and judicial systems are exposed as failing with monotonous regularity yet our so called "government" is just simply not prepared or able to counter the faults either with words or action.

    It is amazing that the 2018 Election was overseen by a team of Commonwealth observers who prepared a substantially critical report on the substantial defects in the electoral process that drew attention inter alia to the lack of supervision of the expenses returns and procedures.
    Yet even when the research is carried out by invited outside observers this government demonstrates time and time again that it is totally incapable of initiating the necessary effective reforms.

    1. Video interview mentions by Tom Gruchy with Montfort Tadier.

    2. VFC @08:37 Monty was very measured and restrained in that interview.
      On the one hand this is statesmanlike but the other aspect is that Monty is not stupid and knows what the abusive establishment did to Health Minister Syvret and Deputies Pitman and Pitman and attempted to do to Nick Le Cornu and Advocate Philip Sinel.
      There are two interesting comments uploaded on that Tom Gruchy interview and also one attacking Nick Le Cornu from a fake account in the name of "Truth Seeker"
      It is no surprise that this peado-troll is still active and maintaining his campaigns. I wonder who it could be LOL
      Readers may remember that startingover a decade ago that a character by the same name hijacked the pen name of a genuine child protection commenter on the dreadful JEP website and was protected by the moderators in his ceaseless attacks on child abuse victims in general and on politicians he saw as dangerous -Stuart Syvret, Deputies Pitman and Pitman and Nick Le Cornu -Can anyone see a common thread here?

      Interestingly "Truth Seeker" has uploaded 3 videos on his own channel. All are news clips on "successful" prosecutions of relatively insignificant online grooming cases. The hope no-doubt is that this 'activism' gives credence that he in not a paedophile or paedophile sympathiser.

      As it happens all 3 videos relate to or include footage of successful paedophile hunter Cheyenne O’Connor. The additional message in happening to choose these 3 videos is "be careful when you are kiddy-hunting online because this lady is after us and this is what she looks like".

      This character always was pretty transparent. I wonder what multiple names it is using on the JEPeado website now?

      Wouldn't it be even more interesting if the abusive establishment and its courts had used this proven liar in their legal campaign against Health Minister Syvret after he blew the whistle on Jersey's appalling child abuse problem.

    3. Sounds like you are trying to silence an opinion.
      Lets be careful because freedom of speech is a right and no matter what people think, as long as it is within reason they should have a right to say it.

    4. "Sounds like you are trying to silence an opinion."
      Maybe to the voices inside your head @11:12 because I never said any such thing.

      You or he [He He He ...] are welcome to come on here and say why (for example) child abusers and their protectors should not be persecuted and why politicians and campaigners who fight for child protection
      …..should be prosecuted, ignored or whatever.

      Interestingly this is the official line and the Paedo-Trolls line.

    5. This suggestion is made above: -

      "Wouldn't it be even more interesting if the abusive establishment and its courts had used this proven liar in their legal campaign against Health Minister Syvret after he blew the whistle on Jersey's appalling child abuse problem."

      I am unable to comment on that suggestion because of Jersey government reporting restrictions.

      Stuart Syvret.

  7. If only we had Trevor Pitman back to back Monty and in the process fire off frrom the hip a few home truths Le Fondre and Monty's shrinking violet party colleagues.

  8. When is Trevor Pitman's Blog coming back?

    1. Surely won't after all of this time? But it would be great if it did. Never more needed when progressive politics never mind principled opposition just seems to have been absorbed by the establishment.

    2. Hopefully it should be up and running at the end of the month.

    3. Can you tell us why he is back to blogging after a 5 year break?

    4. I know no more than he has been working on a couple of major projects which are nearing completion and that he feels he has something to say.

    5. My only thoughts about Trevor Pitman is that the political scene he left behind 5 years has changed a lot and so have the people. So I hope what he has to say is fresh and new.
      They say a week is a long time in politics.

    6. Love him or loath him whatever Pitman said was always relevant. In contrast to 90+ per cent of other political figures it was nearly always well said and often knuckle-bitingly funny. I would love to see him back blogging. Better still back in the States. He would walk back in if allowed by our crooked judicial thugs to stand.

    7. 27.27

      'The political scene he (Pitman) left behind 5 years ago has changed a lot and so have the people'.

      Yes and no.

      The changes few would argue are for the better. Less debates. Less questions. Zero holding to account. A total running scared of the Bailiff. Less democracy.

      Pitman, both Pitmans, would improve our sorry government a hundred-fold.

      Unless you are one of the low caliber inmates I suppose.

      Or a troll!

      Can't wait to welcome the gunslinger back if true. Just hope he won't have mellowed.

    8. What you have just written does not add up.
      Reform Jersey are part of the Government compared to 5 years ago so what questions are they to ask if only of themselves?
      The Bailiff debate is imminent and Sen Mezec is expected to win it, then we have all other Ministries held by different people compared to 5 years except Economic Development.
      But it is all change.
      Then again if you have such strong views and see none of this as different then why not stand yourself?


    9. Everything will have changed when (and only when) we have the proper rule of law and the prosecution of well connected child abusers and their protectors.

