Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Independent Jersey Care Inquiry Two Year Review. (Part 1)

IJCI Panel

Two days ago (23rd September 2019) saw the publication/presentation of the IJCI two year review REPORT. It was presented at St.Paul's centre by former Panel Member Francis Oldham QC and filmed in its entirety (approx 1h 15mins) by VFC and others. Should readers/viewers wish to see the presentation let us know and if there is sufficient interest we will upload it to YouTube.

The review/report was to gauge the progress (or otherwise) of the eight RECOMMENDATIONS made in its original damming REPORT.  From what we have read of the report it does seem fairly balanced in that it is critical and complimentary but we are not sure of how equal a measure.

Team Voice would like firstly and foremost to pay tribute to the brave Survivors who could muster up the courage to tell their story one more time to this Panel and finally be believed. The Inquiry did not get the Survivors any justice and that could be down to the fact that "JUSTICE" doesn't exist in Jersey. Your evidence is there for all to see and for the authorities who failed you to wallow in shame, the Inquiry vindicated you. Hopefully one day your abusers WILL face that justice.

We would also like to give a special mention to a special lady, and heroic Survivor, who sadly lost her life on the 18th of December 2015 Dannie Jarman. Dannie gave her evidence to the Inquiry, with the support of Rico Sorda and two other courageous ladies and stalwarts of fighting for Survivors Jill Gracia and Carrie Modral. We are sorry, firstly for the tragic and untimely loss of Dannie, and sorry she never got to see the Inquiry's final report(s).

Liz Mackean

Tribute was payed by the Panel to a brave/fearless journalist who was working with/for the Inquiry Panel until her untimely death LIZ MACKEAN. Liz suffered a fatal stroke and her death was announced on 18th August 2017. Readers should click on the link above to appreciate her journalistic integrity and fearless journalism in attempting to out Jimmy Savile. On principal she resigned from The BBC who chose to protect Britain's most prolific paedophile.

Following the address from the Panel Chair, Francis Oldham QC, VFC was granted an interview with Panel Member Sandy Cameron who we have interviewed PREVIOUSLY. We discussed the latest set of recommendations from the Panel, whether Jersey is a safer place as a result of the Panel's recommendations, were any positive changes, supposedly made by the implementation of some recommendations overshadowed by a lady in the audience who proclaimed "The Jersey Way" is still prevalent on the Island?

The lady made a number of allegations against Children's Services/Social Workers and the "care" of children, by the State, in General. Claiming continued cover-ups, being stonewalled and her child(ren), along with herself being failed by a system that's trying to protect itself.

You could hear in the lady's voice and see in her demeanour that she was at the end of her tether, possibly after being sent from pillar to post and coming up against brick walls. We are aware that Deputy Mike Higgins is helping her with her case and appears to be the only politician/person willing to help or listen to her. We believe that after Deputy Higgins's involvement the lady now has a meeting organised with Children's Minister Senator Sam Mezec. We are told that she will only attend if Deputy Higgins is present. We filmed around eight minutes of the lady's outburst but have decided for the time being NOT to publish the film footage until we can edit it to a standard where her family members/service users can't be identified. We might follow up on this case and will keep readers/viewers posted. It certainly does suggest she, and her family, are victims of "The Jersey Way."


Among other subjects discussed in the interview, including "The Jersey Way" secrecy of the Attorney General's Office, the possible more secrecy from the new role being discussed of an Ombudsman, we discussed the role of Bloggers/New Media in holding power to account. We are humbled to learn that the Panel is supportive of our work and recognises "the key role played (by New Media) in exposing key issues in Jersey." Bloggers/New Media are also referred to favourably (and quoted) in the latest Review/Report:

"The events that gave rise to the investigations of‘Operation Rectangle’ and led to the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry, fostered the growth of social media commentators in Jersey who determinedly advocated for victims and for transparency in governmental and criminal justice operations and continue to do so vigorously."

VFC was also humbled to be invited, by the Panel, to meet for an informal chat and a coffee, the day after the presentation (yesterday) of its Report/Review. The invitation was gratefully accepted where we were able to chat freely about our agreements/disagreements, mutual respect in certain areas, and the need for New Media/Campaigners to continue being a voice for the voiceless. We thank the Panel for its continued support.

In the coming weeks we intend on publishing excerpts of the Report which we think will be of interest to our readers/viewers.

In part two of this series we will publish the interview with Chief Minister, Senator John Le Fondre, and Children's Minister, Senator Sam Mezec.


  1. I hope the infamous and very sad Jersey troll who tormented so many victims and their champions has noted the praise for the bloggers. Team Voice, Rico, Stuart, Trevor, Bob Hill and all those others can hold their heads up in pride. As for you pathetic troll you are a sick joke who would surely be ashamed if only you were normal.

  2. I - Mike Dun - hope your readers will make a note and attend the Royal Square all day celebrations this Saturday 28 September.
    This is the 250th anniversary of "Jersey Reform Day" but has never been celebrated before.
    The brave Jersey people who overthrew the rotten Royal Court in 1769 had suffered years of abuse under the "Jersey Way" of the 18th century and would have recognised fully the complaints that are made today.
    The failed feudal system that prevailed in Jersey was rotten to the core and the poorer residents had virtually no recourse to justice or representation. They forced substantial reforms to be introduced but their memory has been buried and their entry in the Court records remains scribbled out to this day.
    There were no Jersey newspapers in 1769 and their protest was considered as "sedition" which was punishable by death.
    So spare a thought and a few minutes of your time on Saturday to acknowledge the brave reformers of the past and be aware that their campaign continues today and that the battle for the "rights of children" is far from won and is just a continuation of the same struggle that Thomas Gruchy headed 250 years ago in the same Royal Square, beneath the same golden statue of King George ll.

