Monday, 13 May 2019

Deputy Mike Higgins. (The Jersey Way)

Deputy Mike Higgins

In the week that the Jersey Independent Care Inquiry (IJCI) PANEL return to the Island to review how its RECOMMENDATIONS have, or haven't, been implemented. We thought it would be a poignant time to reflect on a speech (or two) given at the last States Sitting (Tues 30th April 2019) by Deputy Mike Higgins.

Being debated was the Draft Commissioner for children and Young people (Jersey) LAW. Basically this was putting into (dodgy) legislation the position of the Children's Commissioner. The Commissioner now has little more rights than the man on the street in having access to official documents. Although like everybody else she's not allowed to know what advice is given by the conflicted Attorney General's Office.

Deputy Higgins has been instrumental in bringing about the Jersey Child Abuse Committee of Inquiry, campaigning for Survivors/Abusees and speaking out against judicial and political corruption since he was first elected in 2008. It was Deputy Higgins who managed to copy the transcripts from the in-camera (secret) debate where the then Home Affairs Minister, and Deputy, Andrew Lewis told the States Assembly when giving one of his different "reasons" for (possibly illegally) suspending the then Chief Police Officer Graham Power QPM:

"I HAVE READ AN ALARMING REPORT FROM THE METROPOLITAN POLICE which led me to this decision in the first place."

Regular readers will know that this statement was found to be a lie by the Jersey Independent Care Inquiry. Deputy Lewis was subsequently Censured by the parliamentary watchdog the Privileges and Procedures Committee. Reported by VFC HERE. with proposition lodged HERE. The transcript, copied by Deputy Higgins, was leaked to Bloggers (not by Deputy Higgins) who had the trust/confidence of survivors/Abusees and Whistleblowers and was subsequently published HERE. It's fair to say that without the deputy's diligence this "lie" could have remained un-noticed and never have been discovered.

William Bailhache

During the States debate (Tues 30th April 2019) Deputy Higgins reminded States Members, and the viewing public, of a number of troublesome aspects concerning the cover-up of Child Abuse and alleged abusers still at large. He was able to do this due to his extensive knowledge and campaigning for Survivors over the years and attending many of the IJCI public Hearings.

In the Chair was Bailiff William Bailhache, who has some uncomfortable questions of his own to ANSWER, concerning his time as Attorney General. The Bailiff asked Deputy Higgins to clarify who (which AG) he was talking about during his speech and the Deputy was happy to oblige by reading from the Care Inquiry Report and nailing his brother Philip Bailhache.

The second part of Deputy Higgins's speech deals with (according to the Deputy) alleged abusers who have not faced justice (The Jersey Way) despite evidence given to the Jersey Independent Care Inquiry against them. He made a very compelling and correct statement during this part of his speech when he said:

"We will never put this matter behind us and get the support of the people who have been abused until we address these issues and bring these people to book."

What Deputy Higgins did with his speech was to demonstrate that the Attorney General's office could "credibly" be  accused of cover-up. He showed that there are people who still appear to be above the law or even more people need to come forward to give evidence against them. If all is accurate in Deputy Higgins's speech then he also demonstrated "The Jersey Way."


  1. The Bearded Rebel13 May 2019 at 18:57

    Why is it that not a single States Member ever backs the very brave Mike Higgins up? No. Don't answer that. I will get too depressed. A good and timely post and an issue that not one of the MSM will feature. How about that for an example to the COI hearings on media?

    1. A point well made. The MSM should cover this. Isn't it what journalists do?

      Ah! So problem identified.

      Not proper journalists.

      Just faithful reporters of what the Establishment tells them.

    2. Me thinks Bailiff Bailhache will be 'reflecting' on what he said in his intervention to try and shut the Deputy up. No doubt for once thinking "why didn't I keep my big gob shut? Big Bruvver will be really narked with me now and probably won't let me join the secret post-Brexit independence talks!"

    3. What your clip essentially shows is our Chief Crown Officer and unelected Lord seeking to mislead States members and more importantly still the public. Not acceptable Sir!

