Sunday, 7 February 2010

Which way do “U” turn next?

So Captain Comical terry Le Sueur nee Smith has announced that he is going to appoint an external expert to look into the events surrounding the (illegal?) suspension of Chief Police Officer Graham Power QPM. Furthermore he announced this before Deputy Bob Hill had lodged p9/2010.

Comical Terry, we believe, announced his decision to appoint this external expert on the 28th of January 2010. Deputy Bob Hill did not lodge his proposition with the Greffe until February the 2nd 2010, so one could be forgiven for thinking Bob Hill’s proposition was only put in to scupper Comical Terry’s half baked attempt.

Well nothing could be further from the truth, indeed Comical Terry at the helm of the good ship “Titanic” has put the wheel hard over in a dramatic “U turn” in order to stay on course heading straight for that ice-berg that he and his highly paid advisors are so adamant will sink the ship.

At the States sitting on Wednesday the 20th of January Comical Terry told Deputy Hill that he has no intentions of bringing a proposition to the house to set up any inquiry into the (illegal?) suspension of CPO, QPM, Graham Power. Deputy Hill asked Comical Terry to put this in writing and at the same time told Comical Terry that he would lodge one.

On Friday the 22nd of January Deputy Hill e-mailed the bailiff and the Greffier informing them that he was in the process of drafting his proposition but sought advice about the inclusion of “a certain document”.

On Saturday the 23rd Deputy Hill received Comical Terry’s letter dated the 22nd of January stating “I see no reason for me to lodge a proposition such as you suggest”.

On Monday the 25th of January Deputy Hill circulated that letter to Comical Terry, the media and States members and his e-mail stated again “I remind you that the suspension is a NEUTRAL act and you can not jump in and out of your obligations to be neutral just because it is politically expedient.” “ It is more than apparent that previous Ministers and current Civil Servants have not acted appropriately , nor in the interest of good government and fair play to all.” “If you really wanted to stand by your statement for a full and impartial enquiry as my SUBSTANTIATED comments could be subject to challenge in terms of accuracy, then you would have agreed to establish one yourself.”
“As you chose to abdicate your responsibilities , that will be left for others to do.”

So obviously the Chief Minister is now aware that Deputy Hill would be submitting a proposition, in fact it was submitted later that day but actually not lodged until the States Sitting on Tuesday the 2nd of February. However low and behold Comical Terry writes to Deputy Hill on the 28th of January informing him of this external expert he wishes to appoint to look into the (illegal?) suspension of Chief Officer Power……Sorry Terry too little, too late, big mistake to call Deputy Hill’s bluff.

Deputy Hill’s proposition asks for a “public” inquiry set up by a committee, where Comical Terry (we believe and stand to be corrected), wants one person to conduct an inquiry, appointed by himself! and report his findings to himself. If this is the case, chances are the public will get to know nothing and as with the hedging of the Incinerator euros any disciplinary action will be done behind closed doors and that will be an end to it. Thus denying Chief Officer Power, the former Home Affairs Minister or the CEO to the Council of Ministers an opportunity to “PUBLICLY” clear their names.

On top of all this Comical Terry is hopelessly conflicted in anything to do with an investigation into the (illegal?) suspension of the Chief Officer. He was the man who denied the Chief Officer access to the information of when the letter(s) that informed him of his suspension were created, and we all know what was revealed there!! And now understand why Terry didn’t appear to be as neutral as he should have been.

The communications between Comical Terry and Deputy Hill can be viewed from page 22 of Deputy Hill’s proposition. which is under "propositions" and is "P9/2010/".


  1. Hi VFC

    Keep up the good work will be back for the vote.

    The Politicians of jersey you are now being watched and will held accountable.

    Justice will come the are spirits up


  2. Rico.

    This proposition, if successful will bring some oppeness and transparency into this whole debacle and only those with something to hide will have anything to fear.

    I believe some of the key witnesses that will be called to give evidence will be the former Home Affairs Minister Andrew Lewis, Chief Executive Officer Bill Ogley and Chief Police Officer Graham Power. I have it on pretty good authority that Chief Officer Power welcomes the opportunity to give evidence to a "PUBLIC" enquiry. Although I don't know if the other two feel the same, perhaps they do.

  3. well don VFC

    Sunshine is a great disinfectant.

  4. Realisticaly who has Comical Terry got left to turn to?

    Not Ogley anymore. Because hes in it too deep.

    Not Le Marquand because he has too many unanswered questions to answer.

    Not Maclean because its too complicated for him.

    Not Ozouf because hes keeping clean ready to jump into Chief Ministers position....

    Dont build up your hopes too high Ozouf, because Crowcroft is a much better bet!!

  5. Realisticaly the game is up, the horse has bolted and the cat is out of the bag.

    The truth is all starting to come out and there is nothing the Council of Ministers, their media or there Civil Servants can do about it. It's time they starting dealing with the facts.

    As for the next Chief Minister, as much as I would like it to be Constable Crowcroft apparently the smart money is on Ian Le Marquand.

  6. The time is upon us not to debate who will most likely become the next Chief Minister, but to kickstart a campaign demanding the public be given the choice of who becomes the Chief Minister.

    More of the same from a secret ballot open only to States members is no longer an acceptable option. They had their chance, and in modern parlance, blew it.

  7. Whilst this post is about the very serious concerns we should all have regarding the suspension of Mr Power, it does also raise concerns about the credibility of Mr Le Sueur as our Chief Minister.

    In his own right he may be a very decent man, but as our CM - oh dear! Quite frankly he is a joke, ineffectual, bumbling and just not the man for the job. I too would back Le Marquand or Crowcroft but as one commenter points out sadly we, the public, have no say in the matter. But, we do need someone who can guide Jersey away from the laughing stock it is rapidly becoming.

    I would say to anybody who reads this blog that if you feel strongly enough about Bob Hill's proposition being adopted (and this HAS to be the way forward), do not sit back and do nothing. I have contacted my Parish Deputy and Constable, and also all Senators to express my feelings on the matter and have been pleasantly surprised to have received some responses.

    This matter is important, particularly for Mr Power and his family, but for us the public too who need a PUBLIC enquiry to finally obtain the truth.

    Let common sense prevail.

  8. As you are the voice for children
    I hope you will allow this video to be aired.
    There are so many similarities to what is going on in Jersey
    We must all stand together on this and pull our resources
    Abuse of children must stop and together with the help of the internet we can monitor and bring to justice the paedophile cancer that has gone unchecked for CENTURIES !!