Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Voice For Care Leavers.

This is the first instalment of the Press conference held by Senator Stuart Syvret and two care leavers, Carrie and Dannie. I have shown the video to Carrie and Dannie and have their approval to publish it.

One of my worries was, in the video it is clear they have little or no faith in the two officers Warcup and Gradwell. I explained this might prevent any further victims coming forward to which they said they are not sure they would be comfortable with any victims coming forward to the Police now that Lenny Harper and Graham Power are no longer involved.

As I have stated in an earlier post this Press conference was, to me and the care leavers, extremely surreal. They (the care leavers) and myself had the feeling the Press just didn’t want to be there. It is probable I’ll not be able to capture the atmosphere and the long, uncomfortable, silences waiting for questions to be asked by the Press, and when questions were asked, they were “safe” and in some cases, in my opinion, a waste of time.

However I do believe I will be able to give the care leavers a voice through publishing their Press conference and highlighting their plight and their struggle for justice through the Jersey Judicial system and police force.

One thing is very evident (in my opinion) that is the pain, anger and anguish displayed, not only in the voices of the care leavers, but it is written all over their faces. They are turning this pain and anguish into something (hopefully) productive. They are tired of being “victims” they are tired of “playing ball”. They are tired of waiting to be “told what to do”, told what to say.

They have decided to take the initiative, and take to the streets in protest, of what they and many others believe the lack of justice on this island. There will be a march on Saturday the 4th of July at midday from Peoples Park to the Royal Square. Similar to the recent successful “White March”. Only this protest march will not be silent, although It will be peaceful. There will also be a demonstration in the Royal Square Monday the 6th of July, the day of the swearing in of our new Balliff Michael Birt. Please give them your support.

I will be posting as much of the Press Conference as I can in the lead up to the protest in order to keep this issue alive, as it appears our local mainstream media have “done their bit” and all has gone relatively quiet.
More to follow………


  1. I had the 'honour' to meet these two very brave ladies earlier this week, and if ANYONE doubts what they have been through, they are sadly mistaken.

    Now a futher kick in the teeth for them when they have behaved so honourably and with dignity. One thing I know for sure I would not have done.

    The fact that they do not trust the new incumbents in the Police Force is very telling, and also why are the 'accredited' media not asking such telling questions??

    Today, we learn that the man who made such an horrendous decision will now be made our Deputy Bailiff. Keep it all in the family hey?

    People out there, please show your support on the 4th July - heaven knows these victims need it.

  2. Thank you VFC and to everyone who have shown their support, we need to keep this in the public eye for as long as we can, we are not looking for sympathy, but we desperately want justice and closure. Jill you are a very courageous lady and I feel very fortunate to have met you along with so many other people. Now let’s start fighting back, please turn up at Peoples Park 12 noon on Saturday 4th July and please spread the word. Carrie

  3. Sorry - on my previous post I meant searching questions not telling questions.

    I get so angry about this, and then get carried away!

    The fact that these two brave ladies do not trust Messrs Warciup and Gradwell I would have thought would have been an interesting item for our mainstream media, so why did they choose not to make this public?

  4. Dannie Carrie Jill Gracia and VFC you are all very brave people and inspirational. I for one will see you at the people's park saturday the 4th

  5. If I lived in Jersey I would be with you all the way.

    Your very brave people, please carry banners, placards etc., it is your right to be seen and heard it is time all the people are made aware of the short comings of the Justice system.

    Don;t be afraid - they will not arrest you - they would not dare imagine the publicity that would cause.

  6. Carrie and Dannie
    I will be there the on the 4th of July and on the 6th
    You both are such an inspiration, keep strong .
    VFC go get them ,fantastic journalism .
    Jill Gratcia anyone that stands up to a states member in front of mainstream t v has my vote.

  7. Hi VFC.

    I was going to have a rant but no all i will say is see you on july 4th..

    Justice for all jersey abuse survivors

    Stand up and be counted


    ps your nailing it keep up the great work

  8. Proud Survivor11 June 2009 at 17:11

    Thankyou VFC for this interview. The bravery and dignity of these two women covers the frustration and smouldering anger that they both obviously feel. I shall send this video to as many people as possible as some people in UK are still unaware of the monstrous cover-up. Carrie and Danni you rock! I am PROUD of the stand you are taking

  9. Just calling for JUSTICE won't do it in Jersey - you must have a plan that heads for a TRIBUNAL with powers to investigate and make legally supported orders.

    Once again you should look at Gibraltar. The Chief Justice in that British Territory is suspended from office currently because of complaints arising from 4 law firms there and an investigation instigated through London. He defends himself before the Privy Council in London next week. The cost so far to the Gibraltar taxpayers is in excess of £100,000 and the Chief Justice is defended by an expensive team headed by Michael Beloff QC - well known as a Jersey Court of Appeal Judge.

    The noise of Protest is useful - but it is only entertainment. If you do not have a plan for future legal action - then you really must get one.

  10. VFC

    Thanks very much for doing this.

    Citizen media is so important these struggles.

    We'd rather have you there any day - instead of BBC Jerk - who I couldn't stomach to invite.

    All credit to Dannie and Carrie - the bravery of these two women is inspirational.

    Let's just hope we can get justice in the end.

    When's the next instalment due?


  11. Stuart.

    Thanks for your encouragement and indeed allowing me to film the Press conference.

    Dannie and Carrie are both truly strong and inspirational women, they give me, and the likes of me, the strength to carry on trying to do whatever I/we can to bring them some kind of justice.

    As you will be aware I have 40 minutes of film, which is the entire Press conference, you will also be aware there is some very powerful stuff to come out.

    It is extremely difficult watching the film and have only watched it, all the way through, on one occasion.

    That being said I will hope to have the next instalment published on Monday,the 15th.

    As I pointed out to your readers, it will be interesting to see the difference between the "accredited" Press' coverage and mine, I think it safe to say they (the "accredited" Press) are "putting it to bed"

  12. Thanks for posting this VFC, Dannie and Carrie, don't give up, you will get justice.