  2. VFC, Is it possible for you to make The COI Team aware of this posting?

  3. What on Earth does Bill Bailhache think he'd doing? Even being in the chamber, let alone presiding over this debate - when he is so directly and expressly conflicted?

    He is at least as directly and expressly and fatally conflicted as his brother, Phil Bailhache, referred to by Mike Higgins.

    So, where did the supposed "public-inquiry" deal with this issue? The brazen conflicts-of-interest which continue to contaminate Jersey?

    Stuart Syvret

    Investigative journalist, historian, international anti-mafia-activist.

  4. Over the centuries the London government tried to clamp down on the smuggling carried on from the CIs. It was a huge and violent business but of course the Islands were strategically placed near France and so had importance to keep an eye on the French and to attack French and other countries' shipping.
    Every now and then London would try to establish "English" customs houses in the Islands to enforce such laws as the Navigation Acts which applied throughout the Empire.
    Extraordinarily, the Islands always resisted such an extension of customs controls in the Islands and of course it was always the Crown Officers who led the campaigns - although it was often the role of the same officers to protect the rights of the Crown too - such as the "Crown Revenues." So in the old ledgers in the National Archives and the British Museum today can be found the original papers - I have studied many of them - and the legal arguments these officers used can be examined.
    For the most part they are based on erroneous information such as "King John's Charter" which never did exist as claimed but remarkably the English government just seemed to accept them as though they did. Sometimes the arguments would be based on "Dicey's History of Guernsey (with bits on Jersey) which was published in the early 18th century by a customs officer who was shipwrecked on Guernsey and looked after by the smuggling merchant community. Of course he was not related to the famous legal commentator with the same surname who would have had valid information to offer.
    So Dicey's book was often cited as a legal authority as were the ancient books on Norman Law written and published in France centuries after 1204 when the CIs were separated from France/Normandy. In other words the arguments against the establishment of English customs houses in the CIs were largely based upon fiction - YET the English government never did really try to challenge them.
    As today, we can draw our own conclusions about why the British government was only ever half-hearted in its attempts to clamp down on "tax evasion" just as it is today. And of course the Crown Officers became just a part of a tradition to "make it up as they go along" so far as the laws of the Islands were and are concerned.

    Thus when the Bailiff of Guernsey was prosecuted and found guilty of smuggling gin and other things - in the English courts - in the mid 18th century he retained his job.....and when most of the elected Jersey States' Members broke the Election expenses law in 2018 - the AG as Crown officer, decided not to prosecute them as the law required and they did not have to resign their seats. It's the same old "make it up as you go along" approach to law-enforcement and interpretation that has always applied. Yes its the Jersey Way in this Bailiwick in the name of the Crown and it is evidently clear that neither child abuse nor climate change is going to get in the way of an International multi-billons business anymore than the deaths of few hundred customs officers did in previous centuries.

    1. Tom Gruchy.

      Thank you for your very insightful and educational comment.

      Making up laws as they go along looks to be a time honored tradition as displayed by Philip Bailhache HERE.

    2. When you can watch a video clip with your former Bailiff, AG, External Relations Minister and lead attack dog of the Establishment for decades, Philip Bailhache smirking as he brags to a legal gathering about 'making stuff up' even the doziest apologist for the status quo should be out on the streets with flaming torch and a pitch fork. Jersey is the most apathetic, I'm Alright Jack jurisdiction in the world.

  5. Mike Higgins is a brave and honorable man how long before he is attacked by the establishment and go,s the same way as other honorable men such as Syvret,Pitman and Power. We the public need to get behind Mike and any other like minded politicians and give them our support. Credit to VFC bring this to our attention.

    1. The establishment and their flea-bitten attack dog ...the JEPeado ….already attempted that.
      They tried to pull the rug from under his annual Battle of Britain Air Display and spin it as some sort of financial incompetence or impropriety by Mr. Mike Higgins.

      Have you a link for this VFC ?

      Mike Higgins bloodied their nose and they skulked off with their tails between their legs.

      What will be next.....

