Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Heads they win Tails I lose.

As much as I try and make excuses for, and attempt to justify the actions of the British Bullsh1t Corporation I keep coming back to the same conclusion, that is, they have “gone native”

When I say make excuses for and justify, I mean I can’t bare the thought that the BBC would exercise censorship and silence government dissenters but that is the only conclusion I can reach.

As everybody is apparently treated equally by the BBC, they will no doubt have the exact same experiences as myself if they have attempted to make a contribution to one of their live phone-ins. Something I wished to discuss on yesterday’s phone-in - which was my “experiences”.

As is the norm, I’m sure for everybody, you get put through to the producer first, in this case Lisa Gautier and asked “exactly” what you are going to say on air to which I said “well I don’t know “exactly” what I’m going to say, I’m just going to talk about my experiences and trials and tribulations of getting on the phone in”, a reasonable request one would think - right?……..Wrong.

Lisa Gautier told me “sorry I can’t let you on air because you are going to COMPLAIN about BBC Radio Jersey on air and that is not what the phone-in is about” so I said “I don’t know where you got the word COMPLAIN from, I said I wanted to talk about my EXPERIENCES of the phone in” to which she said “but you said trials and tribulations which I take to mean COMPLAIN.

She would not accept that I wanted to share my EXPERIENCES and hung on to HER word “COMPLAIN” for dear life. She made it abundantly clear that it is forbidden to criticise BBC Radio Jersey on air and would not accept My word of EXPERIENCES over HER word of COMPLAIN, but told me I would be allowed to go on air if I wanted to talk about any “news” or “current affairs” to which I said “ok I would like to go on and talk about AGENDA’S” and she asked “what do you want to say about AGENDA’S” and I replied “well just that we all have one, whether it be ACCREDITED media or UNACCREDITED media, like Bloggers. She told me I’m sorry I think you will use that subject to criticise BBC Radio Jersey so won’t let you on air”. So I asked “what can I talk about on air”? She told me “most things as long as it doesn’t libel anybody or criticise BBC Radio Jersey”.

So I thought I’d go with one of Chris Stone’s “safe ones” and said “ok then I would like to talk about the second world war, or Lancaster Bombers” just to see if she had any intention of letting me on air. She came back with the old “I don’t believe you” sketch again telling me I would criticise BBC Radio Jersey if she let’s me on air.

It became blatantly clear, to me anyway, that they - or Lisa Gautier - did not want the listeners to hear of my “EXPERIENCES” or in her words “COMPLAINTS of the phone - in. What was she so scared about, everybody is treated equally by the BBC aren’t they? So my EXPERIENCES would be the same as everybody else’s!

I do have a wealth of e-mails the BBC have refused to read out and many examples of attempting to get on the phone-in from the phone which I will publish at a later date. I am still waiting for a reply from Matthew Price where I have asked him, since it is forbidden to criticise BBC Radio Jersey on-air does that also mean (in the interest of fairness and balance) that it is also forbidden to “praise” BBC Radio Jersey on-air? To which I have had no reply as yet, but am not holding my breath.

Unfortunately it is a “heads they win tails I lose” situation. I can’t go on the phone-in and share my EXPERIENCES because they will be labelled a COMPLAINT and I can’t talk about any other subject because Lisa Gautier won’t believe me that that’s what I want to talk about.

As has been explained to me in the past, there is no difference between BBC Jersey and BBC they are all the same company So if that is the case and the institution that is the British Broadcasting Corporation condone this sought of treatment by their Jersey branch then the entire reputation of the BBC must be in question.

As I’m prevented from going on the phone-in, either on the phone or e-mail, and have tried everything I can, including going through the (complete waste of time) complaints department and asked Denzil Dudley if he would allow me to interview a BBC spokesperson on this very subjected and been refused, then there is no other option other than to “doorstep” certain individuals employed at BBC Radio Jersey.

I have tried everything else and there appears no alternative other than “doorstepping”. I haven’t taken this decision lightly as I believe it could be a “step back” in the advancement of Blogging where more and more politicians etc. are willing to take part in Citizens Media and are happy to give interviews to Bloggers and there is less need to “doorstep” anybody but this is the BBC’s call.

Do you know what I can’t help thinking? As everybody is treated “equally” by the BBC how does Bridget remember “exactly” “word for word” everything she tells the producer before she goes on air and doesn’t get cut off for deviating from what she told the producer?


