Saturday, 31 October 2009

Justice for Jersey.

On Monday November the 2nd 11.30a.m Mr. William Bailhache will be taking an oath and will be sworn in as our Deputy Bailiff. He is of course our current Attorney General and brother of recently retired Bailiff Phillip Bailhache.

“Justice for Jersey” will be staging a rally from 10.30.a.m in the Royal Square to coincide with this farcical fancy dress charade with a fancy dress of their own.

Why would people want to turn up to this rally? William Bailhache’s 6 figure salary is paid for by the public purse, the tax payer. He is the Attorney General who failed to extradite, from France, (let alone convict) two alleged child abusers employed by the States of Jersey to “care” for children. He is also the AG who has dropped, somewhere in the region of EIGHTEEN alleged child abuse cases involving, we are led to believe, high ranking Civil Servants employed by the States of Jersey and still in post!!

This is a man who makes extremely political decisions, decides what is or isn’t in the public interest and what is best for the States of Jersey and is not answerable to the public who pay his wages, Which we are led to believe are in the region of £300,000 with a pension of around £120,000.

“Justice For Jersey” would like to invite anybody and everybody who have suffered an in-justice at the hands of our Judicial System, Education System, Health Service, Social Services, Planning Department to attend this Rally to show our Ruling elite enough is enough.

Team Voice whole heartedly support Justice For Jersey in their campaign to bring Jersey into the 21st century by calling for a fair and impartial Judicial System along with an open and transparent DEMOCRATIC government.

Justice For Jersey should also like to extend the Rally invitation to all supporters of Senator Syvret’s quest for justice and this includes ALL States members.

Senator Syvret has felt the full wrath of the Bailhache Brothers and the Civil Servants for attempting to hold the executive to account, deal with decades of abusive treatment of our most vulnerable children and attempted to bring some kind of justice for the victims of the Jersey “care” system.

For his troubles he has had his residence (illegally?) raided by a politicised Police Force on what has been described as a “fishing expedition” for the ruling elite in order to get any kind of dirt they can to shut him up. He has faced prosecution (in a Kangaroo Court) for attempting to expose a potential Serial Killer. It has been reported He was investigated by 2 police officers who’s sole duty it was to find some dirt on him
Inevitably he has been forced to flee the island for doing exactly what a politician is paid to do. That is to hold the executive to account and represent the people of Jersey in an open and transparent manner.

One must remember Senator Syvret has the widest mandate on the island, he is the longest serving Senator and father of the house. If what has been done to him by the Ruling Elite then what makes other States Members believe it can’t happen to them if they decide to speak out? And if all this can happen to ANY States member, then what chance does any member of the public stand of being heard?

Please support “Justice for Jersey” in this VITAL show of DISCONTENT that is growing among the ordinary folk of this once beautiful island. They will be meeting at 10.30.a.m on Monday the 2nd of November in the Royal Square. The “peaceful” Rally will start at 11.30. Some people will be turning up in Fancy Dress in order to highlight the charade that will be displayed by our “Great and Good” feel free to dress up if you like.

Below is a video of the swearing in of the Balliff which will go down in history as the first demonstration in eight hundred years against a swearing in of a Balliff. The demonstration on Monday will also be in the history books for the same reason.

Submitted by Team Voice and Justice for Jersey.


  1. VFC

    Sounds like an excellent idea.

    It needs to be understood that people like the Bailhache Brothers and the judicial system are the real root of power in Jersey.

    All the greed, incompetence, and corruption we see by the establishment - is only able to happen because we don't have the proper rule of law; because people like Barking Bill protect them.

    I think people need to start thinking about the Jersey establishment apparatus as a whole, instead of being narrowly focused on individual issues.

    Only when the decent people of the community start see the truth of what we're subjected to - will we change it.


  2. Let's hope we can stop the Jersey establishment skullduggery.

    I'm sure the time has come when ordinary islanders are finally sick of these crooks who have ruined our island and taxed our bread.


  3. I'll be there and will be bringing with me my mum and dad. Dad loves to be involved in a bit of controversy but mum isn't quite so sure, so she's decided that they'll probably sit a little further away from the protesters.

    I'm hoping someone will be willing to go over to my parents and explain to them exactly why we're there and perhaps get them to join us rather than sit away from us. It's all very well me talking to them about Stuart Syvret and how others have experienced injustice on this island, but they get most of their info from the filthy rag or from news on the TV, so their darling daughter must be confused when she tries to explain how bias the media are. In fact, I'm sure they're only turning up on Monday so they can scream and shout should I get arrested LOL.

  4. Fancy dress is one thing but a few minutes studying the Officers/ website might be useful for anybody proposing to be in the Square.
    The Code of Conduct for Members of the Judiciary in Jersey makes very interesting reading and the new Deputy Bailiff will no doubt have learned it by heart before swearing his oath of office.
    Equally interesting are the speeches and statements by the former Bailiff and the Attorney General on such matters as Historic Child Abuse and the Code on Decisions to Prosecute.

    In case these statements are removed from the site when the latest officers become settled in their new chairs - it might well be useful to copy them too. Just for the historic record.


  6. this video is amazing! so glad to see people making some noise that people can't ignore!! just wish I was on the island to have been there in person, whistle in mouth!