    2. 02.52

      If only there were some 'like-minded' politicians left in the States my friend.

      What I wonder has happened to the hapless PPC and its rudderless leader Deputy Labey in promising to bring forward the changes demanded by the visiting election monitors?

      Kep aspect was ditching the dual role and Labey and co could not even agree on that.


    3. My recollection was that it was not just JEPaedo but the Economic Development Department which was trying to bankrupt Deputy Higgins at that time.

    4. That Deputy Higgins apparently actually cared so much, and had so little choice due to the ED/Old Boys clusterfruck, was forced to re-mortgage his own home to keep the brilliant Air Display going at one point far from stab him in the back as these shysters do they ought to be campaigning to get the man an OBE. After all if they can dish them out to rogue operators like our last three Bailiffs then they can surely spare one for a man of true integrity like Higgins?

    5. Could we get a UK politician - any UK politician - to ask questions about our Bailiff and his non-existant 'excellent supervisory reports' fake evidence in the Commons?

    6. Is there one who was in the RAF? Someone like that might be up for it.

    7. A good interview. Thank you for doing what you do. You and Higgins both.

  6. Well done, yourself and Deputy Higgins, for this cat among the pigeons post.

    Stuart must have felt in familiar territory listening to a Bailhache brazenly trying to "turn of a Deputy's microphone". Fortunately with less success than on a previous occasion.

    Bally William's intervention, effectively dismissed out of hand by Deputy Higgins, should be investigated as abuse of office. I cannot think of a stronger argument than this intervention for immediately removing the Bailiff from chairing the States - permanently.

  7. Update from Inquiry Panel regarding the public hearings starting 21st May:

    "The outline timetable for our public roundtable discussions is now available at
    We will update this as the names of people attending are confirmed."

  8. Good speech but sadly we all know nothing will come of it. Have they given an explanation as to why the Pinball Wizard was never put on trial?

  9. At risk of being criticised for 'out twating' your no-doubt exemplary Jersey lawyers (some of us are casting an increasingly jealous eye over their untested & frankly unearned millions) may I suggest you address a simple legal point? A public authority, so that includes your legislature, is not permitted be biased or appear to be biased. A number of substantially evidenced concerns and conflicting questions exist in respect of the conduct of William Bailhache and his brother Philip Bailhache. Especially so in the context of the Jersey child-abuse cover-ups.

    So why does your legislature tolerate this ultra vires conduct?

    That's a rhetorical question of course.

    What is revealed and affirmed yet again is that your bodies of governance on Jersey are historically and structurally defective and dysfunctional.

    Well, how does this end now? Now that the last chance saloon is so vanished in the rear-view mirror?

    I'm not alone in so looking forward to practicing on Jersey!

    1. You would fit in very well over here.

  10. Mike Higgins - you are a man of courage and honour, yet you stand alone in that house of corruption because not one other politician has the 'cohones' to speak the truth as you have. Oh that there were more, but I guess that unlike you they are are afraid of the Syvret and Pitman treatment and are content to sell their souls to retain their status quo which is a lot more comfortable for them.

    Anybody who had to sit through the unedifying spectacle of Andrew Lewis's embarrassing and untruthful evidence to the IJCI would have been in disbelief at what they were watching. To add insult to injury when Lewis was called before a public meeting before PPC, again disbelief when no other than Philip Bailhache stood up to defend him and speak on his behalf. How could anyone defend the indefensible as this man did?

    We have the IJCI Panel in the Island again to see what progress has been made in regard to its recommendations. I fear they may well be disappointed that The Jersey Way continues as prominently as it ever did. Let us hope they feel the need to keep returning as long as is necessary until their objectives are fully implemented.

    1. My disappointment concerning The Jersey Situation is that we still don't have a criminal justice system capable of arresting, charging, and prosecuting the members of the overtly fraudulent "public-inquiry".

      But - we're getting there.

      Slowly but surely.

      No Hiding Place.

      Stuart Syvret.

    2. 'we still don't have a criminal justice system capable of arresting, charging, and prosecuting the members of the overtly fraudulent "public-inquiry".'