      11:54 makes total sense - bar the irony of suggesting that "Less debates. Less questions. Zero holding to account" is a change for the better

      The notion that the battle is somehow won because most of the people have changed is not only diversionary it is also patently wrong to anyone with an ounce of sophistication.

      We are not just talking about individuals, the equally or more important problem is the dysfunctional system. Entities can be stable through even thought the components that form them are constantly changing. An empire has not fundamentally changed even after the monarch and all the soldiers have moved on or died of old age because new ones take their place

      When a sewage system is being drained the whirlpool that forms at the plughole is constant even thought the water (& bits of shit) that spin to form the vortex are spinning there for only a time.

      The components change but the entity remains. QED

      Maybe not a troll. Maybe just a bit simple.

    10. Sorry 12-15 but in reality nothing bar the window-dressing has changed as the poster States. Your suggestion that Mezec will win the Bailiff removal debate is fantasy. It won't happen though I really hope I am wrong. As for Reform they have made themselves about as relevant as the UK's Blairites rump or the Lib-Dems post Nick Clegg's similar sell out for a little taste of power. A masterclass by Le Fondre in a way I would have suspected to have the cunning. But I ask you this. Have you listened to many debates lately let alone sat through one? NOTHING HAPPENS. Five years on from Pitman as someone was talking about Jersey democracy lies bleeding in the gutter and nobody in the Assembly says a dickie bird.

    11. There is a very good chance that the numbers are there to get an elected speaker ... but to credit Mézec with this is simply misguided.

    12. Don't think much of Mezec since he scraped in as a Senator but at least he has continued the work of the likes of the other Deputy Pitman, Shona, and is trying to get rid of our unelected States Speaker. Don't think the numbers are there but as somebody else suggests we must hope.

  9. Headline on tonight's disgusting foul rag the 'JEP'


    Why would any intelligent person by surprised by this?

    The massed dumping of 100,000s tons of the toxic incinerator ash into these sea-porous land reclamation sites was strenuously opposed from 1990 by the fresh-faced young Deputy Stuart Syvret.

    He continued to oppose it throughout his career.

    His research on the matter was formidable, as was his endurance for the abuse, obstruction, lies and insults he suffered.

    You can read the appalling truth of this scandal, without having to wait for the JEP, by reading the detailed, evidenced, researched Report & Proposition Stuart Syvret wrote in 2008 when attempting to get the Jersey authorities to face the facts and hold a public inquiry into the environmental disaster. Here's the link to the document, P.96/2008:

    It's all in the document, toxic heavy metals like lead, nickel, cadmium, arsenic, mercury etc.

    Dioxins. Furans. PCBs.

    Naturally, Jersey's government of gangsters refused to hold the proposed public inquiry.

    Stuart Syvret. Right again. Something he seemed to do with 100% consistency.

  10. Why is so little being told to us about what will happen to us if Brexit ever happens?

    Are Le Fondre, Pinel, Mezec and co just keeping their fingers crossed?

    On the subject of Pitman. I for one will read any blog written by him. One of Jersey's few political giants of the 21st century.

    1. LOL! Our Ministers won't have a clue about our status post-Brexit. But trust this fact. If it benefits the UK to cut us adrift then cut us adrift they will.

  11. Pleeease don't thank the JEPaedo.

  12. Can't see this bunch of potted plants voting to get rid of their self-appointed leige lord. One haughty glower from the old public school boy faker of evidence will have them cowering.

  13. For my two penath worth I think it is pretty obvious now that the high point when, for just three short years, this island was on the point of being salvagable and just maybe law and order introduced, and justice secured for the betrayed, was between the electoral intake of progressives between 2008 and 2011. After that it has been under assault from the Old Boys Network with every weapon in their armoury. The corrupt courts as did for the brave Syvret and the Pitmans, the parish whispering campaigns that did for Hill. What we have left outside or at least not quite In The Club are what Syvret used to call the Plastic Progressives. Always making excuses or just going missing when the bullets are flying. It doesn't lift one's heart with hope.

  14. A little sad news I am sorry to inform you of VFC....

  15. Looking forward to Trevor Pitman coming on here soon.

    1. If he ever does. We lost him five years ago. Much as many would like to see him back might well just be wishful thinking. Voice hasn't said why it was so confident. Any road up. Where we really need him is in the States. How long before that could happen? And would Pitman even want to stand anyway? Just asking.

  16. Comments have died on here.

    1. Not many get published.

    2. 43 have been published and 49 not.

    3. 49 comments unpublished - why?
      Get debate going VFC.

  17. For goodness' sake folks! Is VFC not allowed a break especially over a 'holiday' period. If I were to take an educated guess a large number of unpublished comments would probably be unsuitable, or submitted by an infamous troll. Why should a quality blog be filled with that sort of rubbish? At least we know that when more is published it will be well worth the reading and debate that follows.

    1. A new post would be good though. Maybe The Voice could contact the elusive ex-Deputy Pitman for a video chat (assuming he has video where ever he may be ? I would certainly tune in. What about an update on the chances of this Bailiff vote bearing fruit? That too would get the comments coming in.

  18. Is the Pitman Blog come back still on for next week?

    1. Who knows. I guess it will happen when and if he feels like it. Personally I hope it does come back it was not just different but class. Loved the videos he did.

  19. Independent Jersey Independent Care Inquiry to return to THE ISLAND.