Tuesday, 16 February 2010


Below is an e-mail sent to Chief Minister Terry Le Sueur.

The e-mail is self explanatory and we very much look forward to his reply.

Senator Le Sueur.

We write to you in your capacity of the head of the States Employment Board and indeed as our leader and Chief Minister.

Following the release of Chief Officer Graham Power's sworn affidavit where he has made some very serious allegations UNDER OATH concerning (among others) the Chief Executive Officer to the Council of Ministers Bill Ogley. We should like to know, (if you haven't already), if you will be suspending (as a neutral act) Mr. Ogley from his post until a full and independent inquiry has been concluded. If you have not, or have no intention of, suspending Mr. Ogley Could you please give us the reasons for this?

If what Chief Officer Power alleges is correct, and one can only assume - as it is an affidavit - it very well might be, then this makes a complete mockery of our democratic process, where politicised Civil Servants can remove democratically elected officials from office.

We hope that you can appreciate the gravity of these allegations and acknowledge that decisive action needs to be taken to restore/maintain trust in our democratic process.

It might well be that the Chief Police Officer has in fact given false testimony in his affidavit and is guilty of Perjury. If this is the case then court proceedings against him should be commenced forthwith.

Whatever the truth is, we would like to see some "leadership" and for you to take the initiative which would be to suspend Mr. Ogley and others named by the Chief Police Officer in his affidavit, while an investigation takes place, or commence court proceedings against the Chief of Police for Perjury. Doing nothing should not be an option and will only serve to undermine your ability to "lead" this island in a decisive manner and add fuel to the fire of cover up, concealment and corruption.

In the interest of open government we shall be publishing this e-mail on one of our Blogsites along with your reply.

Kind Regards.

Team Voice.


  1. Well done again VFC, another reasoned letter with questions that our politicians won't ask!

    Why is it always down to VFC or Senator Syvret to ask the awkward Questions???

    On a lighter note. The word varification for this comment was "see sewer" ha ha ha

  2. A message to Terry.

    Sir, this cannot go on any longer. The Jersey public have had enough of this farcical lunacy. What will happen, will happen, whether the States of Jersey like it or not. Please do the honourable thing and sort this mess out once and for all Sir....

    "The dust of truth swirls, and seeks its own cracks of entry. And a tree fallen in the forest, without ears to hear, makes no sound. Yet it falls."

  3. Well VFC, I can only surmise, but I fear the response will be one of the usual 'can't, won't, don't, no, will not' or one of the usual stock in trade replies of our CM.

    It would appear to me after reluctantly listening to the BBC's phone in over the last two days that the public's view is that Bob Hill's proposition should be sanctioned. I am sure Deputy Hill has chosen people of a high calibre to oversee this enquiry which MUST be in public. Nothing less will satisfy.

    If anybody is naive enough to believe that a man whose whole career has been in policing, who swore an oath as a new recruit to uphold the law, and has progressed through the ranks and been decorated by the Queen, has lied on oath, then Frank Walker is Mother Theresa! Sorry, but it does not ring true.

    You, VFC are giving Terry Le Sueur the right of reply in order to salvage his some of his credibility as our Chief Minister. Personally I feel he has forgone this honour now, his reputation is in tatters.

    The longer this gets dragged out, prevaricated over and pushed from pillar to post, the more suspect it appears.


  4. Who can Comical Terry turn to now?

    Definately not Walker or Ogley.

    Realistically what current politician at this present moment in time would dare to side with the current Chief Minister?

    His leadership, lets face it, has to be finished!?

  5. Excellent email Team Voice. I look forward to you publishing his reply. But I have to say that I have a horrible feeling that you'll get the usual 'innapropriate to comment at this time' response. Keep plugging away.

  6. Some fools may laugh, but Neil, why do'nt you run for office? We have already discussed getting paid for doing this work, so why not???

    I have met many of the people who are in office now, who some years ago, said they were going to run, and change things for the blue collar worker.

    Then (after winning their seat) their heads were turned when they saw the money and benefits that would come their way.

    I know now (as I did when I first met you), but more than ever, that you would never betray the common man.

    Think about it my friend !!! What do you have to lose !!!

  7. I am not laughing! I think Ian would do an excellent job of representing people in our Parliament. I suppose it would be difficult for him to have to walk through the pigswill and suchlike but a more plain-speaking, honourable man we would find hard to find.

  8. Would I stand for election? In a word "NO". Like you Ian, I have seen people elected to the States with all the right intentions, and before you know it, they are swamped by the system and start believing in the system. One of my biggest fears is that could happen to me.

    I don't even want to be Blogging, let alone stand for election! but after going through all the correct channels in the past, including the "accredited" media, I have come to learn (the hard way) that Blogging is the only option open to me.

    I shall carry on doing what I have to, in the way of Blogging, and I hope there will soon come a day where there is no need for me to Blog.

    But thanks for your vote of confidence.

  9. The power of blogging is immense.

  10. VFC - I am so pleased you gave the response that I expected you to!

    You are doing a marvellous job with this site, and I always maintain that the real fighting goes on in the trenches, not the command post.

    We have all been brought to these blogs for various different reasons, but usually with a common aim. For my part I have forged some really good friendships which are very valuable to me.

    So VFC, keep doing what you are doing, and doing well. Better to be paid nothing for doing something worthwhile than be paid a whack of money for doing very little!!

    Incidentally, I assume you have had no response from Comical Terry yet?

  11. Jill.

    I am pleased my response meets your approval. If you take a look through history government reform has never happened from within. Reform has always been forced on governments from outside forces.

    And no the Comical One has not yet replied but as soon as he does I shall publish it.

    Depending on when/if he replies I might publish a few e-mails I have sent to our Health Minister Deputy Ann Pryke and have had no response.

    So if our Chief Minister fails to respond and our Health Minister fails to respond it will tell a story in itself.

    Incidentally the Health Minister has failed to respond to three e-mails in two weeks, and these people wonder why they get doorstepped!

  12. Ann Pryke - out of her depth already.

    Comical Terry - has been for a long time!