      Who are you talking about, the Panel?

    3. I really think that you should give evidence, Stuart, then your concerns could be put on public record.
      This would be far more effective and reach a far wider audience.

    4. Well, that's never going to happen. How could it when the COI refused to give him legal representation even when it was underway? There were enough serious legal concerns for him then to need legal advice. Now that the COI has officially finished so no legal protection at all exists for people speaking to the three Panel members, he'd a be a fool to speak with them now. He's not a fool. To anyone reading this who's on the right side and wanted Syvret to give evidence, I think you have to look to yourselves and ask yourslevs some honest questions. Why didn't you do something as easy as get together and write a letter to the COI objecting to their constructive exclusion of the one person who was going to be our star witness? You know, it's all fun and games bitching about the States, the Jersey establishment and all the rest of it but in the final analyses we always let ourselves down by letting the shysters run rings around us. The biased behaviour of the COI would not have been tolerated for one minute by any grass roots campaign anywhere else in Britain. We've been suckered again and we've no one to blame but ourselves. Maybe when we finally recognize that the establishment will stop walking all over us.

    5. At 22:09 a reader quotes me, and asks me a question: -

      "'we still don't have a criminal justice system capable of arresting, charging, and prosecuting the members of the overtly fraudulent "public-inquiry".'

      Who are you talking about, the Panel?"

      Well, not only the "panel", obviously, because the fraud, racketeering, misconduct in public office, and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice on display is much deeper and broader than merely the former "panel". But, yes - you get the idea.

      And how could it be otherwise?

      After all - there's nothing complex about any of this.

      It sits "in-plain-sight".

      Facts-is-facts, son.

      Stuart Syvret

      Investigative journalist, historian, international anti-mafia-activist.

  11. Excellent! I have to say that after a bit of a lull you are back on top form. This is brave and relevant journalism. Better than anything produced by the bunch of quislings who run the official media. Well done.

  12. External dispassionate observers have had significant concerns re events on Jersey for a number of years. The Amazonian flood of funds from the former Soviet Union & its satellites commencing during the 1990s being a case in point in the archives. There were 'vehicles' such as FIMACO, and other clients, Sani Abacha, for example.

    Just imagine, if such historically evidenced, frankly disgusting and indefensible, global high-value mafia activity were to have clear and unambiguous links with the horrors of sustained child-abuse and concealment on a place like British tax-haven Jersey?

    Does that require a great leap of imagination?

    Jersey, a place with no functioning checks & balances, that illegally suspended a Police Chief, and suppressed a Social Services Minister, for opposing child-abuse?

    The gloves are about to come off re the Jersey situation.

    This is not going to be pretty.

    It was all foreseeable.

    1. "The gloves are about to come off re the Jersey situation."

      So what is going to happen and when?

    2. Why, obviously it is already underway and has been for sometime.

      As to the 'what', that is well understood by those capable of moderately competent independent reflection.

    3. May I add a clue to the comment at 16.00? Perhaps the person concerned will let us know whether I'm on target! I've come across the following from several sources over the years, good sources who are in a position to know certain things. The international activists who work against 'The Jersey Situation' are known to use the phrase 'fire-&-forget' to describe key documents.

      This is taken to be a reference to their knowledge and acceptance that certain important documents, communications and files will not elicit a response, or an adequate response, from relevant agencies or public authorities. But in some ways that does not matter. In fact the inadequate non responses are viewed as a tactical advantage. Once the documents, the evidence, has been 'launched', so to speak, it's 'out there', and will hit home in its own good time, along with the consequences of the relevant failures.

      Am I right?!

      I have had the privilege of seeing 2 or 3 Jersey situation documents over the years, and I'd have to agree that they can be likened to timed munitions, fizzing and ticking away!

      It's a right Royal mess, and no mistake!

