Sunday, 10 November 2019

Advocate Philip Sinel Gives his Reaction to the (infamous) Speech of William Bailhache. (Part Two)

Advocate Philip Sinel.

In PART ONE of our in-depth, and exclusive, interview with local constitutional expert Advocate Philip Sinel we discussed (among much more) the infamous SPEECH given by the retiring Bailiff WILLIAM BAILHACHE  (Tuesday 8th of October 2019). Where it appeared the (now) former Bailiff carried out a VENDETTA for his brother (and former Bailiff)  PHILIP BAILHACHE. We reported how William Bailhache seemingly vindicated former Senior Investigating Officer (Operation Rectangle) Lenny Harper whose reaction to the apparent vindication we published HERE and HERE.

Part two is a direct continuation of part one where Advocate Sinel exclusively reveals that he is currently writing a book where "THE JERSEY SITUATION" will feature. He goes on to discuss his thoughts, and interactions with former Senator, and Home Affairs Minister Ian Le Marquand who regular readers will recall ran a media campaign, and KANGAROO COURT, against (possibly illegally) suspended former Chief Police Officer GRAHAM POWER QPM. Advocate Sinel Did not recognise the politician/Home Affairs Minister Ian Le Marquand to the Judicial Greffe/Magistrate Ian Le Marquand. Something the former Police Chief didn't recognise either where he once wrote (and buried by the Old Media):

"So what happened to Justice?

It has been said that a Fascist is a Liberal who has just been mugged. I am inclined to wonder whether an autocrat is a Magistrate who has been appointed Minister for Home Affairs.

There are two principles of Justice which most people know and respect. One is that a person who is not proved guilty is presumed innocent. Another is that judgement should not be reached until both sides of the case have been heard. As the Island’s Magistrate, Ian le Marquand was generally respected for upholding both principles. So what happened to him once he was “anointed” as the Minister for Home Affairs................................?" Posted HERE.

Regular readers will be aware that the then Home Affairs Minister Ian Le Marquand possibly ILLEGALLY published parts of the discredited prosecution case against Mr. Power, and after saying he WOULD PUBLISH the DEFENCE CASE he never did. Perhaps he was stuck in the TOILET?

Former Health Minister and whistleblower Stuart Syvret 

Which brings us on to the Old Media who (interview below) Advocate Sinel does not hold in high regard. Despite ALL of the local Old Media reporting extensively on the discredited prosecution case against the former Chief Police Officer when former Health Minister, and whistleblower, Stuart Syvret LEAKED Mr. Power's defence case to BBC Jersey they buried it. Did not broadcast a single word of it. Mr. Syvret subsequently leaked it to the rest of the local Old Media who TO THIS DAY have not published a single word of it.

The entire Old Media set about discrediting Operation Rectangle, and by implication, the Survivors/Abusees. The Old Media churned out some of the most ridiculous stories given by Ian Le Marquand including that 65 children's teeth, some with root still attached which couldn't have been shed naturally all fell through the same gap in a floorboard. Mick Gradwell saying that the same teeth were left there for the Tooth-Fairy. The Old Media just churned that gumph out and never questioned a single word of it. Gradwell saying that the Cellars at Haut de la Garenne didn't even exist which VFC and former Deputy Bob Hill showed with VIDEO EVIDENCE that they did.

Advocate Sinel remembers what role the Old Media has played in turning against the Survivors and lying to the public, either by omission or otherwise. He cannot (in his words) "forgive or forget" what they did, and in most cases, continue to do, in lying to the public. Like most who have followed this dark cloud in Jersey's history Advocate Sinel has complete confidence in this (and other) Blog(s) who have been at the forefront of reporting the truth and steering away from the nonsense of Tooth-fairies, disappearing cellars and BATHS.

Untrusted Old Media

We believe that it was Operation Rectangle that exposed the local Old Media for its complicity with the Jersey establishment and why it now (according to the latest SOCIAL SURVEY) only enjoys the confidence of 37% of Islanders. We have seen an improvement in the reporting of the JEP since the new Editor has been in-post and hope this continues. The BBC and ITV/CTV remain (in our view) as untrustworthy, and complicit, as they ever were. We could put up literally dozens of links to the conspiracy theories and propaganda churned out by the Old Media but for those interested please click on the labels at the bottom of this post.

We would like to thank Advocate Sinel for the interview, for his confidence, and support, of our Blog and for continuing to speak up for the Survivors and good people of Jersey who just want the truth to be told. we also look forward to the publication of his book..................................................