Tuesday, 27 October 2009

The Bridget Bullsh1t Corporation.

Apparently, so I am told by the above, there is no difference between BBC Jersey (Bridget Bullshit Corporation) and National BBC. So when they were reporting on Senator Syvret’s Legal Asylum case and claiming that the Senator declined to comment to the BBC - that was factually correct.

However it wasn’t strictly true. Senator Syvret had quite clearly stated that he would not comment to BBC Jersey but would talk with BBC London and when I phoned the Jersey “news”room to help them put the record straight in order to inform their listeners that much better, they were having none of it and insisted the BBC is the BBC and were not interested in telling their listeners the full facts.

This did not surprise me in the slightest, you see, I Know how the local BBC operate and in particular Chris Stone. Although I can’t say for sure if he is his own man or a mere Puppet for Denzil Dudley and Matthew Price.

Chris Stone does not allow me on his phone-in any longer. When I was allowed on - before I went on air I had to tell the producer “exactly” what I was going to say. I was told if I deviated in any way or criticised the local BBC in any way then I would be cut off.

I’ll not go on too much about my particular case but would like to concentrate on the bigger picture.

Have you ever noticed how he (Chris Stone) starts the phone-in most days? It is (in my opinion) “Agenda Setting“. He will say things like “scientists have discovered the smell of freshly cut grass is a stimulant, have you got a smell you want to talk about”? or “While on holiday I was stung on the foot by a wasp, have you ever been stung by a wasp”? If the main headline “news” is anything damming towards our government he doesn’t want to talk about it.

He will later be on his “Home Time” programme saying something like “ today’s phone-in was dominated by callers who wanted to talk about wasp stings” No sh1t Chris! I wonder why that is?

When the Attorney General decided not to prosecute two alleged child abusers who had moved to France it was their (Bridget Bullshit Corporation) headline “news” item. I phoned up to talk about it, was put through to the producer and was told “oh we’re not talking about that today” so I said “what…..we’re not allowed to talk about the top news story”? I was then told “no, the subject at the moment is poor quality tarmac on the roads”

These are just a couple of many examples how the phone-in is managed or should I say how public opinion is managed?

Nick Griffin was (a very controversial) guest on Question Time just recently broadcast by the BBC. Chris Stone, on the phone in, was quoting things like “I might not agree with what you have to say but I will defend your right to say it”……. Bullsh1t Chris you won’t even let an anti establishment caller on your radio show.

Then we get on to the “Talkback” programme (I’m prevented from going on there as well). One of the last things Senator Syvret did as the Minister for Health and Social Services was to commission a report by the Howard League for Penal Reform to look into how the States of Jersey “cared” for vulnerable children. Whistleblower Simon Bellwood was removed from his post at Greenfields after challenging the illegal and abusive methods employed up there against the children. Senator Syvret subsequently was driven out of his post as H&SS Minister.

The report completed by the HLFPR was totally damming to our States of Jersey and in my opinion vindicated Senator Syvret and Simon Bellwood. There was MASSIVE support for Senator Syvret, and others, to be guests on the Talkback programme (and still is) The Bridget Bullsh1t Corporation have refused this from the outset. Senator Syvret is an Opposition Politician who upsets the status quo and it appears this does not fit with their agenda. Perhaps he should get stung by a wasp! That might get him on the show.

As I have done all that I can to contribute to the phone-ins and been denied a voice by Chris Stone, before I am forced to “doorstep” him I am publicly requesting an interview. If he refuses to allow me on his show then perhaps he would like to come onto mine. If it is the case that he is merely a puppet for Denzil Dudley and Matthew Price then the request for an interview extends to them also.

Thanks to the internet, not only the Bridget Bullsh1t Corporation, but our entire local media are slowly getting exposed for years of cut and paste “journalism” and opinion management. How long can it continue?


  1. BBC Jersey is a disgrace to its charter and to journalism as a whole

  2. If you don't like BBC Jersey's phone-in program then don't listen. It is really not that hard to work out.

  3. could not agree more with the previous poster,listening to BBC Jersey is a waste of time, particularly if you want to hear the news

  4. To the anonymous poster above it could be questioned, why do you need to read this blog then?? Is it to get some real, honest information?

    People listen to the biased BBC in the hope that they will hear something worthwhile, by interesting people with valuable input. This is never likely to happen the way the media presents itself as totally pro-establishment at the moment.

    If Nick Griffin can be allowed air time on Question Time, it is very puzzling as to why Stuart Syvret, Voice for Children and others are denied the same right.

  5. I do not buy the JEP or listen to BBC Jersey as I do not believe a word they print or say... I prefer to get my fiction from the library...

  6. One thing I can't understand...if you hate the BBC so much, why do you listen to them and then try and go on the phone in? Just turn it off or to another channel. They're not forcing you to listen to them, in the same way you can't force them to put you on air. The licence fee is just that, a licence. Don't pay it!

  7. Hi VFC..

    I think people are missing the point when they say dont listen to it.. The BBC is funded on taxpayers money and has a duty to be un-biased....

    Jersey BBC is a right wing pro establisment mouth piece and got away with it but now the internet is here..

    As for Chris Stone i think its just a paycheck..