    4. Hey, bingo, you have good sources. Do you like that? "Fire-&-Forget"? It was me who first borrowed those words to describe some of our archival documents. I thought it was pretty good if I say so myself. Of course we didn't have that kind of tactical and strategic understanding in the early years, but boy did we learn! I'm just trying to think which year we first used the phrase? Damn, I'll see if I can contact one of our researchers to check the Operation Kraken archive, and get back to readers here.

      Stuart Syvret

      Investigative journalist, historian, international anti-mafia-activist.

    5. Done. How's that for efficiency?

      We first used the descriptive phrase "Fire-&-Forget" in team discussions in April 2013, in the context of a key document issued in May of that year.

      Hmmm......tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock - etc - !

      Stuart Syvret

      Investigative journalist, historian, international anti-mafia-activist.

  13. Deputy Mike Higgins is a real breath of fresh air in what can only be described a dull, boring chamber full of elected (well OK some) members who seem incapable of holding the executive to account.

    However to the real point of this mail, can VFC please identify who was the person who stomped or clacked at the end of the Bailiffs interjection to Mike Higgins speech?

    By the sound it would appear to have been only one person involved, knowing who that was would be most enlightening.

    1. Don't know who it was but what it showed is people will automatically believe the Bailiff because he is the Bailiff and must be worshiped and couldn't possibly be making a mistake or trying to ridicule Deputy Higgins.

      Deputy Higgins's response turned out to ridicule the Bailiff by demonstrating he knew exactly what he was talking about and the Bailiff didn't.

      Unfortunately most people are brainwashed into believing anything said by somebody wearing a red robe must be telling the truth and can't be wrong. This is one of the biggest concerns affecting our "democracy."

      Notwithstanding, as Deputy Higgins highlighted in his speech, former AG/Bailiff/Senator and brother of current Bailiff Philip Bailhache stands accused by a witness (under oath) of withholding evidence of pedophilia from the police.

      Further; as mentioned in the main posting of this Blog, William Bailhache has some uncomfortable questions regarding his own honesty or OTHERWISE.

    2. The honesty and integrity of Philip Bailhache summed up in less than ninety SECONDS.

  14. Further to 19:58 who was the 'blue suit' who seemed to be in a very real rush to exit the chamber through the door behind Deputy Higgins as soon as the Deputy started his speech?

    1. Can't be sure but looks a little like Deputy Kevin Lewis who has a habit of keeping his head down when the subject of HDLG and related issues COME UP.

  15. There have been some most observant answers and comments above. Yes, the phrase 'fire and forget' is especially helpful in assessing how events and responses by different agencies have turned out in respect of the utilisation of British authority concerning Jersey.

    For example, an 'Operation Kraken' document, dated 3rd July 2017, is a 'fire and forget' munition, if anything was.

    Mr. Syvret was correct in his observation above, that Jersey lacks the mechanisms to bring prima facie, let's use the phrase 'hypothetical', criminals to justice.

    Your task is correcting that lacuna. Simply that.

    You will do it. Or it will be done for you.

  16. I'm not at all sure why the panel are back. It is puzzling to imagine how they or the Jersey authorities could see any advantage for them in revisiting what was a deeply questionable performance in any event. By resurrecting some kind of ghost COI the main thing they are 'achieving' is reminding everyone what a failure the original exercise was. Perhaps they have some kind of 'rabbit' they intend to pull out of their hat? But its difficult to imagine what that could be? Let's face it, they're going to say, 'some improvements have been made' on the one hand, and they will say 'still some things are going wrong, and must be improved, on the other.

    But so what? How does any of that advance the situation in any meaningful way?

    It's very difficult to see this present exercise being anything other than a lose-lose situation for the Panel and for the Jersey authorities. Why are they doing it?

  17. I wish Stuart Syvret and Trevor Pitman would give evidence to the Care Inquiry. Now that would be a double act worth paying to watch.

    Can I also ask if this intended interview with Pitman is still likely to happen at some point?

    1. Still working out logistics and want the interview to coincide with the launch of his new Blog.

      Will keep readers posted.

    2. Cheers. That is good to hear.

    3. I'm moved to respond to the comment of 19:50 because we can never tell whether such idiotic and ignorant comments are the naivety of the foolish, the shitposts of trolls, or the gaslighting of spooks.

