Monday, 18 January 2010

Interference or Scrutiny and political representation?

In Jersey, we already have 12 Parish Constables who are heads of the police in their respective Parishes. Of course, that ancient form of political control is seen as officially ok.

But when Joe Public aka Team Voice asks why there cannot be a Scrutiny Panel examination of States Police activities? Deputy Roy Le Herissier answers here (video below) that “it is not our job” and the same message is being played by the Chief Minister Terry Le Sueur, “Chairman” of PPC “CONSTABLE” Juliette Gallichan and others in authority.


It’s apparently ok for ANY UK Police to investigate and probe or for the courts to consider or even for a Complaints Board (on very narrow grounds) to examine - but the long suffering tax paying Jersey public, are the very last to be allowed to ask questions through their supposed elected “representatives”.

The suspension of Chief Police Officer Graham Power QPM is not only a personal matter that affects him.

Behind this extraordinary saga there are the most important matters of public interest and concerns that need to be raised and examined openly in public, as a matter of urgency.

Who actually determines the rules that govern Policing Policy Standards in this island, and who has the ultimate power of sanction?

We are told that Home Affairs Minister Ian Le Marquand reviews Chief Officer Power’s suspension every month (presumably with his “very own” terms of reference) but when will Deputy Le Herissier call Ian Le Marquand before his Scrutiny Panel as the Minister’s, “all island mandate” surely demands?

Submitted by Team Voice.


  1. Sadly this seems to fit the remit of my blog!

  2. Bloody hell its hard getting an answer out of roy. No one wants to touch this, i wander why. Good interview are there any checks and balances on this island even the suspension with graham power is a total mess.

    Is there any point in having scrutiny?


    Have i got this right scrutiny is just not working. The ministers just pay the lip service


  3. Roy the Hedgehog seemed to roll up in a ball waiting for the danger to pass, and seemed decidedly uncomfortable while at the same time accepting that all was not as it should be.

    Scrutiny as per the Oxford Thesaurus defined as..examination, study, inspection,survey, scan, perusal, investigation, exploration, probe, enquiry, analysis and dissection.

    Not much of this is happening, therefore Rico it is not working if they cannot fulfil ALL these criteria.

    Excellent interviewer!