Monday, 3 November 2008

Senator Terry (GST28) Le Main

So just what exactly is Senator Terry (GST28) Le Main so scared of? Why is he so keen to silence Senator Syvret? Why did he shout Senator Syvret's Christmas speech down last year? these are all questions our elected "represenatives" should be asking him, so should our local media!

It appears our local BBC are inadequately funded and resourced, and appears they are questions none of our local "journalists" have thought to ask him. Although to the best of my knowledge nothing of Senator Terry (GST28) Le Main's attempts to silence Senator Syvret's Christmas speech has been reported on our local BBC news despite CTV, JEP and Channel 103 giving it a bit of a mention.

I have recently been in e-mail contact with Senator Terry (GST28) Le main in an attempt to get an interview with him on camera where I could ask him these questions. He refuses to give me an interview and also denies saying he is in fear of Senator Syvret, or his speech, as published in the JEP. He also denies threatening me and my family and like I have said in one of my e-mails to him "one of us is a liar"

Although I have never asked a question of any of our elected "representatives" that any concerned parent or citizen of Jersey should deserve an answer to, alas as regular readers will know, I haven't been very successfull.

Anyway here is my e-mail correspondance with Senator Terry (GST28) Le Main.

Mr.Le Main.

I have copied and pasted this statement from Senator Syvret's Blogsite. ("Senator Terry – Tel Boy – Le Main – used car salesman extraordinaire – has been secretly organising a claque of oligarchy Senators who wish to take it upon themselves to prevent me, as Father of the House, from delivering the Christmas speech").

Could you please let me know if there is any truth in this?


Dear VFC.
Thank you... I have not been secretly organising a claque of obligarchy Senators because in that case why was Senator Syvret as one of the 12 Senators or Senators elect copied in to all the emails in which the 12 Senators ( including Senator Syvret ) are invited to attend a meeting to discuss the matter of who delivers the speech on behalf of the Senators...this is democracy in which just like the Connetables did some years ago the Senators will decide or otherwise who delivers the Christmas speech on their behalf... is this secrecy as claimed by Senator Syvret... I think not...

Mr Le Main.

As you have threatened to sue me if I publish any lies or defame you in any way on my Blog and also told me "if I care about my wife and children I should watch where I poke my nose", which I also take as a direct threat. I would like once more to offer you the opportunity to give me an interview on camera not only to explain these statements to your electorate and myself but also to answer a few more questions.

I believe in a democratic society our elected representatives ought to be answerable to their electorate. Unfortunately it appears our local media have come up a bit short when it comes to any real indepth "journalism"

As I am sure you are aware you have come in for a great deal of criticism not only for "shouting down" Senator Syvret's attempt to aknowledge alleged child abuse victims and catastrophic failings by the States of Jersey in protecting them, but now you wish to prevent him from giving his "Father of the house" Christmas speech all together!

You have been quoted as saying you and a few others are "in fear of what he might say" but have not elaborated in any way what you and others are "in fear of".

In order to produce a fair and balanced Blog on you, I would ask you would reconsider your threats and agree to an interview on camera. I have absolutely no wish to lie about, or defame, you in any way. I would just like to give you the opportunity to answer the questions that are being asked of you by your electorate and maybe explain, what appears to be, your very un democratic behaviour.


What are you saying... " if I care about my wife and children I should watch where I poke my nose " where on earth did you get this from... certainly not from me and that is untruthful....I never ever said that and you know it... and you state that " I have been quoted that I am in fear of what he might say " ie Syvret....just to say this is again untruthful because I have never said such a thing or do I fear this awful man seems to many people in Jersey that Syvret with his lies and untruths and character assasinations of senior civil servants etc that he is medically unwell or otherwise .... that is the view of many people, its not mine but know very well I only threatened you in regard to " defaming me on your blog with untruths or otherwise " I did advise you that in a democracy you can say what you like in regard to my public office policies, decisions and actions but any personal attack, lies or untruths will be dealt with appropriately with my Lawyer and the Court....just like it happened to a certain gentleman some years ago whom the Royal Court jailed for 48 hours...

Don't be silly VFC. I have no intention of being filmed or even meeting with you and I would be grateful if you ceased emailing me as we have nothing in common to discuss not even in the name of " Democracy "

Mr.Le Main.

I Maintain your words to me on the phone were "if you care about your family, you know, your wife and kids you should be carefull where you poke your nose". I think it might be safe to say one of us is a liar.

As for being quoted as saying " I have been quoted that I am in fear of what he might say " ie Syvret....just to say this is again untruthful because I have never said such a thing or do I fear this awful man Syvret. maybe this might jog your memory. "there are quite a few of us who fear that he intends to use the speech to say certain things".

That does look to me that you and others are in fear! I grant you it did come from the JEP so might not hold a lot of credibility and they may have misquoted you then perhaps that is something you need to take up with them.

I am sorry you are denying your electorate the opportunity to be given any explanation as to your, what appears to be, bizzare behaviour in the continual attempts in silencing Senator Syvret.