      But a sure way of responding to such uncertainty - and it's an approach which has always served us well - is to step back - and make a dispassionate assessment of the facts - of the evidenced historic archive - of the settled, uncontroversial standards of the administration of justice and of human rights.

      As the history of events shows - former Deputy Trevor Pitman did, in fact, become a witness for the "public-inquiry". He went above and beyond the duty and burden which could be reasonably placed on the shoulders of one person - and put months in to writing, preparing, redrafting and refining his witness statement, supporting evidence, and testimony.

      Trevor Pitman was - without any doubt - going to be one of THE key witnesses for abuse-survivors, whistle-blowers - and a central witness to the corruption of the Jersey polity, including the islands "judiciary".

      Back in the day when the was some naive assessment of how the Jersey government child-abuse "public-Inquiry would run, some of us estimated a working time of about two weeks, for a witness like Deputy T Pitman (ten full working days) to deliver his evidence-in-chief - with then at least that period again being subject to cross-examination from several core interested factions.

      That - after all - is how real, statutory public-inquiries work in Britain with the core witnesses.

      We estimated in my case, as the former Health & Social Services Minister - and the original investigator and whistleblower from within the polity - I would require at least three working weeks -15 live days but probably four weeks - 20 live days - to deliver my unrestricted, unencumbered evidence-in-chief - and then with probably an additional six working weeks - an additional 30 live days - to be cross-examined by all relevant parties.

      And of course - such core witness are given their own legal advice & representation, necessary to see them through such a daunting process.

      So - remembering and assessing the historic fact of former Deputy Trevor Pitman in fact doing just what the commenter suggests - 'giving-evidence' - how did that work out?


    4. .........Continued from above........

      I was there. I watched. I listened. The undisguised contempt with which Trevor Pitman was treated was verging upon the jaw-dropping. About two hours - in total? - if that? - of questioning - and he was not asked one single question concerning what he considered to be the most important parts of his testimony.

      I sat - and listened - and observed - one of THE vital witness for the poor, vulnerable and disenfranchised - the whistleblowers & the victims on Jersey - being treated like shit - overtly - mockingly - by the supposed "public-inquiry" - and if I and others had harboured any clinging slight doubt about rejecting engagement with the fake, make-believe "public-inquiry" - any such doubt vanished at that moment; at that stark dropping of any disguise by the Jersey supposed "public-inquiry".

      They had their chance.

      They blew it.

      If the fake "public-inquiry" seeks some slight redemption - they should issue an immediate apology to Trevor Pitman - and invite him back - to give full, unencumbered evidence & testimony - of the kind they deliberately blocked him from giving last time - for however long it takes - and with full, independent legal support & protection.

      They won't, of course.

      And as for me - engaging with the fake "public-inquiry" under the same kind of restricting, crippling, limiting sabotage as inflicted on Trevor (and, frankly on Graham Power, and on Lenny Harper) I would be betraying the survivors, the vulnerable, the whistleblowers.

      Survivors know we're in this for the long-haul - and acquiescing to bullshit - is no part of our ethos.

      No Retreat. No Surrender.

      Stuart Syvret

      Investigative journalist, historian, international anti-mafia-activist.

    5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  18. Further to the question above:

    "However to the real point of this mail, can VFC please identify who was the person who stomped or clacked at the end of the Bailiffs interjection to Mike Higgins speech?"

    I suppose it is some saving grace that it was only one States Member foot stomping. If one looks back on the time where former Deputy Trevor Pitman tried to acknowledge a survivor of abuse in the States Assembly. States Members were in foot-stomping overdrive in support of the person who failed the Survivor and refused to acknowledge her (the Survivor) in one of the most disgraceful displays of Survivoer intimidation I've ever had the misfortune of witnessing.

    For those who have a strong constitution, and are not easily offended, the short recording of this shameful display of "The Jersey Way" can be listened to HERE.