    1. Will Mike Dun and former Deputy Trevor Pitman, who brought the successful proposition on this very important day in Jersey's history, be there? Most importantly, will they both be speaking to the public?

    2. It would be good to see Trevor in Jersey again. Badly missed in the States. Let's hope he has been invited and can make it.

  3. I too would like to add my sincere praise at the recognition you have received from the Inquiry Panel for all your commitment on your blog in regard to the many issues that Jersey has, and in particular to the Child Abuse story and the IJCI. Without your input, and that of all the other people mentioned in the first comment on here, many, many people would have been kept very much in the dark about some of the damning evidence that was revealed. Hold your heads up and keep going because there is still work to do. The praise was so well deserved and I hope it has given you a boost.

    Other people I wanted to give a public 'thank you' to on Monday I will mention now. It was all a bit hectic at the end of Frances Oldham's speech, not to mention the poor lady who clearly had a big issue with Children's Services. She was very distraught, frustrated and angry and seemingly only has faith in Deputy Mike Higgins to assist. I do hope her problems can be resolved.

    A huge debt of gratitude to the Panel, who came here to face a mammoth task, and I doubt that little did they know what awaited them. I was also humbled and pleased to be invited to have a coffee and an informal chat with them on Tuesday before they returned back to the UK for the last time. As they said they came here to run this Inquiry 'without fear or favour', and that they did I have no doubts. The three of us who attended can very much vouch for the fact that they were very 'human' human beings, and it was a pleasure to engage with them as such. To come back not once, but twice after the Inquiry is unprecedented I believe and in many ways, speaks for itself.

    To all the survivors who came forward and spoke so bravely after having to contain for so long the memories of what happened to them. Your courage was amazing, and although the Inquiry is now over, it will never be over for you, and is something you have to live with daily. You will not be forgotten, and hopefully a fitting memorial will be in place sooner rather than later as a constant reminder of what must never happen again.

    To my dear friend Carrie who rescued the JCLA from folding and with a determination to get the Inquiry and Compensation Scheme up and running. This we achieved with the help of good people - politicians, and those who had the strength and passion to see it through.

    There are so many other people that deserve recognition, probably far to many to do so individually, but you all know who you are. There are still things to do and hills to climb, but this chapter is now closed.

    However, the book is not yet finished

  4. Determination like no other - That is the VFC blog and its owners. Jersey people owe you a debt of gratitude, and now the Jersey child - abuse panel realise your immense contribution.

    Thank You.

  5. Are others among your readers aware that one of the avatars of the Care Inquiry detractor and general abuse monger 'Basil the rat' has finally been removed from the JEP on line pages? Not before time as the constant abuse aimed at those who have supported the victims, and particularly the troll's seeming pet hate the Pitmans has been quite stomach churning. Amazed it was allowed to go on for so long but then this is the JEP we are talking about.

    1. Don't be fooled. Double Zero, Pumkin Head and 25 Red are all the same little bully. The Rag knows this as well as anyone else who reads on-line media and the blogs. Every time a story comes up with Deputy Higgins such as the Air Display or Deputy Tadier he is on there given free rein to be abusive and spread lies. But you are right. The thing that really gives him away is how he manages to drag the Pitmans in to all of his rants with truly disgusting smears. Don't comment on there personally but I have noticed the comments are edited sometimes so the paper can't really pretend that they don't know. Best to stay on the new media blogs where the standards are so much higher. It is really great to see this being recognised by the inquiry panel itself isn't it. What higher praise could all the bloggers get?

  6. A real sign of the respect the panel clearly has for the bloggers and you in particular is the willingness to give this interview.

    Be proud. You have all done the island proud.

  7. I hope at least a few of the Jersey / City mafia are smart enough to recognise just how pitifully inadequate this "performance" from Professor Sandy Cameron was?

    Just as the "performance" of all three panel members was beyond-parody defective, like something out of The Thick Of It. And not in any kind of even vaguely good way.

    The man's a manifest utter clown. I find it offensive to survivors and campaigners that the mafia ever imagined we could be fobbed-off with such overt fools.

    There are scarcely any words.

    Decades of horrifying - and frequently fatal - child-abuse - with 98% of the criminals never being brought to justice - never being prosecuted by the terminally, structurally conflicted excuse for a "prosecution" system on British tax-haven Jersey - the "Attorney General" / "Law Officers' Department" - and this clown thinks it's no big deal that that terminally conflicted power-apparatus can carry-on making "non"-prosecution decisions - AND withholding "legal advice" from the Children's Commissioner, and parliamentary scrutiny processes?

    Couldn't Make It Up.

    Well, we shouldn't be surprised at such insolent twatery. After all, these people unlawfully ignored their legislative instructions - paid a private business man for an "everything-in-the-garden-is-rosy" few pages of horescrap re the prosecution decision-making-process - based themselves in conflicted premises - used probably THE two most conflicted civil servants as "evidence" gatherers & filters - wrongly constricted the time available to witnesses - failed to undertake cross-examination - constructively excluded key witnesses, through such devices as refusing to supply effective legal representation - gave artificial cover to widely known - multi-victim - child-abusers - colluded with the terminally conflicted Appleby Global - ignored all provisions of the ECHR - ignored the settled Salmon-Principles - ran the "process" with precisely zero - ZERO - full-time legal representation present for survivors & whistleblowers - and now - and now - this fool wants 'everyone to put this behind them, and instead look forward to some imagined sunny uppland.'

    Jersey abuse survivors - and anti-child-abuse activists: - we've got to stop wearing all this crap.

    Stuart Syvret
    Investigative journalist, historian, international anti-mafia-activist.