Thursday, 25 June 2009


This instalment deals with, among other things, the poor counselling the Care Leavers believe they have received from the States of Jersey. The fact they don’t trust their councillor(s) is extremely alarming and something that ought to have been addressed from the outset but hey this is a free service given to them by the States they should be grateful for it………………….shouldn’t they?

Senator Syvret also gives his views as to why certain people have not been charged, a view that is shared by a growing number of people, including care leavers.

I have mentioned, a couple of times, the surreal feeling that was felt by myself and the care-leavers. The feeling that the “accredited” media didn’t want to be there. I think it is Elaine Byrne from the JEP or FILTHY RAG as it is known in some circles that asks the question about the counselling. She was given her answer and it wasn’t favourable to the establishment. I do not and will not by a copy of the FILTHY RAG so don’t know if they printed the question and more importantly, the answer, I would hazard a guess they didn’t.

Furthermore to demonstrate the reluctance of the “accredited” Press to ask questions you’ll notice at the beginning of the video there is a pause of 10-11 seconds before the embarrassment got the better of me and I asked one.

It is my opinion our local media have been told by the Oligarchy to put the subject of child abuse to bed and they are dutifully obeying orders. It is also my opinion that children have been brutally abused and horribly failed by the States of Jersey who are trying to put a lid on the matter.

That being the case Citizens Media is the only avenue left for the abuse survivors to tell the world their story, and get their voice heard.

Please support the Jersey Care Leavers on the 4th of July by walking with them from People’s Park to the Royal Square at midday.


  1. No VFC the RAG did not print anything at all about this interview or the feelings and concerns of the care leavers. So, it remains to you to keep up the good work and provide us with the type of honest and open journalism this Island so needs and is sadly lacking in.

    Incidentally, the RAG are not allowing comments on the AG's statement on the abuse scandal tonight.

    4th JULY 2009

    Protest for Justice - Be there to support those who are not getting what they should rightfully expect through the proper channels.

  2. Thomas Szasz (e.g. in Ideology and Insanity) always argued there was a possible conflict of interests when a State provides counselling services, because the counsellor will always have one eye on their paymasters and therefore their independence may be compromised.

    The best way would surely to subsidise those needed counselling to use the counsellor of their choice.

  3. Should Jacko burn in Hell too?

    I sent this to Syvret's blog - shall be interested to see if he publishes it.

  4. Tony.

    I believe the States of Jersey were offered "free" and "independent" councelling, for the (alleged) abuse victims from a well renound counciller, who would normally charge his time out at around £1500 a day.

    I believe the counciller was in fact from Canada and had no ties with Jersey. He explained how crucial it was that the care leavers recieved "independent" councelling.

    Needless to say the offer was refused.

  5. Proud Survivor26 June 2009 at 12:31

    Let us be clear about what Counselling is and what a Councillor is! (People often get confused) I have never been elected as a Councillor for the area I live in but I am a BACP Senior Accredited Counsellor myself as well as being a former inmate of HDLG and a "looked after child" of the States of Jersey for many years.

    When I spoke to other care leavers who were still in Jersey I was horrified to see that there are no people working independently in Jersey who have BACP recognition. I believe there are one or two in Guensey. Many of us charge reduced prices in cases of hardship and in a case like this I for one would have worked for free (if Ihad not been involved myself)

    I suspect that the "counselling" people have received may have been from Psychologists, counsellors employed by the States or people from voluntary organisations like NSPCC. Some of these people may have good qualifications but that does no make them the right person for everyone. If they have seen more than one abuse victim they may not have been working ethically anyway as information from one person could be accidentally confused with that of another and it might be hard to get an objective picture while forming a relationship with a client.

    As I live in UK I was lucky enough to find a well-qualified and experienced counsellor who was distanced from "The Jersey Way" and was incredibly helpful to me over several months. Care Leavers in Jersey don't have that luxury. It doesn't mean that all the counsellors in Jersey are no good. There is very limited choice. You have to try a few counsellors before it feels right. I was very lucky to get it right first time

  6. Do the Bailhache Bros, & Birt really think that time will forget?
    History doesnot lie!
    Keep up the good work VFC.

  7. Thank you VFC and to all the helpers behind the scenes for keeping this alive. See you all on 4th July 12 Noon at Peoples Park. Carrie x

  8. Once again your readers should refer to events in Gibraltar.
    Joanna Hernandez the whistle-blower at the Giraldi Childrens Home is giving up the battle after 4 years.
    Her child abuse claims there involve allegations against a government Minister's brother.
    Read and learn.There is a world outside of Jersey.

    or find the link on voiceforprotest