    1. When is Trevor Pitman's new blog coming out?

    2. June 6th is the anniversary of D Day isn't it? Maybe Big Trev will make his return to the blog-o-sphere then? I mean to say just like 75 years ago we need all the help we can get liberating ourselves from the Naziz.

    3. On 14th May someone left a comment making reference to FIMACO. Timely and on the money! Here's what they said,

      'External dispassionate observers have had significant concerns re events on Jersey for a number of years. The Amazonian flood of funds from the former Soviet Union & its satellites commencing during the 1990s being a case in point in the archives. There were 'vehicles' such as FIMACO, and other clients, Sani Abacha, for example.'

      Read Oliver Bullough's book 'Moneyland', pages 68-72. Extensive explanation of FIMACO on those pages. And it is not pretty reading, nor is the rest of the book, for those who've nailed their colours to the mast of mafia-money dominance that is at the heart of 'The Jersey Way'! Those people are on the wrong side of history, the global tide is moving against them, and their ship is sinking.

      I strongly recommend the book, incidentally. For those who read this site, and struggle to get their heads around how and why such disgusting crimes as child-abuse and illegal cover ups by the highest authorities on Jersey are shielded by City of London institutions, read Moneyland, by Oliver Bullough. You'll suddenly see that people like Stuart Syvret are correct in their assessment that the child-abuse will never be tackled properly until you first tackle the real big money corruption that uses and runs Jersey.

      'Follow-the-money' as was famously said in another monumental corruption and abuse of power scandal in the West.

    4. I would also recommend watching the documentary "The Spider's web." It sounds very similar to Oliver Bullough's book.

      It can be viewed HERE.

      Readers/viewers will not the documentary has had close to two million views on YouTube. That is significant.

  19. I endorse the recommendation to read the book Moneyland by Oliver Bullough. I'd go as far as to suggest it's essential reading. The whole chapter about FIMACO, the global looting of Russian money by the Russian mob, and the essential role played for them by the Jersey mafia is one of those aspects of history which our old criminal syndicates are no longer able to suppress. The chapter is called 'Sex, Lies and Offshore Vehicles.'

    Does anyone here know the identity of any of the Jersey mob who were running FIMACO back in the day?

  20. This is both on and off topic as far as this post is concerned. But I thought readers might find this link useful. It is an interview by Patsy McGarry (Irish Times) with the chair of the Ryan Commission which published a report in 2009 into the brutal regimes in Ireland's industrial schools in an earlier period.


  21. You clip of Deputy Higgins making his excellent speech says much. I for one was reminded of how I hardly recognise anyone in the States Chamber these days. The Land of the Giants it certainly isn't.

    1. Some don't even hang around long enough to be recognised anyway!

  22. Readers will know that the public hearings start today at St. Paul's.

    The daily schedule can be viewed HERE.

    1. What's the attendance like excluding Media?

    2. There were about three, possibly four, members of the public present for the time I was there. The rest was the old media (formerly known as mainstream media) and new media (formerly known as Social Media).

      A predictable morning session of Civil Servants vehemently defending the system. Clearly demonstrating that nothing has changed and "The Jersey Way" is still in charge.

    3. 3 or 4 members of the Public after all that publicity is disgusting.

  23. I have been speaking with survivors and whistleblowers in recent days.

    It is striking how disastrously they are still being treated - how vulnerable children today remain every bit as vulnerable now as they were in 2006 - how the Jersey establishment is still as unaccountable and as toxicaly entrenched as the worst of mafias - and how the so-called "public-inquiry" has been actually worse than useless.

    By furnishing yet another layer of cover-up - secrecy - whitewash - protection for abusers and other criminals - the "public-inquiry" has been proactively dangerous for vulnerable children by cementing in place and entrenching The-Jersey-Way failure for there to be the deterrent-effect. That effect - deterrence - is centrale to any effective rule of law. The "public-inquiry" showed that - even today - the high-power criminals - such as senior civil servants - are even more immune from consequences than they were 13 years ago. So much so - the most foul of child-abuse concealing criminals are invited in to work for the "public-inquiry" as "evidence-co-ordinators".

