Friday, 4 June 2010

Foot and Mouth.

After the Privileges and Procedures Committee found in favour of the complainants against former Health Minister Senator Jimmy Perchard for breaching the Ministerial Code of Conduct - and in the opinion of Team Voice - exhibited “Disability Hate” along with possible Data Protection issues (in any functioning Democracy) we were pleased the PPC recognised the former Health Minister’s “foot and mouth” disease when personally attacking the founder member of Team Voice on a live radio broadcast and imparting personal, supposedly Data Protected information about him.

We were, and are, very concerned at the way Jersey’s only “news”paper (JEP) reported on it yesterday. As most will know there have been death threats made against our founder member along with threats of violence and threats to harm his children because he/we are trying to hold officialdom to some kind of account. The JEP have just made all these threats easier to carry out and we are now in more fear for the safety of him and his children.

A cynic might think the story run by the JEP was an attempt of intimidation in order silence us and that they couldn’t care less if the children come to any harm……surely not? That all said, it is also humbling to know that we are seen as such a threat.

Back to former Health Minister Senator Jimmy Perchard. It would appear he has a bit of a habit when it comes to sticking his foot in his mouth. One must remember this is the man who as ex Health Minister reportedly encouraged another States Member to commit suicide! He is up for election next year and we believe he will struggle in getting re-elected.

We thought we would put together a very short piece of selected video clippings in order to demonstrate his “foot and (potty) mouth” disease and to give our national and international audience a taste of the calibre of some of our politicians.

Submitted by Team Voice.


  1. Dear Team Voice, long time reader first time commenter. I thought the biggest misgiving with the EP article was that no mention of disability was made? That would have put the issue into context and I think a suitably worded letter to the editor, copied here, should seek to highlight that fact. Best wishes and keep up the good work.

  2. It was disgusting, he should resign and surprise surprise even Jon is on your side with this one.

  3. Naturally I have a personal interest in both this and the previous outburst, but anybody who can defend the outpourings of this man as some people are doing on the JEP website are beyond belief.

    Once was bad enough - did he learn his lesson. No! It seems that these sort of tirades just flow from the tongue without a second thought.

    Your comments the first time were the cause of great distress to me Mr Perchard. This time you have made disparaging and personal remarks to a respected acquaintance of mine, moreso without knowing the full circumstances.

    The fact that you still stand by your remarks as reported in the JEP should be a source of great shame to you.

  4. Jon H (the real one)4 June 2010 at 16:27

    I did not agree with the live radio attack I heard in March because it was embarrassing to listen to and out of order and thats my humble opinion.

    As I said on the JEP website, people in these positions are expected to hold it together and we have to draw the line somewhere.

    Am I being fair?

  5. Anon#1

    I've not actually read the full article but have been told there is no mention of disability. To be honest the most worrying thing about the article is that I believe it was only written to intimidate me and my children and to demonstrate the JEP are willing to go to any lengths to shut me up and if that means making it possible for nut-cases to be able to identify my children, then they're willing to go there.

    All in my opinion of course.

  6. Neil, don't worry about anything like that happening!

  7. Anything they might do to intimidate your family would only attract more attention to the fact that in Jersey some still state publicly that it is JUST FINE to have the official in his position. recommending suicide to an opposition politician.

    This time he broadcast his ugly ignorance and crude disdain of the diasabled for all of the listening public to hear. He must feel supremely entitled to go about disparaging someone who was disabled on the job, apparently because Neil had the temerity to voice his own opinions on a radio call-in featuring the Great Perchard.

    Perchard's political petard should be cooked by now. That anyone could defend him is an extreme embarassment for Jersey.

  8. Go away, Perchard.
    You truly are a worthless being!

  9. Neil, I think you would make an excellent journalist. Have you ever considered giving the JEP, Radio Jersey or CTV a copy of your CV? Don't forget to include a copy of your portfolio as that shows initiative. I'm sure they're keen to help budding journalists and reporters make it in the profession. For an extra brownie point, why not volunteer. Surely this an offer they can't possibly turn down.....?