  1. VFC, stop being so bitter and twisted because it won't do your blood pressure any good at all!

    Question whether people are actually interested in your views in the first place because the more I read on this blog the more out of touch with everybody else I start to feel you are. No insult intended :-)

  2. "ok then I would like to talk about the second world war, or Lancaster Bombers"

    Well, if that was really the case, and you are not being ironic, I'm not surprised the BBC thought it was a trojan horse!

    I've noticed that where possible, they let Bridget Murphy on Talkback when there is around 5 minutes before the news. It may just be a coincidence, but I think it might just be part of a cunning plan. Certainly I always breath a sigh of relief when the news breaks her off!

    Since the Broadcasting Complaints Commission is mentioned in the Jersey laws, why not try them?

  3. Tony.

    Myself and others (unknown to me) have tried the Complaints commission and the replies are almost identical.

    It appears they have a "template" response to complaints, it is a waste of time.

    To the first commenter, you are not forced to read my Blog nor are you charged an extortionate amount of money for a licence to read it.

    I trust you appreciate you are given the opportunity to criticise myself or my Blog and all for free.

  4. Update.

    Matthew Price has e-mailed me and told me, besides all the other "template" stuff I get from Denzil Dudley that, and I quote.

    "Praise and criticism of BBC Jersey can, of course, form part of any relevant discussion."

    So I have asked him to tell that to Lisa Gautier and I look forward to contributing to tomorrow's show with my "EXPERIENCES" with the phone-in.

  5. You're not out of touch with how I or many others think and feel VFC, so my advice would be to take that anonymous comment above with a pinch of salt.

    Good luck with getting your points of view heard on Talkback tomorrow, I look forward to listening.

  6. I've tried tuning in twice recently and both times Bridget was on AGAIN, so I gave up. I can't bear the sound of her voice any more! Has she got nothing else to do?

    Why do we pay a licence fee just for Bridget to spout off so much, if the rest of us can't say what we like within reason?

  7. You should be using a Citizen's Media approach, VFC.

    Call up and record it. Deliberately make them sound as daft as they are, use your logic to run rings around their lack of sense, and make complete idiots of them, and post the results on here / YouTube so we can all enjoy it! :)

  8. In response to a couple of comments. Firstly "Why do we pay a licence fee just for Bridget to spout off so much, if the rest of us can't say what we like within reason?"

    Well I believe I already have enough evidence to prove I shouldn't have to pay my licence fee, or at the very least not have to pay as much as Bridget, but as is always the case we are talking about a huge organization
    who will ensure I would be outgunned by their lawyers and will have to pay up so it's really a non starter.

    As for recording the show and making them look stupid, they don't need me to make them look stupid, they do a good enough job of that on their own.

    In a recent e-mail I sent in to Christie Tucker on Talkback that Emma Conroy refused to read out I asked.


    We have our most senior politician in political exile because of our oppressive regime. We have our most senior police officer struggling to get something that resembles justice on this island and being blocked at every level. We have the possibility of a "government within a government" where there is every possibility that Civil Servants have been engineering the removal of democratically elected members of our States. We have the possibility that the chambers in London used by our AG's office to review the child abuse cases might not be as "independent" as they might be.

    Could you please tell your listeners who (by name) came up with the idea to talk about the Fort Regent this morning and how the talkback programme deserves to be treated with any kind of credibility as a current affairs "news" programme?"

    Says it all really.

  9. But if you had a recording of yourself pointing out all that, and a representative of the BBC denying it or finding excuses to bar you from the air, it would have a lot more impact than the written word on here.

    If you were to really have fun with it and take the mick, it would be entertaining enough to be a popular YouTube video and really help to spread the word.

  10. "Could you please tell your listeners who (by name) came up with the idea to talk about the Fort Regent this morning and how the talkback programme deserves to be treated with any kind of credibility as a current affairs "news" programme?"

    I am normally a supporter, but feel I cannot go along with you on this one. I listened to the show and it was inundated with calls from islanders. There is more than one issue worthy of discussion, I'm afraid.

  11. On the subject of not wanting to pay your TV licence, have a look at the article at this link:


    It seems others have already refused believing that the BBC has broken it's charter.

    The Beano is not the Rag

  12. Yes the Fort Regent subject is very popular, it's also been hashed and re hashed a million times over and is an ideal subject for the Bridget Bullsh1t Corp to have as a topic as it suits their agenda to a T.

    It is the sort of topic that is "plugged" by them, rather like WW 2, Lancaster Bombers, the price of bottled water, speed limits, wasp stings etc.etc.