    But, of course, these types of cover-up were already obsolete a decade ago. Now - with information technology - and the WWW - all is changed utterly. Rather than helping the Jersey / City of London commune mafia syndicates the "public-inquiry" is damning and unerasable history and evidence against them.

    Stuart Syvret

    Investigative journalist, historian, international anti-mafia activist.

  24. Hi VFC

    Off topic, but I have an important anonymous point to make on your blog, if you don't mind? Perhaps any Jersey MSM reporters monitoring this page might appreciate the tip off?

    Anyway, word reaches me that in the same week that Liberty Bus got hacked, our beloved Health and Social Services department may also have fallen victim to a cyber attack. If true, the news is being buried under H&SS's very large and dirty rug, as is the norm. We can't have elderly voters revolting after all, can we?

    I can't give you any more info at the moment, other than to say that the person who accidentally let slip the information would be well placed to know about it.

    The confidentiality of data within H&SS is obviously paramount. It wouldn't look good splashed over the pages of the media that they'd had a data leak, would it?

    Hopefully our MSM can go and do their job and find out more information. You're welcome, MSM bods. Just so long as you credit VFC's blog in your reports, of course.

    Obviously, if it's B.S., it can be called out as such in due course. But let's see, shall we? After all, which large organisation hasn't had a data leak in recent years? Expect the usual suspects to go into total denial mode, mind...

    So, let's see if the MSM are any good, shall we? Could it have happened? Probably. Would it be brushed under the carpet? Almost definitely.

  25. And now for something completely different ……

    JBP and the hidden depths of Milo Yiannopoulos
    "the spectrum of survival" (my words not theirs)

    Wide ranging discussion on his life, child abuse, the intermate link between homosexuality and child abuse in the Catholic Church …..and the development of his own attitudes to his experience as a 14 year old and now as a step-parent.

    Milo gets therapy and gives some back. 1h45 of fascinating information and discussion.

    1. Milo's indomitable ego is unchained in the last quarter

      It was interesting that one of Milo's assessments was that some of the Catholic Church's failures were down to the severe lack of *masculine* men in the church (deep Peterson territory LOL). That *may* be true but I wonder about aspects of the influence (or lack thereof) of women in the church. The Catholic Church (and churches in general) have lacked women in very senior positions (even in convents the nuns I think were generally subservient to the few priests present there, or in nearby authority.
      Would females in more direct authority have contained CSA better? -I am not saying it necessarily would have helped as women are regularly involved in the cover up of abuse.

      In the wider world I get the impression that proportionally most people who have made a stand or become whistle blowers have been men -perhaps because on average they are less risk averse.
      I may be way wrong on the proportions, of course.

      On old threads about the propensity and capability to cover up abuse in hierarchical and insular environments like churches (and indeed islands like Jersey) but Milo certainly offers more detail to the landscape of Catholic abuse.

    2. Sorry, last paragraph above should start "On old threads THERE HAVE BEEN DISCUSSIONS about ….."

      Another noteworthy and topical observation is that Milo's abuse has apparently had little negative effect on his life -partly down to having been[highly] consensual. The damage was actually done by the outrage industry for daring to tell the truth (and maybe also one or two intemperate remarks LOL)
      Speaking the truth should (almost) never be discouraged.

      Anyways the prima donna is coming back out of the closet and this time he has it in for the right as well as the left.

    3. Anyone can google Milo Yiannopoulos and very quickly find out why it is so inappropriate to be promoting him on an anti-child abuse forum.

      He’s up to his eyeballs in neo-nazi links and even got expelled from some of the most rightwing organisations in America for justifying paedophilia.

  26. Off topic but can I say that I am beginning to get worried that this promise of Trevor Pitman making a return to blogging is about as likely to happen as Brexit.

    Call me sad if you will but the Bald Truth was a truly great blog and the videos, in style and delivery were just ace.

    Come back if you are coming and stop tormenting me!

    Do you really beelieve it will happen Voice? You seem to have first hand knowledge.