  10. VFC

    Can you post some of the hustings as we cant rely on msm to give us the truth

  11. The power of a Deputy to propose a No Confidence in the Chief
     Minister as brought by Deputy G. Southern. One has to ask what  difference is there between a Senator and Deputy apart from a title.
    In the largest Spending Departments. Deputies Gorst in Social Security Deputy J Reed in Education, Deputy A. Pryke in Health and now Deputy Sean Power in Housing.
     By having the same equal rights as Senators in this by-election for the one available seat. Does it serve any purpose for Deputy Southern
    who will not lose his seat regardless of the out come of the by-election, But could cause another by-election for his seat. Surely a vote for Deputy Southern therefore is a misguided action, which becomes  a wasted vote.

  12. At least Geoff Southern works his nadgers off in the States and on behalf of the right people too. Hardly a wasted vote. Just compare him with Monty who has turned out to be a huge let down. Personally I find this attacking Southern just because he is another senior figure standing in an election against Stuart quite pathetic. It is a shame that we now have to choose between to people like Stuart and Geoff but there you go. That is life. I have to agree with what was said by one of the candidates in my home parish of St. Clement last night: Stuart does not have a monopoly on truth and honesty and it is damaging him to suggest he does. Love them both politically but I would have to say that Southern certainly works the harder of the two. Not sure which way I will vote yet but this suggestion that Stuart is the only good, principled person in the States is certainly beginning to put me off him.

  13. Jimmy is an ignorant twit why do you bother with him? he will be an ex-Senator come 2011. maybe whoever loses out between Syvret and Southern this time around should go for his seat? It could only be a 110% improvement!

  14. Well, I see Nick "Say a lot/Do sod all" Le Cornu is now attacking the JDA, whilst spouting about solidarity. LOL. Frankly if there is one thing that would put me off voting or joining the JDA it would probably be hearing that Nick "Party/Pressure Group of One" Le Cornu had joined.

    Attacking the JDA Deputies for helping the Woolworth workers really says it all. Nick, give it up. You are lazy, useless, speak like a kettle (admittedly a Communist kettle) whistling. With candidates like you no wonder the right remain in power.

    At least Syvret and Southern have ability by the shedload whatever their faults and differences. Could you also tell us what you have been doing for the last 18 months workwise as a 'solicitor'. Apart from pretending to be a member of the excellent Team Voice?

  15. Southern may be intelligent and hard working, but he is a self serving egotistical opportunist.

    Why has he not relinquished his seat for this election?

    Stuart Syvret could have returned before the six months were up and taken up his seat again in the States, but decided not to in order to force a by-election so that the public could have choice - the establishment or an alternative. And what happens? Southern (if Stuart stands then I wont) lets his ego get in the way and stands, temptation too much Geoff eh?

    This will almost certainly split the anti establishment vote and let the Grey man and COM favourite (Francis I was a banker - more like w*nker- Le Gresley) be elected.

    Geoff you are an ar8s and I for one will never vote for you again.

  16. An interesting thought-experiment is to try and imagine the response of the Jersey oligarchy and its media - if I had made the same remarks as Jimmy - to an establishment-supporting member of the public.

    Just imagine - if Stuart Syvret had been taking part in a live BBC Jersey radio broadcast - and a member of the public had called-in - to exercise their perfect right to challenge and disagree with me - and I had responded by making derogatory remarks - based on Data-Protected information - with disability hate-speech and class-war sneers concerning the persons employment circumstances?

    The result would have been massive headlines in The Rag - and immediate moves by PPC and the States to have me expelled.

    But - perhaps - that's how most people like their government being?


  17. Frankly if the Grey Man ends up getting in due to a split vote then at least that is an improvement on an arrogant, lazy so-and-so like Stuart Syvret who has kicked voters like me in the teeth one time too many. Forced an election my arse. If he couldn't publish Jersey material in Jersey because he would have been arrested and thrown in jail why isn't he in jail now? Duh...

  18. Duh, because it wasn't published in Jersey

  19. Well all I see is a man apoogising for something said in the heat of the moment, who has tried to make amends for his behaviour. I still can't believe that Syvret stood up and said "Please Sir, Jimmy swore at me" hence losing Senator Perchard his position at HSS. I think he would have made a better job of it than Anne Pryke.

  20. Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Frankly if the Grey Man ends up getting in due to a split vote then at least that is an improvement on an arrogant, lazy so-and-so like Stuart Syvret who has kicked voters like me in the teeth one time too many. Forced an election my arse. If he couldn't publish Jersey material in Jersey because he would have been arrested and thrown in jail why isn't he in jail now? Duh...

    Now I know why Ozouf spends so mutch time on his BLACKBERRY