    Possibly the reason that nobody is on the radio talking about more contreversial and more important subjects is because they are forbidden from going on air by Lisa Gautier and others because it doesn't suit the Bridget Bullsh1t Corporation's agenda, all in my opinion of course.

  13. BBC jersey is a disgrace the sooner there is a clear out of that place the better

  14. Unless I have misread your posting, you want to go on talkback to discuss your ‘experiences’ of being prevented from getting onto talkback. Is this honestly a productive use of your time ?

    I realise your frustration at being denied these opportunities, however as you so regularly remind posters who have become equally frustrated at the veracity or content of some of your postings, you could accept your own (of course counter productive) advice and try not tuning in if you disagree with what is covered.

    Perhaps, in the interests of ‘everybody being treated equally’ you could, as one poster suggested, record your telephone conversations, just in order for your readers to verify that your account of what is said tallies exactly with what actually was said. This would avoid a repeat of the difference in ‘opinions’ between yourselves and a States member recently about what actually occurred at a Scrutiny meeting.

    Just one other issue in closing. The decision to doorstep / harass employees of the BBC is not ‘their call’. It is yours. Please do not attempt to misrepresent this decision

    Criticisms I realise, but if you want to increase your readership, and to convince others of your views, you have to convert your doubters. Receiving only positive input from existing believers feels good, but doesn’t change peoples minds, which I assume is your aim.

  15. This anti-Bridget ranting concerns me. She is only exercising her freedom of speach within the law and should not be attacked like this for it.

  16. Hi VFC

    Thinking about it i just say bollix to it. BBC phone in is crap, it was better under roger barra, and thats pushing it

    The serious issues now facing us go way beyond that crap and talkback.

    You should be allowed on no doubt about it and say what you like ,as long as it's not libel. The junta at the bbc and the rest of our local media know without doubt that they backed the wrong horse.

    If anyone has any doubt the JEP on friday said it all,

    I would say forget about bbc jersey, they will be cleaned up after the blitzkrieg

    Local Media is the disease VFC is the cure

  17. VFC,

    If you take that advice to record your attempts to get on air, add in some portions of the "best of Bridget" drivel and spice it up with some puppet action, you could have a hit on YouTube. Send a link to every email address at BBC Hdqts. That could finally embarass Jersey BBC and Bridget might decide to restrain herself a little in her quest for radio fame as the spokesperson for Jersey.


  18. It is always amusing to keep a running count of how many times the trolls obsessively post comments practically begging us to believe no one is interested. Irony, anyone?

  19. BBC Jersey phone in?

    More like a crap music singalong!

    You can imagine every day the phones ringing madly and ques of people with topical things to talk about singing along to crap music, while they are waiting to get on and fuming at not being aloud on!!

  20. There are only 3 of you talking about the BBC phone in. Even the regulars on the phone in out number 3.

  21. Being a newbie here does that make me number 5 then?

    The Beano is not the Rag

  22. Anonymous (Comment One)- Out of touch??

    Along with another popular blog the Voice Team are more 'in touch' than any of the alternative media.
    Where may I ask did the members of PPC first become aware of the letter that Mr Power had sent to the Committee members...eerm, not from their Chair, not from the BBC. I think it was this blog, and this was matters that aroused a lot of interest and was of great importance.

    It must be particularly galling for VFC that their exclusives on these two matters were quite happily used by the BBC to have quite a lengthy discussion on air, which for once made good listening, yet they are unable to afford the author of this blog air time!

    In all fairness I hope that they will allow you a voice tomorrow and don't forget BBC - you heard it first here.

  23. 1.don't pay your licence fee& see what happens.
    2.contact Paxman might be interested to do a follow up after FW appearance.
    3.BBC tv have a programme saturdays am where listeners can go on air & complain about the service,don't know if that covers radio but worth a shot maybe.

  24. VFC,

    Today BBC radio Jersey proved that they are as bad as the rag.

    Firstly they cut you off, they would have pre planned this.

    Then they read out two bogus emails one fron a Rico? saying that he was inspired by Bridgets comments.

    Then another email straight after was read saying that Senator Stuart Syvret was a disgrace....

    Thats it for me now no more rag nor cringe worthy BBC radio Jersey!!

  25. VFC, if anybody doubted you about the BBC then they should listen back to today's phone in I think they have something to hide and are a disgrace to free speech.