    At 12.50 today he was flapping like a seagull because some dude from st.peter called it right lol


  8. The BBC prides it self on its alleged policy of impartiality. If an opposition figure whats to come on the air and (provided they are not rude or insulting) lay down a legitimate argument against what the establishment say, they should be let on. The BBC is not commercial, and thus has a duty to do that sort of thing, and when the rest of the media in Jersey is as pathetic it is perfectly reasonable for us to moan about it!

  9. In the UK we have daily phone ins on Five Live which is the BBC with PROFESIONAL presenters. Occasionally you may get the Prime Minster, or the Leaders of opposition parties, it seems that they are all given equal time, the callers range from a whole cross section of voters from the UK. Rarely is anyone ever switched off when challenging the presenter or the guest.

    The local BBC radio I admit to not listening to very often, mainly because it usually blairs out awful music. It is always obvious that the local presenters are on the bottom of the ladder and can just about cope with announcements, conversing with the public unless on something mundain like music preferences etc., is a no no.

    Perhaps application should be made to the BBC relating to the veto of locals who wish to express their opinions and because it is such a small island obviously it is a biased, one could suggest the presenters aspire to the local social scene and need to make sure that their cronies voice is the only ones heard.

    Perhaps someone could ring in on Radio 5 live when Nicky Campbell is broadcasting and suggest that, in view of the current situation, maybe Radio 5 live would offer a platform for those who wish to voice their opinions, be it for or against they should be allowed to do so. Since Stuart is in London it would seem appropriate that his electorate have the opportunity to speak with him directly.

    As for those posters suggesting you 'switch off', preaching to the converted is a boring task, hence the boredom of the local radio, in order for anything to work you have to have different opinions. I would also suggest if you have constructive critism I am sure VFC and others would be more than happy to argue the toss, telling people to switch off is not an answer, however I am more than sure, as you seem to be a brown nose of the Establishment, you have little upstairs which allows you to make a reasonable and just comment.

    Incidently I was listening to Stuarts interview on ChannelTV, it was more than obvious that the presenter was 'out of his depth' occasionally he got stuck for words. On that same news bulletin, stopping people in the street and asking for them to comment on Stuart was a rather rediculous thing to do, knowing of course many people are too afraid to speak out for fear of retribution, however, I did so admire the well spoken elderly lady in her support for Stuart, a lady who was NOT afraid to let her sentiments be known.

  10. Great post VFC.

    Why do people in Jersey keep paying for the BBC License when the BBC won't allow them a voice?

    They takes your money but won't allow you a voice - stop paying the TV license 'fee'!

    Keep up thegood work and take care.

  11. Very well said VFC. Its time BBC Jersey allowed non-establishment viewpoints to be aired. Everytime someone Joe Public says anything remotely left wing, you can clearly sence the presenter spluttering and getting anxious. Similarly, everytime BBC Jersey need to report on an anti-establishment news item, they pre-record it.
    Sorry but these tactics belongs to last century. Come on BBC UK, sort it out please.

  12. The idea that citizens should not hold the BBC accountable for such low standards of fairness is absurd. I smell a troll.

  13. One thing I always wonder is why a person is classed as anti-establishment, simply for wanting the truth to come out and for certain persons to be held accountable for their actions that work for the States.

    Gosh they do not think twice about destroying the ordinary persons lives, abusing kids in their care, but hey it's Jersey and we'll pat them on the back and say well done - what a fine job you have done. And for those of you who do try to speak out against our fine director of education, its ok, because we will fit you up with a similar crime to discredit you. Your protesting will be futile because we have changed your evidence to fit a crime, and you'll have the best lawyer representing you but they will always be working for us.

  14. Well done VFC, this is an excellent critique of BBC Jersey,its low standards of journalism and refusal to allow a the voice of dissent to be heard.

    We should organise a demo outside their HQ demanding higher standards and fair access to the air waves for our progressives ideas.

    BBC Jersey can no longer remain a barrier against the people on behalf of the Establishment.We must demand change.

    Where are the elected politicians that will stand up and make this point? Very few I suspect. To many are just frightened of their own shadows, concerned about re-election, their nice Middle Class salary and not giving too much offence to the power holders in society. Its all steady as she goes, I have a nice life, high status and experience no real discomforts.

    Aux armes,citoyens!

  15. BBC Jersey sucks, ITV Jersey sucks, Jersey sucks !!!

    Another example of fine and honest to goodness reporting Neil. Go Go VFC, lighting the way forward for journalism in the island.

  16. lol

    Can we now call it the radio war-in...

    You see poor chris is only happy on the safe topics or the big denzil will be in his ear saying cut off cut off..



    You are showing the way. Great blogs, jersey is waking up the internet is here...

    The JEP CTV AND BBC JERSEY had better get thier house in order

  18. BBC Jersey is a well cited example for those who believe commercial profit is the only motive for MSM bias. Professors use the Jersey example to show ways extreme bias and corruption naturally evolve within even the best of journalistic organizations, if there are no clear checks and balances to limit the influence from close personal, economic and political connections.

  19. Don't read the JEP, dont watch CTV and dont listen to the BBC.

  20. We are not alone in having a limited press in Jersey - read how the very same narrow minded lack of information prevails in Anguilla. Look at the posting on Censorship for 30th October on Corruption-free Anguilla blog.
    Expand your own knowledge - don't just moan about it.