As for having nothing in common with eachother, I couldn't agree more! one of us is seriously misguided and completely out of touch with who needs representation in the states on top of one of us being a liar.

As you know I shall be doing a Blog on you and see it as being "Democratic". Should I unwittingly defame you or publish anything that might be deemed as untrue, rather than having to live under the fear of being dragged through the courts and threatened with being sued. Could I ask if I e-mail you the Blog as soon as it is published, you have a look at it and alert me of any defemation or untruths and I will happily remove any offending material? There really is no need to be so threatening. I have absolutely no desire to defame or lie about you and am only trying to give the electorate a clearer picture of the poeople they elected.

As for e-mailing you, I am sorry but that is my "Democratic right" and I shall continue to do so if I have any democratic questions I believe deserve an answer from my democratically elected representatives. I also believe you are bound by your ministerial code of conduct 5) where it states "Elected members should at all times treat other members of the states, officers and members of the public with respect and courtesy and without malice, notwithstanding the disagreements on issues and policy which are a normal part of the political process"

To the best of my knowledge I have treated you with nothing less than proffessional courtesy and would thank you to treat me likewise.

Well that appears to be where our e-mail correspondance has ended as he has not replied. So I still don't know what he might be scared of i.e. Senator Syvret's speech, if indeed he is scared as he says to me that he isn't, according to the JEP he says he is, and one of us is a liar!
I suppose I should have asked him what "it seems to many people in Jersey that Syvret with his lies and untruths and character assasinations of senior civil servants etc that he is medically unwell or otherwise" Medically unwell or otherwise? otherwise what? otherwise he isn't medically unwell? and what "medical" condition could he have?


  1. Tell you what.
    I think SSS should sue Le Main for deformation of character.

  2. Re; anonymous who has left a comment calling a certain politician a liar involving buy to let property's. Sorry I can't let it through in fear of defemation or libel.

    RE;Von Strudle the same applies really you have called the same person a liar and if I were to publish it I might be dragged through the courts for libel or Defemation.

  3. "that is the view of many people, its not mine but others..."

    a good bit of indirect slander! so Le Main's response to Syvret calling him a spiv is to imply he's mental!

  4. Von Strudle Here.
    A very helpful Senator.
    Its going to be very interesting to here what’s going to happen, will he be aloud to speak or not. I for one want to here what he has to say. We need to know when it happens and if he is allowed to make it in the Royal Square. It won't mean much if he makes his speech and everyone is at work, it will go against him.
    I've never understood people like Terry (GST28)Le Main, because who has ever met a honest Used Car Salesman, I would like to know.
    How has he pulled the wool over peoples eyes for so long. But its too late now he’s not going for election again. So he could do all the dirty work that he wants and not be answerable to his actions.
    They don't want anyone to know what's going on, we don't here anything now that Harper's gone.
    Now they have a Yes man in there.
    People are going in the court about child abuse with no mention of who they are, then let off. How does this happen?
    People being investigated for child abuse, in high ranking jobs These are the tip of the iceberg, it goes much much deeper.
    So if these people were to get done they would talk and grass on even bigger fish.
    So the Jersey Way comes in, shut people up by threat's. Terry(GST28)Le Main tries to stop Christmas speeches that must go back 60+ years From the father of the house, just because SSS wont be going with the usual SH*T about how good a year its been. But tell everybody how it is for all those victim's out there who are NOT GETTING JUSTICE.
    We (i mean the Jersey Average Jo)Need to be told the truth about what's going on. If people have questions to ask about what's going on if child abusers might be in charge of our Children and go down the right route to just come up with brick walls then ask our Senators who just Take no notice of them, well something is very bad indeed.
    This "JERSEY WAY" must be stopped.
    The good people of Jersey must stand together and fight back against this "JERSEY WAY". Listen to SSS & VOTE

  5. :-) Some people can see their day coming,lol. Fast at that!

    Just added your link to my latest blog here,

    When anyone links to my blog and I haven't already linked to them it should automatically appear in my links section.

    Have a great day, Linda

    Who will never be beaten by the bully boys!

  6. Corrupt Camden Council.

    Thanks for your comment, but unfortunately after taking advice I can't publish it as it is libelous. I hope you can understand my position.

    I have no desire to libel or defame anybody, least of all somebody who might want to get me locked up for 48 hours!!

    I have just rejected 4 comments left because of there potential libelous nature. I had no idea Senator Terry (GST28) Le Main could spark so much anger.

    Please accept my apologies for not publishing these comments but as you will see in the post I have recieved a threat already from this man.

    "The Jersey way"?

  7. C.C.C

    I thought you would understand and thanks. I'm sure you know I am commited to bringing some "openness and transparency" to our ruling elite, even if they're not.

    I'm sure it might illustrate the fear one has to live under over here. When so many people leave comments anonymously on Blogs and the Blog owners are in fear of publishing what the electorate really think of our elected in case they drag us through the courts!

  8. The medical condition may be 'truthism' only one senator has contracted it so far but i am hoping it will spread.....