  26. Hi VFC.

    Well i broke my golden rule today and put the "phone in" on.

    LOL what a load of bollix ,bridget was ripping it up on every issue under the sun. Did she take a Speed Bomb?

    Shit, jon even gave me a mention about loving bridget christ gave me a chuckle thou. Like i say after the blitzkrieg the mopping up will take care of this crap the issues we have at the moment go way beyond this.


    Look they all sing and dance, do the shows go on the cock-tail circuit its a nice little set up.

    Mathew Price is very very wooden on stage thou bloody hell, see it to be believe it.

    So back with the real issues there is nothing we can do about this they will never change.

    The phone-in is not important. Citizen media and reporting the truth is.


  27. I listened to it as well and had a right laugh. They cut Neil off and then read out an e-mail from Neil of St Clement saying that Bridget is always right, you just could not make it up!

  28. Well, today was a first for me in relation to the phone-in, and boy, what an eye-opener.

    I decided to listen as VFC had said he was going to be permitted on air to share his 'experiences'.
    After listening to Emile who is a lovely old chap, then we had the infamous Bridget. Did she waffle on, and on, and on until I stood in my lounge and shouted to the radio 'get her off now please'!

    Then the real reason for my listening, and what a rude, unprofessional piece of 'interviewing' that was. I felt the whole thing was diabolical and had to pinch myself to reassure myself that it was the BBC I was listening to. The fact that VFC had said he was going to talk about his experiences and then get cut off (which was one of the very experiences he wanted to discuss) without so much as an apology or an explanation that he could not continue was appalling.

    I phoned to leave a comment to be read on air that I felt it was a disgrace, unprofessional and very rude, and that I hoped the presenter had the b***s to read it out. Needless to say, it was not read out. However other comments from our now famous 'troll' under the names of Rico, Paul and another I can't remember which would not have been attributed to the 'real' them were given air time!!

    I have tried to call Matthew Price on several occasions to make a complaint, but he has been very elusive. In fact as I was in St Helier, I even walked up to the BBC offices, but again he proved to be unavailable. When I returned home at 4.40 p.m.and tried again he had left! So, I will be e-mailing him and await a response.

    I will never venture to listen to this programme again. We have pressing issues in this Island and
    yet they are discussing potatoes, seaweed, euthanasia blah, blah, blah. No wonder the monotone presenter sounded as animated and interested as an octogenerian at a
    Rage against the Machine concert.

    I can certainly see what your post was about now VFC, and I'm glad (well not really) that I made the effort to listen painful though it was.

    A first and a last for me!!

  29. Jill.

    What the Bridget Bullsh1t Corporation did today just demonstated exactly how "shameless" they really are.

    Just before I was on, the good old Bridget was afforded 8 mins and 8 seconds. I got 1 minute 9 seconds which included the Disc Jockey butting in on me before I was cut off.

    I will put the link up tomorrow for the i player and the time myself and Bridget were on and if anybody believes, after listening to it, that the Bridget Bullsh1t Corporation have nothing to hide, then they must be in complete denial.

  30. Channel 103 are knocking spot off BBC Radio Jersey in every aspect of radio.

    But the sad thing is that BBC Radio Jersey pay their staff,a lot more money, because they have more qualifications? Paid by us the BBC Licence paying public aswell!

    Whereas Channel 103 have to survive alot on advertising therefore have to keep getting better (which they are doing)

    There will have to be a time soon when BBC Radio Jersey is going to have to justify their actions and their vastly dwindling listening figures!!

  31. Here you can listen again to today's phone-in. My contribution starts at 16 minutes and 56 seconds and ends 1 minute and 9 seconds later. Immediately before me was Bridget with her massive 8 minutes and 8 seconds worth.

    Ask yourselves why doesn't the Bridget Bullsh1t Corporation want their liteners to hear of my "experiences" of trying to get on the phone-in, what are they so scared of, what have they got to hide?

  32. Forget about the Phone-in people are bored of listening to Emile, Rosemary, Bridget, Tony etc, so don't even bother just go to Channel 103 instead.

  33. BBC Jersey is a lost cause.

    Like with a lost love you would be better off devoting your energies to the future.

    BBC Jersey is the past.

    I listened to the phone in, and it seemed to me that the first two callers barely knew which planet they were on, never mind making valid points.

    Neil, please don't waste your valuable time on BBC Jersey.

  34. I like the Phone-in its good to listen to whilst eating your lunch. A bit repetitive though somedays.

  35. Repetitive - it is a boring, embarrassing disgrace!! The contributors who are permitted to speak are usually the same ones who do not come up for air once they start.

    Once heard, never forgotten!

  36. VFC, what would you say on the BBC phone in if they let you on? Just say it here?


  37. Paul.

    Perhaps you don't grasp that what I want to say on the BBC isn't anywhere near as revealing as the fact, they won't let me say it.

    The fact that I am prevented from sharing my "experiences" of attempting to contribute to the phone in tells a story in itself.

    The issue here is, not what I want to say, it's that BBC Radio Jersey won't let me say it.

  38. Well maybe they are right that the live show is not the place to air a complaint though? Would you want to hear it during the lunchhour? I think I can see what they mean.

  39. Paul.

    I don't intend on discussing this with you, if you don't pay attention to what I'm saying/typing. Where did you get the word "complaint" from my last comment?

    That being said, you might be surprised to hear I agree with you. I'm sure (the BBC anyway) would much rather listen to Bridget in the lunch hour than me.

  40. VFC Your anger worries me. Nobody else gets so wound up about a trivial matter like a phone in. It is not like my or your or anybody else's views will even remotely change anything. Thats why it's called a moan in. Emile still believes his moaning will get the JDA votes, never does when it matters does it and he says the samething every day? The Phone-in is only important to about 5 people who mut spend their morning looking forward to it.

  41. Pour Les Contres said...

    "BBC Jersey is a lost cause.

    Like with a lost love you would be better off devoting your energies to the future.

    BBC Jersey is the past.

    Neil, please don't waste your valuable time on BBC Jersey."

    I agree. You are to some extent validating BBC Jersey by taking them this seriously.

    Neil, it's time to move onwards. The most powerful and valuable thing you can do with this blog is be a force in helping others move away from the island's Quisling media.

    If BBC Jersey would rather Talkback were used for discussion about turnips or seaweed than the worryingly serious issues currently blighting island politics and eroding Jersey's international reputation, let them wallow in that mire of irrelevance. Don't wade in it with them.

    Citizen's media is now doing the job Talkback should be doing. So stride forwards with that in mind, and leave BBC Jersey to roll around in your dust.

  42. I completely disagree with the idea that BBC-Jersey should be writen off as a lost cause.

    It remains of interest to certain non-islanders that BBC has done nothing to correct their bizarrely biased Jersey coverage. Examples of BBC-Jersey's violation of the present charter have been called to attention of the London executives repeatedly. Some of BBC's own investigative journalists have become curious enough to bring it up in house.

    You, VFC, have shown that by complaining long and hard enough, there is a slight, but notable, movement to allow more diversity of call-in opinion than, say, what is expressed daily by that one rather famously silly woman.

    This is because for some of those BBC executives, the key to correcting this well known Jersey-BBC bias lies in the level of potential embarassment for them if it continues for so long after they have been properly notified. Quantity of complaint does matter, even when it's effect is not yet apparent to those tired of complaining, but quality of complain, i.e. cringe worthy recorded evidence, matters more quickly.

    Your recordings of the Jersey programs will definately cause a more serious concern to those at BBC's London offices who are already familiar with the possible violations to their charter.

    Another matter that will have to be addressed by them now is the on-going failure to credit the original internet journalists whenever any BBC outlet knowingly co-opts an exclusive. You must document that failure each time you have published an important online exclusive which BBC Jersey either unjustifiably ignores or clearly mentions as their own news without properly crediting you. It is a more serious ethical matter than you may realize and it will be of interest to a different layer of decision makers at BBC.

    When you record and document, and then place that evidence in the hands of the right people, you also take away all their excuses for plausible deniability. Their usual response to complaints about Jersey bias is to fill out some procedural forms which insulate each level at BBC from having to "be fully aware" of actual evidence and therefor accountable for the problem. When you provide multiple officials at their London offices with recorded examples, and concrete evidence of any obvious bias you have actually documented, including your statistics of attempts to get your views on air, none of the recipients can deny that evidence was brought to their attention.

    Do not be discouraged! Your effect may not yet be fully apparent, but your blog has attracted enough negative comment from those in opposition to you to prove that some are worried about what you are doing. That could actually be a sign of your inreasing influence, because that kind of poster would never bother with those comments if your efforts did not matter.

  43. The BBC website story credited you http://news.bbc.co.uk/local/jersey/hi/people_and_places/the_states/newsid_8456000/8456832.stm